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Posted by: Cafestudy Admin

19th Mar 2020 02:24pm

It is a very worrying time, with hourly Covid-19 updates bringing even more negativity and uncertainty.

There are plenty of things to worry about as we are yet to determine exactly how it will impact our mental and physical health, our financial security, and purchasing groceries.

We would like to know what are you worried about the most?

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  • 16th Apr 2020 12:01pm

My kids have had home schooling since March 24th. That does not worry me... but the 4 kids not having their own space (the boys and girls share bedrooms) gets a bit much for them at times, plus we're renovating at the moment, so space is at a minimum here. I used to take the kids out for the day so we could get out in the fresh air, so the kids could run around, ride scooters, just run or walk or roll down a grassy hill if they wanted to. ow we don't have that option. They are pretty much stuck inside.
My 17 yr old is constantly on her phone or laptop, my 15 yr old isn't too bad and seems to understand the importance of not being online all the time. My 10 and 9 yr olds are OK. I am giving them more time online- they mainly play educational games so i am ok with that. Today i have given them a challenge to work together to build a lego environment- buildings, people, animals, transport... i want it all. :) It'll be interesting to see what they come up with.

i am coping ok, some days are harder than others. My physical health is deteriorating, my back pain is the worst it has been in about a decade. I have no pain relief here so have turned to alcohol a few times (which i vowed i would never do). When it gets this bad i would usually go to my GP (or end up in hospital), but don't want either to happen as i don't know if going to my GP will be safer than just trying to put up with the pain.

  • 30th Mar 2020 09:30pm

my biggest concern is "people" cleaning out supermarket shelves and other store to send the products overseas.
those "shipments" should be confiscated and returned to the shelves.

  • 27th Mar 2020 04:44pm

Apart from the health concerns globally I think every economy is going to suffer substantially and especially the small to medium businesses who cannot afford to be closed long term. I can see a lot of people going stir crazy if total lockdown happens which will result in many mental issues far beyond the virus. The elderly are not only at higher risk but not being able to see family and friends will have long term lasting affects on them, remembering some may not be internet savy and use the tools we all take for granted to communicate with people, such as video conferencing, chat programs etc. I hope people become more compassionate with elderly neighours etc. and although you don't have to have contact with them you can ask them if they meed anything and leave it at their door...especially if you can go shopping and they are restricted A little bit of kindness can go a long way in these worrying times

  • 26th Mar 2020 08:10pm

This situation is changing daily, with the changes my anxieties are quite high, with myself to consider being immune deficient I am constantly worried about my family. Having children and grandchildren it poses more anxious feelings. I can not understand why it always takes the higher powers to move more swiftly and make decisive decisions with the countries lively hood at stake, we as Australians have had so much to deal with over the last 12 months with the drought, the bushfires and now this distressing disease. Its not good enough to be complacent. Most people are doing their bit, but I feel as I said the powers at be are moving at a snails pace to every disaster we are confronted with.Get it together guys, stop contradicting every statement you make and just do something for the greater good of everybody in our country.

  • 26th Mar 2020 01:21pm

I'm concerned about staying well and keeping my kids well. My 6yo son has always had bronchial issues in the colder weather. I've just had a chest infection and friends who've had Influenza Type A. No Coronavirus, but I think we are susceptible for having had these other health challenges. Am also concerned about some friends with mental health challenges, and my parents who are in their 70s. So much to think about! It's good to find some positives in all this.

  • 25th Mar 2020 11:48pm

I'm most worried about what Australian Society will be like in 6 months. The things that other posts have mentioned are all important like the welfare of our elderly, job losses and the new restrictions to everyone's lives. I'm worried about my own health too because I have an autoimmune condition. I have been feeling really spooked by what's happening here and all around the world. Science fiction is one of my interests and the Coronavirus outbreak has echoes of some post-apocalyptic fiction that I've read. Very unsettling!

  • 25th Mar 2020 08:37pm

I am most concerned about the toll this virus will have on our elderly and vulnerable population.

As a self funded retiree I am also very concerned about the long term effects on the Australian economy, in particular superannuation, which is my source of income. I hope that the Government initiatives being announced will assist in propping up our economy so that businesses large and small, the self employed, employees and people in my position will not lose what they worked so hard to build up over the years.

We must all work together to do the right thing and hopefully we can halt the spread of this crippling virus.

  • 25th Mar 2020 07:42pm

Constantly changing awkward rules.
Lack of foodstuff available - even at opening.
Increase in crime.
Businesses closing down.

  • 25th Mar 2020 06:21pm

I have an autoimmune disease so I'm worried how it will affect me if I get it, also the economic chainreaction it will have on the world for the next few years is almost unimaginable. Plus I worry about is this just the start of a new breed of super viruses and how my loved ones and the world populations lives will change after this finishes. Staying at home doesn't worry me at all. but job security and not being certain where your money will come from is terrible. Our youngest just cancelled his May wedding this week we could see it was going to have to be done and his brother couldn't get home from Ireland to attend anyway. Hopefully the catering and the venue will still be in business so they get their wedding eventually.

  • 25th Mar 2020 02:47pm

I'm most worried about the fact that people in our modern world do not have survival skills. People have become conditioned to an easier lifestyle. Life today has been made so much easier from all the technology, health and science advances. I don't think people would be able to cater to their basic needs if they had to survive without all the mod cons. The challenge of Covid 19 will undoubtedly be how well people cope with all the inconveniences it will bring to their lives. Imagine having to grow, harvest and cook our own food!

  • 25th Mar 2020 12:43pm

I am worried about people losing their jobs and the effect on our economy.We are currently on 14 days isolation after getting off our cruise to New Zealand early.I worry about being able to buy groceries when we are out of isolation. We enlisted the help of friends and family to get us some supplies but they were not able to get us much just enough to stop us from starving. If people would stop hoarding there would be plenty for everyone this kind of situation brings out the best in some people and the worst in others. We could not get eggs and when I told my neighbour she came over and left half a dozen on our doorstep. I was so grateful it restored my faith in human nature after all the bullying we have heard about over basic needs. I hope everyone stays well and remembers to keep distance between each other and wash hands regularly and thoroughly and if you are told to stay in isolation do just that don't go out anywhere!

  • 25th Mar 2020 11:30am

most worried about losing our way of life, as everyone demands lockdown we lose all freedoms and with continued viruses in coming years we may be eventually forced into permanent lockdown and/or shifted to smart cities where will be no longer connected to natural environments such as the bush the ocean and the open air.

  • 25th Mar 2020 10:12am

My main and almost sole worry is the economic impact this will have and the hardship it will create for small business and jobs. Coming back from our morning walk and seeing good people lining up at centrelink at 7am was heartbreaking :( I am also concerned that the jacked up prices and inflation won't fall back down after this passes and we will have to accept $8 as the going rate for a tiny, non-organic cauliflower.

The isolation/social distancing doesn't bother me (for now) - I feel freer in not having to do things I don't usually feel like doing but feel I should - like going to your workmate's kid's 1st birthday or a schmoozy work function to network. Financially, hubby has a full time government job and is considered essential - and I work for a big MNC that seems to be all over it. We feel very blessed and are doing our best to support local business in every way. Getting a few more takeaways for dinner to support as well as minimise our need to go to already stressed supermarkets. For the few things we will need, we go to our little local grocers and supermarkets.

