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How do you define success for yourself?

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Posted by: TaylorCS

21st May 2021 12:53pm

How do you define success for yourself?

How do you determine if someone’s successful in life?

How did you come to this conclusion?

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  • 14th Sep 2022 03:27pm

To me,success is not about how much money you have or what type of job, it is about how you treat yourself and others and the impressions of kindness that you leave people with :)

  • 7th Oct 2021 09:19pm

How do I define success for myself that is easy - by having a loving husband and children.
How do I determine is someone is successful in life - by how happy they are.
How did I come to this conclusion - because money does not buy happiness.

  • 5th Oct 2021 11:20pm

Success for me is being content with what I'm doing/what I have.
Success for others is the same.
I reached this opinion many years ago when I realized that some people are never happy no matter how much they have or how highly up the employment chain they are.

  • 17th Jun 2021 12:58pm

Happiness. Having enough time to do anything I want to do for as much of my life as possible.
People are successful when they have the time to do anything they want.
There is unlimited money, but not unlimited time. I chase time, not money.

  • 7th Jun 2021 02:14pm

Every time I complete something is a success. It doesn't matter how big or small.
Getting my present job after nearly two years of trying was a big success. Finishing a book is a small one.

  • 31st May 2021 04:19am

That awesome.

Matthew Jackman
  • 29th May 2021 09:21pm

I think success can only really be defined by the individual themselves. For me personally, I think success is being better than I was previously, at every moment. What "better" means for me means to move towards my end goals that I have set for myself. This in itself is dynamic and fluctuating.
How would I determine if someone else is successful in life? I would say ultimately it comes down to, again, what *they* think is successful. I would say if they are happy and content, but they are the ones that define success for *themselves*.
I am not quite sure I could pinpoint where my conclusion comes from in few words. I would say it is influenced from a variety of sources, such as my upbringing, philosophy I have read (I in particular take much influence from anarchist, egoist, Daoist, and pragmatist texts), and my own personal interests and goals.

  • 29th May 2021 08:52pm

Success for me is when I achieve a set goal that took me outside of my comfort zone on purpose. The success would come from achieving the self set challenge.
I don't determine success for other people as that means that I would have to judge someone and I have chosen to let go of judgements. However, I would celebrate when people tell me something that they've achieved and feel happy for them.
I came to these conclusions after looking at Life and determining what works best for my Life.

  • 29th May 2021 08:30pm

Success for myself is about being content and at peace with myself. Having the outcome I want from my choices based on my personal values and morals, and therefore being happy with those choices and where I am find myself in my life provides confidence and acceptance of seeing myself as a good and worthwhile person with something to offer and contribute to society and helping others. I do not base success on consumerism and dislike affluenza.

I determine if someone is successful by speaking to them and finding out if they feel they have made good choices, they have no regrets, they are happy with where they find themselves and their personal circumstances in life and if they are proud of themselves for persevering, overcoming adversity or obstacles. Success shows in a person's demeanour, including confidence and happiness, as success is personal and includes pride in relation to values and morals rather than materialism.

I come to this conclusion as you are happier being rich in a calm, peaceful and happy soul than being rich in superficial friends, material goods and competitiveness, which are ultimately property and possessions owned to fill a void of dissatisfaction with one's self or life as the person lacks a rich and content soul of being happy with themselves. So I feel being open and helpful with a kind and positive outlook is far better than a affluenza, selfish person.

stewart bookworm
  • 28th May 2021 04:48pm

If I make a sad person happy, give a compliment to a stranger, help someone with information, directions,emotionally or physical assistance I believe I am being successful. I this not for me but others

  • 28th May 2021 03:28pm

Success is being where you want to be. Being happy is the best measure of success. There are many people with lots of money that aren't happy so that it not what I call success.

  • 28th May 2021 12:16pm

I define success for myself in different ways on different days. For example, if I have a win for a client, I feel successful - though sometimes the client sees that success as something they simply paid me to do. If I don't win then I consider myself successful if I have mitigated my client's loss. And on some days when all seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, I consider myself successful to get through the day and close off any unfinished business. I consider myself successful if children are happy or at least fed, comfortable, content and communicating. I consider myself successful if my partner and I share time, even if it is to nut out thorny issues between us. I consider myself successful when I am able to sit back and appreciate the beauty of our world and I know I am doing what I can to minimise the harm it. Last year, I grew an avocado from seed, and for some reason that to me was the biggest success of all.

  • 28th May 2021 06:06am

I define success for myself; by the outcome of what I was wanting to achieve. If I accomplish my main goal I set at the beginning of the project, task or need.

I determine someone's success by how happy they are and what they want out of life ie; my mum wanting to downsize her home and reduce days at work.. my brother success was getting a promotion at work. Everyone's own success is different.

I came to this conclusion as not everyone sees money as success, so its all bout what you want to get out of life/work/love etc;

  • 28th May 2021 12:08am

In my opinion, success means making difference and being able to do the things that we love

  • 27th May 2021 09:25pm

I feel like success can be so different for each person; some people would define success by wealth, others would define it by what career you are in. For myself success is feeling happy in life, having a great connection of people around you and filling your life with good memories and love.

I feel like no one can really determine other peoples successes as what we may see of them may not be what they see in themselves.

You should never compare successes as each person has a different view of what success is made of. The day you stop looking at others success and start looking at your own you have more room to grow and are happier doing it because it is for yourself! 🌞

  • 27th May 2021 09:23pm

Doing my best to fulfill my dreams and ambitions. Seeing other people happy through doing the same…

  • 27th May 2021 04:14pm

I think success is when you have certain values in life that is being very respectful of different cultures.

