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Buying second-hand products

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Posted by: TaylorCS

2nd Jun 2021 10:07am

Do you buy second-hand products? When and why is it good to buy things second-hand? Do you shop for it or is it usually an impulse?

What type of things do you buy/shop second-hand? What type of things would you rather buy brand new?

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  • 14th May 2024 01:51pm

I love buying second-hand clothing from op shops including Vinnies and RSPCA. I feel like I am making a difference in the lives of others and improving sustainability with small steps such as not buying fast fashion. Also saving money! However, a downside of shopping at op shops is that it can be hard to find clothing in the correct size and style, making it time-consuming to go through the racks and racks of clothing.

  • 21st Dec 2023 12:03pm

Randomly I do buy second hand clothes if I can get my size or just browse the store to past the time

  • 12th Sep 2023 06:52pm

I occasionally purchase second hand goods e.g. furniture, crockery, vases, or ornaments. Generally other items they don't have my size so I don't purchase them. You can pick up some good bargains and some items that have never been worn or used for cheap. Plus it helps support the charities that offer them. I agree it is better than going into landfill with them.

Sil sil
  • 20th Jul 2023 02:37pm

I love buying second hand, giving something new life again. Cook ware, clothes, bags, books...if it's in good condition why not. Keeps it from going into landfill, support a Vinnies, Salveo's or garage sale....

  • 18th Dec 2022 07:17am

I love the concept of Opshopping but I don't do it often because I struggle with the smell in the stores. It is just a sensory thing I guess.

  • 27th Aug 2022 07:52am

I've been an opshopper since I was a teenager and I see it as a form of recycling. There's an opshop nearby that sells everything for $2 and it has a sale now and then for $1. I love looking for dresses.

  • 15th Mar 2022 02:01pm

I mainly buy the vintage band/other Tshirts since they have a different vibe to them than some of the “vintage” shirts and jumpers you can buy with someone the bigger brands, plus I swear they’re more comfier

  • 30th Sep 2021 11:53am

I mainly buy my clothing and shoes second hand - my sisters and I love browsing op-shops and it's amazing the bargains you can find. There are some things I buy brand new (a la underwear) and occasionally clothing when I have the extra $$'s. If I'm looking for serving ware (glasses, platters etc) and bakeware the op-shops are also a great place to look. However, I do tend to buy electrical goods brand new.

  • 30th Aug 2021 10:30pm

I love op shopping! I usually go on a whim, or if I have a vague idea of what I'd like in mind, but the trick is to not shop for something specific - rather, just browse with no expectations and you'll stumble across something great. I op shop because I are about the environment, and buying fast fashion first-hand is very detrimental to the environment.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 10:10pm

Yes, I have been buying second-hand products for decades ... and love finding a unique bargain. Sometimes I plan the shopping in second-hand places, other times it is impulse.
I buy all my clothes from op shops, except undies, bras and socks. Whenever I buy something that is used, I wash/clean it thoroughly so it is no big deal.
Over the years, I have found some incredible things - designer clothes for a few dollars, furniture that just needs a lick of paint, interesting books, home decorations and the list goes on and on. More often than not, the second-hand clothes are much better quality than new from chain stores and it makes me feel great that I'm doing my bit for the environment. Of course, saving money is just another bonus.

  • 23rd Jul 2021 07:45pm

i dont know how to buy clothes in a regular shop, seeing a whole rack the same colour puts me right off. i much prefer to find unique in op shop

  • 22nd Jul 2021 01:36pm

I buy whatever I can second hand as I'm saving the world's resources. Helping poor people too if you buy from Op Shops. Some of their products are brand new, just unloved! Way cheaper to live this way too! You can often find really unique products! Each week you'll find new objects to look at, most going for a song!

  • 26th Jun 2021 10:02am

It makes me feel smart because I got what I needed for less money.

It makes me feel virtuous because it's a form of recycling and allows someone to make money off of getting rid of something they don't need anymore.

It makes me feel awesome because my possessions are so eclectic.

It makes me feel un-cluttered because the less I pay for something, the more free I feel to get rid of it when it's no longer useful.

It makes me feel happy, because if the item is ruined by accident, it causes me no pain. That allows me to put my relationships before material things.

It makes me feel healthy, because well-cared-for older furniture is better for you, because it isn't covered with toxic flame-retardants, etc.

It makes me feel well-fed and socially responsible, because I can spend some of the money everyone else spends on new stuff on local and organic and high-quality food to feed my family.

Joh :)
  • 21st Jun 2021 10:47am

"Sustainable" is a buzzword that’s thrown around a lot these days, especially in the age of green-washing. However, watching the documentary "The True Cost", finally motivated me to commit to shopping second-hand for the long-haul.
The more we can stop seeing thrifting as merely a hip generational trend and start viewing it as the most practical consumer alternative to improve ourselves and environment, the better off we'll be. As thrifting becomes integral to our daily lives, the positive impacts of our actions will be more durable, even long after we grow out of our experimental, free-spirited phases of our lives.
Before I started thrifting, I had a very limited sense of style. And while some may feel ambivalent about my current wardrobe, I can honestly say that after twenty-one years of life, I love what I wear and feel that I’ve finally found a style that expresses who I am.
Thrifting is the easiest way to experiment with new articles of clothing that may be outside your comfort zone with limited cost and guilt. Thanks to thrifting, my style is an artsy, naturalist, androgynous compilation with a hint of sportiness, which may not be great taste, but hey — it fits me and makes me feel good, so I’m sticking to it.

If you find something in a thrift store, chances are you’re the only one who will be wearing anything like it. Shopping second-hand means that the clothing came from another time and place, and oftentimes the brands are unheard of. Shop second-hand, because if nothing else, why not stand out from the crowd and be unique?

  • 20th Jun 2021 10:39pm

When I was younger we would often shop at charity shops but lately we have mostly supported them with donations of items with just the occasional shop when you need that different item. However lately my 16 year old son surprised me when he returned from the state park and showed off his purchases from the nearby charity shop. He was so pleased with his purchases and said his friends purchased items as well. What surprised me most was that I thought he was more of a label kid - how wrong I was. I was so excited and pleased that he didn’t think buying second hand was below him.

Jan the man
  • 20th Jun 2021 08:20pm

Occasionally I buy 2nd hand goods. Depending on the weather I need the product it could be anything from books to bricabrac.

  • 20th Jun 2021 07:07pm

I do buy certain pieces of jewellery that takes my fancy, plus some quirky toys/collectors items for my grandchildren. I’ve also bought a few furniture pieces.

  • 17th Jun 2021 08:59pm

I endeavour to reduce, reuse and recycle so easy for me to buy quality second hand items for use in the home or to wear.

  • 17th Jun 2021 05:28pm

Yes I do but second hand clothing for my grandchildren mainly from op shops, sometimes even brand new with tags or hardly worn. Good to support the charitable organization running the op shop and also to repurpose items that could have ended up in land fill. Children grow so quickly that a lot of their clothes are sometimes hardly worn. I do purchase new items for them from time to time also. Books are another item to purchase second hand, always find something of a bargain when op shopping.

  • 17th Jun 2021 03:34pm

Yes, i buy second hand goods from ebay, op shops and specialty second hand dealers as the price is lower and you pick up quality goods for a lot less.

I particularly look for second hand tools as quality tools are very expensive and i often want a tool for a specific project so it doesn't matter if the tool is well worn, as long as it still works good and often they still work better than a brand new cheap tool. Quite often the seller will include some of the accessories for free as well.

  • 17th Jun 2021 12:56pm

Yup - I always buy second hand tickets on viagogo the evening of the event, they are dirt cheap, they always work (despite the media always saying all the tickets are fake) and I have scored bargains and great seats! I never pay full price for concerts anymore!
I also buy second hand jackets coats and outerwear.
I'd rather buy some things brand new but honestly, most of the time on most stuff second hand is fine.

  • 16th Jun 2021 08:21pm

I regularly shop at op shops for clothing, shoes, bags ,kids toys and kitchenware. I have bought designer bags for about $2.

  • 16th Jun 2021 12:11pm

I love visiting op shops where I can buy second hand items,very cheap and only thing us I just clean ir wash item I buy there,also I buy items from gumtree and ebay second hand .why not,somebody’s trash iz my treasure,and You can find very unique items that have been used,in excellent condition too and price is great.

  • 16th Jun 2021 06:46am

I buy second-hand products because there are many products that the quality is the same as a new product and can be a way to recycle what is in excellent condition and be economical and sustainable!

  • 15th Jun 2021 11:59pm

Shop for clothes and shoes.

  • 15th Jun 2021 10:38pm

I shop for 2nd hand products because I think to is better for the environment to use things for longer, rather use buy new, when there are working preloved versions available!
Even clothing I good condition I buy preferentially to new clothing as it allows the clothing to be used morn as for more uses, rather than just one person's few wears.

Kiki Chiki
  • 15th Jun 2021 09:03pm

Do you buy second-hand products? When and why is it good to buy things second-hand? Do you shop for it or is it usually an impulse?
yes I do. When is it better to buy secondhand? for things that you are still going to get a decent amount of use from but is more expensive bought new. for something that loses value shortly after purchase, and something that can be reused without concerns for hygiene, safety, or effectiveness.
i don't plan to buy second hand things by a list, per se, unless i know the op shop or second hand store has that kind of thing regularly, like a selection of books or cds or clothing. i tend to go to a number of stores with a range of things in mind like home furnishings. i have bought some great rugs, blankets, cushions, and clothing from these stores.
What type of things do you buy/shop second-hand? What type of things would you rather buy brand new?
i buy things for the home and clothing mostly. i most recently bought some latte glasses (nespresso) for $1 each, and some shelving for the kitchen like spice racks and cupboard inserts. i also get things like crocheted rugs from op shops as they are unique and colourful. i wouldn't buy pillows, underwear, swimwear, bras, and some electronics second hand, unless tested first for the electronics.

  • 15th Jun 2021 02:20pm

I buy secondhand products often, in fact I believe most of my furniture, cookware and my clothing are secondhand. I like to try to find secondhand items before seeking out new ones because I am concerned about the environmental impact of fast fashion, but also because the opportunity to find unique or nostalgic items is more exciting to me.

I am a bit of a geek and a perfectionist when it comes to styles from past subcultures, so part of this is also a hobby for me. Many of the brands or styles that are at the core of vintage/retro fashions are no longer in production, and if they are reproduced, this rarely honours the authentic features which appeal to me about past styles/subcultures. Modern interpretations are fine, but my interest in these products is more to do with their history and specific aesthetic than it is to do with revivals/adaptations. For this kind of shopping I often turn to eBay, Depop, Etsy and more boutique vintage stores, to access international vintage brands/items, and usually this is in search of very specific things Ive seen in old magazines/photo books etc.