While I am not concerned about catching the virus (we are healthy and in Darwin so at this stage very unlikely) - I very much worry about my grandparents in Poland. And if something happened - not being able to go.

  • 25th Mar 2020 09:54am

I am worried about my frail elderly Mum with history of bronchitis and asthma. lack of essential items in supermarkets and no sign that the situation is changing or improving, worried about small business not classified as essential and how they will survive, worried that I wont be able to see my family and its impact on my mental health,
Disgusted at behaviour of shoppers.
Disgusted at the way some retailers are price gouging.

  • 24th Mar 2020 10:21pm

I was talking to a nurse friend today, and she pointed out that the real worry is that until they stop wet markets in the Asian Countries, diseases like this will probably continue to mutate and come back bigger and better in the future.

  • 24th Mar 2020 10:16pm

I work in a supermarket. We are surrounded by people. YES they are told to keep their distance. But some don't know of the rules in place. Behind the green line. And keeping your (Trolley) distance. Im worried our health may be in danger.

  • 24th Mar 2020 09:28pm

I think in the next year or so we will start getting yearly COVID19 immunisations with out flu shots, so normality will come back to life, but it will be a gradual process. I worry more about the other people in my family as far as health goes for the older ones and work for the younger ones.

  • 24th Mar 2020 08:59pm

I'm a senior, yes I'm worried about being more susceptible than other age groups, BUT the thing that worries me most is people's behaviour. During the fire disasters, then flooding, the majority of Australians came together and supported one another, showing unity and courage - being the best they could be - despite the overwhelming feeling that our leaders totally let us down until forced to do their job - by the Australian people calling them out. What happened SHOULD have taught our government that Australians need to be given consistent, correct information that enables them to make sensible decisions. Instead our leaders - again - did not give proper information. Misinformation, lack of information, lack of leadership, and news revving the public with only negatives panicked people into behaving very badly! Our leaders and the media need to step up and encourage some sanity and unity, not fear and panic. Help people understand there is PLENTY of food, BUT by panic buying our distribution chains can't keep up with supplying a bulk buying, hoarding population. My worry is that our leaders and media will keep using this as a political football instead of taking the better path of enabling Australians toward understanding that there is a lot we can do for each other - just like we did and continue to do with the fire affected people. My hpe is that they will step up and do a better job of this.

  • 24th Mar 2020 08:58pm

Covid-19 updates daily are very important for people to understand how to do right thing when people listen to our prime minister, health for minister and police carefully so people will realise and should follow the restricted rules list. Make sure to not spread Covid-19 diseases to person to person make a very sick fatality from first person got this first fatality disease from wild animals might have a very fatal disease is Covid-19 at foods market in Wuhan, China. The one best way is stop people to come into borders, cinemas, clubs, place of worships, pubs, cafés, restaurants, etc in Perth, Western Australia from interstates are ACT, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Christmas Island and Rottnest Island. Except pick up and takeaway at cafes and restaurants only. This will help people to understand what is happening daily across Australia :-)

  • 24th Mar 2020 08:42pm

There is so much to worry about and having mental health issues, this is not doing me any good. I am not worried about catching the virus (if I get it then I will deal with it but in the meantime I have to try to carry on as normal whilst taking precautions) , I'm worried about the virus affecting our lives here in Australia.

I got to the supermarket and can't get most of what I need. Having a 7 person family, when they do have stock of something, I look like I am being greedy because I am purchasing so much but that is a normal week's shop for us. I am sick of being abused in the supermarket and also having to walk away with not enough food to last us the week. SAdd that to the fact that the little amount of food we can get has all gone up in price and shopping is very frustrating. How do I explain to an auistic child whose main diet is 2 minute noodles that he can't eat because the shops have no noodles and when they do have them, there are restrictions on how many I can buy for him.

The government keeps telling people to wash their hands for 20 seconds. Not long ago we had a water shortage. If millions of people are washing their hands more frequently, how long will it be till the water runs out?

I am concerned because so many entertainment venues have been forced shut. Our local cafe has been forced to close and the owner said it is unlikely to reopen as he will have to default on his lease. If he doesn't make money then he cannot pay the rent so that will affect his credit record and his rental history. His cafe is a community hub, it was always packed with people before the virus. This is having a negative impact on small business who are all just every day people trying to make a living.

My next door neighbour is a single mum who works casually 30 hours a week at a pub and she lost her job on sunday with no notice. She has been to Centrelink two days in a row only to be turned away and she has tried to apply for unemployment online but the site keeps crashing.

My father is in a retirement home and we have been banned from visiting him. The grandkids can't understand why and my Dad is devastated because he loves cuddling us all and spending time with us. We have taken him out of the home at least once a week since he has been there and now we can't take him. He understands why but it doesn't mean he has to be happy about it.

I have an elderly aunt who lives an hour drive away. She usually does online shopping and relies on it but lately her orders have been cancelled or they have arrived with so many things missing that it wasn't worth the delivery fee. Last week I had to send toilet paper and a few other things to her through the post! I cannot keep my family in food and my aunt because I am struggling to buy things for us.

I've had to upset my kids and tell them that the holiday they were promised to see interstate relatives has now been cancelled. They don't understand about closed state borders, how do we make them understand that?

The kids are home from school with a 16yo looking after them while we work because there is no one else. Normally in a situation like this, we would pick up my father for the day to help with the kids but he is in lock down in the nursing home. A 16yo should not have to care for 4 other children but we have no choice.

Because I was unable to purchase children's paracetamol, I had to give a 6yo child half a panadol tablet last night. This distressed me and I spent the night worrying about whether or not I had just drugged my child and watching her to see if she showed signs of overdose! I had no choice. The child had a migraine and I couldn't get children's pain relief.

I'm worried about our elderly neighbours because some of them have been independent for so long that they don't want to bite the bullet and ask for help. Then there are the ones who literally don't have any help at all. How do they cope?

I catch public transport to work and not everyone is being careful about coughing and sneezing. I watched a woman on the train this morning eating something then she licked her fingers. When the train came to her stop, she used the handrail going up the steps even though she had just licked her fingers! Other people just don't care and they are putting me and my family at risk. I feel like these people are holding a gun to my head and I don't know if it's loaded or not.

I only watch one show on tv and it's my escape from the constant talk of coronavirus but they have now taken it off the air and used the time slot to ram coronavirus down our necks! It was my one escape from reality for 30 minutes but now it's gone. I open my emails and there is a coronavirus update from 2 local MPs, the local council and several companies that I have signed up to their newsletter. There is literally no escaping it. I read the news online and after i scroll past 10 coronavirus stories, there is one vague article about a crime and then it is followed by another 10 coronavirus stories!

I feel frustrated, defeated, worried and annoyed. None of those feelings are good for someone with poor mental health and a family to look after. Thankfully i still have my job and no one I know personally has actually caught the virus.

Stay safe everyone.

Australia has had drought, bushfires and floods and now we have a virus. When will it end? How much more can we take before we are brought to our knees? There are so many people who will be victims of this virus even though they probably will not themselves catch it.

I know that this is a lot to worry about and that some of it may seem a bit silly to people but this on top of other stresses I have in my life are just too much. I am what they call an empath and when I hear of other people's troubles, I take their troubles on board as well as my own. I just cannot help it.

