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Now-a-days, Corona Virus spread all over the world. Its fury is more than World war, Look, each day how many people are being passed away because of this virus. china was the origin of this virus, Now ir spreads to Iran and Italy, Span, UK, USa, Australia everywhere. Italy is the worst hit, 636 people are passed away in Italy per day because of Corona virus. We have to take all precautions eg. wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds, don't shake hands with anybody, don't go outside unless it's emergency, keep a distance from the people, stay at home, no panic, don't spread rumour etc. Be careful and alert. Reply

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Posted by: Amu
Posted: 22nd Mar 2020

Amu says: Yes, on the top of that, please, wear mask, when you go out. To avoid Corona Virus, don't be afraid, face the challenge. Reply


Posted by: kay62
Posted: 23rd Mar 2020

kay62 says: Scary times,keep safe listen to updates Reply


Posted by: magdi
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

magdi says: I’m very worried.I still have a big question about young people. Are kids somehow more immune or are they just not at all getting sick? Are they transmitting the infection? But with regard to the high mortality rate in folks with underlying medical conditions, or who are over 60: Those numbers, I think, we need to believe. Reply


Posted by: voldemar
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

voldemar says: I have just returned from overseas as I had to cut my holiday short. I tried to activate Woolworths' priority service as I am both a senior and am in mandatory quarantine. I wanted to be able to purchase online. I have to wait 48 hours to have that service activated to be allowed to shop online. I phoned them and they would not make an exception. So we have no basics like bread and milk and fresh fruit or vegies for at least 48 hours. We can't leave the house for 14 days so we can't shop in person and have no local friends or relatives to buy for us. This is worse than being in gaol!
The economic effects of this are disastrous! The government is supporting small to medium businesses. However, there are many self funded retirees who are in dire need having lost a lot of their super and investments in the past few weeks including bank interest now at barely above zero who are now struggling to live on greatly reduced incomes. Reply


Posted by: amazon69
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

amazon69 says: Unprecedented times alright. So I was travelling around Australia in my camper trailer meaning I can only keep fresh and store limited items. So when I go shopping yesterday simply after some mince and the meat section is empty because of greedy hoarders it really infuriates me how people can care so little about others.

I can't cross borders and may have to go bush so does anyone have Bear Grylls number to help me get by?
Seriously people you started stupidly hoarding toilet paper and now it's going too far. Reply


Posted by: godsbaby
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

godsbaby says: Ask yourself a question - Is this real? If so why is China back at work and other countries not? Only the sick or elderly are targeted but no one else, because if you really look into it, it seems to be a cold virus. More people died from the flu last year but we are being told a pile of bull by the media. We need to Stop watching tv and start using commonsense . Oh, we are told that you can get the vaccine to stop it - what vaccine? Reply


Posted by: justal
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

justal says: What worried me more than a week ago and now even more so, was how many people would be out of work when restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, casinos etc were told to close their doors. How would these people be able to survive. Well today we know that the sheer number of people already out of a job here in Australia, and their need for Centrelink assistance, was, at the admission of the government, under estimated. The result was queues of people that waited 5 hours or more at Centrelink offices, because the MyGov website crashed for a second day making it impossible to make a claim on line. Also it was no good trying to phone the lines were jammed. What did the government think would happen, I’m not saying these measures should not have been taken, of course they should, but how did they think a system, which is normally horrendously slow and inefficient, would cope with an extra 200000 people trying to get assistance. Might sound simplistic, but how about giving a couple of hundred jobs to these newly unemployed, in the Centrelink call centres, so claims can be processed quickly. So the governments instruction to keep distance between you and anybody else, was impossible for those waiting in queues hundreds of meters long. This is only the first few days, imagine what it will be like in a few weeks. This is really frightening. Reply


Posted by: annie
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

annie says: Yes its a worrying time as jobs lost and people self isolating and school children and parents conflicted with different opinions.I have a daughter and son who are supposed to be getting married in May and July so they are both very stressed and i hate seeing them like that Reply


Posted by: Gerry
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

Gerry says: Cannot find the person that made a comment?? logged in times. Reply


Posted by: drums69
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

drums69 says: All im worried is about is if the Banks Fail and then there is a Bail In!
These corrupt banks will steal all our deposits!
Much worse then the CVirus! Reply