  • 27th May 2021 12:18am

For me success is happiness and peaceful at mind and soul.

  • 26th May 2021 08:17pm

well hubby and I are in our 50's now and we've both worked since our mid teenage years - done the very hard yards as is in both of us had 4 jobs each at one stage and worked full on for years to get a great start. now we're comfortable and hopefully at the end of our working years possibly 3 to go then part time work after that and ease off - I take it to mean success for us is to have enough money to do what we want to do - we camp cheap and don't do anything extravagant so I'm sure that will help stretch our savings. we are happy and settled- some say we're lucky but we've worked very hard to get where we are, no gifts or lotto wins... no inheritance... success is when you feel happy and satisfied with what you have , what you've achieved and you kick all your goals what ever you set for yourself

Kay Dee
  • 26th May 2021 07:53pm

To me, success is being happy within yourself, doing the best of your ability, and treating others how you expect to be treated.
I don't judge people, we all have different perceptions and values. I don't believe success is about being wealthy, it's about being a nice person.

  • 26th May 2021 04:44pm

I feel that my life has been a success.after a failed marriage of 3 months and moving back to my parents who supported my a few years later through friends met my husband.As we were both older he supported me while we had our 4 children.Today with his eyesight deterioting I am his carer.We treasure our family and love the time we spend together.We now have 2 grand children with another on the way.I feel the my life has been a wonderful success

  • 26th May 2021 04:14pm

I have been thinking a lot about what success really means to me.

I grew up from a poor family who strives very hard to provide 3 meals a day for 5 members (mom, dad, grandma, me and my younger sister). Although it was hard, we always share meals together, talk about our day and give each other moral support. So I strive harder than other teenagers normally do. I worked for PHP10/hr ($0.20) from Monday to Sunday at an early age. I got a scholarship, finished studies and now paid thousand times compared to my first job. I had escaped the third world country I came from. Now living in a first-world country, owned a house, multiple lots, got investments and money in the bank. Looking back, it makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because despite of the hardship we were a complete happy family. Sad, because I really missed those times and I would do anything to go back in time.

So, do I define myself successful? I am still 28, married and away from my 4-year-old son who got stuck in my home country because of Covid. When I was a child, I though being successful means being rich. But really, money can't buy you happiness. Being successful is not a one time thing and there's an expensive price to pay to maintain being successful. Although, I'm too young to tell, I would define success as simplicity, contentment, being happy and love back by the people you love.

  • 26th May 2021 04:10pm

I have been thinking a lot about what success really means to me.

I grew up from a poor family who strives very hard to provide 3 meals a day for 5 members (mom, dad, grandma, me and my younger sister). Although it was hard, we always share meals together, talk about our day and give each other moral support. So I strive harder than other teenagers normally do. I worked for PHP10/hr ($0.20) from Monday to Sunday at an early age. I got a scholarship, finished studies and now paid thousand times compared to my first job. I had escaped the third world country I came from. Now living in a first-world country, owned a house, multiple lots, got investments and money in the bank. Looking back, it makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because despite of the hardship we were a complete happy family. Sad, because I really missed those times and I would do anything to go back in time.

So, do I define myself successful? I am still 28, married and away from my 4-year-old son who got stuck in my home country because of Covid. When I was a child, I though being successful means being rich. But really, money can't buy you happiness. Being successful is not a one time thing and there's an expensive price to pay to maintain being successful. Although, I'm too young to tell, I would define success as simplicity, contentment, being happy and love back by the people you love.

  • 26th May 2021 11:49am

At this stage of my life, I have no thoughts about success. It's more about gratitude and acceptance. I am grateful to wake up and greet each day, and, I accept the fact that I can be happy without all the frills and non-essentials. My life now is more about need and nothing about want. So, I guess you might say, I am successful in gaining understanding of what is important in my world.

I have no thoughts about other peoples' success. I am more interested in the person. Success, to me, is just a state of mind and is different for everyone.

This is an interesting thing to ponder, however, I just want to enjoy my day and leave the ambitions and goal seeking to those who are looking to the future. I am already there.

  • 26th May 2021 08:23am

success for me is being able to overcome life threatening illnesses and by this I now do volunteering within the community. I'm deemed a high risk to join the paid workforce.
I like to help other people who are struggling with various forms of requirements.
I currently volunteer with the Salvation Army 4 days a week within the welfare sector.
Its a very rewarding job and I feel that I do help to put a smile on someones day.

  • 26th May 2021 01:42am

success is your family in harmony and being able to provide their happiness !

  • 26th May 2021 01:15am

Well, Success a very diplomatic word in the whole life. different people priotise by different angle , by different point of. Up to my life I have met with many people, communicate with them, , interact with them. Most of people define success means how much he or she can be richest person. Actually I do not know what is relation with them. Sometimes I think as per most of the people say it then it would be establish.
Today's topic is very nice, sophisticated. moreover due to pandemic Covid19 I have enough time. That is why I think lets take one chance to write about this fabulous topic. I know that very well I will not be a winner.
If any one ask me what is success. I would like to say that success is what you actually want from your deep of heart, That gives you pleasant in your life. There is no time limit. It is for life time if anyone want. Constantly it gives me something may be it will be enjoyment, may be it will be sorrow. I think it is one kind of part in our life. I just think by simple way. Simplicity is very important in my life. In my one life I just want to stay enjoyful with my nearest person. Most importantly no one can carry this success when he or she will be die. So, why not we will see our success by our own angle?

Finally my conclusion is, "Success is a journey not a destination."