There are other factors that worry me about this but my post is already way too long so I will end it here.

Cafe Study asked us what we are worried about and I've given a big long list of some of my worries and now I'm worried that they will read my reply and think I'm a nut lol

  • 24th Mar 2020 07:52pm

My worry is that some State/Territory and Federal leaders in Australia and President Trump (USA) get great advice re health issues, particularly COVID19, from Chief Medical Officers and permanent heads of relevant departments then, ABSOLUTELY STUPIDLY, go off on their own tangents and go off script and talk utter cr@p!

What really irks me is that, in Australia, we have a Federal Govt that deems that HORSE-RACING is an ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY [vested interests and nepotism, anyone?] while dry-cleaners (who ultra clean stuff for NDIS people with disabilities and have important jobs with hospitals and Dept Health in smaller outlying towns) are Compulsorily SHUT DOWN. How stupid is that?

  • 24th Mar 2020 07:47pm

my worry is that they have stopped all international flights in and out of Australia - but i have mot heard anything in regard to foreign cargo ships that come into our ports - are their any restrictions been placed on the crews of these ships ?

  • 24th Mar 2020 07:18pm

I am constantly worried about what's going to happen next...

  • 24th Mar 2020 06:51pm

I'm worried about all the small business owners who have been forced to close shop. Will they be able to make do during this lock down period ? Will they be able to support themselves and their families adequately ? Will the government's assistance be enough to help them, and will it be paid soon ? Unless the needs of these people are met, we will be looking at a huge increase in homelessness. I sincerely hope that this newly unemployed group of people will receive a huge amount of help to keep them afloat. Maybe some rich millionaires and billionaires could all put something in the pot to help to support these people.

  • 24th Mar 2020 06:42pm

As I work in health I am very concerned about contracting COVID 19 from patients and the uncertainty of employees being paid for closer of clinics.

  • 24th Mar 2020 06:33pm

I'm scared for myself. I am immunocompromised and have many chronic conditions. I worry how sick I will be when I eventually get this horrific virus (and make no mistake, an absolute minimum of 70% of the world's population will get it eventually), whether there will be a hospital bed, an ICU room (in a state of 2 million people, we have 130 ICU beds) a ventilator (we have 129 ventilators state-wide) or any staff left to care for those who are sick. I have been self-isolating ever since my GP clinic sent out a message last Tuesday (17 March), but I have a husband who still has to work. I worry so much he will bring it home with him. I also worry he will get sick, and no matter how healthy he may be, the risk of him dying from this damn virus is always there.

I worry for my 74 year old, 2x breast cancer survivor mother in law, who has COPD/emphysema, diabetes and other issues. She has finally agreed to self-isolate, and I am petrified we will lose her to this virus after all we have all gone through since her first BC diagnosis 15 years ago.

I worry that there is very little food on our shelves - particularly for our vulnerable people. IF they don't get the virus, they may starve to death. Cases of scurvy and rickets will be on the rise very soon. Malnutrition is already an issue for some frail aged and disabled people - isolation will simply make it so much worse.

I worry for my extended family. My sister in law just had to close her dance school - and I do not know how they will survive without her income. I worry for her father, who is frail aged, and her grandmother, who is obviously older, and also frailer still. Fortunately, my grandparents and my husband's grandparents are no longer here to go through this ordeal. I have another brother and sister-in-law interstate, and I worry for her parents who are frail aged and very unwell as well.

I worry for the sheer number of older Australians who are at high risk of death with this virus.

I worry about all the local businesses who have just shut their doors yesterday and today. I worry for their staff - and how they will survive. I worry that these wonderful businesses may not be able to reopen in the future if their landlords don't stop asking for rent. I worry for the economy, that it will take a very long time to recover from this.

I worry about my dear friends in the US and UK. My US friends have no leave, no employment protection, no welfare, no help. They are almost all still at work - one of them had a confirmed C-19 case IN HER OFFICE - and she has diabetes and is almost 65. Many employers are not allowing employees to isolate. They are not closing their doors. They are not protecting their staff. They are taking their cues from an orange ape who thinks social distancing can be lifted after 15 days. A few have been allowed to work from home, but they are in the minority. One has had her workplace close, but she is just one out of the dozens of friends we have there. And so many people just don't care and don't believe it is serious. They really don't get that a novel virus means ZERO people are immune to it, and the vast majority of people will get it, and a large number of them will be very sick - and a not-insignificant percentage - currently ten times the rate of flu deaths per 1000 cases - will die.

I worry for the world as a whole. There are still far too many people who think this virus is nothing to be concerned with, and are not social distancing (a local case today - a woman was actually arrested for failing to isolate after returning from overseas within the last week and was shouting about it on social media how she didn't care and wasn't going to stop her own life for anyone else). I was abused on social media for suggesting that social distancing and self-isolation was not about that person, ad the sheer number of people that supported that person was staggering. It's not about one person. It's about your grandparents/great grandparents/uncles/aunties etc. It's about that little boy with leukaemia down the street. It's your kids' teacher with diabetes, or the owner of your favourite restaurant with asthma. It's that nursing home of frail aged and disabled people across the road. It's that hospital in the next suburb full of staff taking care of sick people that is now having to decide who lives and who dies because someone failed to isolate and infected 2 other people, who infected 2 people each and so on, and overwhelmed the available resources and there's no hospital beds left, let alone an ICU bed or a ventilator in sight. It's the heart attack or stroke or car accident victims - which statistically speaking is quite likely - that come into a hospital that is already at breaking point with C-19 patients that will now die because there simply are no resources left.

Let just be really clear about this. It's. Not. About. YOU. It is about all of us. we are in this thing together, for better or worse, like it or not. There is no other planet to go to. You cannot get off this ride. So stop being so damn selfish, stop hoarding groceries, isolate your damn selves and think of someone else for a change!

So now I am going to go and self-medicate with some video gaming to get this nightmare out of my mind for an hour or so. Then I will go out in my garden towards sunset and enjoy the golden hour. Then I will cook our dinner, watch some Netflix, load the dishwasher and go to bed, and wake up tomorrow and do it all again.

And hope everyone I love is able to do the same.

  • 24th Mar 2020 06:29pm

My biggest concern is for small business who have had the rug pulled out from under their feet. Sole traders who pay rent on premises and often have to give 3 or more months notice to vacate while earnings have suddenly stopped without notice. The financial impact on people, business and this country is devastating and I have genuine doubts about the recovery.

  • 24th Mar 2020 06:11pm

I am worried about the effect it will have on my eldest son who has leukemia m& only about 60 % lung capacity so even when he gets a cold he struggles for breath & of course my own & my wife's health as I am in my early 80's & my wife in her late 70's.

  • 24th Mar 2020 06:07pm

i am worried that i may not get a good score, find a job here. My relations with other people always concerns me because it seems that i am so easily influenced by other people that it is hard to keep happy and a good relationship with other people. I have no confidence in myself especially in this aspect.

  • 24th Mar 2020 02:44pm

I feel for everyone who is being badly hurt by this virus. Myself and my wife are retired and live rural, so we don't have contact with anyone outside of our normal shopping trips, once a fortnight. My prayers go out to you all.

