Xmas traditions.

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you follow? We buy a Hallmark Christmas keepsake for the boys to put on our tree. We have been doing this since they were born and now have a great collection. They are 24 and 26. They pick one they like each year. My eldest usually goes the Father Christmas' from around the world and my youngest picks the hot cars Reply

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Posted by: Ashash
Posted: 30th Nov 2019

Ashash says: I'm trying to be more minimal and eco friendly this year. I asked anyone that is giftgiving for them to give experiences or things of actual use to me Reply


Posted by: annie
Posted: 7th Dec 2019

annie says: we always try to buy a real Christmas tree as they make the house smell lovely Reply


Posted by: Debbie
Posted: 21st Nov 2019

Debbie says: My children are now all in their twenties but we still get up early Christmas morning, or boxing day whichever one our Family Christmas falls, and sit around the tree to swap presents. Usually the person giving out has to wear the Santa Hat. We also have to have Ham on toast for breakfast, though not for those who may be vegetarian :) Reply

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