  • 25th May 2021 11:46pm

Being healthy is the number one priority for me, without it you cannot achieve much else because your life is all consumed with illness, pain or chronic ailments, which can effect every other part of your life.
I speak from my own experience, after getting IBS 10 years ago, I felt like my life was on hold and I could hardly function. At my worst I could not even walk around the house without getting dizzy, could not sit at a computer, and could hardly eat anything. I slowly got better, got fitter, and got my energy back, have felt great now for quite a few years. This is my recent success that I have had. Other than that I have had few smaller ones and becoming a parent is a big one, bringing a child up on my own felt so daunting at first but I succeeded in turning a baby into a healthy and happy adult. I am also debt free after paying off a car loan years ago I swore I would not borrow anymore money and save up for everything or do without. I have been debt free for years, although I wish I could have said that I was a success in owning my own home but I have successfully been able to pay the rent on time for many years. I am now a student again and hope to find more financial success in the near future. Love, health and happiness is the start of any success journey.

  • 25th May 2021 11:23pm

Paradoxically, success, to me, is the number of failures you have encountered and you still stand strong. You went to war with a life that had odds pitted against you. Maybe you come from a disadvantaged part of society; maybe you're from a minority; maybe the group or persona you identify yourself with is still to have equal standing in society. While everyone else went to war with Spartan shields, flaming spears and bronze helmets, you went empty-handed and bare-bodied. Yet, through all the blood and sweat and tears, you never gave up. Just the fact that you don't let your disadvantaged position define you and you take every failure as a medal and not a scar makes you the biggest success one can ever be. Stay strong, everyone.

  • 25th May 2021 10:06pm

Defining success for myself? . . Being a good , decent person following ethics taught by my parents, grandparents and mentors, many of my achievements revolve around overcoming fears and challenges to meet my individual goals, which in turn define success for myself, which makes for a happy and healthy mind, body and soul for Sid.

  • 25th May 2021 08:49pm

Success...for me it is not about Money or Wealth. It is about being the Best Mum I can be and raising 3 Beautiful Daughters who are Good Human beings. All Hard working, Empathetic to People, Animals & the Environment. It is also about being the best person I can be in all situations & always being all of the above , caring and Kind and helping others :)

  • 25th May 2021 08:37pm

Success for me is not money prestige or accomplishment but as a mum success for me is seeing my adult children thriving in their choices. My son's lives influencing positively in others. Making their mark on the world by caring for others and loving what they do everyday in their world. Proud to be their mum.

  • 25th May 2021 08:16pm

I define success for myself is being happy with the results when I challenge myself to do something I like. That they are happy in what they are doing weather it being in employment , hobbies or just achieving a stage in life, like owning a house. By being happy with what I like doing and challenging myself to do something better than I have done previously . I feel you can travel more to places you have not seen before as an experience well worth it with our small camper, than owning a big beautiful house that takes all your time to keep clean.

  • 25th May 2021 07:50pm

Happy, stable

  • 25th May 2021 07:13pm

My husband and I are a huge success together. I look at our life and how we have handled the highs lows and inbetweens. Whatever is thrown at us we handled together through tears and/or laughter. Most importantly I look at our adult children and then I really appreciate our success. They are good and intelligent people, good to their partners and their journey has been and will continue to be a success because of their belief in fair play, being good citizens, helping those less fortunate of themselves and they know how to enjoy life with their family and friends.
'What is success?' I am sure the definition is different for most of us. I don't judge others' successes because I don't know their journey. I am more interested in how we respect and treat others. At this present time, Australia is a success. We have worked and continue to work together to look after one another through this pandemic and we will be successful and beat it! For this I thank our Federal and State governments and most importantly our medical staff and all other front line workers.

  • 25th May 2021 06:54pm

1. I no longer do paid work, so for me, success probably has a slightly different definition to that of other people. I find success in the small things, such as peace of mind, balance between my mental and physical health, being appreciated for the small things that i do and say, and knowing that I am loved and liked. I also feel some success when i write book reviews for my favourite authors and they thank me. Sometimes, as well as giving me a free ebook to do the review on, they send me a free, signed paperback. I also feel success when I hand make something for someone, and they are obviously pleased with it.
2. I never judge someone's success in life by their career or their possessions. I determine their success in life by what they do with what they have, how balanced they are, how much the people in their life love, like, and appreciate them, and by how compassionate, kind, assertive, creative and intuitive they are. If they live within their means and don't have any bad or huge debts, i am also impressed.
3. I came to this conclusion simply from living my life and observing other people. I've lived through some hard times, but have always found ways to adapt, and always found something to be positive about.

  • 25th May 2021 06:54pm

To be successful should be viewed from the inside, not the inside. If you are happy, healthy with the life you want and can contribute to society or those less fortunate, then you should see yourself as successful. What other people think of your success is less important, its about how you feel about your life and how satisfied you are with the person you've become or are becoming. Self worth is an important measure of success. In saying that, we must account for good morals and values as you shouldn't see yourself as successful if you are doing something wrong by community standards and proud of it.

  • 25th May 2021 06:54pm
To be successful should be viewed from the inside, not the inside. If you are happy, healthy with the life you want and can contribute to society or those less fortunate, then you should see...

Sorry first line should be not the outside :)

  • 25th May 2021 06:33pm

I think contentedness is a big factor. A happy family and enough$$ to live the life you want. Community service and friendships a big factor also. Those I admire most as successful people are those in science and public office who contribute to the good of society. They are not looking for public accolades but just want to make a difference.

  • 25th May 2021 06:04pm

Being successful in life is being happy, healthy both physically and mentally.
I dont believe you have to be rich in assets to be successful.
Life and being successful is what you make of it.
I dont own a house or have alot .
But I feel successful having a happy healthy family full of love.