  • 24th Mar 2020 09:41am

worried about kiddo schooling being hampered
Worried about isolation on a kids mental health
there no work before, even less now, our town will as good as close down

  • 24th Mar 2020 08:45am

Feelings are hard to put into words. To accurately describe the anxiety now gripping the world is extremely challenging. People notice more, and hear more, and read more, and interpret that in a threatening way. Scared or worried isn’t strong enough to capture the kind of fear so many people seem to be feeling. We are terrified! I am worried about the health of my loved ones, I am worried to get of the house and catch it anywhere. Coronavirus has the world on edge. Uncertainty about the nature and trajectory of the threat exacerbates a feeling of not being in control - control of yourself, control of the entire world. The chaos created now in the world worries me a lot, what will our future look like. Our lives will definitely not be the same anymore... :(

  • 24th Mar 2020 08:12am

This is a very worrying time indeed. In Australia, we are relatively 'more safe' than the larger populations of Europe and China, as we have more freedom of space and movement. However, there are more things to worry about than just this virus.
The economy is the elephant in the room as well as our health system. If this virus get out of control, who would run the health system without the medical staff? So it would just be another problem on top of another problem.
And with more people home, if the virus is cured, the health system is once again going to have a heap of struggles due to a backlog of medical issues which people would not have had the time or inclination to have sorted while in isolation. And that's not to speak of the multitude of pregnancies which might happen. With more time at home, people will have more time to do the duty of breeding.

Me personally, I'm not worried. Well before this issue, my household have been stocking up so we have plenty of everything to help us survive a good long time. I also have a garden with fruits and veggies in it, so that will also aid in keeping us sustainable.
But what about electricity and utilities. That's something that needs to be kept stable. But are those staff safe?

  • 24th Mar 2020 12:58am

I'm worried about the ignorance of our leaders. My missus is worried that they can't hear a single word I'm shouting at them... .
Oh... and she can't hear the TV, either... . :)

Seriously, you really do have to wonder about voters' intelligence. Did we _really_ elect these neo-con buffoons?!

  • 24th Mar 2020 04:22pm
I'm worried about the ignorance of our leaders. My missus is worried that they can't hear a single word I'm shouting at them... .
Oh... and she can't hear the TV, either... . ...

Morgan Poll: "New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern has highest ‘Net Trust Score’ of all political leaders while Australian PM Scott Morrison has a ‘Net Distrust Score’ to overcome."

It takes _real guts_ to act in the long-term benefit of your citizens. Few Aussie leaders (LNP or Labor) have put the people ahead of their parties' immediate, short-term needs. This is all going to get much, much worse before it gets better.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 10:53pm

I am worried about the cost of living increasing even more, basic grocery items not being available due to people hoarding and the lack of financial security and stability in these uncertain times.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 10:28pm

I am Concerned about My Job....Shifts Cut...Events Cancelled. ..I have not been Sick but I am sure the Virus has been around a lot longer than We knew. My Neighbour was Coughing (dry) for many months last year and He was around Travellers. ...I have not been Hoarding Items like Toilet Paper....Nor will I Fight for Stuff at the Supermarket. ...I am just biding My Time until My "Normal" Life comes back !
I am looking forward to this so much !

  • 23rd Mar 2020 10:02pm

This is obviously a stressful time for all but it definitely shows how disappointing Australians can be in time of crisis eg. selfishness but also its good to see that there a heartfelt people still left in the world, i applaud them and the self-centred could learn from this lovely people, we all need to help and support each other, thats what true australian should do.

jules 1
  • 23rd Mar 2020 09:36pm

I must admit I am feeling low re: everything that is happening around the world. People losing their jobs, places closing down. I already have lost quite a bit of money from my Super Fund. I'm not sure what to do next as they say all of this can go on for 6 - 9 -12 months - or longer!
My health isn't good either, so not sure where/what to do next!
I hope we can all come through all of this.!

  • 23rd Mar 2020 07:42pm

For me I am very worried about the large number of small businesses that have now had to close. Obvoisly for a long time. My concern is also that the staff will also suffer. The Govt handout will help but long term it will be hard for these employees to stay at home & getting another job will be very hard if not impossible.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 07:39pm

At the moment I'm hoping that the death toll can be minimized and that I don't lose anyone dear to me.
After that, I hope we can manage to recover from the economic impacts ...people get their jobs back and normality is restored.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 07:30pm

I am worried about my mum as she lives in nz and she works with the elderly, so has to go to work.
I feel like she is s high risk and this worries me alot, as I have a small family and they mean everything to me.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 07:14pm

I am worried that a small proportion of people are not taking this seriously and are jeopardising the health of the vulnerable in our community. As a nurse I am worried that this crisis will extend for many, many more months - people will still have heart attacks and accidents, while there is increased demand for critical care beds. I am scared that my colleagues and myself will fatigue.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:57pm

I am worried about the further consequences the outbreak will bring on international students like me. We have been laid off from our jobs, there's no certainty how bad the situation can be. If the situation worsens then small amount of savings we were able to save will be finished. What then? Since there's no proper plan formulated by the government, we are in great dilemma. Because the problem is global, every nation's ecomony has weakened. Same is with my home country. The economy is struggling real bad. I am in a constant mental battle with myself. Every time I think of the future and the possibility of this present condition being prolonged, I suddenly start panicking. I hope everything turns out right and may we find a solution to this problem quicker.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:55pm

I was not so worried about the effects of the virus but my sons and my husband have convinced me that I have to take care. I am in the age group which is more affected by the virus and I have a history of chest infections and have been ill with pneumonia several times. At the moment I feel very well and am relatively fit for my age but it looks like I will have to be more careful about where I go and what I do. One of the good things is the fact that if I have to stay at home I can catch up with all the emails I have received and in particular do some of the surveys and add to discussions in the groups I am involved in such as Cafestudy.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:37pm

I choose not to worry or become anxious over anything. I will have 'enough' no matter what happens and for that I am grateful. There is no point in worrying all it does is wear one down, making it more difficult to deal with any situation if it should arise. The only 'shortages' are caused by those who demand to be able to buy whatever they want, when they want, and in the quantities they want. I even saw an argument today between a shopper and a customer service officer over something that the shopper demanded to buy more than two but didn't even know what the product was for....the shopper wanted to buy six just because he was restricted to buying two! It's more than time that people took a moment, continued to breathe normally, and just buy what was actually needed!

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:34pm

This is a very timely discussion for me, as for the past 2 or 3 days, my own personal level of worries regarding Covid-19 has really hit a peak. I am worried about the things I guess that everyone is worried about: getting sick myself or even dying, my family or friends getting sick or dying. Of course there are a ton of other aspects about covid-19 that are also worrying, and probably more likely than the abovementioned sickness and/or death, and that includes the economic disruptions and hardships that most if not all will face to some degree or other. We will be reeling economically both in Australia and worldwide for months if not years due to this virus, even if the virus was to disappear off the face of the planet tomorrow. Lastly, the other big worry is the emotional and mental impact this global pandemic will have both on my own mental and emotional health, and on that of other humans. It actually has hit me mentally quite hard these past few days, I have been throwing myself into creative (music) projects, but the pit and ache is still in my guts and my head is swimming when I stop for a while and ponder. The other day I lost my cool. I was at the supermarket and was going down aisle after aisle to find them empty or only stocked with the most expensive variants. I was getting frustrated that I couldn't do even a basic essentials shop, and when I got to the checkout, the checkout staff told me "no, sorry, you can't buy those 3 1 litres of milk", and I snapped in frustration and said that this whole thing was unfair. I think the supermarket 'losing my cool' was just the result of the undercurrent of tension I, like most people not completely in denial, have been feeling for weeks surrounding this pandemic. "It is getting real. Cases in Australia are rising exponentially now. Things are being shutdown. We are told to isolate as much as possible. Businesses are against the wall. Food seems to be in short supply." The fears around all this are magnified. No one really knows what will happen next. Will thousands or tens of thousands of people (or more) in Australia die? What are the long term effects of getting infected? Can I cope being isolated for long periods of time? Will I be able to buy toilet paper again this year? What about rice or potatoes? How will I cope? Will I have a breakdown? Will I end up in a fistfight with someone and lose all my teeth? How will others cope with all this?

