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Should Apple Care be Free?

Technology & Online

Posted by: Sardines31961137

4th Feb 2021 12:32pm

Apple users already pay a premium price for Apple products, then also end up forking out extra for 'Apple Care'. Do you think Apple should make this service free for products still in warranty? Post your thoughts below.

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  • 13th Mar 2023 04:58pm

I am torn by this question because I am very careful with my phone (and tablet) and have never dropped one. Naturally I dislike paying extra but am a firm believer in insurance.

  • 17th Mar 2021 08:30am

No, In Germany for example many phone companies free phone care, but what people do is that they damage their phones before the warranty expire.

  • 11th Feb 2021 12:42pm

Absolutely if still in warranty as all other products do

  • 6th Feb 2021 02:20pm

I've never owned an Apple product but if something breaks during warranty due to no fault of your own then it should be free of charge to repair. However, this is Apple after all and they charge you for every aspect of the phone they can... so it doesn't surprise me they charge for Apple Care. IMO they don't really care about their consumer base as long as they can get as much money out of their customers as possible.

Overall, should Apple Care be free? YES. Is Apple Care free? NO... this is Apple and they'll milk every cent they can out of you.

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