Peta R
  • 25th May 2021 06:04pm

Being truely happy with were you are in life

  • 25th May 2021 06:01pm

I define success in completing and or obtaining something that i have worked towards. It may have taken a few years or a few weeks, could be study, or saving funds , or helping someone with their goals.

  • 25th May 2021 05:58pm

Success in the ordinary sense is really clear and well-defined in my opinion. That is, there are various metrics that we can use to gauge success. For example, professionally, success can be defined as having achieved at a certain level in whatever field that is. For example, a professional football player might make it to the national level competitions, or they might make it to international level, i.e. play for their country. Each of these levels of achievement are clearly defined metrics of success. Or they may reach the pinnacle of their sport, playing at the highest level and receiving some award for the best player at that level. In academic areas or other professions, success similarly can be clearly measured and defined. Again for example, a physicist might graduate from university, or they may end up getting a PhD in their field. Or they may even get a Nobel prize for work in their chosen field. Each of these "levels" can be clearly defined as levels of success.

Of course there are also less clear but still tangible types and measures of success. For example, a person may choose to start a family, and become a mother or father, and raise a certain number of children. Whilst in a clear, objective sense this may not have a measurable quality to the success they had, still it can be viewed that raising several children well is also a type of success.

There are also even less tangible or measurable types of success, but that are no less worthy of being called successful. For example, someone may consider some sort of spiritual path in their life, and the success they achieve may have to do with intangible things such as having a strong level of empathy for others, or they may have an abiding sense of peace and calm. Again, these types of successes are less obvious, less "outward", yet can still be considered success.

So for me more personally, success doesn't have to involve the obvious, "outwardly clear" types of measurable success I mentioned at the start. Instead, I define success in my own life as having a goal and then achieving that goal. It can be something as simple as losing weight or quitting smoking or drinking. Or it could involve attaining some level of mastery and understanding over a subject. For example, in my own life I've always wanted to understand Einstein's theories of both Special and General Relativity. I have managed over the past few years to gain a very good understanding of Special Relativity, to the point where I can teach and explain it to others, which I actually do, as I am fortunate to be able to mentor students in this area in an online course on the subject. I am currently teaching myself the theory of General Relativity. I have studied one book so far on this subject, and whilst I don't feel I yet properly understand the subject, I feel I have made a start, and that in itself to me is success, as I have made progress towards my goals.

So to summarize, I think that broadly speaking, there are two or three main types or areas of success. The obvious types of success where you achieve at a high (or the highest) level in a field, and get public accolades or recognition. Then we have successes that are more intangible or at least less publicly open, and those are personal successes where an individual sets a goal and achieves that goal. And there are the types of successes that are even less tangible, such as attaining greater empathy through a spiritual path.

I think what I have said here about success is really quite obvious, or at least, I think that this is a pretty common-sense notion of success. But I do feel that the various types of success that I have covered can all be considered success. In closing, I might add that the less obvious types of success, in my opinion, are not somehow less of a success than the obvious ones. Success can be very personal.

  • 25th May 2021 05:51pm

I have had minimal success in life. Some people may look to be succesful but that is not always the case. To be successful you need to have fulfilled all your dreams. Life is what you put into it and not everyone feels they have succeeded. You can have a successful job but not in marriage or vise versa. Having recently losing my lifetime partner I didnt realise how much I would miss him.

  • 25th May 2021 05:15pm

I used to think success was owning home outright, new cars, investments/ assets family holidays, doing the best for your kids and giving them every opportunity. Working hard In the younger years to succeed. 42 now have 2 adult children and 1 dyslexic 10 year old who has given me a new outlook on life. Being able to fight for him and defend him when others won’t and having the time without feeling guilty to have that time without the daily pressures of fulltime work and money, maybe because I was already successful and put in the hard yards I can provide the protection my baby needs to help him grow to ensure he is successful in what ever opportunities come his way

  • 25th May 2021 05:02pm

When I was younger I always thought a sign of success was having a lot of money in the bank, live in a big house, travel and wear designer clothes.
Now I am much older this view is as far from the truth as I thought.
At this age I define success as having lived a full and happy life, owning your own home, does not have to be a palace. Having close family and friends in your life. Being comfortable with yourself, living within your means, basically just loving life, a job that you enjoy going to each day, or one that you remeber all the good things about. So basically having a lot of money does not necessarily mean Success.

  • 25th May 2021 04:56pm

A healthy mind is something that we can develop ourselves, no matter what circumstances we are born into. Not always easy in this world and can be difficult if one is born into poverty or money. A healthy body we may not all be born with so be glad you have the eyes to see, arms and legs to get around and all the other senses which make life more enjoyable.
So to me success in life is being grateful for what you do have and making the best of that to help others and be a good person. Being kind and helpful to others who need it will make a person happy. Money is needed to live and not having enough is difficult but does make you see what is important - family and loved ones, friends and workmates, neighbors and being a good global citizen as we all have to share the planet.
I think if a person knows these things and lives by them, then that is a successful life, as many monetarily rich people, celebrities, kings, queens and all the rest we may read about have tried all avenues to find happiness and failed. Many have come to these conclusions themselves - so be happy with every day you are alive and make the best of each day you have.

  • 25th May 2021 04:22pm

To me, success is being content with one's life. It has nothing to do with having lots of money, or status in society. I have come to the conclusion long ago that successful people tend to attract others and are always ready to lend a hand to the best of their ability. As disability continues to encroach on my abilities, I am grateful for the many friends I've made among the homeless and the street folk, who enjoy my company (and that of my furkid Honey) even when I'm too unwell to do anything for them, simply the fact that I share my life with them and enjoy their company is enough! To me, that is being successful in life!