At the same time, those are my worries in the extreme, but I counter all these by doing things I enjoy and being productive; studying my maths textbooks, calling a friend. Trying to remember to practice a little bit of meditation and mindfulness most days. And of course there is cause for hope. Worldwide many medical and research institutions are racing around the clock to develop a vaccine, and clinical trials are being fast-tracked.

So a lot to worry about, but for me, I am trying (albeit poorly, mostly) to walk a fine line between staying out of denial about the whole thing (which could lead me to be careless) and yet remaining hopeful and positive.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:32pm

I guess the worries at the moment are general but i worry most about my 6 grandchildren. At 70 i have already had a wonderful life so I can wear what is happening. But I fear for all the kids- mine are aged 7 and under. They are so sad they will not be able to see their friends and their social activities revolve around school. It seems they may miss 6 months or more. They will be anxious as isolation goes on. They think it is a punishment to miss out and they cant understand. With both families in different states how long will it be till I can hug them again? my own kids are trying to protect me with keeping away but I just hate it!

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:30pm

In these very uncertain and very worrying times, my major concern is that everybody adheres to what the medicos and Prime minister is saying. The virus is very confronting if anyone has seen the footage of the Italian hospitals, and now more than ever as we are going into winter. Also the effect on industry, jobs, rent, bills, schooling and putting food on the table for many is so alarming as this will go on for a very long time well after a vaccine has been developed.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:23pm

Every week a new symptom is found to this COVID-19. .Originally it was only the elderly & infirmed. but now children & young adults are getting the virus. No cures besides washing hands and keep away from crowds. Not possible if you are an educator at a primary school. Unfortunately primary school children don't comprehend the usage of personal space.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:04pm

I just wish this was all over, and things would be normal again, as it seems like a very bad dream.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:01pm

I am worried generally about what the next day will bring. This constant feeling of uncertainty that is hanging over us is overwhelming, and I hate that no one knows if tomorrow they won’t be able to leave the house for good, or if suddenly it’ll be ok. Currently, I’m stuck overseas and can’t leave till Thursday. I’m constantly worried that suddenly flights won’t be running anymore on Thursday, and I won’t be able to return to Australia. This constant fear of the unknown has provided so much anxiety and stress, as I’m sure it has for everyone.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 05:57pm

I'm worried about the economy, there's already been many people out of work or stood down and that number is only going to get higher.
Centrelink payments are not enough for renters or those with mortgages to be able to make ends meet
I'm also worried that the panic buying will re emerge or if this goes on for long enough there will be actual shortages.
Another concern is that the travel and hospitality industries may take a long time to recover and many businesses will not recover at all, especially those that were already impacted by the bushfires
On a personal level, my grandparents, mum and brother as well as one of my best friends are in the high risk category for covid19 so I'm very worried about them

  • 23rd Mar 2020 05:42pm

There are many concerns. I am worried about the health of all of us, and who we may lose from it. I am worried about all of the changes we will have to make. We are homebodies, so it may not be quite as hard for us but so many people are used to being out a lot of the time. I am worried that people who have it won't self isolate. I am worried about the financial side of things. I have 2 casual jobs which have both ceased. It is so far too hard to find out about govt support. We had our one and only overseas holiday to Greece booked and paid for with Travel Insurance. It is proving very difficult getting money back and our Travel Insurance doesn't cover pandemics. So not only will we lose money but I now have no work. But, at least for the moment, I have a well and supportive family who I pray we can keep seeing often.

  • 23rd Mar 2020 05:19pm

Australian government sees this pandemic as a economical crisis and throws money at it. Reality shows us it still is a health crisis. Europe runs out of intensive care spots, ventilators, staff and supplies. Hospitals cannot take on any more patients which are positive tested. My single biggest worry is that our health sector doesn't see the real size of what's coming and doesn't prepare for it. When I will be tested positive there will be no spot in any hospital around and there will be no professional care. Whatever - LETS PARTY!!!!!

  • 22nd Mar 2020 05:20pm

I worry about how long it will take the world to come out of this catastrophe. I have immediate family overseas and the current situation suggests that I won't be seeing them any time soon. I can't see that it will be safe for international travel any time this year. I also have grandchildren inn this state and I am not seeing them currently. At this stage they are still working and don't want to bring any health problems into my home. I miss them and I feel that we are losing precious time together. I worry that our Federal government has not been as responsive as it should have been to the health advice that they have been given by reputable people and they have not paid enough attention to what was happening overseas as the virus took hold in those countries before here. We had experience we could have used but it would seem our government while it seems to say the right things has actually been more interested in economics than health. While I don't understand big finance and national economics it does seem to me that the latest financial stimulus may be helpful in protecting small business and workers from financial ruin because I really do worry about our country ending up with those who were able to survive this crisis and those who lost just about everything. There are so many casual workers and small businesses that do not have savings/capital behind them to mee tthe magnitude of the problems this crisis is creating for them.

  • 22nd Mar 2020 04:29pm

This is going to sound weird to some, but I developed an extreme fear of bats within the last 2 years, started around September 2018 after noticing a huge amount of bats around the area which ultimately made me fearful of going outside in the evening. I even went to a therapist about it as I thought that it was an irrational fear. Now, learning that the virus may have jumped from bats to pangolin's, then transferred to a 55yr old person in Hubei (China) on and around the 17th of September 2019, it's made me think," is the increasing population of bats a real threat to humans"? Who knows?

Are the governments & health officials actually looking for the correct source or are they just as terrified as we are. My main worries are who are being truthful and who are not, are there reasons why the truth may be hidden or has this matter just gotten out of hand. I am not one for conspiracy theories and do evaluate information firstly from facts, statistics and previous events such as the sars epidemic, which I also noted that a vaccine had never been formulated for this strain of corona virus and this virus of 2003 according to WHO say perhaps originated from a-yet-uncertain animal reservoir, perhaps bats, that spread to other animals such as civet cats. My main concern is we need a vaccine for corona virus, maybe something universal for all the corona viruses, hopeful thinking for a universal vaccine as strains mutate, but I am still going to hope.

  • 22nd Mar 2020 03:56pm

Am trying not to worry ,santizie hands especially when shopping using trollies, public toilets only use if really have too. Am trying to look on the bright side ,that the virus will be contained and stopped in its tracks, so that there are no more out breaks and deaths.Rozzey

  • 22nd Mar 2020 12:46pm

As with everyone I am very worried about the economic ramifications of the this virus and for my own family and how secure their jobs will be going forward. It is a very scary time at the moment and I really dont know what to expect for the future of our country and indeed the world.

