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Perspective of Mental Health

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Posted by: Taylor32083534

27th Feb 2021 03:22pm

A lot of misconceptions are expressed through media but some light has been shed on particular factors. The public concern and awareness towards mental health has significantly increased... Do you agree? What are your thoughts towards this subject matter?

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  • 2nd Jul 2021 06:01pm

One of the things that scares me in regards to the current approach to mental health, is how quickly professionals will just dismiss something as a mental health issue without investigating further. Plenty of physical ailments, including tumours, vitamin deficiencies, digestive tract issues and sleep problems such as sleep apnoea don't get tested for, when they can be the cause of the problem. Then the person may get put on meds, get further problems and so starts the medical roller coaster. A full medical check up should always be done before assuming anything.

  • 30th Mar 2021 11:30pm

The more we encourage people to talk about it, the better it is for the sufferers. They realize they are not alone and it also takes away the stigma when you realize it affects people of all different genres.

  • 24th Mar 2021 06:44pm

Where does one start on this issue?? Everyone experiences mental health issues at times throughout their life. The not so great times- that may cause stress and mental health issues - provide us with something to compare the great times with. There are obviously those that possibly can’t find it within themselves to weigh these things up. I know this. But I just don’t think we can expect the public purse to fund every health issue !! We need to build resilience, encourage a more caring society and stop making billionaires and celebrities the benchmarks for the way we live our lives. Do they live in the real world and do you really want to live with the ‘keep up withs’ all your life? Let’s get realistic about what ‘existing’ and genuine appreciation for the life we have, means. This may upset some people. I know that. The topic cannot be addressed appropriately here. It is HUGE!!

  • 17th Mar 2021 08:25am

I agree. It is good to increase awareness towards mental health. However, what is more important is to find a way to reduce the anxiety level so many people are experiencing. Lifestyle, work environment and life expenses are putting us under too much stress.

  • 15th Mar 2021 08:59pm

To an extent I agree for illnesses such as depression and anxiety I feel like public awareness has increased therefore it is easier for people to seek help because there is less judgement and stigma attached to the true disorders however Illnesses such as addiction borderline personality disorder and other illnesses continue to be stigmatised and cause shame within those suffering. The recent royal commission into mental health highlighted many factors that are wrong with the system and so while that has been increased awareness towards mental health it still appears that services over the past few years still struggle to address many mental health issues I’m hopeful that the royal commission into mental health in Victoria has a positive affect on services and allows for people who do not fit the typical mental health 10 session criteria to also receive support that is long-term as efficient

  • 8th Mar 2021 02:10pm

I started nursing when I was 16, am now 64, in the first month, I laid out dead bodies, held peoples hands as they were passsing, pulled dead skin off burns patients, and many other things a 16 year old probably should never have been exposed to, mental health care in those days was, " just get on with it." and I think I do have ongoing mental health problems from all the years of nursing I have since done, I love the way it is in the news, and talked about so much , it is not just soldiers going away to war, it can be just about anything that upsets your mental health, knowing there is help out there is wonderful.

  • 1st Mar 2021 06:22pm

They could do more to support mental health. This ties in with socioeconomic support from the government as some affected individuals are unable to hold down jobs due to severity of their health issues. On top of this, women are disproportionately affected caused by domestic violence and in-built gender inequality of our society in general.

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