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Summer Holidays Plans

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Posted by: Cafestudy Admin

13th Dec 2019 01:57pm

What do you usually do for the summer holidays? Do you and/or your loved ones have an annual tradition that you stick to? Have recent natural events such as the bushfires impacted those plans? If so, how?

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  • 24th Jan 2020 06:39pm

For the past 5/6 years an annual tradition has been to travel down to Barooga on the Murray River with at least 10 other families/couples. The guys play in the Barooga & Districts Masters Cricket Festival while the partners and children become the support crew/cheer squad. We also put a chunk of money into the local economy as many families and couples go for cruises and to local tourist spots when we have some free time.

We were worried the fires would stop our trip this year, but it didn't. Some groups travelled via the Blue Mountains & Bathurst, some via Wagga Wagga and the rest of us were able to travel down the Hume and Riverina Highways with thick smoke in places being the only thing that affected our journey South.

We feel so extremely fortunate to still have everything and feel for those who have lost families, friends, stock and homes/property.

Kay Dee
  • 26th Dec 2019 07:47pm

I am lucky to have 3 weeks off this year. I am spending time with family and catching up with friends. I also plan to do those jobs around the house that get put off through the year - spring cleaning, tidying pantry/garage, extra gardening, bulk cooking for freezer and for family etc. And some 'me' time, relaxing and enjoying a pub meal. Am sooo looking forward to the decent break.

  • 23rd Dec 2019 12:21pm

We go on a week's holiday down to the Murray River as a group of about 30. We travel with friends from our sports club as the hubbies/mates all play in a sports festival during that week. This will be our 6th year doing this trip. On the morning that we leave, we book for the following year- that's how much we enjoy it.

The rest of the school holidays will include a couple of overnight trips for hubby and I as we are going to see Cold Chisel.
We will also do some day trips (if the fires have been put out or it's safe to travel to our favourite areas again), probably go to the movies a few times (they're all getting movie vouchers from extended family this year we've been told) and a few visits to my Mum who will be at home recovering from her very recent breast cancer operation.

The fires around the Blue Mountains/Hawkesbury have not directly impacted us (we are safe here, less than an hour's drive away), but it has meant we are not able to travel to those areas at the moment mostly due to the smoke.
The fires in Camden/Bargo region may possibly affect our trip south but we are keeping an eye on that too. We will just have to take detours if safe enough.

  • 20th Dec 2019 01:47pm

We usually go away for a break and try to go before the HSC finishes which is after Uni breaks for the year making it perfect for us. This year we were away when the bushfires near us grew out of control, eventually burning over 60 homes in our area so there are still many homeless families here for Christmas making it a sombre town with many of the usual celebrations being cancelled and the focus being on raising money for those affected. Quite a few good friends have lost their homes and livelihoods and its hard to start again at 65-70 years old when you have a rural property that has been devastated. We were lucky but the friend who was house and pet sitting for us had to evacuate twice with our giant Irish Wolfhound. We were a long way away in Port Douglas at the time so we had to cut our holiday short and get home. We had very little water left by the time we got home and had to wait four weeks for a delivery, we are only on rainwater tank. There is still ash and embers falling and the fire is still burning so we won't be going anywhere for quite a while until we feel it is safe. Its been an horrific season and I am looking forward to a day without smoke and seeing blue sky again. My adult children are hopefully going to be joining us for the Xmas/New Year break but once again its going to depend on road closures as I just received another notification of a fire near my son's home in Inverell. We have already had road closures between us all that has affected us, my son had to travel an extra 3 hours to go around the fires after coming down to help us, and my daughter had to detour around the Bees Nest fires at the very start of the bushfire season. Still we are better off than many, we still have a home and our lives. What has annoyed me is how the real death toll has not been given as I personally know of two people who died, one who rolled his car at a burnt out bridge trying to escape the fire and another who shot himself because he thought he was going to burn. Another is still in hospital fighting for his life. Why is this happening. We need help to get these fires OUT.

