Worse job you've ever had.

I think for me my worst job would be my very first one. It was in a tobacconist/barbers run by Greeks and frequented by the same. They all talked in that language and I didn't so made things very hard. Needless to say I didn't last long. Reply

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Posted by: tuyet_tran
Posted: 21st Nov 2019

tuyet_tran says: I couldnt say that Ive had any bad jobs in my life but the most challenging one would be working for infringements and dealing with irate and complaining customers all day. Literally have to be mentally ready to start my day. Reply


Posted by: Dragi
Posted: 4th Dec 2019

Dragi says: Thanks god I was not employed by McDonlads when I started. Yes that would have mentally challenged me. Reply


Posted by: jaylee215
Posted: 29th Nov 2019

jaylee215 says: Probably McDonald’s. I started there when I was only 14 and quit after about 7 years. I’ve had several jobs since then but have never been abused by customers so bad and so often as when I worked there. To this day it amazes me that adults would hurl such abuse at a high school student just because their $2 cheeseburger wasn’t to their liking. Reply

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