  • 22nd Mar 2020 12:28pm

I‘be had a very rough start to the year health wise so I’m worried about how sick I could get with it. I’m also worried about my parents and 91 year old Grandmother.

I’m worried about the panic buying which isn’t leaving enough to go around.

I’m also worried about the long term impacts for jobs and economy. We are quite lucky at the moment and both in a position that we can work from home (in an adapted way) if needed but long term I worry my program will not be refunded due to having to cut costs for safety and stimulus packages so I may lose my job in the future.

  • 21st Mar 2020 09:02pm

At the moment I am not worried about my health status but what I am more worried and disgusted about, is this panic buying of groceries. Those people that started this had no thought for the elderly or disadvantaged. They were just being greedy and stockpiling all the toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, wipes and hand sanitiser. Now it is all groceries and people who have done the right thing and not panic buy, just buying there normal weekly or fortnightly shop are suffering. I am on a disability pension and my husband is my carer, so cannot make the 8am-9am shopping time especially for the elderly and disadvantaged. But what I have heard and seen, there hasn't been the stock for them anyway. I am getting pretty desperate for coffee, sugar and feminine productts. What is it in regards feminine products. I have to use them 24/7 and there are none there. We have half a small canister of sugar we use everyday, which will only last less than a week and I cannot find sugar, it is the same with our coffee. I just can't believe this. We were lucky the other day we were able to find some bread but that is the first time in 3 shops. It looks like I will be making my own bread the old fashioned way. Hopefully my flour doesn't run out. I can't wait for the stimulus that our Prime Minister Scott Morrisson has promised us all on welfare benefits. It will come just at the right time for me and I will spend it. I worry about all the small businesses who are struggling. I feel for all the staff that have had to take leave from their jobs and those that are staying open are doing it tough. I have heard that Scott Morrison is doing a stimulus package for small businesses, which needs to be done. I heard today on the news tonight that because all businesses in England had to shut down, their Prime Minister will be paying the wages of all workers till the crisis passes. I think that is a great idea. Maybe that might need to be done here if small businesses have to shut and the Government should pay the wages of all the employees. Just something to think about. Well I think I have covered all the bases I am worried about but if the situation gets worse I will then be worried about my health because I have an autoimmune disease, but I don't go out unless I have to do shopping or to the doctors.

  • 21st Mar 2020 07:09pm

I feel that Scott Morrison may have inadvertently sent mixed msgs because while he said not to panic buy, he also said to stock for 2 weeks. It's definitely not assured the majority and can now see flow on effect - no groceries for people to buy for at least a week, despite the social distancing request people are forced to do takeaway delivery (or dine out). Local businesses could benefit somewhat from temporary increase however as one of my chef friends told me - restaurants cannot source ingredients either or forced to charge more for some items per qty as also limited stock in their pantry eg beef only. It's just disturbing to see the ration list at supermarkets increase, I ended up eating antipasti (crackers, cheese, olives) but that is not ideal.

Living in a first world country, we are setting a bad example as it seems we're educated to be greedy and lack compassion. Barely a month passed since the bushfires where it appeared strong community support showed us at our best, now that image is tainted.

  • 21st Mar 2020 02:10pm

I am over 65 and worried about my health and that I might end up in intensive care and or die.I am worried for all Australians,the economy and am totally embarrassed and ashamed at the behaviour of some Australians panic buying and stripping the supermarket shelves making things difficult for the aged,the disadvantaged and those who are more vulnerable,this behaviour is utterly disgusting and disgraceful and I am an embarrassed and ashamed Australian

  • 21st Mar 2020 01:59pm

I'm worried for all those people being affected by the virus. Wether it's actually having the virus, work for many, business going broke, etc. This virus has huge implications for all.

  • 21st Mar 2020 01:24pm

I'm more concerned about business's and how they are doing. There are a lot of people loseing work/ hours because of the fire's/ drought and now the virus. I'm also concerned for the elderly and sick. They have more chance of a bad outcome.
I've been trying to find a job for over a year and now with all of this going on it's going to be harder. I understand that it's hard on business's so I've decided to step back a little and take time to do a lot of thing's around my home that I haven't been able to do due to Job interviews and Volunteering. I'm loving ticking off each job as it gets done. It's also a chance for all of us to do things like this and take time for ourselve's and families and remember the important things.

  • 21st Mar 2020 10:57am

I am extremely worried: about getting sick, plus the aftermath and how long it will take for the economy to recover. I think people will need to grow their own food if possible. You don’t need a huge yard - I have the most amazing pineapple growing out of a large storage tub from Kmart! The plant came from a previous store bought pineapple. I cut the crown off and planted it. I realise that gardening is not for everyone, I think we need to be sensible.

  • 21st Mar 2020 09:06am

I worry but not overly too worry because it is very important to remain calm during this time. I don't follow so many people of panic buy. It is a totally non-sense act in my own opinion. I just follow the simple basic rules - wash my hand with soup more frequently (this helps to minimise the over-reliance on hand sanitiser), don't go out to places where there will be a lot of people, like shopping centres. I go to buy where the shops generally have fewer people. I also stay at home more often. Eat heathy and sleep well will certainly help me to stay away from the COVID-19.

  • 24th Mar 2020 12:51am
Thanks for picking up my error, Frogsy, I am glad that this gave you a laugh during this difficult time. Stay safe and healthy.

Frogsy, you're incorrect. Gooner only washes _one_ hand in soup. I'm worried that this is a waste of important nutrition. A message to my fellow Australians. Do not waste food! (Wash both hands in soup!)

  • 23rd Mar 2020 06:30am
Hi Gooner,

I know you unintentionally said that 'you will wash your hands with soup' and meant soap, but I just had to say this made me laugh even though we are all going through volatile...

Thanks for picking up my error, Frogsy, I am glad that this gave you a laugh during this difficult time. Stay safe and healthy.

  • 22nd Mar 2020 03:23pm
I worry but not overly too worry because it is very important to remain calm during this time. I don't follow so many people of panic buy. It is a totally non-sense act in my own opinion. I just...

Hi Gooner,

I know you unintentionally said that 'you will wash your hands with soup' and meant soap, but I just had to say this made me laugh even though we are all going through volatile time.

  • 21st Mar 2020 08:01am

It is a very stressful time for all of us and I have to agree with all of you, particularly kerri31. Why this panic over supplies which have never let us down till now? Gross stupidity causing even mopre stress when we should all be pulling together. The same as we've always done. My thought is that if you don't want to be here in these times go somewhere else and see how well your actions are tolerated.

  • 21st Mar 2020 07:44am

the long term effects are the greatest concern, jobs loses, a very good chance business will close, in particular in areas already affected by the fires, these hard working people will then lose their homes an will have debts from the business closing and the loss on their homes, it will affect them for the rest of their lives, marriages will fall apart, affecting children, and the chance some will end it all. the government needs to protect these people from the banks and lenders and introduce laws to prevent banks foreclosing on these business/people/homes until this is over! if this goes on for 18 months like they are saying, will anything be left, i seriously doubt it. maybe the useless polies who sold out manufacturing and many people who thought saving $50. on a washing was great but didnt care about the thousands of jobs lost to asia etc might rethink, but i seriously doubt that will happen. it the 50,000 deaths occur as they are prediction as a minimum, the only business to do well out of this will the be the funeral industry and associated businesses.
and it seems the aid the the airline industry will not be enough and we will lose our iconic airline Qantas!
the 200,00 plus import jobs a year ( 457 visa's ) should be cancelled! for ever!
if it goes along as long as they say, i will lose my business and a very could chance my home!