  • 20th Dec 2019 08:15am

What a traumatic year this has been with my cancer diagnosis and successful operation, family worries, non stop bush fires around us but I am so grateful to still be here for Christmas. We will just be going to our eldest daughter in Brisbane for Christmas Day with whichever grandson and partner can make it between commitments to "in laws" . However immediately in the New Year I am returning to my beautiful Balinese village where I have so many lovely friends and the little volunteer kindy and school I have supported for 12 years. I don't know how much longer I can fundraise, collect clothing, school and sporting equipment or provide financial help for these precious little ones, too poor to attend a Government school. My Balinese friends teach them English Bahasa, Maths and Cultural studies including Balinese dancing. Now every second weekend they go out to clean up beaches, temples and villages and recycle whatever they can. It is incredible what they learn to make out of plastic, glass, wood and metal. This trip I am taking some pick-up tongs and gloves along with clothing, books, pens , pencils, crayons and soccer boots. The joy on my little ones faces will make this the best holiday I could ever have along with the generous sharing of meals with families who have so little but never complain. To add to my excitement my other daughter is flying out from the uk to join me as she has never been to my special village in the 'Real Bali" away from the crowded, noisy tourist spots.

  • 20th Dec 2019 07:59am

Because my children and grandchildren are all grown and scattered around the world or committed to visiting 'in-laws' our Christmas this year will be a gathering at my eldest daughter's home in Brisbane for just Christmas Day with however can make it. As 2019 has been a traumatic year for me health wise I am going back to my beautiful second home, a Balinese village immediately in the New Year to take more supplies and equipment to a little volunteer school which I sponsor through fundraising and donations run by Balinese friends for children too poor to attend Government School. They learn English, Bahasa, Maths and Balinese cultural studies including dance. They have also begun a marvellous recycling project and clean up beaches, villages and temples and learn how to separate and make things from recycled materials. This year I am taking lots of pick-up tongs and gloves to protect them as well as clothing, books, pencils and educational games. My own clothing all goes in one carry on back pack! I just love the Balinese people, the beautiful children and families I have got to know so well over 12 years. This will be my perfect pick-up holiday especially now as my daughter in the UK announced she is flying out to join me there.

  • 19th Dec 2019 12:08pm

The summer period between Christmas and the new year is pretty much the only time we get a chance for a longer than a two day break as we both work, my wife as a dental technician [dentists usually close until about January 3] and I teaching dance in various forms.
WE're not worried that it's hot because wherever we are it will be hot. We pack a heap of food, water and alcohol into our caravan and head south from Perth to Dingup!
Okay, I hear you. Where's Dingup? Well, it's a little hamlet which used to be part of a timber milling boom in the 1960's and earlier. it's just outside the town of Manjimup, in the middle of the forest. There are a couple of houses around, plus an old church and it has it's own 'social centre' with a disused tennis court and football/cricket oval, now nearly overgrown with grass and it has a hall with toilets which is used on a regular basis for dance nights!
Our reason for heading there, apart from the peaceful solitude, is that every New Years Eve, approximately 20 to 30 caravans and about 30 cars converge on the site for an old time dance night to bring in the new year in style. Everyone dresses up and the dancing goes on until at least 1 am.
Did I mention that this hall has the best ever floor for dancing? Well, it has. The hall was originally built in the early 1900s and was restored in 1952. It was recently restumped, being all timber and is maintained by local volunteers.
From the front entrance, the hall has the old box office, then inside is the absolutely smooth jarrah floor, untreated - never seen wax or varnish or polish, although it has certainly seen the occasional spilt wine and beer. Right in front of you at the opposite end of the hall is a large stage across the width of the hall and around the edges is a raised timber platform which rise further into timber seating. Talk about original!
The next morning, everyone gathers back at the hall kitchen for a communal breakfast before most move on to their next camping destination. We, however, stay for another three or four days to enjoy the nearby beaches, the town facilities of Manjimup and even some four-wheel driving through D'Entrecasteaux National Park which is not too far away.
Finally, about a third of the way into January, we reluctantly head back home to Perth

  • 19th Dec 2019 07:28am

I really don't like being away from home. It's not relaxing for me to be in an unfamiliar place paying premium prices, so I just sit at home and talk to the computer, same as Winter, Spring and Autumn.

