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Do sales influence when you start your festive season shopping?

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Posted by: Cafestudy Admin

8th Nov 2019 02:02pm

How early is too early for Christmas shopping? Are you a planner or a last minuter? Do you take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, even Boxing Day sales, to purchase your Xmas loot? Do the sales encourage you to buy?

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  • 4th Nov 2021 07:48pm

Happily, I don't need to bother with it.

  • 29th Nov 2019 10:33pm

I’ve just spent a good half hour unsubscribing to newsletters as my inbox has been inundated with sales notices these past few days. It’s hard not to be tempted when all the brands you love (selling what I really don’t need) are offering big discounts (30% off or more)! So the best that I can do is to stop those emails so I am tempted less!
It’s particularly easy to justify purchases at time of the year - and that’s precisely why marketers strategically target consumers during the holidays. I like to think that I can outsmart marketing but who am I kidding I made two late night online purchases on items ‘I’ve had my eyes on’!
We’ve tried to make Christmas less about gifting and more about quality family time, however there is a genuine desire to exchange gifts as a token of appreciation and signal the end of another year. To combat the temptations and yield to my passion for shopping (finding bargains it’s a type of sport for me!) I have taken to shopping with a conscience in a big way. It’s a lot easier now to practice being a conscious shopper with so many more options of stores that are ethical and stock ethically. Usual items such as reusable or upcycled goods make great gifts and so are low-tox alternatives. Last year I used Christmas to introduce my family to beeswax wraps and bamboo toothbrushes and ‘green’ cosmetics which was rewarding and fun. I also love to support local makers so I shop on Etsy or markets. This year i have been following a similar shopping pattern. The hardest to shop for are my kids (a tween and a new teen). Their Wishlists are still very commercially driven. To satisfy this I do turn to department stores or large online stores for toys, books, clothes and sporting goods. Where possible I try to shop local even if it costs a little more.
Yes I have definitely been lured by these pre Christmas sales convinced that I am getting a good deal. However I am trying to make some amends by being more selective about who I give my dollars to (stores with a moral responsibility and sustainability mission - B corp certified and small businesses) and what I purchase (reusable, recycled, handmade). Taking myself off subscription lists is another small way to curb my old ways of shopping.
As for my shopping habit, you can say I’m a planner in that I shop in advance but that is only partially true in that I am a frequent shopper. As I become more time poor with life commitments I no longer enjoy crushing crowds so that’s another big incentive to shop early (and online). The decline in customer service instore has meant that there’s not much to get me out to physical stores - there are a few big name exceptions that still consistently provide customer service (Aesop, T2, Country Road Gorman to name a few) but apart from these handful that I enjoy visiting in store, the only other ones I frequent are local businesses. The guilt with online shopping is in packaging and the delivery, so I do try to do in store pick ups or carbon offset.
In conclusion the joy of shopping is from buying items you want rather than need - that’s where the dopamine rush comes from - sales and discounts feeds that so there’s no respite for a hopeless shopaholic (like me) from it! The best compensation is to become more discerning in where and what to shop.

  • 29th Nov 2019 03:42pm

Sales aren't the main influence for me when it comes to Christmas shopping but it does help. As we 'speak' I'm doing the Black Friday thing for the first time ever in the hope of finding just the 'right thing' for people on my list and if I save money in the process then that's great. I don't think there is such a thing as starting Christmas shopping too early - in previous years I've started during the Boxing Day Sales. The ideal way for me to shop throughout the year is to list the people I'm buying for and write potential gift ideas beside their name. That way if I see one or more of the items listed during a sale/clearance I get a bargain and there's no stress by the time that Christmas is near. It also works for birthday presents.

