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Can't-put-down best reads of 2020

Arts & Humanities

Posted by: TaylorCS

25th Jan 2021 02:03pm

What were your can't-put-down best reads in 2020? Did you have more time to read some books during lockdown? What's on your must-read list for 2021?

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  • 11th Feb 2021 06:05pm

Circe by Madeline Miller was a great book I read recently :)

  • 7th Feb 2021 04:00am

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

  • 6th Feb 2021 11:37am

The Guest List by Lucy foley was amazing! Lots of twists you did not see coming right up til the last chapter!!

I read it so quickly as every chapter I did the old “ok just one more”

Highly recommend

  • 5th Feb 2021 07:36pm

I can not on here

  • 5th Feb 2021 12:57pm

they walked with Jesus and Jesus and the essenes bought from amazon as a kindle book, so much insight to jesus more so than the bible

  • 4th Feb 2021 03:56pm

Must-read list Australian Authors 202:
- Honeybee by Craig Silvey
- Factory 19 by Dennis Glover
- Phosphorescence by Julia Baird

  • 4th Feb 2021 12:44pm

Mark Manson. Subtle art of not giving a f***

  • 3rd Feb 2021 06:20pm

1) Emotional Intelligence
Book by Daniel Goleman. 2) Kafka on the Shore
By Haruki Murakami
3) Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez
4) Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder.
These books where on my top list for 2020. I still have to read Love in the time of cholera.

  • 1st Feb 2021 04:49pm

On a musician autobiography binge. Reading Fast Forward by Stephen Morris; then it’s onto (R)evolution by Gary Numan and Afternoons with the blinds drawn by Brett Anderson. Good reads for a distracted mind. I’ve had to abort more intellectual pursuits during 2020!

  • 1st Feb 2021 04:37pm

Where the Crawdads Sing. Loved this book. Can highly recommend

  • 30th Jan 2021 11:37am

I love reading. It’s been a busy year for me so I Havnt had a lot of time to do it. Definitely looking for some suggestions

  • 25th Jan 2021 02:04pm

My top reads included:
- Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight
- Becoming by Michelle Obama
- A Space Between by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews

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