  • 19th Dec 2019 01:34am

IMO summer is not the time to be going away on holidays, unless you have no choice. Travelling by road is a joke, flight tickets and accommodation are at a premium cost, the ques are longer and the pace is hectic. My preferred time to travel is when the majority of people are at work. :)
Summer holiday plans for me involve hanging out/catching up with friends and family.

  • 19th Dec 2019 01:09am

After a hectic year building our retirement house and moving in, followed by assisting elderly parents through some trying times, we plan on doing not very much these summer holidays. Some chill time with just the 2 of us either at the beach, maybe a few rounds of golf. Just some us time to recharge the batteries!

  • 18th Dec 2019 06:39pm

This time of the year many places are very crowded and more expensive with the roads being busy with weekend type of drivers, so I prefer to stay at home and rest and do some long awaited chores around the house like mending, tidying up the garden, doing a clean up of cupboards and the sort of jobs I would not find time to do during the year.I find it quite refeshing to complete tasks like this and satisfying to finish them. Such a short time to have a holiday means there would be too much rushing and I prefer to take my time.

  • 18th Dec 2019 06:33pm

As a small business owner ,no holidays for me .We are however having family from interstate staying so will spend as much time as I can with them

  • 18th Dec 2019 06:26pm

Yes, I have a plan to visit my family in perth, where my whole extended family there. It is in Perth suburbs, we are flying to Perth on 24.12.19 to stay with our big family for one week. We will celebrate with X'mas tree and old and young relatives over there. there will be full of festive mood. We cooked there Indian food, Chinese and aussie food too. there will be butter chicken, fish curry with boiled basmati rice and veges with chutney. That's Indain food.
Next day will be chinese food eg. chinese nuddles, chicken with veges, and fish fry in an chinese style.
On the next week will be Aussie style eg. BBQ chicken, fried fish i.e. Barramundi, chicken with bbq or sweet and sour sauce.
In conclusion, there will be big X'mas festival in our Perth Suburbs. I think, we will enjoy a lot.

  • 18th Dec 2019 05:28pm

We live by the water and enjoy lots of happy times sailing to peaceful spots where we often have a picnic lunch, it's a great family activity to enjoy nature. The wind this year has meant that days out on the water have been limited, but hopefully the summer will settle and we will enjoy lots of "on the water" activities. We also like a picnic or a lunch at a cafe in country areas, and while there often have a walk through the bush or along a beach. Holidaying in our campervan is something we enjoy as well, and National Parks are most often our destination. This summer with the severe risk of bush fires we will be keeping away from National Parks that have single road access, especially for overnight stays. We will still enjoy the summer because there are lots of activities if you care to look!

  • 18th Dec 2019 05:14pm

Usually i stay home and living in Qld i may swelter this year. No traditions over Christmas time as it is too commercialised. No not at all.

  • 18th Dec 2019 05:07pm

We usually stay at home for the summer holidays! We spend time at the beach, with friends and dining out. This year we will be on Sydney Harbour on Boxing Day to watch the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

We prefer to go away at other times of the year - preferably when it's less crowded and outside of school holidays!

  • 18th Dec 2019 04:46pm

Things have changed a lot over the years. As a kid we slogged it out at school and finally classes would finish for the year. The days were long and hot and we had so much fun riding our bikes and playing in the park at Fairfield. I don’t remember ever going away as a kid.

I went flatting at 18 and it was a case of being the youngest in the office so did not get holidays at Christmas time as the others got first dibs for days off. Over the years I have worked through nearly every day so the concept of summer holidays had no meaning.