  • 25th May 2021 04:22pm

Love of Money is the Root of all evil. I define being successful as being accessible to my friends and able to assist them during both good and bad periods of their lives.
I think we're all vulnerable and need support of close allies always in our lives. God Bless!

  • 25th May 2021 04:04pm

I find that when I am able to have fun with my family makes me feel successful

  • 25th May 2021 03:39pm

Success to me is being happy and content with what I am doing and feeling that I am being productive.
Determining if someone is successful is difficult because everyone views it differently. However, I would think it is more about them achieving their goals in life.

  • 25th May 2021 03:30pm

I have more time to myself than work time.
They are happy.
It's what makes me happy.
Rich people are still sad.

  • 25th May 2021 03:30pm

Success for me is about have a good work/life balance, that includes family, friends and being comfortable financially to reduce stress.
It is not my right to decide if someone else is successful in their life, success is a individual belief. I don’t agree with society view of success which is money and materialistic things. I have come to this conclusion because I don’t judge others and their beliefs and success is one of those beliefs that are individual.

  • 25th May 2021 03:29pm

The official definition goes along the lines of "the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status."
However I believe it goes deeper than that. Success is about having an inner self confidence whereby you make the most out of life physically, mentally and spiritually. Success is also about overcoming failures through learning and growing from your mistakes.

  • 25th May 2021 03:27pm

Success is driven by something you are passionate by, l still hav'nt quite got there but l see it in my brother who is a landscape Gardner and a builder, After 6 houses, A full functional family. As l said before its about something you are passionate about.

  • 25th May 2021 03:23pm

Having excellent health in body and mind is the pinnacle of success.
Without these 2 it is very hard to create success.

  • 25th May 2021 03:21pm

My definition of success is having a happy healthy family who are enjoying their life.
Someone's else's success is how happy they seem with what they have achieved in life
Growing up money hasn't always been the measure of success, good hard work and a happy family will always be my measure of success, because money doesn't always buy success

  • 25th May 2021 03:11pm

Success for me is being happy and satisfied in what I do and being able to retire when I wanted to and afford to travel overseas and also in Australia.

  • 25th May 2021 03:09pm

Being successful has wide-ranging interpretation depending on each person but to me it is being comfortable and happy in what you do. Though now (recently) retired and having a wow of a time, I used to enjoy getting up each day and looking forward to work and having fun whilst getting paid for it. With others it is seeing them achieve what they want without them using others as stepping stones. I was lucky enough to work for men and women who were in “powerful” positions of authority who relished their accomplishments and encouraged others along the way. To paraphrase many “with age comes wisdom” and I learnt success is not money and power but is contentment. That is success.

  • 25th May 2021 03:06pm

For me waking up in the moring is a success.
I don't teally think about other people and weather they are a success or not.
As long as I'm able to get up each morning and do a bit. I call that a success. I have asthma, degenerative disc disease and Osteoarthritis (plus other health issues). So like today with the cold, rain and wind. I can hardly move because of pain and my asthma is playing up a bit. I was able to do my dishes and am now crocheting a blanket for one of my cats. When finished I will start the other ones blanket. I class today as a success because I can still get up and do things.

  • 25th May 2021 03:02pm

Success is having a good relationship with my wife where I can call her my best friend having a relationship with God knowing that whatever happens I can to talk to no matter how trivial. To have children whom I love, to be able to spend time and enjoy life together no matter what happens through good and bad times.

  • 25th May 2021 02:53pm

Success to me is living my best life and sharing it with the love of my life and that we are both happy together. It has absolutely nothing to do with employment, careers, recognition, money or anything else. If I make him happy by being a part of his life, then I have succeeded.
And personal success for me is making it to 50, when I never thought I would make it to 21...

  • 25th May 2021 02:41pm

By the amount of smiling ☺ I do & the happy days spent with my wife & dogs

  • 25th May 2021 02:31pm

Success to me is very personal and it has changed significantly over the past few years due to some very painful circumstances. To try and capture the essence of success, I think it's living life as much as possible according to what I truly value in life. My top 3 values are family, learning and independence. Life is far from easy and we don't know what's around the corner but for now I feel reasonably content with my life. It really is a case of appreciating the good in our life.

  • 25th May 2021 02:07pm

Continue to be positive & productive in all aspects of life. Love, praise self worth and be happy with what you have.

  • 25th May 2021 01:50pm

Having retired at age 43.

  • 25th May 2021 03:35pm
That’s not a bad achievement Thomas.

:-) Thank you.

  • 25th May 2021 03:12pm
Having retired at age 43.

That’s not a bad achievement Thomas.

  • 25th May 2021 01:40pm

To me success meaning being happy and satisfied with life and everything that is going on in life, without hurting anyone.
Happiness and satisfaction is the ultimate goal, so it doesnt matter how much money someone has, where they live, what car they drive what job they have, long as they are happy and satisfy they are successful, because nothing else really matters, you can have all the money, the best car, house, family, everything! but not be happy, and i can not call such person successful!

  • 25th May 2021 01:38pm

Success for me is living where I want to live and living the lifestyle I want to live. I judge other's success by how happy they appear in their life. It's all about happiness really and not so much money, although it does help. Yes, I'm sure happiness and success comes from within and not money. You can be quite poor moneywise but successful still, if you have a good, happy, fulfilling life.

  • 25th May 2021 01:35pm

Success is when I can provide for my family, financially and all supports required.
If someone is successful, they live a happy life and don't necessarily have to worry too much, although not necessarily being very well off financially, being able to provide emotional support for the family is most important.
I came to this conclusion base on my own experience, money can't buy happiness or safety and it is a combination of everything (happiness, safety, financial security) to be successful.