Another reason I seek out secondhand items is they are often better-made than cheap new items, because they have already survived one product lifetime without being thrown out. They may be made from more durable materials, whereas cheap options in fast fashion / homeware items, I find, are rarely built to last. This applies to clothing basics - for instance, jeans or plain T-shirts - but is also a big reason for why my furniture and cookware is secondhand. I cant afford quality firsthand china/glassware/melamine/enamel etc, but I can get these from op shops. This also goes for the furniture: if I buy secondhand from Gumtree or op shops or Facebook marketplace, I can get much sturdier items - real wood instead of chipboard, especially - than I could for the same price at Kmart or Ikea. Real varnished wood doesn't warp, disintegrate or swell etc from moisture / heat anywhere near as rapidly as chipboard /mdf etc. which seems to almost have disposability in-built. But I'd rather buy good wooden furniture secondhand than firsthand not only because of the price, but because I do not want to contribute for the demand for forestry, again for environmental reasons. I want to support the resale/secondhand industry because I do think it's very important to use what we already have, and I want my money to go to the people who are facilitating this.

  • 15th Jun 2021 02:08pm

I love finding rare 1970s products in the salvation army or vinninys I collect dvd movies and records I can find gems that you can't get new plus the money goes to help people that need it

  • 14th Jun 2021 08:18pm

I buy secondhand items from Lifelife shop. Money spent there goes towards helping save lives from suicide. I have bought clothes, books and cards from them so far. There is a huge range to pick from. I would rather buy shoes, underwear and computers brand new.

  • 14th Jun 2021 04:57pm

I don't buy second hand products as a rule, however that's not out of the question altogether. It would have to be a truly unique product

  • 14th Jun 2021 04:19pm

I love buying second-hand items, especially when I can score a fabulous deal! My favourite haunts are op shops (Vinnies, Endeavour Foundation tip shops, Red Cross, RSPCA, Save the Children, Asthma Foundation, Little King's Movement, etc), Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

It's good to buy things second-hand because it reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, plus when you patronise an op shop, the money usually goes to a good cause. Also, some people have stuff they've never opened, so you get things as good as new!

In my home office, I have a second-hand wooden desk with three drawers ($25), second-hand standing fan ($5), second-hand multi-plug board ($2), second-hand office chair, sideboard and bookshelf (all free). Sometimes while scouring for sweet deals, you can find freebies too and make significant savings. It's very satisfying. My cheap thrills!

My wardrobe is also mostly comprised of second-hand apparel and footwear. Of course, I don't get second-hand undies! Buying second-hand can produce a wonderfully eclectic style. I got a perfectly-fitting wedding dress for $120 from Vinnies, when I wasn't even searching for it!

The pantry is also full of second-hand crockery, and we got our stylish black faux leather dining chairs off Gumtree for $5 each! They sit around our dining table, which was a second-hand gift.
Our couch is from Lifeline, along with the coffee table. We did buy a brand-new fridge and washing machine. It is generally better to buy white goods brand new, with warranties and delivery provided.
All our outdoor furniture is second-hand off Marketplace - mostly free, but one table and chair set cost just $10.

Our car is also second-hand. It is our third car. The first two were second-hand but had issues. Fortunately, the current one is newer and has not been a money pit.

We also have a tonne of second-hand clothes for our impending baby, which is good as babies grow quickly!

Coming from Singapore, where people preferred to buy everything brand-new (though the culture is changing, thanks to environmentalism and thriftiness), I really appreciate the abundance of second-hand options in Australia. Sometimes, you get pieces with wonderful history and character - much better than run-of-the-mill off-the-shelf items. Also, I have a whole secondhand 3D puzzle collection - I've been able to get puzzles which are no longer produced! Looking forward to handing it on to my children.

  • 14th Jun 2021 05:47am

yes i buy second-hand items, save money, reduce waste, reduce, reuse, recycle
op shops, clothes and other misc items, online for garden items, some tools or car parts

  • 13th Jun 2021 11:01pm

Expo 1988 Brisbane, Flew down from Port Moresby. Walking back to Greenslopes I passed a Ford dealership. Called in to see if they had any XF wagons pre "efi". One was traded in that morning, practically brand new condition owned by an elderly gentleman who buys the new model every year. Took it sight unseen. Flew to Port Moresby that night. Next day remitted the money. Phoned parents in Victoria - have a holiday in Brisbane. Free one way flight, drive the car back as slow as they want. That car did 1.5million kms after converting it to 100% LPG. Took a punt on a handshake and turned out okay. These days you would have to check you havent lost your hand.

  • 13th Jun 2021 06:39pm

I do buy second hand products but have separate categories such as furniture, electronics and books. I dont like second hand clothes and mattresses. I do very wary about bugs and other stuffs while buying furniture though.

  • 13th Jun 2021 06:39pm

I do buy second gand products but have separate categories such as furniture, electronics and books. I dont like second hand clothes and mattresses. I do very wary about bugs and other stuffs while buying furniture though.

  • 13th Jun 2021 03:35pm

i think buying second-hand is a very ethical way to shop. It helps reduce waste, both in production and in landfill. However, I feel that there are a lot of reasons why people choose to buy new over second-hand, including myself. I don't think it's fair to judge people on this. Making the most ethical choices are not necessarily the most accessible or convenient. It can also be an issue of hygiene, especially in the age of COVID-19.

Personally, I most often buy clothes and books second-hand. There is usually a significant discount, and I'm more likely to find something my size or style with second-hand clothing. I feel good getting use out of something someone has only worn a few times - it does feel like the right thing to do, especially as I get a lot of my clothes at places like Kmart. Finding affordable plus-size fashion is pretty impossible when you're on a tight budget and your size changes a lot, and so discount department stores usually work best for me. Your general fashion store doesn't tend to cater for plus-sized people, which is a real shame, as 50% of Australian women have very few physical stores in which they can shop for clothes in their size. For this reason, I'm more likely to find second-hand clothes on eBay that fit me than walking into a store, and so buying second-hand is very practical. On the other hand, op-shopping is almost impossible, as clothes tend to be on the smaller side. Vintage fashion is almost always limited to size 8-10.

I don't often have the money to replace items of furniture and large appliances, so that is something I also like to do second-hand where possible, more for money reasons than anything. I'd like to say I shop second-hand purely for ethical reasons, but when money is tight, you can't often afford to choose to do things for the 'right' reasons.

There are a lot of things I wouldn't buy second-hand for matters of hygiene: such as bras, underwear, linen and personal care products. There are also things I prefer new because it feels nice. It is not a huge deal, but I do prefer the feel and smell of a new book rather than an old ratty one (depending on the condition).

All in all, I'd say I do buy most of my things new, something which I am trying to change. I think I could save quite a bit of money buying fewer new things, and swapping to second-hand. Using this prompt, I'm going to try to shop more second-hand for the second half of this year. I'd be interested to see what a difference it could make to my life.

  • 13th Jun 2021 12:11pm

I try to buy second hand to recycle natural/synthetic products as much as possible.

  • 12th Jun 2021 08:09pm

What products? All three cars in the household. The house itself. Canoe, camper trailer, opp shop clothes. Rare model car kits.

  • 12th Jun 2021 08:13pm
What products? All three cars in the household. The house itself. Canoe, camper trailer, opp shop clothes. Rare model car kits.

Why? Price. In some cases someone else takes the initial depreciation hit. Some products aren't available new- such as model old or rare model kits.

  • 12th Jun 2021 06:46pm

I have rarely purchased second-hand in the past but I am beginning to do so more now.

I am doing so more now for predominantly two reasons. The first is I am more aware, as I think we all are, for the need for sustainable consumption and more aware of the impact of wastage in consumer wares. I am more likely now to consider the environmental impact of throwing something away and also the impact of buying brand new if there is a reasonable opportunity to purchase second hand. The second reason is for variety of products. A lot of what you can buy at any one time in stores reflects current trends and is mass-produced. The options if you're looking for something unique, quirky or thematic can sometimes be limited. I find I am engaging more with antique and 'second chance' stores to find items with more personality.

Still, there are some things I wouldn't buy second-hand. I've always felt hesitant about clothes second-hand and I think that due to COVID I haven't really been able to overcome that yet. I'm more comfortable buying large outerwear like a coat but I hesitate at shirts and pants. For me, some other items I wouldn't currently buy second-hand are personal care accessories and appliances.

The things I am generally interested in buying second hand is well-cleaned jewellery, general appliances including cleaning appliances, books, and furniture. At the moment furniture and general home decor would be the majority of my second-hand purchases as I am fitting out our very first house and really value the character that second-hand, especially older quality pieces, brings to some of the more generic looking rooms in the house.

  • 12th Jun 2021 04:38pm

I buy secondhand products from charity stores to help support them. For example I purchased a breadmaker from a Salvos store which I use on a regular basis. I also buy books. I have purchased vases and a platter and necklaces. I buy all my shoes new as I have an uncommon shoe size. I will go into a charity store when I see one. I have also purchased items on Gumtree. What goes around comes around. Rather than buying new we should all think about buying what we can secondhand.

  • 12th Jun 2021 02:01pm

I don’t buy secondhand products

Missy Sarah
  • 11th Jun 2021 11:43pm

I like to buy the older style furniture from Op Shops as it's usually well made as the modern furniture is too flimsy. Also, recycling is good.

no name
  • 11th Jun 2021 11:23pm

I've had lots of discussions with my son about the wisdom of buying second hand furniture. He's setting up his first house. Used furniture can be beautifully made, usually from sustainable materials and (if they're still around) strongly built. Used furniture can be stripped, aged (shabby chic) freshly painted, made to suit with individual finishes. No travel miles, no packaging which generally goes in the bin. Often used pieces are made in Australia. I think they add character to a house. I think second hand picture frames are good value, too.
Disposable furniture and clothing result in landfill. We need to move past buying new things, only to discard them when fashion changes or they fall apart.

Some clothing I'd rather have new, footwear, too. I've just had my very old sewing machine serviced so I can re-use some gorgeous damask tablecloths I was given. I donate a lot of things to second hand shops but only go looking when I need something.

Kay Dee
  • 10th Jun 2021 08:30pm

I buy second hand for a couple of reasons - it's great to buy an item at a reduced price to see if it's what I really want, also knowing the item is being repurposed (and can then be re-gifted later). I've done this with some kitchen electrical gadgets when I'm not exactly sure of the functionality and cannot justify spending top dollar for new, second hand lets me try the item. I tend to buy whitegoods brand new for the warranty.

  • 10th Jun 2021 03:40pm

Yes love “op shopping” usually with friends ending with coffee at one of them. Shop mainly for the grandkids there but love garage sales as well usually a Saturday morning outing never know what you’ll find so that makes it fun.

