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Acts of Kindness

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Posted by: r23

16th Apr 2021 10:49pm

What’s one nicest thing you could do for someone in your life today ?

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Avocado Green
  • 22nd Jul 2021 05:38pm

Take the time to say hello to the people around you - even strangers. Spark up a random conversation so the person in front of you feels seen, heard and valued. Chat to the employee serving you - ask them how they are. It's easy to get absorbed in our own worlds... But everyone has their own life that is so valuable. Small conversations and kind comments go a long way. You don't know who is having a rough day and which people need to feel loved today. So assume it's everyone. Look after everyone like they are the most valuable thing in the world.

  • 6th May 2021 10:02am

Everyday I try to make people laugh, both on social media and at home. Happy people can make other people happy. Hopefully it rubs off on others who can lift me up when I am going through a funk. Life is never smooth. It’s a bumpy ride with plenty of curve balls. The biggest one ever thrown to me was parenthood. On my epitaph I want them to say she was an excellent Mother. Also I want them to write, “I told you I wasn’t feeling well!”

  • 27th Apr 2021 12:56am

To make pizza at home and watch a movie together.

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