  • 25th May 2021 01:15pm

I work with kids who are in the care of the Governor, these are kids that nobody wants, society and the system just totally fails them. My personal success is if I am able to encourage these kids to at least get an education and avoid becoming adult offenders.
I think one of the most inspiring and successful people I admire and respect is Pauling Hansen - she never gives up, she has been knocked down, taken advantage of, humiliated and treated like a fool and yet she still gets up every morning advocating and trying to change this country back to it's ground roots traditions, she is a fighter and survivor.

  • 25th May 2021 01:10pm

I define success for myself how I feel about myself.
I determine if someone is successful in life by how well they treat others.
I came to this conclusion by watching people.

  • 25th May 2021 12:00pm

Personally success for me is that I am feeling happiness from inside and my mind is calm. Not expecting too much from life. Simple living and happy family and kids.
Definitions of Success varies from people to people; but having money and position but hollowness from inside doesn’t mean happiness.
Therefore for me if you are content world will be a much beautiful place to live.

  • 25th May 2021 11:53am

Success is when one achieves ones goals, such as me winning one of of the two $50 WISH cards on my birthday, June 2nd.

  • 25th May 2021 03:15pm
Success is when one achieves ones goals, such as me winning one of of the two $50 WISH cards on my birthday, June 2nd.

Good luck with that dubbo.

  • 24th May 2021 10:44pm

To me, success is when you find satisfaction and fulfilment in life by helping others. It doesn’t have to earn you lots of money and it needn’t be a prestigious position, but the joy will shine through in the way you define your role in the real world. As long as you have helped someone, that is success. Your reward is the care you gave and the gratitude received.

  • 24th May 2021 10:40pm


  • 24th May 2021 10:44pm

I define success for myself. My daughter doing well in all aspects of her life. Being able to pay my bills myself. A safe place to live in and creativity.

  • 24th May 2021 10:27pm

I define success as doing all I can to make others happy and making the most out of every day.

  • 24th May 2021 09:54pm

my definition of success is when i make others smile.

  • 24th May 2021 07:47pm

If I’m defining success for myself it is to do a hard days work and give it your all! As long as you have tried your hardest in something/anything it doesn’t matter if you fail or accomplish you are successful all the same aslong as you get up and Keep trying....

Success in other people is happiness, if I see someone smiling and loving life no matter their position, they are successful to me.

  • 24th May 2021 06:18pm

Success can be the acknowledgement of others that we have done a great job but more often we need to feel satisfied within ourselves that we have succeeded in what we aimed to do no matter how big or small. For years I studied tirelessly at school to come top because that would please my Mother. However she would be very disappointed if I came second or - horror - third. Even when I had a series of enviable careers, which most others considered highly successful, she would always make some disparaging comments and my joyful feelings of success were so often blighted. Looking back I realise I should be proud of my amazing academic achievements (even getting a telegram from the Queen and being front page of newspapers). As a retired teacher II still receive messages and reunions with former students so I know I was very successful as a teacher. My dream of helping others enjoy a better life has seen me succeed in sponsoring football in Balinese villages, assisting to equip a kindergarten and volunteer school in a village and inspiring others to help me. I must have done something right in my local volunteer work promoting the cause of our vanishing koalas and still training future professional actors in this region because I was overwhelmed to receive an unexpected Queensland Day Award. I have been successful in defying Death on several occasions, including lung cancer. However I feel that my greatest success is with my own family. I have two highly successful daughters and three brilliant grandsons who have all achieved so much themselves, career wise and in sport. If we can look objectively at ourselves and feel proud of what we have achieved then we are successful no matter how much others try to put us down or humiliate us for trying. If we can make a difference in some small way to this Earth or some of the people in it, then we have been successful.

  • 24th May 2021 06:01pm

My personal definition of success may be different to the next persons as no one person should define their success the same as another person’s. To me it is not about how much money I have or beating someone else at something or even being the best. It’s about doing the best I can to meet my goals and still be happy. Hence, my definition of success is to set goals and do my absolute best to meet as many of them as possible whilst still being the happiest person I can be. For example, my career is accounting. Therefore, one of my goals is to be the best accountant I can be whilst still being happy. Another example would be say I set a goal to travel Australia, if I end up travelling all of Australia, I would have met my goal, would be happy and would define myself as successful enough to have fulfilled this goal.

I determine other people’s successes in life in a similar way. There is no way you can tell a person is successful just by looking at them, or seeing how much money they might have etc. This is because they may have a lot of money, but they might not be happy. Therefore, there is no point earning a lot of money and not being happy as that defeats the purpose of being successful in my opinion. The only way to truly tell if someone is successful is by talking to them, finding out what their life goals are and if they are meeting them whilst being genuinely happy doing so. If the person said something like, ‘I have the highest paying job I want but I have no time to complete the goals I set and therefore, I am unhappy…’ It would tell me they are not highly successful because there is no point in life earning a lot of money just to have no time to yourself to meet your goals or to be happy.

I came to this conclusion because to me, happiness and meeting your goals is the biggest key to success in life. If someone died unhappy, with a list of uncompleted realistic goals and was a billionaire, I would say they have failed at being successful. Yes, they have earned a lot of money, but what is the point if you have no time to enjoy it, be happy and meet your goals?

Therefore, to me, success equals being happy whilst completing all of the goals you set in life.

  • 24th May 2021 05:31pm

Success to me is being happy and enjoying life and feeling in control. Being healthy and content with what is coming your way is also part of it. Being able to have a bit of a splurge every now and then and being financially comfortable is good and being able to help family when they need it.