  • 10th Jun 2021 11:32am

Sustainability is my driving motivation for buying & selling used or no longer needed goods. Everything from personal items to recreational and household goods, tools and garden produce. Stops ongoing pollution, reduces slave labor and builds sense of healthy community. YES "recycle" everything

  • 10th Jun 2021 11:10am

I sometimes buy second hand products online as it's good to see some different items that are not in main stream shops and it's convenient to shop from home and get it delivered. Mostly it's furniture or paintings when I decide a room needs a refresh and do it because the 2nd hand shops really don't have what I am looking for. However we do donate a lot of clothes, kitchen things to our local Op Shop to help them out a bit. New items would be whitegoods, electronics, small appliances so I get a warranty and know they are working properly and definately a bed so I know it's comfortable and what I want for a good nights sleep. Buying and selling second hand things is a great way to recycle items that you would just throw away and is better for the environment while helping people save some money on purchases

  • 10th Jun 2021 08:46am

Yes love “op shopping” usually with friends ending with coffee at one of them. Shop mainly for the grandkids there but love garage sales as well usually a Saturday morning outing never know what you’ll find so that makes it fun.

  • 10th Jun 2021 12:31am

Yes, I do enjoy buying second hand products! I love going to op shops in particular that support a charity as I know that my money is going to a good cause. I love hunting for a great bargain and especially love the cookbooks and books for my son, who's an avid reader, and knick knacks like figurines or beautiful crockery and glassware! I have found some really lovely pieces over the years. I tend to go to op shops on a whim, mostly, if I have time or I am close by to one and want to take a look at the goodies inside! Impulse-buying a special item is lots of fun!

  • 10th Jun 2021 12:00am

I don't often
If I can get new I will, I like getting the warranty and ability to return if faulty

  • 9th Jun 2021 09:08pm

I update my computer every 2 to 3 years. I find the gamers update their new equipment every 2 years or so and I purchase from them, saves me heaps of money and its top quality. Other electronic equipment like mobile phones, lap tops and tablets seem to have the same thing happening with people always updating their equipment. So look for bargains.

  • 9th Jun 2021 07:59pm

I sometimes do buy second-hand furniture, paintings, and decoration pieces but always from local charities such as Salvation Army or Vinnies. My main purpose in buying from them is to help them raise funds for the excellent work they are doing in helping the needy people. Yes; there are poor and needy people in such a rich country like our dear Australia! Other than that, I never buy any second-hand stuff from any other place. Well, Cars are a different story?

  • 9th Jun 2021 02:16pm

I always keep an eye out for used furniture as I like to upcycle and add my own quirkiness to it. I also find that older furniture is sturdier and made to last, unlike a lot of todays pieces.
Facebook marketplace and gumtree are good sources and my local tip shop has had some great cheap finds. Garage sales are great but there haven't been too many recently with covid....hopefully they'll start coming back. I love searching through piles at a garage sale as you never know what bargains you'll find. It really is true that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

  • 9th Jun 2021 09:42am

I buy furniture, ornaments, vases, crockery to replace my broken items. Clothes with new tags in my size, and books.
I have a small spending budget but love to browse and shop. I find that most of the staff or volunteers are respectful and friendly to all their customers this makes searching for a bargain relaxing and fun.

  • 9th Jun 2021 08:12am

I buy whatever I can, in op shops, as it helps the poor and I get a great deal! Many items are still in their wrappers, so are brand new, but heaps cheaper, than buying it in main stream shops! Op shops are really becoming the savvy shopper's playground. You never know what may pop up there and each week new items appear. Good for furniture, collectables, antiques, clothing, books and a whole lot more. The sky's the limit!

  • 9th Jun 2021 01:50am

Yes, most of the stuff I own is second-hand, Furniture, clothing, car, computer, chairs, a large vase, 2 watches, curtains, washing machine, record player, some books, vacuum cleaner. I love finding a bargain. Underwear is always new. Rings and necklaces always new, socks are new. I have found a lot of new [ labels still attached ], items in charity stores. I have always been a bargain hunter. Bought a gorgeous party dress for 3 year old granddaughter for only $3, it was marked 1/2 price.

  • 8th Jun 2021 10:45pm

Yes, I love to spend a day browsing the Op shops and antique stores. I love finding random and quirky items for the home and designer clothes. I really like finding a bargain. I will buy things that I can use as long as they are in good condition and prefer to buy second hand things as it creates less waste. I would never buy second hand underwear and would need to check electrical appliances/equipment to ensure that it's working.
I do like finding furniture that I like and love being able to renovate the items to fit with our home decor. It takes time but there's such a sense of satisfaction when it has been completed.
My last purchase was a genuine Gucci handbag in great condition that I bought for $20 and on sold for $1,219. As I bought it from a charity op shop, I did donate $1,000 back to them.

  • 8th Jun 2021 10:35pm

In this day and age products are not made to last as they were in days past it keeps people employed either fixing or replacing them. I have bought many items over the years second hand and still have most of them, I also love perusing op shops never know what treasure you may find as they say 1 man's rubbish is another man's treasure

Bill Collins
  • 8th Jun 2021 07:55pm

We regularly attend Op Shows to look for second hand or new items.

  • 8th Jun 2021 07:40pm

I love just love going to op-shops and garage sales. You never know what you find that you didn't realise you wanted or even needed. A couple of weeks ago I was on the lookout for a childerens bible for twins turning one. I found a brand new babies first bible and prayer book. I showed it to a friend that really wanted it for her great,great grandchild. I gave it to her and she posted it to him. A week later I found an even better childrens bible at another op-shop. I am always on the lookout for friends and family that might have mentioned in passing they were looking for this or that. I love the surpised look on their faces when I found what they wanted for a great price.I buy most of my clothing at op-shops. Every DVD and CD I own I scored second hand. I do however like to buy my underwear new but only when they are marked down or on special. Op-shops and garage sales are a treasure trove for a bargain hunter like me. And on the upside there is a lot less wastage by re-using stuff. I do love finding the perfect gift for my loved ones. It is a great way to spend time. I have even talked some of my "Oh no not secondhand" into op-shoppers.

  • 8th Jun 2021 06:07pm

I just love the variety of quirky things you can pick up in the Op Shops, great ornaments, or nicks and nacks you've picked up from the Op Shop are a great conversation topic, sometimes the only place where you can exactly what you want.

  • 8th Jun 2021 02:49pm

Charity shops can be a treasure trove, because there seem to be many people who discard their clothes after one season or even after one wearing. I have also found beautiful dinner sets and cutlery in op shops, so I am a fan of second-hand goods.

  • 8th Jun 2021 01:19pm

Do not ever use, for replacement anything, they are 100% scammers.
I ordered a new laptop battery $67.00 and it took over a month to arrive, and the battery when I picked it up from my
Post Office and the battery was use and was almost 12 years old scratched and and rubber parts missing. It has zero value.
A fake row of sites that show they are a good site, NOT. Purports to be Australian company but is in China.
They even had the audacity to offer me a $19.00 discount.
If you are buying online or other purchases, check it is very helpful with honest responses on Tradies etc etc

  • 8th Jun 2021 01:08pm

LOVVVVE to buy second-hand. Mainly because it is the great satisfaction I get out of restoring what I purchase , I am a fan of antiques mostly, classic cars, and retro household things.

Many people come to me for advice on putting their favourite things back together or maybe just because they might want to give a gift and surprise someone of a treasured memory that is in need of a refurb.

Cars are my favourite thing to purchase second-hand .
They have character , are easy to fix and best of all I am a girl and talking mechanics with the boys is always fun . We have had mechanics in the family for years so am totally familiar in this area.
When you learn how to fix things yourself , anything at all the money you save you blow you away.

New purchases on brand new items would include certainly anything I consume such as groceries and I like to buy new jewellery and new clothes and love to buy new shoes.
This is area is hygiene statement for me as if you wait long enough these items are cheaper than buying pre loved anyway!
So keep your eye out for a bargain and get into restoration today!!

  • 8th Jun 2021 12:59pm

Yes I do- for example I went into a Redcross shop on Saturday because I had time before a bus was due- I saw a leather shoulder bag, bought it on impulse!
They sold it for $40 though it would be worth $300-400!

  • 8th Jun 2021 11:41am

I am always upgrading my computers by second hand. I have found that gamers usually like to update the computer they have every 2 to 3 years so they are selling the old ones to finance the new and this is where you can get a real bargain. I have also noted the trend in other electronic equipment such as phones, lap tops, tablets and even televisions, so if you don't mind having equipment a couple of years old you can update your equipment almost annually.

  • 8th Jun 2021 06:11pm
I am always upgrading my computers by second hand. I have found that gamers usually like to update the computer they have every 2 to 3 years so they are selling the old ones to finance the new...

Me too - I just need a plain, functional, easy to use PC for emails, occasional typing up of documents and the internet. I absolutely never think of buying a brand new computer, I buy them restored or used at the local computer shops. Even my computer monitors I've bought second hand from the op shop, a lot cheaper than other places and they sometimes have quite a few because people have upgraded to laptops. Great bargains.

  • 8th Jun 2021 11:32am

At my age I don't want to go out buying brand new dinner sets, coffee mugs or wine glasses so over the years, as & when I've needed them I've bought them at one of the local op shops. This particular op shop donates all of their profits back into the community so I also do the reverse by donating clothes, shoes or whatever to them to be sold. As they say, what goes around comes around!

  • 8th Jun 2021 11:15am

I most always buy second hand products. I find that they are cheaper and it is helpful for our limited budget. For example, I might buy a second hand text book for school. Saves me money and gives someone else money. I usually plan for these purchases. I use websites such as ebay or facebook marketplace. I buy furniture, books, clothing (from op shops) and anything else I need. I prefer not to buy electrical appliances second hand as they may not be quality tested and safe. I would rather buy these brand new.

Aging blonde
  • 8th Jun 2021 09:57am

I have purchased second hand products in the past and will continue to do so if I find something that meets my needs. Usually if the item is in good condition then it attests to the quality and buying second hand saves a great deal of money. This applies to clothing, furniture and some appliances which the previous owner may have purchased on a whim or fashion, which in time has changed in their home.

  • 8th Jun 2021 09:47am

Yes I mostly buy second hand products, including clothes, household items, tools, cars, furniture and computers. I don't find pleasure any more when buying new products from the shops. I buy my grocery from farmers markets.
There are a few things that unfortunately I need to buy brand new like toothpaste and shampoos. I don't like the plastic waste that comes with brand new packages.

  • 8th Jun 2021 09:37am

I'm a huge second hand shopper. I love finding treasures - you never know what's out there! It's a fun experience, and you can really get some great bargains. I buy most of my clothes and shoes, handbags etc second hand. Furniture and electrical goods also. Facebook Marketplace is a goldmine! Brand new purchases are usually underwear and socks....

