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The Rise of Cryptocurrency - have you invested?

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Posted by: 3lions

12th May 2021 12:58pm

Just curious if anyone has bought any of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin?
Or any other for that matter.
I bought some Dogecoin & just plan to leave it & see. If I loose my money do be it.
Interested in your thoughts and opinions. Thanks

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  • 14th Jun 2021 10:02pm

No I haven’t, but I’m interested but I’m unsure of doing it!!

  • 9th Jun 2021 03:46pm

never heard of Dogecoin presume same as the rest

  • 19th May 2021 11:57pm


  • 19th May 2021 06:43pm

I know a boy at my work bought dogecoins and he paid $80 for a heap and now up to over $2000.
We laughed at him at first now his laughing at us

  • 19th May 2021 09:52am

Something I remember being told many years ago in relation to investments was that by the time something was being talked about in mainstream media the moment has already passed.

Buying some coins, or more likely fractions of coins, now may net you a gain over time but the big wins in this area have already happened.

Long term, with all the different coins that are out there the question will be who will end up holding the equivalent of Facebook and who will have bought the MySpace/Friends Reunited/insert other long forgotten social media name equivalents.

Even central banks are looking at digital currencies these days.

  • 16th May 2021 07:22pm

I have Bitcoin that is currently valued at ~$AU500 but do not have any Dogecoin at present. If you bought some Dogecoin 'just for the fun of it' then you have probably already got your money's worth from your purchase. If you bought it as an investment you need to remember that you haven't lost anything until you sell it for less than you paid for and you haven't made anything until you sell it for more than you paid for it. Dogecoin will probably never reach the same price levels as other crypto-currencies because it was created as a 'joke' in reaction to Bitcoin, and it does not have any limitations on how much of it can be created.

  • 15th May 2021 11:31pm

You know Dogecoin was created by an Aussie as a joke about cryptomania?

I mined a few Bitcoins back in the day. I thought I did pretty well when I sold out at $800...

  • 15th May 2021 09:05pm

I remember first time I saw somebody selling Bitcoins online (about 10 years ago) it was $25. Today it worths a fortune. I haven’t heard of Dogecoin but I think it is worth it trying.

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