  • 24th May 2021 05:30pm

Success means different things to everyone.
Success to me is being content with my whole life and goals I had set throughout life.
To know if someone else has success is a little hard but, I'd say you don't have to have bags of money, a great job or a huge house. Success to them could be living within their means and having a great family life.
So overall success isn't the material things it's how you've touched the lives of the people in your life and beyond.
Much success to you all.

  • 24th May 2021 05:09pm

I define success where you are satisfied with your job and family life. Any body who is happy in life is successful. There are people who earn less money but are quite happy in their relationship and family life.

  • 24th May 2021 03:27pm

success is choice
the more choices you have the better

  • 24th May 2021 03:26pm

Success is a fullfilment of wellness, physically and mentally. It is being surrounded by friends and family who you love and they support you and support them. Being content with your job is a major factor as this can cause detrimental health concerns if you are unhappy. It is waking up in the morning without any worries and looking forward to the day. This is how I would like to feel one day. And when I do, I know I've succeeded

  • 24th May 2021 02:47pm

Success in life is being happy and content respected by your friends and family , be there to help your family and friends when they need it. Personal success is when you achieve your goals and live a contented life and do what you set out to do and overcome any hurdles.

  • 24th May 2021 01:42pm


  • 24th May 2021 01:38pm

being content with my lot in life

  • 24th May 2021 01:04pm

'Success' is such an interesting word to be able to interpret in many ways, for all parts of ones life and cycles.
My life has had some very intense chapters and if you were to put them against a 'success' scale I would indeed think it wouldn't gain a high score!
But, success has to be measured differently for everyone's circumstances.
I feel I'm successful, because I wake up every morning and I'm still here!
After some tough, dark and unsettled years, the new chapters of my life during these last years have been more successful in my eyes, as I have love, family, reasonably good health and a house to call ours! It took me until my 50's to be a home owner and that was a huge success for me. It was something I thought was out of my reach, but determination and hard work paid off.
There are so many ways you can measure success and everyone's meaning of success will be different. We are all different. It would be a boring world if we were all striving for the same thing.
So my meaning of success is life itself!
Enjoy it, as we never know what's around the next corner.

  • 24th May 2021 12:41pm

Success in having full time employment at my age during Covid as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle- healthy foods, regular exercise and good sleep habits. And especially, giving up cigarettes for the last 2 years and saving so much money as well as improving my overall health.

  • 24th May 2021 12:02pm

When I was 30 years old, I came to the end of a long term relationship.

This caused me to take a step back in life in general to redefine who I was as a person. To redefine what was important to me and to take stock of what my life represented.

Up until that point I had tried to fulfil the general *ideas and ideals* of what society says success comprises - University, a career, marriage, kids, house.... and so on.

But in stepping back I realised none of those things were actually things that made me happy. None of those things mattered to me and I'd wasted a good chunk of my young life trying to secure them.

Why did I need to conform to society's version of "success"?

So I started redefining my purpose.

I bought a high end movie quality costume, because I'd always had an interest in film and costumes. I didn't know how or what I was going to do with it, but I wanted to go down a new rabbit hole.

A friend of mine was working at EB Games at the time and she asked me if I'd dress up to help fundraise for Starlight week. I agreed because it sounded like a bit of fun.

I managed to raised a few hundred dollars across the weekend and it was the first time I saw how high end costumes combined with charity work could lead to successful outcomes.

Thus began my charity costuming endeavour.

That was 11 years ago now. I now have 64 movie quality costumes in my repetoire. I've helped build and launch two charity companies and I've joined with several others with likeminded people.

Using costumes we've helped raised hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as working directly with children in need through things like hospital visits and Make-A-Wish final requests.

For the first time in my life I consider that I'm successful at something. I found my true calling, and it wasn't in the societal norms that most people try to conform to.

I found success in stepping outside those norms, and I became a superhero, and I consider anyone who is pursuing their dream and allowing themselves to be true to themselves, successful.

  • 24th May 2021 11:57am

I believe it's how you feel about why you're here on earth. If you've achieved something to be proud of, during your life. Be it family, children, friends, work or just being a good person. We should all achieve just to be happy and proud of what we've done, no matter how small or less impressive than others. Just being true to yourself is success.

  • 24th May 2021 11:54am

I define success as having achieved personal goals, which you've set for yourself.

I came to this conclusion by taking action and accountability for my goals.

I don't determine another's success, because we're all different and they may have their own metric for success.

  • 24th May 2021 11:34am

My dad always taught me that success isn’t measured by how much money you have, how far up the career ladder you get etc, it’s measured by the amount of people whose lives you touch. My mum died when I was ten, there were that many people at her funeral that they had to fill in the hall beside the church as well as the church yard and that still wasn’t enough. So for me Success is measured by how well you treat people during your life.

  • 24th May 2021 11:32am

I am aged 80, very well educated 2 bachelors degrees and a masters. I have had a varied and exciting, adventurous life, a commissioned aircrew officer in the Air Force, very widely traveled including Antartica in 1968, keen mountaineer and skier, an experienced international offshore racing sailor. I finished my career off lecturing at a University Business School until I retired.
The acid test, no regrets, a life of great experiences and I wouldn't change a bit of it. But growing old can be a bit of a bastard, but it sure beats the alternate of dying young

  • 24th May 2021 11:24am

Success is when you achieve your goals and ambitions in life and work

Voxy Lady
  • 24th May 2021 11:22am

For me success is when you are in a place of serenity, with little to no stress, and all your needs are being met.

  • 24th May 2021 11:11am

I believe success is just an attitude. I say this because if you believe you can do it you can and same with if you believe you cannot you are right. This is a statement my father always told me.