  • 8th Jun 2021 09:33am

You'd be surprised how good some second hand products are. We tend to find a good store that normally receives donations near wealthy areas as rich people do chuck out good stuff! This doesn't need to be the mega rich, just well to do neighbourhoods. We've got a fantastic couch that collapses into a bed for $80 and had for 4 years now. We've upsold items aswell after giving them a bit of love. But to this day our trusty stool (second hand IKEA stool) has been the most.useful purchase we've made second hand

  • 8th Jun 2021 08:02am

Yes I buy second hand. Sometimes its on impulse. I buy books, kitchen items and craft products like buttons and material, I prefer to buy Towels , bedding and cloths new..

  • 8th Jun 2021 12:14am

I find many wonderful items in second-hand shops. I paid $20 for a silk blouse that still had tags on it saying $350, never worn and perfect.
I've found beautiful imported glassware worth hundreds for a few dollars. I have furnished my home with many wonderful pieces and saved thousands in the process. It's my simple way of helping to recycle goods in a throwaway world, and live frugally.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:59pm

Usually from antique shops/ fairs or op shops, on the hunt for collectable items like tea cups, old figurines, books, and more! It can be a bit of a fun adventure looking through a treasure trove of items, and finding an amazing bargain :-)

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:48pm

Yes I have bought second hand products. It was a few years ago. You see I’m on my own. I rent. And my daughter was getting married. She told me to save $1000 to buy my outfit for the wedding. Lucky I have a creative side. So what I did was buy second hand necklaces and beaded bracelets. And recycled them. Sold them in shops. And made more than $1000. So I put the rest of my savings in an envelope with the wedding card as a gift. I was so happy that they ALL sold. Thanks to my daughter for suggesting to save😍😍😍

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:22pm

Yes I buy second hand products. When the things are in great condition and when you want to save some money then its a great decision to buy things second hand. Buying second hand things is never an impulse decision for me rather i explore alot when going for second hand goods. I usually buy big products second hand for example car,furniture in good condition,baby’s pram and carseat,electronic products like speakers,washing machine.
Things I usually buy brand new are clothes,utensils,housemats,rugs,home decor items.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:04pm

Yes I love going through op shops or 2nd hand places to find a bargain. I also enjoy going to garage sales on the weekends to grab a bargain. I could never afford some of the stuff I pick up brand new. As they say one persons junk is anothers treasure. Even the grandkids love rummaging through to see if they can find something they like.
I used to buy clothes 2nd hand as well but sometimes it's just cheaper to go to K-Mart and get a $2 bargain. I always on the look out for bargains especially for my 5 grandchildren, 2 that live with me full-time.
The only things I really buy brand new is underwear, the thought of wearing someone else's repulses me unless it has the tags attached. I do wash and scrub the items I buy before taking them in the house now anyway.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:32pm

Absolutely I do! I don't want my kids and grandkids to be so badly affected by nano-plastics, chemicals, altered foods, toxic glued furniture and toxic houses that they don't get to live the lives they deserve. So much is hidden in every product we use, we have become unable to see the benefits of using quality second hand items and opt for unhealthily manufactured items instead.
I have brought up my kids to use stone, wood and metal items over plastics, natural fibre clothes over synthetic, rubber teats on glass bottles over toxic plastic teats, bottles and squeezies for children. Don't get me started on cost, - second hand is budget friendly over wasteful short-term trendy!

I even have a "second hand" garden, it is my friendship garden where I can sit and remember the wonderful people who have swapped me real 'soul food' pieces of plants they treasured and shared, I can sit and feel rested there.

Second hand - You bet! Less landfill to produce filthy air, we should all be helping our communities, especially kids about how to stay healthy and use second hand as an example.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:20pm

Second-hand shopping is a way of life for me! Since I was young growing up with a single mum, we would spend many days searching through the hidden gems on the bargain racks at pre-loved clothing outfits. It always felt like Christmas when you would find something really awesome hidden at the bottom of a tub and mum would actually let me get it (something she usually couldn't afford to buy brand new).
Now as an adult I still love going to shop for hidden gems. I particularly have started a vintage toy collection and so I regularly visit the op shops in every town I go to to see if I can find others childhood toys that can be prize pieces for my collection. I've started to take my own kids to the op shops with me and they love looking for bargains as much as I do! And when the kids finish with their old toys and clothes, we donate them back to the second-hand shops continuing the cycle of pre-loved shopping whilst helping out those in needs supported by the charities who run them.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:08pm

I enjoy browsing in op shops, travelling around the city to look in places that I wouldn't ordinarily go to. What I like about the op shops is that you just don't know what you are going to find in any particular store.

For me the staples are books, music, and jigsaw puzzles. I've never bought clothes second hand, even though this seems to be the bulk of the product in the op shops, mainly because I can buy the generics new from Target, etc. for around the same price that the op shops want for used items. I know that some people use the op shops to buy designer stuff without the designer price, but I have no interest in this.

Car has always been used - one of the biggest discounts that you can get. Current vehicle was 11 months old, 14K on the clock, final cost (including insurance and sales tax) was under 80% of the sticker price of a brand new example.

House was new - simply because a new-build was actually cheaper, or comparable, to the used examples on the market at the time.

What would I only buy new? Food, underwear (although I see plenty of lingerie in the op shops, not so many boxer shorts for the men!), batteries, any safety equipment (surprised op shops {are allowed to} sell used helmets, etc. If you don't know the history of the device...), fridges and freezers, mattresses, duvet inner.

  • 7th Jun 2021 09:23pm

I definitely think there is a time and place for second hand products, even in the pandemic era! New cars lose value as soon as you get them home, so used/second hand is a great option for a car purchase. Baby items are also a great second hand market as they aren't used for lengthy periods of time on most situations, and being a new parent can be costly. Books are a big pull for me to purchase second hand, and I love browsing used bookshops for treasures. I am hesitant to purchase electronic items second hand, due to the higher chance something is wrong/could go wrong with them. I would say I'm open to second hand goods if they fit my needs.

  • 7th Jun 2021 09:22pm

Love op shopping especially in country towns or out of ways places you find some of the most interesting items. For example Noni B jacket $3 Cooma that I still wear 5 years on or winter coat I bought in Muswellbrook for $2 that I still love. Always first place we go in any town is the op shops just to check out anything of interest. Some really well loved clothes have been given to grandchildren as well and it doesn't cost the earth and even the grandkids love it

  • 7th Jun 2021 09:00pm

I love second hand goods. I worked over 20 years in Op Shops and have always bought second hand clothes and shoes. I’ve never owned a brand new car and love shopping for bargains. Example being a never worn pair of Aisics purchased from a country op shop for the princely sum of $2 an$ a pair of twice worn Nike’s for $5 many years ago which I still wear even though they’re on their last legs LOL

  • 7th Jun 2021 08:49pm

I bought my ute second hand, most of my cars have been second hand as When I have bought cars new they all come with there own problems along the journey as It depends on who services them and have found that the car dealers workshops have been better than private mechanics. I also think it depends on how the vehicle is treated as well by the previous owners. We also buy most other things as well second hand like clothes and toys for the grand kids, as they always give away their kids clothes if they have not used them much and I do the same.

  • 7th Jun 2021 08:35pm

With the commercial world of throw aways too the rubbish dump, retoring second hand broken items be a world saver too give too people outside this country that can't afford such items. Give a poor child outside this country a new refurbished bicycle and see his smile and play as a child instead of bearing arms to kill

  • 7th Jun 2021 08:34pm

Love buying 2nd Hand products, not only does it help save the planet but what is no longer wanted for one person, is something great and useful to someone else.

  • 7th Jun 2021 08:24pm

I love buying second hand goods and also love selling them too. I believe lay someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. I buy regularly on Ebay and Marketplace and Gumtree. I do not have a problem buying second hand goods and am actually happy to get products at a great reduced price

  • 7th Jun 2021 08:17pm

We buy second hand things on a regular basis. Essentials to keep costs down such as school uniforms, exercise equipment, kids cloths (because they out grow them so quickly), toys and collectables are favourites to flinders something different or save money on more expensive toys that might not get played with as often.

We actually love trawling the second hand or op shops for books, handbag (was able to find an Oroton bag so cheap), toys, and sometimes we find a bargain with searching for designer clothes, especially jackets and overcoats.

  • 7th Jun 2021 08:17pm

Yes we buy second hand things sometimes you need something & some second hand stuff looks almost brand new, ops are good for clothes if looking for them like i quiet regularly do as with my weight going up & down like a yo-yo cant afford to keep buying clothes. I also buy second hand toys for my granddaughter as she is growing up quickly.

  • 7th Jun 2021 08:16pm

Yes i buy second hand goods sometime on impulse but not often. I buy CDs and vinyl records from artists i like that i haven't got Clothing that i like and fits and is stylish which is a good price or a real bargain. Electrical items and Computer accessories are a must if they are in good condition. Buying second-hand can be a great way to get good items at a good price.

  • 7th Jun 2021 08:10pm

We buy second hand things on a regular basis. Essentials to keep costs down such as school uniforms, exercise equipment, kids cloths (because they out grow them so quickly), toys and collectables are favourites to flinders something different or save money on more expensive toys that might not get played with as often.

We actually love trawling the second hand or op shops for books, handbag (was able to find an Oroton bag so cheap), toys, and sometimes we find a bargain with searching for designer clothes, especially jackets and overcoats.

  • 7th Jun 2021 07:59pm

I do buy second hand goods on occasion; it really depends on what I’m looking for in particular. I think second hand is a good option for time or use limited items especially. For instance when I had my daughter I was happy to buy second hand furniture as I was only planning on having one or two children... I wasn’t looking for furniture that needed to last for many years. I bought a brand new mattress/pram liner/change table cover etc for hygiene reasons. I also buy second hand gowns as they cost a fortune and you never use them again after a fancy event.
Personally I like a new car (last 3 purchased new) as I think the service and benefits you are able to illicit when striking a deal cancel out the potential saving of purchasing preowned cars that may not have a great drive/servicing or accident history. And there’s nothing like the new car smell!
I’m currently looking at buying a second hand coffee pod machine for work also - just browsing gumtree and keeping my eyes open for a good deal!
I feel that buying second hand when it’s a viable option is great for the environment; up cycling goods, reducing landfill at both ends - from disposal of a second hand good and then cutting out packaging and processing and plant waste from manufacture of a new item.
Second hand shopping for me is rarely an impulse buy; I’m normally looking for something specific but occasionally I’ll come across a gem at a market stall that I just have to have!

  • 7th Jun 2021 07:53pm

I love trawling through second hand shops for clothes, bags, and household items. I would only ever buy underwear, shoes and cars brand new though as I don’t trust these items second hand.

  • 7th Jun 2021 07:42pm

I have very op shopping for a very long time, love it, never know what you might find, it's the ultimate in recycling, I buy something then I clean out my wardrobe & donate something, you are giving to charity as well, I have found some wonderful buys, it's like my hobbie now, it's relaxing & destressing for me, it's my time, always surprised by what people give away.

