What makes a 'good brand'?

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21st Apr 2021 04:09pm

In recent years, the role of companies in society has slowly been evolving. Beyond delivering valuable products and/or services for consumers, brands are now trying to be 'good'.

To see what consumers believe a good brand to be, we asked our Caféstudy members what attributes they think make a 'good brand'? What do you expect to see from a 'good brand' and what do you consider as a gimmick?

Top words telling

Below are the words members used the most to describe a good brand. This shows how much importance is placed on the depth of a brand and its ethics.

Quality, quality, quality

Quality is the biggest factor discussed by members. Brands also need to be reliable and consistent with their level of quality to retain their status as a ‘good’ brand.

"A good brand delivers with consistency, has a high standard for the quality of the products or services they are delivering and importantly has great customer service."

"People will pay for quality but the brand must be consistent in this. No one wants something which they can't rely on from one week until the next."

A holistic view

Members believe a good brand in 2021 is one that has a quality product but also has the infrastructure to back it up. Is that product backed up by excellent customer service, a sustainable strategy, good value, and honesty! A good product cannot stand on its own.

"A good brand for me is a reliable brand. A brand that can be relied upon to a) deliver “the goods” and b) be available for follow-up with service, spare parts, information, advice if required. No matter how good a brand is, how well known, expensive, or trusted if you have an issue where there is no customer service/follow up then the “good” does not apply."

An ethical approach

Members want brands to be ethical in how they go about doing business, including how they treat employees, how the product is made, and the service itself. And they want it to be authentic, not just to perceive to be ethical or to greenwash but to actually be it.

"You can really tell the difference between greenwashing or slapping an ethical slogan on their website and when they truly consider their choices at every step of the way."

"A good brand is environmentally conscious, and is transparent about their goals and company ethics."

Gimmicks cringeworthy

Members see a gimmick as a brand that has false advertising or needs to use discounting often to gain interest in their product, instead of it standing on its own merit.

"Gimmicks are a newsletter sign-up discount. A discount if you spend above a specific amount, like $150 or free shipping over a certain spend."

"Gimmicks for me are the unrealistic advertisements and the use of worst products. Gimmicks also cheat not only with the customers but with the whole community."

So what does this mean?

For people, a 'good brand' is the one that generates a positive feeling or a positive experience at every touchpoint, whether that be the point of purchase, service, usage, or marketing communications. As customers are gaining a more holistic view of brands, they appreciate the quality of the products or services, but also the brand personality and the people behind it. It takes not one, but multiple positive traits to equate to a good brand.

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  • 15th Jun 2022 12:15pm

Consistency as well as quality and viable pricing

Vanessa 32284508
  • 5th Jun 2022 11:09pm

I’m not surprised by sustainability being the lowest percentage in the survey- a lot of people live in the present and make decisions based on what’s happening at the time

  • 11th Feb 2022 11:10pm

The service and quality of the brands products.

  • 18th Nov 2021 09:12pm


  • 18th Sep 2021 09:11pm

It really depends on the niche where you are going to build that personal brand.
First of all you would need to create a clear unique value proposition. Why people should follow your brand? What unique value are you providing them with?
Based on your value proposition I’d select the target audience who would benefit most from the information you are going to supply them with.

The next step would be searching for a place (for example - a social media platform) where your target audience is the most active.
Once you know who is your target audience and where they are “living”, you should start building your presence there and engage with the audience. Consider the format relevant to the platform and to your TA.

Now it’s all about the content you share and engagements you make. It’s not an easy step and requires a lot of consistency and personalization.

This is not a good and detailed guide, but it should definitely help you with the start.

  • 8th Sep 2021 10:49pm

A good brand is any brand made in Australia by Australians for Australians. I doubt Amazon could offer that to our country so why buy products that don’t serve our interests?

  • 20th Aug 2021 10:23am

Good to me is right price of product, volume in weight, quality of contents, where it is made. Also the company and its record for honesty re the product over all.

  • 24th Jun 2021 08:44pm

They are about the quality and consistency of your people and the service they give. A strong brand not only attracts new customers, but will also create repeat business and endorsements. To do this you need to focus on your values and the internal communication within the business.

  • 24th Jun 2021 01:52pm

I agree that quality products or services, honesty, ethics and being prepared provide a superior level of customer service should be at the core of any good business.

  • 18th Jun 2021 10:30pm

Honesty and ethical are 2 factors which in my opinion those 2 will ensure customers receive the message, build trust and quality can also improve as all new company, their brand requires assistant with review from customer to further improve their quality. Thus, it leads to the company be able to grow

  • 20th May 2021 12:56pm

I totally agree, to me the main thing is that a brand stands by it's words. By that I mean, say a brand advertises their products as Australian, make sure they are because if not someone will find out and the damage to a brands image can be severe.
One sector that annoys me at the moment is the energy sector. They are advertising rates below the reference price and other incentives. I have to wonder how true to label these are as the costs to the company of incentives has to be borne by the consumer eventually.

  • 19th May 2021 11:58pm


  • 11th May 2021 11:30am

Quality, honesty and respect.

Jade Simpson
  • 28th Apr 2021 10:58pm

Definitely quality and creating a feel good vibe