  • 24th May 2021 11:07am

Success for me is feeling comfortable in my own skin and comfortable with who I am and where I am in life. It's being happy and content with my family and friends and the things I do in life to grow and challenge myself and give back to the community and the planet. It's raising my daughter to be a caring, thoughtful and thinking adult. It's being there for my ageing Mum. It's having friends that I know will love and support me, not judge me. It's knowing that I have touched the earth gently where I can and that I try to live my life with respect and honesty.

I determine success but the legacy people will leave behind - did you do good things for yourself or for others? Did you achieve things that were for the benefit of yourself or did you think about others as well in the decisions you made?

I came to this conclusion by watching those we deem 'successful' and thinking about whether I share any of the same values and traits. It's watching the social media influencers that think they are successful, and feeling hopeful that I have chosen a very different path in life.

I am not unsure. Life is a journey. Good and bad things happen. Being successful is being able to negotiate that and still be there for yourself and for others.

  • 24th May 2021 11:06am

To Be Content Yet Curious...To Be Humble Yet An Achiever...To Have Passion Yet Be Modest...And Many Mnay More Attributes...Mostly Though To Like Yourself !

  • 24th May 2021 11:05am

i personally have defined success as having my 4 children grown and able to run their own lives

  • 24th May 2021 11:02am

Success for me is when I’m feeling mentally well and stable in all areas of my life.

  • 24th May 2021 10:57am

To me success is being being able to raise my children in a safe and secure environment.Encouraging and supporting my kids in all their endeavours, and just being available to offer them any help is extremely important.This is also achieved with the amazing love and support of my wonderful wife.

  • 24th May 2021 10:54am

Hi all hope all are fit and well.Success to me is to be mentally fit and enjoy good relationships with my family and friends.If you have this base foundation all will follow regarding physical health and wealth

Joh :)
  • 24th May 2021 10:44am

I have always loved this quote : “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”
This is so true - Does success mean making lot of money, having a big house and a flashy car or does it mean happiness, excellent health and bringing beauty into the world?
To me, personally it means the later. You need every ounce of positive energy, encouragement and self-esteem working for you and you alone if you want to be successful.
Your deeper wisdom will provide the answers you seek. You’ll feel it in your body—a spark, a sense of freedom, a burst of joy or enthusiasm—as you uncover what’s most important to you.
Look at the old idea of success you’ve been living. Was the whole idea wrong for you? Or were only parts of it problematic? What parts did you enjoy? My answers began to illuminate my new definition of success.

I Dug deeper into what my value's and what i wanted more of in my life. How did i want to spend my time? Where and with whom? I considered all aspects of my life, not just work but including relationships, intellectual development, spiritual growth, hobbies and leisure, and health and wellness.
I wish I’d known how to think about success back when I was zigzagging through different careers. We each have our own journey of discovery. Where we are isn’t who we are; it’s just a step along our path. It’s so important to keep in mind that we’re never too late, too old, or too stuck to change the direction of our lives.

I now live in a different State. I have no regrets of the past as it has made me into the person i am today. I have accomplished many of the goals i set for yourself. I feel a great sense of achievement that i put hard work and effort into my goals and overcame struggles that came along. I find that the older I grow, the more I view myself as happy and content with my life and this alone makes me feel successful. Rich, poor or in between, i tended to treat my life as a journey, not a final destination.

Elizabeth 31231703
  • 23rd May 2021 09:10pm

Having good health is a success in pandemic time.

  • 23rd May 2021 01:45am

It is that you have reached your goal (specific or not) and have proven to yourself that you can do this.

  • 22nd May 2021 08:58pm

success is when u have a a well balanced life that you are happy with! For some its money, sex, drugs, sport, but for me its peace of mind! I like to live a stress free life and enjoy what nature has to offer! I can determine if someone is successful by their happiness and satisfaction of life. I came to this conclusion as how can u have succes and say be rich if you're stressed out all the time? How can u have success if your're a sport freak but have no time for family? So yea balance, peace of mind and hapiness! is my success.
Thank you and if you'd like more info please contact me.

  • 22nd May 2021 07:25pm

Just a normal person who values doing the correct thing by family and society

  • 21st May 2021 07:11pm

success for myself is remaining true to my beliefs, but not at the expense of others.
success in others is when they attain the goals they have set for themselves.
came to this conclusion by living the life and taking not of the affects of my choices and actions, sometimes lack of actions.

  • 21st May 2021 06:55pm

different approach

  • 21st May 2021 03:44pm

I would suggest that Laura has nailed it!! Different things to different people! For sine its money, others careers, education & closer to my heart is the love I share with with my family and friends Cheers

  • 21st May 2021 03:45pm
I would suggest that Laura has nailed it!! Different things to different people! For sine its money, others careers, education & closer to my heart is the love I share with with my family and...

Meant to mine - not sine lol

  • 21st May 2021 03:29pm

Success is a person specific concept, as each person has their own success goals and milestones they need to reach to make them achieve the position of self actualisation. Therefore you cannot measure one persons level of success against another's on a scale.
I am not to sure how I would measure my overall success, but to allow myself to feel a sense of achievement I measure my success against small goals on my journey. For example i may make a list of daily tasks and measure daily success when I accomplish those. I feel success when i pass a assignment and feel success when ii make someone happy. These all align with my personal goals.
Success can not be measured on a scale, but rather on a personal line measuring success towards a personalised end goal.

  • 21st May 2021 03:26pm

Success is of course subjective to each person’s desires, but what I think we can all agree on is that when looking back on your life, success is Gary beyond just the monetary you know.

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