  • 7th Jun 2021 07:37pm

I have usually only bought new and when it comes to selling them, I get next to nothing for in return for good quality products. That goes for furniture and other household items. People sell for many different reasons and sometimes it is just because they have had a change in circumstances and need to move interstate or overseas and it would be more expensive to transport than to buy. So, in hindsight, I would recommend looking around and buying second hand. My husband refuses to buy a new car and each vehicle we have had has been very good and top of the range, near new or demo. With the internet now it is very easy to source what you need.

  • 7th Jun 2021 07:36pm

I have no problem buying second hand. If I want something specific and the modern market doesn't have the exact style, colour or fit then I definitely will visit the various outlets that might. Latest example was an umbrella stand to put near the entry. Everything modern that fit the spot was plastic, and if timber was over the top expensive. I wanted the old fashioned carved wood kind. The money tree didn't grow this year, so I went on a mission and found exactly what we needed in a very nice carved timber in the Salvo store near home. I was more than happy to part with those few dollars to help support a noble cause, and, it looks really good.

  • 7th Jun 2021 07:16pm

You can find some really good furniture pieces second-hand and save a fortune on purchasing them brand new. They can have character that you wouldnt get from purchasing new, sterile products.
I prefer to buy make-up brand new as it is more hygenic and you can use it with confidence, whereas with second hand you cant be sure to trust it.

  • 7th Jun 2021 07:00pm

I love good second hand furniture instead of cheap new furniture , my dining set is over 100 years old and the table has a “pie crust” border which I absolutely am in love with. I think it comes from my Father who taught us about good solid furniture not new glued together furniture. I have a good cupboard that I bought because it has glass handles with tassels , it’s so beautiful. So I guess it’s second hand for me !

  • 7th Jun 2021 06:56pm

I love all things second hand, browsing at Vinnies is a past time. I have never been able to shop for new season clothes ( so much so that I cant even select something when my daughter takes me shopping), but I love going through the racks at Vinnies and Salvos, the pickie
boxes are the best!! This way I can save up for major purchases like appliances.

  • 7th Jun 2021 06:48pm

Second hand goods are usually cheaper, and if bought from a reputable source, as good as new items. Buy all items second hand , except for mattresses and clothing, which I prefer to buy new, for aesthetic reasons- nothing else!

  • 7th Jun 2021 06:46pm

I love to browse op shops!
Online marketplaces are great too!
So many great bargains to be found,
And for just a dollar or two!
But sometimes new I like to buy…
Electrical appliances and so on,
I like to have the warranty and guarantee,
Just in case something goes wrong!

  • 7th Jun 2021 06:08pm

I love buying second hand for many reasons, one to save money as well as it’s good for the environment .2 it’s fun to find a bargain , I love buying clothes, books , furniture, I rarely buy anything new unless I have too.

  • 7th Jun 2021 06:07pm

I am always looking for anything from my childhood that I truly desired and or I had and as a kid lost it or broke it.
Second goods are always a treasure to those who see it for the beauty. I have purchased from second hand markets and Antique stores. From a three hundred year old clock to vinyls records and old vintage hifi equipment.
Second hand aside, some products were made so well in their time that they are still better quality than today’s products. Lastly I hate to waste and add to land fill.

  • 7th Jun 2021 06:00pm

I only buy used cars, the cash saved by buying a car about a year old can be thousands, and most of the niggles have been sorted, i collect watches and do the same, a Rolex that is a few years old will in another few years make up the cash and be worth more that when it was new, i buy a lot on impulse at second hand shops, and have found some gems, lordofthekitchen

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:59pm

I buy second hand books because they are a lot less expensive than new, I also shop for 2nd hand clothes cos I can see how they hold up to being washed and worn, and also they are a lot cheaper. I also like to buy some second hand furniture, again because I can see that it is a lot more solid than some of the new furniture that you have to put together, and then it doesn't really stay as stable as I would like.

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:44pm

I buy clothing and have a good look around for what ever else is available. At times there are upmarket brand names at a very good price Recently bought an electric back massage cushion for $10 I do buy on impulse and on arriving home wonder why I bought some items

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:44pm

I occasionally buy second hand goods when the mood takes me. I mostly buy clothes etc new as well as blankets, mattresses, doonas, pillows, I would prefer to do things this way.

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:41pm

Buying second-hand products. What can I say, sometimes it's a hit, and it can be a miss.

Buying second-hand is in my veins- in a 'thrill of the chase' kind of way. Not to mention now that money is a bit tighter due to the demon that is 'Covid'.

There are so many things available, from underpants to wigs, the best time by far to make some pre loved purchases, is shortly after a long weekend- thing Easter or the Queen's birthday holiday. Everyone gets the energy on their days off to go sort and discard or list for sale, those items that need to be moved on. Funny thing about that timing- people should be resting and relaxing, but instead the urge to consolidate takes over.

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:47pm
Buying second-hand products. What can I say, sometimes it's a hit, and it can be a miss.

Buying second-hand is in my veins- in a 'thrill of the chase' kind of way. Not to mention now...

I've got the fever- to be more precise- the Op Shop fever. I rarely visit secondhand shops, with the exception of Opportunity shops. I feel like i'm giving the items a new life, saving money, and of course, saving the planet! But it's the nostalgia that keeps me coming back.
Predominately I have planned trips, like pub crawls, and I scour the same sections (homewares and vintage lingerie), to try and find unique and old items, that have a story to them.
Of course there are some things that must be new, for example expensive electronics- I want the receipt, the warranty, the reassurance that it's been looked after etc. I find i'm rarely buying thins like tech, normal clothing (that is often cheaper online and on sale, than at a second-hand shop.

And of course, shopping at Second-hand shops, specifically Opportunity shops, is helping someone more than myself, and making a difference in this world.

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:26pm

Do you buy second-hand products?
Yes absolutely!!!

When and why is it good to buy things second-hand?
When you need to replace something due to it breaking, being too worn or the need arises and so that things are repurposed, less goes into landfill and you can save alot of money and the seller can make some money.

Do you shop for it or is it usually an impulse?
Mostly shop when I need it as I have been de-cluttering and simplifying my life & home. I do occasionally buy on impulse though; but I'm more of a saver than a spender.

What type of things do you buy/shop second-hand?
Usually furniture and decor'

What type of things would you rather buy brand new?
Definitely mattresses, linen, clothes, shoes due to hygiene reasons and electrical goods due to warranties.

Momma Bear
  • 7th Jun 2021 05:24pm

Yes I love second-hand shopping. I love op shops and love Savers as well. They are good as you can also take unwanted goods as well.
I tend to buy clothes, but also look for unique jewelry and ornaments. I won't buy second-hand underwear or shoes, these I prefer to buy new.

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:17pm

Apart from houses I don’t generally but secondhand products

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:14pm

Yes I buy second-hand/recycled, since my daughter introduced me to the Oppe-Shoppe 3 decades ago. I buy anything I need there, We have a good range, can find genuine natural fibres in classical styles in clothing, can even find shoes almost new and full leather, I love browsing the different shops in different towns, you can buy any thing from face washers to walkers.. So clothing, manchester, furniture, christmas lights etc.
You almost buy anything. some don't sell second hand electricals, but you can still buy new in box, which have been checked by electrician for a donations see our socialist gov, thinks they know better.
When they get an estate clean out you can get some real humdingers, all natural fibres, leather etc etc, beautifully made and kept.
I would prefer to buy anything bar food second hand, you keep something out of the land fill, repurpose, and have much better quality than is available today.

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:08pm

I LOVE second hand!
I'm renovating an old shack/house and am always on the hunt for great second hand building materials to make my work look more authentic to the age of the house.
I also LOVE second hand furniture, I buy/collect off the side of the road( hehe) nice solid wood furniture and even peices of wrought iron and I revamp them to look amazing. Old things were built to last!
And, I LOVE Opp Shopping for my clothing- some nice Vintage pieces and some modern but mixed together with some Kmart( yes!-LOL) basics I can look super stylish and a step apart from everyone else!
I walk around with a list of needed items in my head and if I see it I will buy it. I also buy some on Impulse though as second hand items rarely come up again!
I could not wear second hand underwear or eat second hand food though- I have to draw the line somewhere! ;) ;) Wink, wink. :)

  • 7th Jun 2021 05:06pm


  • 7th Jun 2021 04:58pm

Second hand stuff from Vinnies Op Shops et al are always a good deal. In fact, my 14 yo grandaughter and her friends LOVE Op Shopping as they call it. They buy everything from 70s shoes to 80s clothing. But then again sometimes buying new stuff especially clothing is good because you can choose the colour size etc by trying on in store.

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:53pm

Yes I buy 2nd hand goods, nothing wrong with them and you can get a great bargain I go to op shops or garage sales. My most recent win was an older slow cooker for $4, the best buy I've made in ages, it works well and I use it often. So yes, 2nd hand goods are well worth a look.😊

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:50pm

we would never have managed as a family of 6 without secondhand furniture and cars and tool and household bits and pieces,
and I was rared to look for bargains!! Not so much in clothing or shoes, but handbags and jewellery star.

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:48pm

There are not many things that I actively go looking for to buy second hand, however I do like looking through our local areas Facebook Classifieds every now and then.
I think it's great if you can sell your things as your trash as such may be someone else's treasure.

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:46pm

If you work real hard and have a keen eye you can pick up amazing steals.
Also picture frames are always a win.
I would avoid anything like swimwear or anything that goes near private parts.

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:33pm

I love buying second hand goods, not only can you get a great bargain but it is great way to help the environment by less going to landfill. It is a good time to buy second hand items anytime you can. I buy bedding at the op shop this week for $6 and it was an impulse buy. I buy second hand clothing a lot but never jeans as I am very tall so I like to buy these brand new as I want the perfect fit. I also prefer buying shoes brand new too I have brought lamps, scatter rugs and some other electrical items too.
Big ticket items like white goods I also prefer to buy brand new as they are a long time investment and I want the them to be energy efficient. I am very lucky that in my local community that there is a big giveaway once a month with lots of second hand items, I only pay $5 donation if I need delivery and this donation goes back into the community. It have got wardrobes, clothing and bric-a-brac is great way to save money and modernize the house at the same time.
I also love upcycling items for my home or for loved ones, I love to make craftwork so I am often on the hunt for times like cheap beads for bracelets or dreamcatchers or chipped plates for mosaics. I look at an item and think how can I reuse this item.
As you can see I am very passionate about buying second hand and also donate any used goods that I can no longer use.

