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Posted by: Laura32002936

6th Mar 2021 03:32pm

How many people have always known which career they wanted as a child?

And how many times have you changed your mind? or how many times have you changed your career path?

If you're still unsure what you want your final career place to be, do you have anything in mind?

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  • 24th Apr 2021 12:10pm

I am in a software field but I want to move to business, and I would also love to do research some day. Not sure how I will get there but I like aspiring to do many things.

  • 16th Mar 2021 08:27pm

I have always wanted to be a biology teacher. However, I have decided to do Pharmacy later، and I am in it.

  • 16th Mar 2021 01:01pm

I have always wanted to be a biology teacher. However, I have decided to do Pharmacy later، and I am in it.

  • 15th Mar 2021 08:56pm

As a child I was certain I would become a midwife however as a secondary student I was constantly changing. I attempted, started and near completed many different pathways. Beginning with nursing then childcare, youth work, education support, primary teaching to then community services. When I was a teen I always imagined working with teens in the mental health industry. Battling with my own mental health I was told I could not do it. I soon learnt my history was actually a strength and followed up on the pathway. I’m now onto my Masters of Social work and couldnt think of anything better.

  • 10th Mar 2021 09:48pm

I was so lost as a young child and I have never really found the right job for me. If I had my time again I would choose better and I know what I would do now. I have had so many jobs and I am still looking for something that I would love. Maybe that job doesn't exist but I keep at it. If I was young I would train as a dietician

  • 10th Mar 2021 04:00pm

When I was a kid, I definitely wanted to be a singer or supercars driver but as I got older I got really interested in Marketing and Advertising, so studied that at Uni and really fell into my first job in PR, I've now switched to research, so that's already two different types of careers and I'm 25!

  • 6th Mar 2021 09:57pm

I am a 38yr old female, and I had plenty of dead end, low pay/little or no qualification jobs.
My Mum actually set me on my current career path...
I'd just quit a job due to an horrid boss, and was bemoaning my fate to Mum...
At her suggestion, I started studying, and 15yrs later, I am still running my own business...
However, I am also currently studying, to take a new direction my passion career of helping people... (Currently a remedial massage therapist, training in hypnotherapy)
I think those who do know as a child, what they want to be when they grow up, are incredibly lucky, and I hope it works out for them, but everyone should know, that if they aren't happy in what they are doing, find a new path... A new job, a new study, heck, maybe a new state or country if they feel the need...
Life is too short to be doing anything other than living your passion...
(Sorry, many conversations with face-down clients on this topic)...

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