Nowadays every day is a holiday but I never go away. The last real holiday I had was ten years ago and the previous one fifteen years ago.

  • 18th Dec 2019 03:06pm

I will be doing a lot of swimming , and am really looking forward to going to Albury to visit my daughter and grandsons as I have not seen them for a year and I miss them dreadfully.

  • 18th Dec 2019 02:51pm

My summer holiday plans are to have Christmas dinner(lunch)with my daughter, then Christmas tae at my sister place. A few days later we will depart to our sons place in Victor Harbor for a few days.

  • 18th Dec 2019 02:50pm

When we still had children at home we always went away over the holidays but now it is just the two of us we would rather holiday at a different time of the year. We will still do all the usual things over Christmas with the family and we are really looking forward to that family time. I have a special birthday in early January so we are having a lunch for that occasion with our extended family at my husbands tennis club at Kooyong. Other than that we will go to the Australian Open tennis for the day and perhaps if the weather is cooler we will take a few day trips. It will also be a good time to relax and read books if the weather is hot and watch some of the tennis on TV..

  • 18th Dec 2019 02:47pm

Off to Toowoomba visit my mum. she's not well, memory failing and not very able to get around anymore. So my wife and I help her out by doing gardening and household chores while we're there. 2 weeks usually. Catch up with all the relatives, which is great. We live rural 6 hours north of Toowoomba, near Bundaberg. I just worry about the plants and my vegies while we're away as they don't get watered at all, so am praying for rain.

  • 18th Dec 2019 02:24pm

this summer my plans are just to survive the heatwave,bushfires dust storms and the smoke from the bushfires and pretty much stuck indoors because of health concerns,Australia a land of sweeping plains the poem doesn't mention bushfires,bushfire smoke and dust storms

  • 18th Dec 2019 02:11pm

Nothing much at all. I like to spend the Xmas season with family and friends. Every Xmas day we have a get-together at my daughter's place with her-inlaws and

I have no particular plans for the summer holidays other than on Christmas Day and Boxing Day I spend time at my daughter's place with her family and her in-laws

  • 18th Dec 2019 01:46pm

I don't remember. What a holiday is. Although I go home to visit my mum once a year it's not what I would call a holiday. I go home to Qld. From the west to do all the the things that need doing. Pruning digging. Painting. Moving things. Etc cooking. Sorting. This way. My brother has a rest. And so does my mum. I usually do Christmas at mine. Every year but now my daughters and son are married. Some of the load is carried. This year all the men have to work or are on call. For christmas so it's going to be a quiet one. I had considered. Doing a retro day when my hubby and I were first married. We used to have a champagne and chicken breakfast to start our. Day could be fun. I have for the last. 30+ years I. Have been making goodies. For gifting to our closest family and friends. My daughters and son give one to the inlaws as well. As a thankyou for the things they do throughout the year I also like to. Give 3 of my neighbours a goodie gift. As well. One is. A young chap who helps. A few people in the street he knows the yard. One is a blind guy. I like to take shopping and one is a hard working aboriginal woman. Who does it tough. Looking after her adult daughter and grand children she is a legend she also has her mum stay on weekends. Sometimes when he family come over. I don't know how she makes everyone fit in her 2 bedroom unit. Im a bit old school when it comes to looking out for people I was a country gal once . This year. I will be doing a family get-together on new year. Hope it is not too hot at the end of the day Christmas is about sharing the love. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy healthy and prosperous new year to you all stay safe if you are traveling.

  • 18th Dec 2019 01:39pm

We don,t often do this but this year we are off on a cruise, and I am looking forward to it very much. We live quite near the bush fires here in the north of Perth WA and feel very sorry for the people that will have had a very big impact on.