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:32pm

I love buying second hand things because:
You can get a great bargain
Cars are always a lot cheaper buying second-hand than buying new
You can up-cycle a lot of things, from clothing to furniture
Most things are usually a lot cheaper than buying it new
Some things are quite vintage/retro
Some things can be worth a lot if you're into selling again
You don't have to buy new to usable
I hope one day that someone will look at me and think I'm worth buying even though I'm second-hand

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:25pm

I love to visit Op shops for second hand goods, I love all the old fashioned furniture or cooking equipment as it’s a lot stronger and furniture pieces can be repolished or updated in my own designs

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:24pm

I love the idea of buying second hand! Furniture is a big item, specially if you dont like modern styles. I also buy second hand wooden items which can be renovated. I would not buy second hand electrical items. Happy to buy some clothing, specially if needed for themed evenings etc. I also browse books in op shops and markets. Even better are street libraries where I can recycle my books and exchange for another!

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:23pm

I think buying second hand can be good for many reasons and is a more sustainable way of buying particularly now in a time of fast fashion and cheap consumer goods. I love to buy second hand quality clothing items from Depop not only because it is a great way of saving some money but also because I can buy some really quality products that will last for a price that is attainable. In a time of fast fashion I'm very aware of ways I can live a little more sustainably. My car is also second hand because I simply couldn't afford a new car. When you spend time looking at second hand items and know what you are buying it can be a great alternative to buying new.

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:20pm

Apart from houses I don’t generally but secondhand products

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:18pm

There are some products where the price disparity between new and second-hand is vast, for example furniture or computers. For those kind of categories I cannot see myself purchasing new, possibly ever. I probably wouldn't buy a second hand phone as the second hand market only really seems to exist for the more expensive brands, which still cost many multiples of newer models of less heralded but perfectly functional brands. I would never buy a new car as I couldn't justify spending that much on something I aspire to spend as little time using as I can get away with.

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:10pm

I do buy second hand products. Sometimes not by choice, circumstances at the time. I like to support my local charities, I’ve had some great deals there. I’ve always had second hand cars, never had the money for a new car, plus they deprecate so quickly. I draw the line at some used items, my coffee machines being one.

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:10pm

I mostly buy second-hand products for craft projects such as lace, doilies, jewellery, fabrics, etc. You can find some beautiful items in this category. I also buy second-hand clothes from time to time because you can often find something that is unique, especially if it has been hand made.

  • 7th Jun 2021 04:09pm

Yes, for 'big ticket' items when it costs a fortune new. For example I bought a used Thule multisport trailer for us to go running or take the kids riding when they were babies, and then I sold it again for pretty much what I paid. Would have made a loss if I forked out for new. Wouldn't buy second hand clothes though, there are so many sales these days, op shops charge a ridiculous amount for used clothes. I guess if you want to live a more sustainable life used is always the way to go though

  • 7th Jun 2021 03:58pm

I buy second hand items when new are not quality products. Often second hand goods, especially vintage pieces have much better design, fabric or finish than new. Better manufactured than new also.

  • 7th Jun 2021 03:46pm

I love op shopping get the best bargains some interesting stuff I brought a lounge a china cabinet

  • 7th Jun 2021 03:26pm

Once a week my daughter and I go Op Shopping. We love it and find some amazing bargains. We buy second hand clothes sometimes they still have their labels on them! My daughter scored a couple of beautiful fashion house dresses for $20 each! We also buy homewares, sometimes electrical goods but always make sure they work first. We have also purchased secondhand furniture- why pay full price when you get something just as good secondhand. Over the years we have saved a lot of money shopping this way and now that all the prices are going up because of Covid we need to keep shopping this way. You just don’t know what you might find it’s like a big treasure hunt.

  • 7th Jun 2021 03:00pm

My Mum started my love of 2nd hand stores and I have passed it on to my two daughters. We plan a day around which stores to visit from one side of our city to the other searching mainly clothing and homewares. There is something satisfying about receiving a compliment on products you got found at a bargain price. There is not much I would not buy used unless I required a warranty.

  • 7th Jun 2021 02:32pm

Well i was never really into 2nd hand, until i retired and did a day at local SVDP shop cutting up rags for Oil ,Gas and Motor Vehicle industries. Only did it the once nearly cried at some of the stuff that i cut up. Since then apart from socks jocks and singlets nearly all of my own purchased clothing has come from the store. Have been gifted hand me downs, throwouts and real presents of course but as far as buying new stuff myself why pay even double price at a Target Sale item for something that is saving on landfill and helping those less fortunate at same time.
Just to be on safe side and have peace of mind Electrical goods i buy brand new,

Liza May
  • 7th Jun 2021 02:21pm

Being both married, elderly with few needs in a retirement village I still have need to shop for goods
"second hand" or, refurbished come to that.
I am a casual customer of main charity shops, buy occasional (affordable) clothing from specialized, hand me down recycled clothing outlets and in the past, purchased a few electrical products within this field.
Latest purchases include a dress to attend a grand daughters wedding and to help around the house,
a refurbished robotic floor vacuum cleaner from a well recognized electrical outlet.. Both items proving great and successful purchases saving a considerable sum from pensions.
I have in the past bid for second hand items from Ebay, but with little success.

  • 7th Jun 2021 02:05pm

I love op shops. I buy books and DVD's in them and occasionally other things as well

  • 7th Jun 2021 01:52pm

Yes for some things, no for others. I mainly buy my clothes from the op shop. I won’t buy 2h shoes for various reasons, one being that often the shoes are on their way out. I prefer to buy tech devices new, will only buy new mattresses but other things such as kitchen ware I don’t mind 2h. It really depends on what it is.

  • 7th Jun 2021 01:52pm

Socks and jocks new most other clothes will buy second hand if can find case in point my daughters new to her cotton trousers are a pair of secondhand men’s ones that had been shortened work well with the braces we found at the same time

  • 7th Jun 2021 01:51pm

yes I love visiting the 2nd hand stores. I have picked up some great outfits that I still wear today. I know it's not everyone cup of tea, but for me, if I can pick up a bargain AND look great in it then why not?
I love browsing Ebay and Gumtree for 2nd hand items , I can always manage to pick up a bargain.
I always buy 2nd hand cars, no point in a new car when it depreciates in value so quick , and you can pick up a great car if you do your homework and research .

I would pretty much buy anything 2nd hand if it works, and is in good condition .

What can I say I love the thrill of a good bargain ...

  • 7th Jun 2021 01:49pm

I love shopping for second hand items, I anything from furniture and kitchen and table ware to clothes and garden stuff. I know that you can get some fantastic stuff not available in the market. Especially some items of furniture....

  • 7th Jun 2021 01:49pm

Only buy second hand cars because they are cheap and reliable

  • 7th Jun 2021 01:41pm

I absolutely love buying second hand, always looking on facebook marketplace or visiting the local op shop.

Often buying things on impulse!! I think its good for sustainability to buy things second hand and reduce waste. It's also more economical.

I will buy clothes, books, kitchenware, shoes, art, pretty much anything second hand!

Apart from bra's, socks and undies, I'd buy anything else second hand.

  • 7th Jun 2021 01:39pm

over the years my husband and i never buy new items of furniture . We try and source a near new product or a give away and restore it . We like products with a history behind the object and much of our wooden items have been restored and are still good . we have a set of furniture over 40 years old has been used all those years and is still going .

  • 7th Jun 2021 02:38pm
over the years my husband and i never buy new items of furniture . We try and source a near new product or a give away and restore it . We like products with a history behind the object and much...

yeah with the furniture, stuff dad made as a cabinet maker before my time 60 odd years ago is still going strong while mass produced chip board stapled stuff packs it in after a bit of use.

  • 7th Jun 2021 01:16pm

Yes sometimes. I don't go to op shops much but use Facebook Marketplace a lot. Its so easy to see who in the neighbourhood or nearby has something you need or want with good photos. It saves on waste is better for the planet and win win for all involved.

  • 7th Jun 2021 01:08pm

Yes. I buy second hand. I am also happy swapping or bartering for goods.
Just because an item is second hand doesn't mean it is no good or poor quality. All it means is the previous owner has no need for it any longer.
We live in a throw away society and sadly much ends in land fill. Op shops will not take electrical goods but I have found a place that strips them down to useable components.
I get clothes, books, antiques, furniture, vehicles, although clothes do not come often into my size.
I even recycle food scraps and make stocks and soups. I regularly eat leftovers (second hand eating LOL)
My first dolls pram was second hand, not due to poverty but the opportunity for a high quality product at an affordable price. I resold it 18 years later.
My first house was filled with 2nd and 3rd hand furniture , curtains and floor coverings. Only the bedding was bought new.

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:55pm

I look for cooking books,clothes,and anything that I find interesting and like I buy,and there is plenty of that,and have a good idea s what’s around.

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:48pm

WE make a note to visit charity shops each week and scan for sale pages for furniture items for the house, clothing and kids toys. We buy second hand furniture as it is a cheap way to procure well made, quality products and even if they need touching up they are still cheaper than shop items and often stronger. Kids clothes are a purchase too as they grow out of them so fast and when finished with we donate them back to charities to continue the cycle

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:47pm

Whether or not I buy something second hand, I think, really depend upon what the product is used for and whether or not you need to do any repair or refurbishment work on it.

I am more than happy to buy second hand items if they take up no time when it comes to repairs. Clothes? Yes. Furniture? Yes. Cars? Yes. But these things can easily become a no if paining, sewing or replacement parts are needed. I just dont have the time and they often dont work out cheaper in the end because you have to still have to spend even more money on them.

There are some things that I will only buy brand new. Anything related to safety or hygiene, especially when it relates to my son. Car seats, cots, prams etc MUST be new. Same with kitchen pots, pans and utensils, because im funny about how things are cleaned and properly treated.

All in all, second hand is great! But I definitely have my limits.

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:38pm

Whether I buy second hand products or not depends on what the product is. I think overall it is best to try and recycle. I buy second hand products mainly through op shops and online second hand market places. The kinds of things I buy are things like clothes, books, plants and sometimes household goods if the item is something I need or want to buy. Generally I don't buy on impulse, but I will do if the item is a 'bargain' to me. Sometimes one person's trash is another person's treasure. The things I probably wouldn't buy second hand would be technology, like computers or phones. This is simply because I feel I don't know enough about technology products and how they work in order to make a wise choice.

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:22pm

I still occasionally buy second hand goods but I used to buy a lot more when I was a university student.
Firstly it was small furniture that I could put into where I lived then similar for kitchen and household gear. Later it became a way of existing on what then was the federal government tertiary study scheme - something that whoever instituted had had never had to rely. I recall getting the princely allowance of $30 a month for a child!
What I did was purchase small furniture and repair/refurbish it and then sell it. I was never going to be rich as a result but it did make a difference.
Now I still buy some second hand things but it is really to cater for my interests like things I collect or older fishing equipment.
While I have occasionally bought a car new I soon learnt about the massive price drop as soon as you drove it off the dealership and so I then bought second hand newish dealership cars.

