Space Night


Posted by: Lachlan31629463

9th Apr 2021 11:20am

Should the world have a night where we turn off all lights and we all sit outside for say an hour to watch the stars in the milky way?

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  • 30th Sep 2021 12:00pm

We have Earth Hour but if all the lights went out, the stars would become super brilliant. Would love to see that!

  • 3rd Sep 2021 10:01pm

No doubt. brilliant idea. Perhaps adapt Earth Hour, an Australian concept, to fit this idea. It would be great to see the stars in their full light

  • 19th Apr 2021 08:05am


Joh :)
  • 16th Apr 2021 04:35am

I remember when Sydney started the movement - Earth Hour which encouraged people to switch off their lights for one hour to conserve power and take a stand against climate change. 1 year later Earth Hour became global.
We can all do our part, by learning more about light pollution and the IDA, and by taking steps to reduce extra nighttime lighting in our own suburb and backyard. These steps may not only enable us to see the stars better as sadly, we are also losing our view of the night sky. Turning off our lights would also save us money on electricity and help reduce the world's energy crises.
Exploring the night sky could be a very transformative experience. If we all just turn off our lights we might be able to see the dust lanes of the Milky Way galaxy for the first time, stretching across the night sky. Learning that this band is made from millions of stars could give us a new appreciation of the universe and our place within it.

  • 15th Apr 2021 09:13pm

We do observe Earth Hour every year. We play board games by candle light. If only the surrounding city lights would dim enough for us to watch the sky that would really remind us of the significance of the Earth.

  • 13th Apr 2021 02:13pm

earth hour is nothing special, but to look at stars is something else "it is spectacular"

  • 13th Apr 2021 02:10pm


  • 13th Apr 2021 01:58pm

That could be a great spin/extra on Earth Hour!?

  • 13th Apr 2021 01:49pm

Unfortunately most people cannot stop using their mobile phones, social media etc for more than five minutes, let alone an hour. People would be checking their phone every few minutes to see how long it is before the hour is up. Still, watching the stars is a more valuable use of your time than watching Married at First Sight.

  • 13th Apr 2021 11:13am

We used to go outside and look at the sky and stars when we were growing up.

  • 12th Apr 2021 09:49pm

Great idea - Think on these things - When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy (God's) fingers, the moon and the stars which thou hast ordained, what is man that thou art mindful of him, or the son of man that thou visitest him? Bible quote. We have an awesome God, why not find out more about him by reading his word (the Bible)?

  • 12th Apr 2021 05:04pm

Neat idea!! Although fascinating not sure how it can be implemented practically
Although if we pull it off it would have been an amazing night

  • 12th Apr 2021 12:10pm

I think that would be a great night and a fun way to unite the world!

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