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What's your favourite social media app?

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Posted by: dreamer27

20th Apr 2021 09:39pm

What is your favorite social media site to use and why?
Be it instagram, facebook, tiktok etc

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  • 12th May 2021 08:43pm

I use social media just to talk to friends and occasionally friends of friends and these days there is an app for this and an app for that. Way too many to choose from and they are all trying to compete with each other. But I'd have to say Snapchat is my favourite go to Social Media app.

Snapchat is my go to Social Media app because it has no bullshit in it. You use it how you want and share what you want with who you want. I like the fact that once I add a friend on there, I can message them, talk to them, call them, video chat them, send them pictures etc all within the one app. Plus the app doesn't force me to do anything. If I want to post something to someone, I have control over who sees what and who gets what. It's basically the best way to talk to friends and friends of friends etc without having all the bullshit of scrolling through pages of junk just to see what your friend posted, having to like or comment on something or being force fed adverts you don't want to see.

Hence, Snapchat is my go to Social Media App.

  • 27th Apr 2021 12:34am

I like both instagram and facebook. I never tried tiktok or snapchat, too many apps, don’t need them all.

  • 24th Apr 2021 12:14pm

My favourite is instagram because it gives me inspiration for art, home, gardens and just seeing beautiful photography. I stay away from influencer accounts/friends so that I don't feel jealous. I also like reddit because the discussions are interesting.

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