Things are looking up?

I am interested in getting acquainted with people who have total apathy and lack of motivation moving forward. Perhaps by banding together we can help sustain our purpose for living and give us a reason to carry on. Your thoughts?


    Last reply: 11th May 2020 / 2 replies / Post by capfantastic

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Posted by: wendel
Posted: 8th May 2020

wendel says: I've not been affected as I'm retired. I did enjoy having more parking spots and less people around when I do go shopping, although now, already, with some restrictions lifted, a lot more cars and people around. Reply

Cafestudy Admin

Posted by: Cafestudy Admin
Posted: 11th May 2020

Cafestudy Admin says: Hi capfantastic, this is a great initiative - it is great to draw inspiration and motivation from others using positivity! Reply

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