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Pimple Patches

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Posted by: saramerc

25th Apr 2021 10:33pm

WOW! Has anyone tried those silicon sticky patches that you can wear on your face while you sleep?
Seriously, I have been using these religiously every night now for around 6 weeks . My chest wrinkles have gone and under eye lines nearly gone. I was about to pay several $$$ in Fraxel laser but found the patches on eBay instead. They are fantastic!

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  • 30th Nov 2023 04:21pm

I used one once. Seemed to work somewhat on a blind pimple but not exactly what l was led to believe it would be.

  • 1st Jun 2022 09:17am

The brand, Skin Control, has amazing patches that work overnight and daily. They have never failed me when i needed to get rid of one! they have great products, i love them so much

  • 29th Jun 2021 04:38am

I think these silicone patches have some great benefits both short term and long term. Short term, you can definitely see results the next morning. ... You can even wear them for a few hours and see results. Long term, they will definitely work to boost collagen.

  • 10th Jun 2021 08:11pm

They work ok but there not for long term uses

  • 12th May 2021 05:15pm

Making the commitment to switch to green skincare and cosmetics I took time to educate myself. For a more economical option I became a recent convert to KBeauty and it’s almost overwhelming how much is on offer. I am having fun studying the local ingredients. Their marketing is on point and there’s more transparency to the effectiveness and concentration of active ingredients, with less fillers/preservatives. I love using sheet masks and sleep packs - it’s an affordable way to self pamper.

  • 29th Apr 2021 02:06pm

No. I assume they are for wrinkles. What ingredient is on them?

My daughter however uses small sticky patches she purchases from Korean makeup brands which are designed for healing pimple breakouts. The patches are placed on the pimple while you sleep and heals the area. They are called COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches and she finds they work well too.

  • 29th Apr 2021 04:33pm
No. I assume they are for wrinkles. What ingredient is on them?

My daughter however uses small sticky patches she purchases from Korean makeup brands which are designed for healing pimple...

Yes these are for chest wrinkles, the brand on Ebay is unbranded, yet the more expensive brand to buy is Skinvigor8 and you also wear them when you sleep.
Both purchases have also included eyepatches , neck patches , nose patches and chest patches. Each pack lasts about 2 months and can be washed with soap when needed. After that they lose their stickiness.
Haven't read the ingredients of silicon yet so far no irritations and they are very soft and comfortable. Maybe test one on your arm first....😬

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