  • 21st Mar 2020 03:00am

My main worry is being surrounded by idiots, like the fat women fighting over toilet paper, of the woman who called a radio station asking should she still take her kids to school as her car is a Toyota corona, fools like this are every where,there are only two chances, it will or it wont, the biggest threat to the kids in this case was the idiot mother who is driving, worry is only a useless word, it will help no one, just gives the idiots some thing to do, no worries mate

  • 20th Mar 2020 11:31pm

I am not worried about getting the virus, I am worried about losing our freedom, being controlled by the Government and seeing so many people lose their jobs and businesses. If you are healthy and have a good immune system you will be fine, so stop buying into the fear factor. If you have pre-existing health conditions, stay home and have minimal contact with people. All this cancelling of events will not do much at all except ruin the economy. If you are sick you stay home anyway, and if you don't then you can't be that sick. I am so worried about those who are homeless and on low incomes, they cannot stock up or find a place to isolate if they need to. The whole thing could have been easily prevented if we had closed our borders as soon as we knew about the virus back in January, but the Government allowed this to happen and the media is blowing it up and exaggerating things. If people would read the facts for example, the reason why Italy has a lot of cases is because they have the second oldest population behind Japan and 99% of the people who die had pre-existing health issues, same for all those that have die in Australia. The media says "another person has died the 7th victim" but the person was 81 and most likely had health issues. 70% of those who died in Italy had high blood pressure and taken medication. I wish people who get a grip and not be so panicky and stock up on so much it really is unneccessary as Australia has heaps of food and heaps of toilet paper, how much do you need? I worry about the division that it is causing and it is sad after people came together for the bush fires. For me my life is not going to be effected too much because I can do my study course at home and phone or email my teacher, plus I cannot afford to go out or travel so stay home a lot anyway. I keep healthy by eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies and stay away from dead packaged food, if everyone made sure they eat healthy they would boost their immunity and not have anything to worry about, except their jobs.

  • 20th Mar 2020 11:28pm

This problem will come and go and eventually be a distant memory , the way we act and deal with it will stay with us for a lot longer , we have witnessed scenes of anti-social behavior that I feel most of us found shocking and not very Australian in nature , lets hope we can overcome this initial panic and work towards something we can look back on in the future with pride, we are better than that.

  • 20th Mar 2020 11:22pm

Yes, it is a worry for so many reasons. My Mum is 90 years old with Congestive Heart Failure and onset Dementia. She is housebound now which is not good for her mental health - she loved her weekly shopping trips and going to church. I am very disappointed at the hoarders who have left the rest of us wondering if and when we will next get toilet paper, mince, disinfectant, bread and many other essential items. Unsettling times indeed.

  • 20th Mar 2020 11:20pm

I had major emergency surgery last January, resulting in six months away from work until my wound healed. Then my husband passed away last July after a long battle with liver cancer. Going back to work, being around awesome workmates, was the best therapy for me as mentally I was very alone. Two days ago our department asked that we all work from home, and provided a laptop etc., and we can have team meetings where we see each other. But now I am home alone again. My biggest social activity is going to the shops twice a week, and luckily our supermarkets are reasonably well stocked (apart from toilet paper, rice, pasta, etc). The world is in such a sorry state, and I am feeling sad for the small businesses (like restaurants and cafes) that will not be able to open as they won't have the customers going out. I had some food delivered on Thursday night to try and keep them going.

Jake Lee
  • 20th Mar 2020 09:29pm

At this stage, I am most concerned about the unnecessary side effects the corona virus is causing, namely, racism. Although it is true that the initial starting point was in China; now, the virus has spread across the entire planet, making this a global pandemic. Not only are the Chinese and the citizens of nearby Asian countries being infected, but the white skinned, brown skinned and black skinned. Ethnicity doesn't matter anymore. Everyone has the exact same chances of getting infected as all other Chinese and Asian. So please, let the racism come to a stop and actually come together to win this through. Isn't that why we humans are different from other organisms? Because we can come together as one, use our brilliant minds to overcome the most challenging and strenuous obstacles, and come out the other side, hand in hand?

Ellie 30656027
  • 20th Mar 2020 09:06pm

I’m worried about the economy and the prices of food. Jobs are being lost nothing is running, business are going broke. Fruit and vegetables are sky high. The only thing I found cheap was the petrol. The first time in 20 years I filled up my car for $30. And the traffic is fantastic

  • 20th Mar 2020 09:01pm

Due to a major organ transplant I have spent the last 4 months with a gut full of Tacrolimus (immune suppressant). thus for this period the no contact policy has been a normal part of my life. At least the Covid-19 measures don't include a restricted diet and limits to personal physical activity. The endoscopy I had today required a return to Carona central, formerly known as RPA. My main concern , not worry, is that large part of the community are not adhering to the no contact policy. These poeple's vote counts as much as mine. The character of the Australian people and our "las a faire" economic principles will mean that the lucky country will at some stage be lucky again. Time heals everything. There will be few quick fixes as a result of Covid-19 we just have to try as best we can to access all information available and take time to smell the roses, even in Autumn.

  • 20th Mar 2020 08:51pm

I also heard from a lady who lives in a country town that there is bus loads of people going to their supermarkets and buying up at them too. Because of this people who only go into their nearest town once a week are struggling to get even basic food. For some "locals" it is over one hour drive each way.

  • 20th Mar 2020 08:46pm

I am worried about people who have any Autoimmune Diseases which considerably lowers their immunity to illness no matter what food they consume. Products such as Gluten Free consumed by people with Coeliac .Disease and wheat allergy are also being impacted by people panic buying. They have no choice but to eat Gluten Free or wheat free food. Failure to do so can result in some people being ill for a few days, not just hours. Others with illnesses such as Epilepsy are at risk if they come into contact with the disease or other sickness as it can result in seizures and the person need emergency hospital treatment. Even all types of milk are restricted now. One of my neighbours couldn't even buy 1 can of baked beans.

Monica Mac
  • 20th Mar 2020 07:46pm

My father is in a nursing home and it is currently in lockdown. Which means I can't see him for an indefinite period of time. He has Alzheimers, is unable to speak and communicates mostly by touch. He has limited time left on the planet and I want to make the most of it. I miss snuggling on the couch with him.

  • 20th Mar 2020 07:41pm

I fear I won't be able to feed my kids and keep a roof over our head. My work has cut my hours in half and they will no doubt close soon. Hospitality businesses won't survive for long and that's what I do. I am middle aged and don't think it will be easy to find work elsewhere. I will apply for some govt benefits but I assume they will take months to be approved so it is hard to predict how bad life will get. I have already cut back on eating so my kids don't miss out. I hope everyone gets through this and we come out the other side alive and not living on the streets

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:56pm

The two things that I find most concerning amidst this current pandemic, are infecting the elderly/ vulnerable and the potential economic crisis and mass job loss that may arise.

In regards to infecting the vulnerable, I work in a place that has many elderly staff members, I would hate to potentially make one of them sick or catch the coronavirus.