  • 18th Dec 2019 01:38pm

Won't be going anywhere this year - the weather is too unpredictable

  • 18th Dec 2019 01:38pm

The last few years have followed a theme of spending Christmas at home with my sister, my partner, and neighbours who seem to have no-one else, and nowhere else to go. Unfortunately (for me) it continues in the tradition of a baked meal (tried cold salads etc... but that got a definite "No" from the attendees). Then of course the visitors arrive, and despite the copious amount of food and libations announce they have already had their meals, so couldn't eat an ounce more. More presents to open! Then it's the joys of the washing up.

  • 18th Dec 2019 01:33pm

Yes, off to see the relies, every Xmas we do the pilgramidge to Toowoomba. Only a 6 hour drive away. Stay for a couple of weeks. Visit all the relies that live close. Help out with gardening and chores around the house for my mother, who is getting on and not very agile anymore. Then worry about how things are going on at home, plants being dry and no water, hoping it'll rain? Other than that, that's it in a nutshell.

  • 18th Dec 2019 01:31pm

Every year I always catch up with all my family in Brisbane & the Gold Coast.This time I am working over the Xmas break so some of them are staying with me. Not all are coming thank goodness,but can always chat on the others in Qld.
Merry Christmas to you all !!!

  • 18th Dec 2019 01:30pm

Usually we dont go away for the summer holidays as my husband was self employed and these were his busiest time.Unfortunately with my husbands eyesight deterioting we have had to sell the business and i both on pensions.we will take days trips with our daughter and little grand daughter on a train to go into Circular quay.

  • 18th Dec 2019 01:05pm

I'll be staying close to home because of the bush fires this year. They were about 2 klms away at one stage. I've had my house burn down in 1994 and don't want to go through that again. Also my dad passed away in January and my brother wants to sell the farm from under us, so I think it's best to stick around. We're hoping to buy him out!

  • 18th Dec 2019 06:20am

usually just stay home. roads are too much trouble at that time of year.

  • 18th Dec 2019 12:31am

Usually we try to get to see our grand kids but it's hard to plan when it suits everyone. We are not going anywhere until the bush fire danger is over as we had a close call last week when some stupid kids let off fireworks into the bush next door. So we are staying home for the summer and maybe go away in autumn or winter ,as the bush is too close to our house.Too risky.

  • 17th Dec 2019 06:32pm

We tend to have Christmas at home and a few days later we head to my parent's place for a little break as we are in the city/suburbs and they are lucky to live near the beach. It's a great chance to unwind, destress and catch up with family as well. My sister and her little girl live close by, so we enjoy morning strolls along the beach followed by coffee and toast at her place many mornings.

We always help out with food and cooking, so mum and dad also get a chance to relax a little and aren't expected to wait on us hand and foot.

This year has been a very unusual one in that hubby was working on contract, and away from home a lot, and suddenly found himself out of work, for almost 3 months, and now finds that the company he's currently employed with are shutting down contract staff for 3 weeks. This was a surprise to us as he had been told he was working right up to Christmas and could return in the first week of January! Fortunately we have been very frugal since this less stable work arrangement started for him, so if we keep life to the basics, then we do have savings to get us through. But I would hate to think if we had not been sensible during this last year, especially after the long period he was without work.

I have been looking for work, but as a sahm for a number of years now, I find that I am in competition with people already in the workforce and applying for jobs sometimes sees 300+ applicants for the one position! So that hasn't been fruitful as yet.

Although the area we are visiting has been hit quite hard with fires recently, unless there are road closures or the fires flare again, we will be heading up regardless. I grew up in bushfire zones, so I am accustomed to the ebb and flow of it all and also know that there has been a lot of scare mongering amongst the media with regard to many of these events. People, as always need to have plans and be prepared but a lot of people have been unnecessarily fearful too. If you live in a bush area then it's something you need to anticipate, but cool heads are more capable of rational and appropriate decision making. Many areas that are burning currently are far from habitation and some will continue to burn for weeks, the smoke and pollution the reminders that undergrowth has been neglected for too long in some areas, that we are in drought and that humans are not always in control!