Posted by: margcafe
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

margcafe says: Struggling to get my head around this virus it couldn't get any worse for Australia. Many people like us have lost out with the bushfire this year and it should have been a happy year for us, as my husband was meant to retire on Friday. Well he cant now and his health may suffer. The super has dropped so much we cant pay off a loan that is not bring a income in since December. Bills still need to be paid on that. Top it off my mother is in age care and it is in lock down in the country no vistiters. People should look after one and other. Reply


Posted by: snakelady
Posted: 25th Mar 2020

snakelady says: Only slightly concerned only going out for essential items, doctors visits and the chemist. I am staying home and making my own spirits and bread Being an asthmatic I find it a bit frightening that ventolin is a bit hard to get hold of but still coping fairly well My pets also keep me out in the fresh air in the back yard getting plenty oof vitamin D Stay safe everyone Reply


Posted by: suzukisue
Posted: 25th Mar 2020

suzukisue says: A mask will only protect you if you practice good hand hygiene. You are more likely to catch the virus on your hands than from someone coughing /sneezing on you, especially if you're heeding the 'safe distance' rule.
You could wear a mask all day, go out and touch a door handle, then come home, remove your mask and touch your mouth/nose without washing your hands first! Reply


Posted by: bj
Posted: 31st Mar 2020

bj says: I am hoping to stafe safe from the dreaded virus. What I really dont like is the way the people how have been 'forced' to stay in hotels for 14 days are behaving about it. The Gov or tax payer is footing the bill, they are safe, dry and fed and they complain. I have never been able to afford to go on a cruise, and would love to go on one, but if I was to turn into a disgruntled person if something went wrong I would not go. Some of these people set sail AFTER the virus warnings so the choice was theirs to travel. Reply


Posted by: magdi
Posted: 15th Apr 2020

magdi says: It is hard time for all of us. We have to follow the rules that are set out by the health professionals and pray/hope for the best outcome. For me the worst thing is that i am not able to visit or hold my first grandchild (SOFIA). She was born on 19/03/2020. Reply


Posted by: jocol
Posted: 16th Apr 2020

jocol says: Listen to the medical directions. Use common sense. Manage your mental health. Reply


Posted by: Gerry
Posted: 16th Apr 2020

Gerry says: Being more careful when out, however some people are dangerous as the cough without covering even in a doctors surgery a week ago and barge in front of us in the supermarket. Mask and Gloved and hand gel except when walking for exercise.
Always have a good stock of foods in the pantry and freezer. There were toilet paper and tissues but not many choices. only 1 if each allowed. This may extend for 2 or more years. So relax and keep safe. Reply


Posted by: muffin1963
Posted: 16th Apr 2020

muffin1963 says: I cant go and eat at a nice club or go to Bingo with my friends I cant BBQ near the beach with friends . But I read my books watch tv movies etc . I shop for food so I am save money I am not going to shops for clothes etc. Reply


Posted by: yasminamber
Posted: 16th Apr 2020

yasminamber says: Information is the best defence against COVID19! Thankyou for being informed. Stay safe :) Reply

David W

Posted by: David W
Posted: 16th Apr 2020

David W says: We had to return from interstate so have just served our 14 days. Hard not being able to pop out for something you need. We was heading north for seasonal work no are unemployed now. Rather annoyed that Centrelink has knocked me back for assistance as I was previously made redundant and my payout ‘should’ still be supporting us. At 56 jobs are hard to come by, that’s why we spent the redundancy to buy a car and caravan to chase work. I also paid for a course with Discovery Holiday parks to help get work in parks, which I did for 10 months last year. Fat chance of work in that industry for a while now! ALSO does everyone have a “-“ minus sign in front of their Cafestudy points tally? Reply


Posted by: drums69
Posted: 17th Apr 2020

drums69 says: I have been sleeping alot and then i surf the net looking for a new cheap house. Then i either go for a walk or bike ride. Im also delivering 4,000 flyers For the Sustainable Australia Party which is keeping me very busy! Its a good cause though as high immigration is why we are in this mess today i think. Reply


Posted by: Ruskie30748487
Posted: 17th Apr 2020

Ruskie30748487 says: I'm pretty chilled really, am catching up on lots of gardening, mowing etc. Reply

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