The job loss and the economy are clearly already struggling, with hundreds of workplaces closing, limiting hours or firing workers. This is leaving people helpless and vulnerable; in a time of need, they are being left with nothing and no hope of income. It’s heartbreaking

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:54pm

The panic and misinformation, just has me stunned. Less dangerous than the flu, but a longer incubation time, but the major issue is that around the world our health facilities have been underfunded for years, and can't cope with larger numbers of patients..
The media hyping so many into a panic to stock their shelves. Doesn't anyone keep a decent amount of supplies at home any more?
In the meantime, it's almost flu season.
Will the correct vaccine strains be provided this time?

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:44pm

The one thing about this that annoys. Me the most is City folk. Going to country towns and stripping the stock. I have family. Who live in outlying areas away from country town they cannot keep going into to town. To get things they need. Petrol is costly. My family members have children. She cannot even get Panadol for them if she needs it. No flour no eggs no long life. City folk need to. Stick to the city. I have never been so disgusted in people and their behaviour there is enough food in this country to feed everyone ,I am a disabled pensioner and my hubby is an aged pensioner who has poor mobility. Bot of us myself especially have to use public transportation as we no longer have a car. Family help where they can. And we all look out for each other vc ,at this. Present. Time I think until. The country comes through this. Rationing needs to be the norm. To stop people. Stock piling so everyone can get the things they need. Even allocating shopping days. To street numbers could help. Slow. Things down. Too and limit. Things. Depending on family size. For example a family of 6 will need. More than a family of 2. We need to be more thoughtful of others. ,I help. A few. People my street. The bling guy. Across the road and. Then there is the aboriginal woman who works in aged care I make sure she has what she needs as well. Because. By the time she knocks off. The stores are empty. ,. I bought. A 10k bag of bakers flour. To share with family. And friends. ,sugar as well I have some food intolerance so I am always. Having to check I have enough of the things I need. I hope people just. Get over them selves and gocback to shopping the way they did. Last month

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:35pm

OMG - my daughter and I went shopping today to get groceries and I was amazed at the empty shelves and the despair on the faces of some older members of society. Very sad and I hope people stop panic buying soon - there is enough to go around if the hoarders get out of the way. We are trying to stay positive and looking at the extra $'s coming our way in the form of the $750 bonus and, for me, the extra $10 per fortnight on my pension. It's not much but every $ helps.

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:34pm

As someone who works in public transport I'm not personally concerned that it will affect me greatly.

There's a lot of unnecessary hysteria going on, particularly to the hoarding of goods and products as people have been lead to believe that the world is coming to an end. Reality is that those who are most vulnerable of suffering the worst of the symptoms are the elderly. Younger people who are healthy and fit have shorter periods of being symptomatic and significantly higher chances of recovery. We have a trip to NZ coming up which is looking like it will be cancelled altogether which is going to be pretty sad but until the dates get closer, but if it comes to that, then so be it. Its for the greater good to stay out and wait till it has been properly resolved.

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:32pm

I'm most worried about people becoming infected with this virus especially the elderly and frail. But I'm also concerned about the long term effects of it, I have already been let go from my new job, and my son has had his job cut down to just 2 & 1/2 days a week. So the financial strains on families is obviously of great concern.

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:25pm

I am worried about older, disabled and more vulnerable people first and foremost. If I am struggling to get basic supplies, then I can't even imagine how they are doing and how they will get these supplies. I work in a school and I am worried about being there as things spread like wildfire in schools. I'm worried that everything will be shut down and a recession. Times are hard and things are very uncertain and we are completely in the unknown at the moment. I just hope that the community pulls together as one. That would help so many more of us!

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:06pm

It is becoming obvious that things worldwide have changed forever, the old way of life has gone and who knows exactly what will replace it? So we get a vaccine for Covid-19 maybe 18 months from now, but quite probably even before everything gets back to normal, some new catastrophe will strike again. With luck it won't be too severe....

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:01pm

I am an educator in a long day care centre and what concerns me is I catch it and not know if I have it and pass it on to the children in our care, I’ve also got my children at home if I catch it then I might pass it on to my family, so my concern is I guess been afraid to catch it and not know that I have until it’s too late.

  • 20th Mar 2020 06:01pm

I am worried about increasing price of day to day products and less products in markets. I am a casual staff and I don’t have sick or annual leave. I am worried. Price of all the products are increasing and our salaries don’t increase.

  • 20th Mar 2020 01:49pm

People who are hoarding food and necessities thats whats driving me crazy!! there is enough of everything in Australia for all, stop the panic buying, its a disgrace!!

  • 20th Mar 2020 08:57am

I think worry is a self-defeating attitude. Just look at the way people are behaving with selfishness, greed and even violence. I'm not saying that caution isn't warranted but worry has obviously created a bad mindset in the general public. The media takes a lot of the blames fanning the flames. Yes, so many aspects of society are affected and more so as the weeks and months pass. But, why is it so impossible for people to relax and say, "let's deal sensibly with this as a society, and treat each other with dignity, respect and fairness."

  • 20th Mar 2020 07:28am

Obviously I am very concerned about the long term effects of the virus on small business. I find it interesting that the Australian government takes a lot longer than other countries to shut our borders, schools and universities. I honestly think that this virus has implications for all aspects of our lives, as well as the world in general and we have yet to grasp what the impact is going to be.

  • 19th Mar 2020 06:33pm

It is a worry thinking that you may be exposed to the virus and become ill or die.
For older middle aged people who are close to retirement in the next 5 years or so, it is even more worrying the financial effects on our superannuation and plans to retire.
This of course is a worry for others who are employed as casuals or whose work depends on customer service such as hospitality and the travel industry. Some of these businesses will be worrying about financial collapse - on top of drought, bushfires and floods and now we have disease.
I think it is a symptom of a larger picture of the whole world being somewhat sick when it depends on money to call itself sucessful as it is based on consumerism.
We may have to go back to the days of trading goods and services - money may become irrelevant. The future does look somewhat bleak and I would not like to be bringing up children - mine have grown up but there are grandchildren who are the next generation.
I am more concerned than simply being able to purchase groceries - I think the climate change and destruction of our natural environment are the bigger symptom of what is wrong in this world - if we destroy our home we are wrecking our future.

  • 19th Mar 2020 06:29pm

The worst thing is how many years that this will continue.

  • 24th Mar 2020 06:43pm
The worst thing is how many years that this will continue.

I'm seeing this event unfolding one day at a time.

  • 19th Mar 2020 04:17pm

I am worried about the longer terms effects of the virus and what it will do to industries and jobs etc. I think the economic impact will be felt much longer than the virus hangs around.

I also worry about vulnerable old people who might not fully appreciate what we are all facing with COVID-19. I just hope we can all adjust our lives to benefit others. I think we can.

  • 25th Mar 2020 01:04pm
try to pop in Woolworth. Maybe ok to get that.

Aldi WW and Cole's have nothing now for weeks.

  • 24th Mar 2020 07:20pm
My 88 year old friend has been to Cole's at 6 30 and could not even get tissues

try to pop in Woolworth. Maybe ok to get that.

  • 19th Mar 2020 06:30pm
I am worried about the longer terms effects of the virus and what it will do to industries and jobs etc. I think the economic impact will be felt much longer than the virus hangs around.


My 88 year old friend has been to Cole's at 6 30 and could not even get tissues

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