Im interested in your hobby

Im interested in your interests i.e. Hobbies, Creative side. OR what you love in your life at this moment. Reply

    Last reply: 4th Dec 2019 / 3 replies / Post by Keerah1

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Posted by: Dragi
Posted: 4th Dec 2019

Dragi says: Watching TV series and reading.
Both take me to my other life :) Reply


Posted by: Keerah1
Posted: 20th Nov 2019

Keerah1 says: I make jewellery, I do Pendulum readings, surveys online and starting hand healing. All going well. As i need variety in my life. xx Reply


Posted by: gtdeb
Posted: 21st Nov 2019

gtdeb says: i like crocheting,knitting plus sew etc Reply

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