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How comfortable are you dining out now?

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Posted by: gmark

14th Jun 2021 11:09am

With covid numbers more stable how comfortable are you dining out and would you prefer indoor or outdoor seating.

How comfortable are you dining out now?

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  • 7th Mar 2022 02:12pm

Does anyone else feel like going out everyday but your friends sometimes are skeptical because of continous raining or covid fear

  • 27th Jun 2021 09:08pm

Unless there is a known case of Covid and the town/state/country is in lockdown I am open to eating out. I have been eating out ever since Covid started in Australia minus the times we were not allowed to leave our house and I made sure not to over crowd the restaurant I was eating out at.

This said, if you follow/abide by the government's and health professional's recommendations, rules and laws you should be safe to eat out wherever you want. Also, if you are feeling unwell, it is in your best interest to avoid going out to eat until you feel better.

Plus, if there is someone who has breached the recommendations/laws the government/health officials are very quick in contract tracing and letting you know where the person had been so if you did eat somewhere with someone who had Covid, you would know quickly and can isolate yourself until you recover.

Thus, with as little cases we have had in Australia and with the majority of people doing the right thing, I am more than comfortable dining out whether I'm sitting inside or outside. Outside dining would be more favourable for me as there is more ventilation but I am not opposed to dining inside if I have to as I know there are so few Covid cases in Australia.

  • 15th Jun 2021 08:27pm

I would never eat out in a pandemic, that would be shear stupidity. I will not be breaking quarantine or social distancing until we have a proven vaccine & the coronavirus is no longer active.

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