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:17pm

I love going to thrift shops and having a good look around, sometimes you find such great things, especially in little towns, but then again I also love going to the markets and buying the new handmade things.
Books are always a great second hand thing to buy, I love books, especially new ones love the smell and feel of the new pages, but alas cannot always affort to buy new ones, so off to the second hand books shops I pop.

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:16pm

I like buying 2nd hand. Books, comics, music, clothes are all high on the list. I'll wander into a 2nd hand shop whenever I get the chance. Was in Victoria a couple of years ago and discovered the huge warehouse style 2nd hand markets that's are basically a collection of smaller stalls (Daylesford). I used to by vintage shirts a lot, but the selection has become restricted these days. I basically like the idea of helping charity through op shops and preventing stuff from ending up on land fill. I've bought musical gear from gumtree and been happy with price and quality.

. V
  • 7th Jun 2021 12:06pm

My daughter (a teenager) absolutely hates second hand stuff and refuses point blank to go into a second hand shop but my son (a teenager) loves them. So just to annoy my daughter and it is so much fun to do because she is disgusted by anything second hand if we walk past a second hand shop my son and I will go in just to annoy her and spend a long time in there in the hope she will give in and have to come in and get us. Not happened yet, she will stand outside and huff and puff, cross arms, give us dirty looks and even yells at us to get out.

I love second hand clothes, handbags and books. My son and I just love to rumage through an op shop for ages, even if we don't purchase anything it is the fun of exploring all the different items people have donated and I always like to wonder what the story is behind 'why they donated this item' You can usually pick an item that is an unwanted present of some sort, it is usually still wrapped, is useless and looks like it came from a discount store for example a set of candle holders, mugs, gift sets etc.

I love picking up good quality work pants cheap, branded jeans and outdoor branded gear (usually purchased with the best intentions of taking up hiking etc but somehow just sat in the cupboard until it no longer fit and then discarded with the decluttering) I have picked up some expensive brands of hiking shirts, tops and pants that looked like they were brand new still.

Jody 31416125
  • 7th Jun 2021 12:05pm

I'm an avid op shop customer. I absolutely love brousing and getting great deals. I'm open to buying used items

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:04pm

My wife and I love buying secondhand for a lot of our gear. Some things like whitegoods we can now afford to buy new but most other stuff we look at used.

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:03pm

I buy second products for 2 reasons: reuse (recycling) and significantly cheaper. Children car seats are great value (so long as it is <10 years old and compliant to Aus standard). Mobile phone is another good buy. It either works or it doesn't. I've bought 2 refurbished Samsung before and it's still going.

  • 7th Jun 2021 12:01pm

I will also look for special brands of china, I once picked up a 6 cup/saucer set of Wedgweood in A1 condition for $50 had it valued at $500 as it was at least 80 years old.
I would not like to buy underwear second hand this is a retail store purchase for me.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:57am

Sometimes second is brand new just surplus from shops. I have bought gloves and a cardigan in the past

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:50am


  • 7th Jun 2021 11:49am

The products I've bought second hand are musical instruments and amp equipment. You can pick up half-price deals on good music equipment like basses, guitars, cabs and heads from people who have taken care of and loved them on gumtree. Many times they have upgraded themselves or find they don't really play an instrument so sell it to buy something they will play. Some brands snatched up include fender, musicman, ampeg, Mesa boogie. You can always plug in and play before you agree to the purchase and we've never had a bad buy.

The other main things we used to buy second hand were cars, always from a dealership and we got good buys and reliable cars which we could afford and keep for many years. We always paid cash and that is why they were a good option, because at that time the money for a new vehicle was high and we didn't want to take out car loans.

I have previously bought some second hand clothes from op shops but always find there's a hole in them, they're out of shape etc which you don't know until you've washed them and worn them yourself, so unfortunately I haven't had success with second hand clothing purchases being durable and that is why I prefer my clothes brand new. I think this comes down to the mass produced nature of clothes where they aren't made out of good quality fabric or meant to last and actually have a short wearing life. I have bought clothes for costumes before from second hand stores and will continue to do this into the future as it is cost effective for the purpose and fun to put together.

I would only ever buy whitegoods brand new as I like the coverage of a warranty in case the product is faulty. We have never bought an established home, but built ourselves to our specific requirements. Nothing for me is an impulse buy, it is always planned.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:49am

i love to buy secondhand clothes through op shops because they have a vast array of styles not just racks of all the same as in retail stores and the money goes to a good cause i also like to buy secondhand sports equipment i.e golf clubs because of the price and they never seem to deteriorate much from new condition and helps the seller get rid of things they no longer need and it helps recycles things no longer required by the owner

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:47am

I love finding some unique items at garage sales and markets. I think it's great to find that special item that someone doesn't want anymore. I've collected quite a few antiques and nic-nacs that adorn my home. I love the feeling of finding a bargain too. Also that we're saving the planet by lessening landfill.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:46am

I go to the second hand shops all the time Some second hand shops can be expensive so you must look around. I have worked in second hand places for over 10 years and are a value to the community for people on low incomes.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:44am

I buy as much as I can secondhand. We live in a throw away & fussy society where people are jumping to the next big trend. Not for me , I save a lot of money buying clothes and shoes that people buy and hardly wear. At our local thrift shop I would much rather pay $3 for a shirts & pants than $50 - $80.....and $4 for shoes...that beats the last pair I bought for $150 :) It is also better for the environment to re-use than buy new :)

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:40am

We were taking rubbish to the local tip and decided on impulse to look at the second hand items for sale there. We found two swivel gas powered office chairs in excellent condition and paid just $10 each for them. They're extremely comfortable and still going strong after 6 months. Absolutely delighted with this purchase.

Harshanie 30779333
  • 7th Jun 2021 11:38am

I bought second hand goods like furniture, books, hand bags, clothes, kitchenware and vehicles past few years and intend to buy in the future.
Second hand goods are good value and good quality and it saves money.
Beauty products, skincare , shoes and cloths are preferred to buy brand new than buying second hand because of the hygiene and health reasons.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:38am

Do you buy second-hand products?
Yes, I do buy second hand items. I often buy clothes, craft items, knitting yarn or needles/notions, books, kitchenware, bric-a-brac. You never know what you will find so it's great to go with something in mind and/or have an open mind. I would say the most important thing to have is a BUDGET of how much you are happy to spend. It's a bit silly to spend for the sake of spending or buy something used that is priced for more than RRP new (Unless it is a collectable and you are aware of it's value, etc, but even then you have to be careful.)

When and why is it good to buy things second-hand?
I think buying things second hand is good at ANY TIME because it is a way to recycle and reuse items which still have life left in them.
I like to buy second hand as i am trying to live within a small budget. Buying brand name clothing from op shops means i can dress myself and my children in clothes like their friends are wearing, plus it is usually a better quality than what can be purchased for a similar price in a discount department store. Buying second hand can also mean finding antique items or collectable items from op shops at a fraction of the price comparing to if you bought them from a dealer or specialist collector/store.

Do you shop for it or is it usually an impulse?
Sometimes i will have a list on hand or in my mind, especially if i am looking for particular books, items of clothing, specific types of yarn, etc.
You have to hit op shops with an open mind though as their stock changes almost daily and donations are rarely the same so there will always be something different in the same stores from week to week.

What type of things do you buy/shop second-hand?
I enjoy getting books of interest, brand name clothing and little random things that grab my attention and i feel i will be able to use them.
I only buy second hand cars too. When buying a second hand car, it is important to either have some mechanical knowledge or have someone check over it before committing to a purchase as used cars are usually purchased "with all faults, if any".

What type of things would you rather buy brand new?
Things i would not buy used include underwear (unless it is new with tags), adults/teen activewear (how sweaty did the previous owner get and have the items been washed properly each time and is there any lingering bacteria? (I DO wash all second hand clothing purchases before wearing them, but things that get sweaty or close to the skin/intimate areas are things i usually prefer to buy brand new).
Lounges and mattresses are also things i would prefer to buy new- again, it comes down to hygiene.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:32am

Second hand shopping is almost always a planned purchase because I prefer new - with technology and etc, you never really know what you're buying second-hand.

Clothes I almost never buy second hand because people rarely sell clothes for a fair price. it's almost always overpriced.

Online selling has really changed from promoting a circular economy to making as much of a buck as you can. The spirit of it is gone and it has become vicious. Even with Ebay's money-back guarantee, second-hand purchases are always a risk.

Homewares/House Deco are probably the only thing I buy second hand.
Tech and Clothes always first hand.
Facebook Marketplace has interesting things, that I like to browse, but without the guarantee of safety, it's very dubious.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:29am

I used to buy second hand products, but now prefer to buy mostly brand new products. With second hand products, there's no guarantee on how long they will last and what sort of working order they are in. I get panic attacks when I walk into second hand shops. It's something about the atmosphere, the way things are arranged and the smells. I think it's unhealthy to buy second hand shoes, as the previous person who wore them will have their foot shapes implanted into the inner soles of the shoes. And these are probably completely different to the shapes of your feet. I would also worry about catching foot fungus. Second hand furniture, unless it was never used, or seldom used, has already had it's share of big and little people and pets, sitting, lying, and jumping on it. Though if you find a secret stash of gold hidden there, bonus. Something that I do occasionally buy second hand, is books. I mainly buy them online from sites such as fishpond or ebay. Most books that I've bought from these channels were in good condition. The one time I did buy used clothes was several years ago, when my oldest son was in jail for a few months for a minor offence. He was due to go to court to apply for parole or release I think it was called. He needed a suit. None of us could afford a brand new suit, so I went to a number of op shops to put together a decent outfit for him. He was happy with what we had bought him. Op/opportunity shops are definitely a good thing, as they raise funds to help those who are doing it tough, and also make it easier for people on low incomes to buy cheaper clothing and household goods.

Ellie 30656027
  • 7th Jun 2021 11:21am

Yes all the time. I go to the charity stores and there are many things that are brand new. I get labelled clothing that is practically new for sometimes $2. If it works I just think you save yourself a whole lot of money. I just make sure I disinfect everything and wash any clothes before I wear them. I buy clothes, shoes, glasswear, bric a brac, electrical appliances etc. Brand new I would only buy mobiles and laptops etc

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:18am

I shop alot at op shops my husband reckons I cannot go past one without going in He is right I have bought some great stuff from snow skis $10 to kitchen electric items the best deal was a mix master new in box $20 also got some nice dresses $3 each and shoes $1 each, glasses 50 cents even nice crystal ones and a washing machine my son has now $15. I buy all sorts its the only place to shop You are helping different charities as well helping the environment by recycling and not sending items to the tip

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:17am

I just love shopping for second-hand items and do it regularly. Why wouldn't you? There is such a wealth of products available in charity shops; many items haven't been used and the price is usually a fraction of what you would pay in retail stores. Also buying second-hand is helping the environment because these items don't go to landfill. I find that a lot of products in charity shops or on Ebay is older stuff and is better quality than what is available nowadays in the High Street shops. However, one of my main reasons for shopping in second-hand shops, particularly the charity shops, is the delightful volunteers who run them. They are always up for a chat and a journey into them is a truly enjoyable experience. The only thing I wouldn't purchase second-hand is underwear.

the rack
  • 7th Jun 2021 11:09am

I tend to purchase household goods second hand and some clothes and accessories. We also restore or upcycle wooden furniture items and outdoor furniture to their former glory or into another useful wooden product.