In spite of restricted finances, I am really looking forward to Christmas and our little trip up the coast. Spending time together, long walks on the beach, a little sun, sand, surf and just enjoying the simple things in life. Appreciating how fortunate we are compared to so many others. <3

  • 17th Dec 2019 06:30pm

This summer holiday is going to be a special one for me
I am planning to meet my grandmother during this summer holiday
It’s been 2 years since I met her
I miss her and she is waiting for me with a special gift
I am very eager to spend my holiday with my grandmother

  • 17th Dec 2019 04:43pm

Our kids are 23 & 21 and so they go away with friends. We don't go away during this time of the year as it's too hot and we can't afford it at the moment.
Two years ago we did go to New Zealand for the first time at the beginning of December. We went to the North Island and stayed with friends for 3 nights, then hired a car. We drove to Coromandel, which was beautiful along the coastline. We also visited Rotorua, which was amazing, albeit one the strangest places that I've ever visited! The weather was perfect for the whole week, around the mid 20's.
If finances allowed, we would definitely want to go to NZ again early December as the climate isn't as harsh as SA at this time of the year and we'd love to tour more, including South Island.

  • 17th Dec 2019 03:47pm

Travel as much as I can. It is the one of those things that makes me abundant, in experiences. Travelling is the greatest form of leisurely activity to destress and to discover something new. When I travel, I come across this new feeling, this new level of curiosity, excitement and nervousness. It is the only thing that makes me believe that this world is the most beautiful place.

  • 17th Dec 2019 02:53pm

Perhaps i am not into the politically correct world but i class them as Christmas new year hols. Being the only one left in the home town i go away for the Christmas days to catch up with other family. Bit different this year as my friend has shouted me a belated b/day ( late Nov ) Christmas surprize outing that is booked for 20th so i will be going away a little earlier than usual. Fires haven't impacted out here and Qantaslink is our carrier would be a worry if you had booked with jetstar though.

  • 17th Dec 2019 01:38pm

Firstly, your website is not user friendly?
Secondly. My Christmas and New Year will be devoted to my son. He lives in WA, I live in Qld, I haven’t seen him for nearly 18 months (various obstacles). I’ll be making Christmas and New Year one to remember, lots of ‘our’ time.

  • 17th Dec 2019 01:37pm

Firstly, your website is not user friendly?
Secondly. My Christmas and New Year will be devoted to my son. He lives in WA, I live in Qld, I haven’t seen him for nearly 18 months (various obstacles)
. I’ll be making Christmas and New Year one to remember, lots of ‘our’ time.

  • 17th Dec 2019 12:53pm

Can't afford to go on holidays, and if I did I would not go over the summer, too hot for me and I prefer less crowded places. I live at the beach so we have an invasion over the summer, so holiday mode come to me. I avoid the crowds by going to the beach later in the day when everyone goes home for dinner, plus it is too hot for me during the day so I stay inside. We have never had any tradition, although when I was a kid we lived inland so my parents would book a couple of weeks at the beach during the school holidays. I remember one year it rained for about half of it, so we were quite bored. I avoid going to bush fire prone areas all year round. Even though I would love to head to the mountains for cool air it scares me to think a bush fire could erupt at anytime. But we need to fix the electricity grid issue that cause some fires and have harder penalties for fire bugs.

  • 17th Dec 2019 01:31pm
Can't afford to go on holidays, and if I did I would not go over the summer, too hot for me and I prefer less crowded places. I live at the beach so we have an invasion over the summer, so holiday...

great about the harsher penalties for fire bugs. i understand there are some who have a mental issue over lighting fires but so far 52 people have been charged with lighting fires and one guy did it to backburn to save his cannabis plants!

  • 17th Dec 2019 12:32pm

Don't go on holidays at this time of year since I don't have children. I go outside of school holidays when I do go. This year I'm hosting my nephew for Xmas & New Year.

lazza larder
  • 17th Dec 2019 11:44am

Unfortunately this year im staying at home and have to work through the holidays.
But going to be hot so there will be plenty of time spent in our pool, best investment ever.