  • 7th Jun 2021 11:09am

I tend not to buy second hand products...just really don't have the need. I have browsed facebook marketplace and gumtree from time to time but have never found anything worthwhile. I guess it is always the hassle of getting larger stuff home and you never know exactly how much wear and tear they have had. I have, however sold a few things....always had success, but we always put a reasonable price on items. It seems that there is always someone who wants your old items. I like the idea because it is recycling and means that people who cannot afford new things can still have a functioning item.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:56am

A great way to recyle, upcycle items that might go to the dump and landfill. Helping our evironment as well as our back pocket. Can pick up bargains at throw away prices. Shoes I would rather buy new, but have purchased 2nd hand before. Some electrical appliances might not work properly after you get them home, so would be extra careful when buying those.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:51am

I Am Obsessed With Vintage Clothing And Old Cars Which Still Work...Old Glasswear...Plates...Old Furniture...They Do Not Make Anything Like They Used To...Recycle...And Sleep Well Knowing That You Have Taken/Saved Something From Going To Landfill !

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:43am

I tend to buy second hand mobility aids as they are affordable and usually well maintained. Buying them brand new is just way outside of affordable when one is reliant on only a Disability Support Pension or Aged Pension. However when buying them secondhand it is important to either see them for yourself before buying including testing them or to get someone you know who understands the workings of the mobility aids to examine them before purchasing them. Buying second hand mobility aids means that I can continue doing the ministry I've been doing for over 39 years among my street friends and the homeless.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:37am

I do occasionally buy DVD's when I visit a garage sale. Sometimes I might also find something else to buy.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:31am

Oh yes I definitely buy second hand products. Nothing more satisfying than to browse my local op shops. I try and go at least weekly and most of my purchases are impulse buys since you never know what you may find. I actively seek out items that I can use for my crafting such as old picture frames, vases, candle holders and anything made of wood. Such great fun to upcycle old items by simply adding a lick of paint or decorating with natural materials found on our daily beach walks such as sea shells, pebbles, driftwood, feathers....For inspiration I usually go to pinterest. Great ideas to keep busy during lockdown or on these cold winter days when staying indoors is usually more appealing than being out there braving the elements.

Occasionally I also buy second hand clothing but I draw the line at shoes. I don't think it is a good idea to wear worn shoes, not so much because of germs and bacteria which can be cleaned up but more so when thinking of the fit and the impact on ones natural gait and foot print. So therefore I prefer buying shoes brand new and unworn.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:31am

Have bought books and many great brand named clothing items second hand. On an Age Pension every cent saved helps and also helps other people as I shop at Charity stores.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:28am

Yes I buy second hand products, but only when I feel I am getting value for money. I use sites such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Gumtree. I don't visit secondhand open air markets as too much time is consumed browsing when I know what I am looking for.
I usually buy goods like leisure items such as bicycles, fishing gear and camping equipment and accessories. The reason I choose to purchase these is that you can obtain for a rock bottom price, and they are recyclable, so you can sell them when you have no further use for them. My thoughts are that the secondhand market helps to reduce waste an therefore lessens our carbon footprint in the fight against pollution.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:22am

Do you buy second-hand products?
Yes, I buy most of my clothes from 2nd hand outlets.

When and why is it good to buy things second-hand?
Save waste on precious materials and plus it's cheaper.

Do you shop for it or is it usually an impulse?
Normally on impulse to fill in the time if there is a shop close by.

What type of things do you buy/shop second-hand?
Clothes only as I don't really buy other categories full stop. Trying to live minimally. We don't really need much to be honest.

What type of things would you rather buy brand new?
Shoes. I couldn't buy second hand shoes for hygiene reasons. There is no real way to wash them or anything,

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:18am

I love the chance to shop at the local markets on a Saturday and check out the local lifeline etc during the week as well as Market place. I will always look for a bargain and believe it’s better to reuse than toss out and buy new, repurposing is the way to go

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:18am

Being a full-time carer (money is limited) I try and buy my clothes from a charitable society to help them help others in need. Who knows, they may have to help us, one day. Their clothes have great brand names but at a fraction of the original price. Second hand is not that bad. Over the years, we have been able to buy two cars that lasted longer than new ones.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:16am

I've always enjoyed fossicking in second hand stores and garage sales and in more recent years, online such as local Facebook buy and sell pages, marketplace, ebay and gumtree. If you have the time to browse through clothing you can sometimes be lucky and score a real bargain. A few years back I purchased a brand name (Liz Davenport) jacket , brand new - reduced from $6 to $3!
A lot of my home has been furnished over the years from second hand items. Sometimes you need to be patient for a good quality, well priced piece to come along. My most recent bargain was an outdoor glass table with six chairs for $50.
When my children were leaving home and setting up on their own, I gave them boxes of basics such as crockery, clutlery, saucepans etc putchased from op shops until such time as they could buy themselves some new ones.
I also enjoy gardening and like looking for all sorts of outdoor treasures too. Pots, plants, old wheelbarrows which I've painted and put flowers in. A rusty old plant stand which when sanded back and resprayed, looks brand new.
Things I would not purchase second hand would be underwear, shoes (unless they were new or near new) and electrical items.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:09am

I dislike searching through racks at Op shops, however I often buy items on Facebook Marketplace. It is easier to search for items that I need and compare them on price and condition. I prefer to buy appliances new or near new condition, however clothing second hand is fine.

  • 7th Jun 2021 10:06am

Records, Books, clothes, Kitchen stuff (pyrex dishes at the moment od old cutlery)- love it all and enjoy markets wherever we go. Never really have anything in mind, until something just jumps out and grabs you! Love Rozelle Markets, and Surry Hills Markets, though markets and op-shops can be more expensive than they used to be. Country Markets are better. Also later in the day - less choice but easier to bargain as often people don't want to drag unsold stuff home again.

  • 7th Jun 2021 09:59am

I love the chance to shop at the local markets on a Saturday and check out the local lifeline etc during the week as well as Market place. I will always look for a bargain and believe it’s better to reuse than toss out and buy new, repurposing is the way to go

  • 7th Jun 2021 09:48am

Second-Hand product (particularly clothing) offers good quality fabric and allows us to recycle and appreciate fashion styles over again.

  • 7th Jun 2021 09:44am

Sometimes - once you have used something once it is second hand. I usually make a decision to do this. It varies...

  • 6th Jun 2021 09:33am

I have bought second hand clothing over the years , I have been lucky enough to have found vintage pieces that I still treasure to this day. We are such a society that throw away everything after a short time. I believe there is someone for everything so try & find homes for my clothing through selling at markets & Facebook market place. There will be always someone who will enjoy what I no longer need so I try & I always try to facilitate this.

  • 5th Jun 2021 08:09pm

I buy second- hand clothes from the charity shops, I have been lucky to buy clothing that has not been worn at a very good price. Recently I bought a large flower vase for only $5 needed it as had been given a large bunch of flowers for Mother's Day. Bought a very nice watch for $8 works perfectly. Bought 3 pairs of jeans, labels still on them for $8 and $9 each. Would not buy 2nd hand underwear, that has to be new. Bought a very pretty and would have been very expensive, when new, party dress for my granddaughter when she was 3 years old, cost $3.

  • 4th Jun 2021 01:35pm

Yes i do buy second hand. Used to buy a lot of the children's clothes at Op Shops, particularly for camping. But you can find a lot of really good clothes for kids, often with tags attached (ie never been worn!). Mens trousers and suits, ladies dresses, skirts & tops. Also second hand books, china, Tupperware, belts, toys all sorts of things.
Wool for knitting, material for sewing. Its a great way to help a Charity , save money and save landfill and waste. Highly recommend buying second hand. It pays to check teh shops regularly. They also sell new items, eg Salvos sell tissues, toilet rolls, socks and more.

  • 4th Jun 2021 10:36am

I sometimes buy reasonably good quality second hand clothing and other fabric items if they are a reasonable price, from an op shop from charity groups especially clothing for the children (preferably cotton or cotton blend) as they grow out of them so quickly, I occasionally buy second hand clothing for myself if it is 100% cotton which is very hard to get (I have very sensitive skin). If clothing is "worn out" it is usually used as cleaning rags for various chores. It is excellent for mechanics to use, including wiping oil, grease of their hands before washing them. With a cleaning fluid they also use them for cleaning equipment or cleaning oil or grease off garage floors or driveways. We store them separately in a bag that hangs on a bolt or something similar that is part of the garage construction. Using the rag in this way usually results in large holes in it and unfortunately is no longer usable. I don't buy second hand shoes as it is not recommended by various health professionals. People walk "differently" which affects the fit / support of the shoes on other peoples feet. I sometimes buy second hand books, especially good old ones that are often no longer printed. I feel by purchasing second hand items I am also supporting other people and re-cycling products at the same time.
I don't tend to buy second hand electrical items as I find they don't work for long. I know they are tested (and tagged) for safety

  • 4th Jun 2021 08:05am

When I was younger the thought that somebody else wearing something before me owning it was gross and I didn't join anyone when they went to an op shop. Nowadays, as an adult love the 2nd hand culture. Especially op shopping. I'm not really sure what changed, except for maturity and an extra 10 years to my age.
I've had several instances where I found an expensive item I wouldn't be able to afford at retail price but at the

  • 4th Jun 2021 08:12am
When I was younger the thought that somebody else wearing something before me owning it was gross and I didn't join anyone when they went to an op shop. Nowadays, as an adult love the 2nd hand...

op shop, it's only under $10, with the pricetag still attached. And the profits will be going to a good cause.
With Facebook market normalising 2nd hand culture now, everybody is getting on the band wagon and helping the environment by recycling/repurposing instead of feeding landfills. There's many other platforms to buy/sell your used items as well like eBay, Gumtree, etc...

  • 3rd Jun 2021 10:45pm

I buy second hand in a variety of things. Its a good way to find better value in furniture and many other household items. Many great household bargains are to be found second hand - in Op shops, or online. Books are always a good item to look for 2nd hand. Sometime clothes are also a good buy - I just think of them as 'pre washed' - only you know whether it has been in your wardrobe, or in an Op shop. By re-using things, you can save on your own budget, and also reduce the amount of stuff that goes into landfill.

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