  • 17th Dec 2019 11:36am

I usually go to the beach and laze around the house but this year I am going off at a tangent. I live one house over from a green belt that the Greenies wont let anyone backburn and it is just waiting to go up. So i have got the neighbours together and we have lobbied the local council and fire brigade and after the fire season is over it has been earmarked to be cleared out by a controlled burn. I am also volunteering for the local fire brigade to help out with other fires this Summer

  • 17th Dec 2019 12:55pm
I usually go to the beach and laze around the house but this year I am going off at a tangent. I live one house over from a green belt that the Greenies wont let anyone backburn and it is just...

You can stop blaming the greenies and get your facts right, it is more about Government funding, the firies cannot even afford face masks and do not have the man power to do all the back burning. And just the other day a back burn went out of control because of lack of man power and leaving it too late to back burn.

  • 17th Dec 2019 11:29am

Summer means lazy days around the pool with lots of drinks, I enjoy to have a glass of bubbly and take a dip. Also it’s warm in the evening which I love. One day I will take my children on holiday in Australia. There is so much rugged country to see. For now we enjoy to do very little when holidays come around. Wishing all Cafe Studies members a Merry Christmas.

  • 17th Dec 2019 11:13am

We usually enjoy the summer holiday at home. Just enjoying the visits from our children and their dogs. We often travel in SA in the cooler months.

  • 17th Dec 2019 10:20am

Let's be honest - summer holidays are the best because these include the Festive Season celebrations and all the beauties that come along with it. For most of us, Christmas time is all about traditions — doing those things you've done every year, evoking feelings of nostalgia and cherish every memory. And of course the relaxing time when kids are at home, screaming out loud - we want to have fun! There are lots of things that we as a family planned to enjoy the end of 2019 year and to welcome 2020 in our lives. We will stick to the traditional visit to Crown Melbourne to have our family photos taken and then have day trips down to Mornington Peninsula and Sorrento. We will visit Peninsula Hot Springs and the surroundings. Bushfire impacted our plans, because earlier in the year we were thinking to drive up to Blue Mountains in NSW but quickly dropped this idea due to recent events. Wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2020 Year ahead! Enjoy your holidays everyone!

  • 17th Dec 2019 08:54am

Spending time with family and friends due to a busy year we like to break away from the world go camping no technology and enjoy each others company

  • 16th Dec 2019 10:25pm

My wife and I are going to spend our Christmas and New Year over a freezing temperature in Russia. Perhaps this is the best time to escape the bushfire smoke but seriously to experience a real cold white Christmas that we never have a chance to experience back home. The interesting thing about the Russian Christmas is that they celebrate the New Year first before Christmas due to their religious belief culture. So we are going to celebrate "two" Chrsitmas. This is also our first ever to experience that. :)

Ellie 30656027
  • 16th Dec 2019 08:23pm

Sleep relax and prepare for Christmas. Christmas lunch is our tradition with the family. No impact knock on wood.

  • 16th Dec 2019 07:04pm

We usually head to a somewhere local in Australia for a week holiday.
This year we are heading to Kangaroo Island. The recent natural events dont impact it unless I cant go because normally I book a fair bit in advance, and unfortunately I dont have a crystal ball and dont know that these events are going to happen. I also think the places that get impacted need support financially to get back on their feet, so embrace travellers to spend much needed money to invest back into the community.

  • 16th Dec 2019 06:36pm

Until last year there were no such thing as summer holidays in this household (hubby got Christmas Day and Boxing Day and NY day and that was it - holidays were given to those with kids on school holidays and the childless had to take them at other times of the year), but now hubby's company have a mandatory shutdown for ten days, the hubby and I simply spends as much of it together as we possibly can. We will do a couple of day trips a couple of hours from home for photography purposes, catch up on gaming and jigsaws and perhaps hold a barbecue or two. Anything except think of work and bills and mundane crap like that :D

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