  • 29th Nov 2019 09:16am

I think ‘too early’ is when people go to the Boxing Day sales and start purchasing gifts for the following Christmas. The last thing I want to think about once Christmas is over is planning the next one. I know a lot of people don’t like when shops start stocking Christmas-themed products too early but it’s never really bothered me much. Seeing them in store doesn’t encourage me to buy any earlier than I currently do. I am definitely an extreme ‘last minuter’. I’ve even bought presents for people before on Christmas Day as I’m on my way to the family Christmas party. The main reasons I do this is because I’m just disorganised, I don’t have a huge amount of people to buy for and I’ve found in the past that I tend to overspend if I plan ahead. I’ve never bought anything on Black Friday and I’d never even heard of Cyber Monday until this morning actually. The four day Black Friday sales seem to have been advertised a lot more this year and I had no idea the savings are as high as 70% at some stores with many stores offering the savings store-wide. I probably won’t take advantage of them this year because I’ve already blown my budget for the fortnight and it’s still too early for me to start my Christmas shopping. Sales don’t encourage me to buy. A relative once said to me ‘sales items are just the stuff leftover that nobody else wants’ and that’s always stuck in my mind. Plus, I’m on a lower income and am more of a saver than a spender. I’d rather spend my spare cash on experiences like restaurants or travel than ‘stuff’.

  • 29th Nov 2019 04:05am

I try to buy what I can when they are on sale through the year. With 5 grandchildren and 8 nieces and nephews to buy for at Christmas time it makes it hard. 4 of my grandchildrens birthdays are close to Christmas as well. I have just sat up until midnight to get some of the items in the black Friday sales. So NO it's never too early to buy.

  • 29th Nov 2019 01:58am

No, sales don't usually influence me and I won't buy presents on boxing day, or during the year for the following Christmas. Depending on the type of present, some can be out of date in just a year or a child you bought a toy for may have outgrown it or enjoy different hobbies etc in 12 short months plus you have to find a place to store them. I make a list in my diary at the beginning of November as a reminder its getting close to Christmas and start buying at my leisure towards the end of the month whenever I'm at the shops and by the 2nd week of December I'm done. Cheers and Merry Christmas to all.

  • 28th Nov 2019 11:33pm

It's never too early to do Christmas shopping! If I see something that I think a loved one will like and the price is good I will buy it no matter what time of year. But I do try and buy on when Sales are on wherever possible to save money. But the fact that there are Sales on will not encourage me to buy unless I see something that I know will be appreciated. I definitely don't buy just because there are Sales on and stuff is cheap - that isn't a good enough reason. And I have a really tight budget like lots of other people.

  • 28th Nov 2019 10:31pm

I like to plan but mostly end up being a last minuter for some gifts. I buy some things through the year if I see it at a good price so it is never too early to shop for Christmas. I always prefer to buy at sales but they don't encourage me to buy. I cannot really afford to just buy at sales but if I do wait to see if a product I need is at a good sale price.

  • 28th Nov 2019 09:46pm

Yes definitely, I try and get all my shopping done in the sales so I get more bang for my Christmas dollar. It helps me save money that I try to hold onto (well, until the next lot of sales).

Ellie 30656027
  • 28th Nov 2019 07:56pm

Not at all. If you find something on sale throughout the year then it might be a good present. So nothing is too early. I’m spontaneous but don’t plan. Never shopped at Black Friday or cyber Monday or Boxing Day.

  • 28th Nov 2019 07:17pm

I think it would be wise to shop all year so you don't blow the budget shopping all at once. I don't celebrate Christmas so I don't need to plan, but if I did, then I would buy during the year. I don't really pay attention to the major sale days unless I need something.

  • 28th Nov 2019 07:01pm

Yes it does, I start at the Boxing Day Sales & Purchase during Sales throughout the year, that way I can get much better presents at more affordable prices.

  • 28th Nov 2019 06:57pm

It's never too early to start shopping - well maybe boxing day is too early! I have my own 6 kids to buy for plus so many nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters parents etc. I pick up stuff all year round. I do buy stuff on Black Friday sales. Sometimes there are specific things I've been waiting to come on sale and most stuff will on Black Friday. It also prompts me to buy things I hadn't planned on buying but can't resist such a good sale. I'm not sure what cyber Monday is or when it happens? Boxing day is the one day I don't shop. I love to relax and continue to enjoy what Christmas was. Christmas is full of consuming and I don't have any need or want to go to the shops boxing day or even shop online. Sales definitely encourage me to buy - I am a very savvy shopper and great at finding bargains for things I need but also cant' resist a great bargain for some of the things I want rather than just need

  • 25th Nov 2019 11:45pm

Never too early to start shopping if you find the perfect gift, but if you don't then sales are a great option. I find that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales seem to be geared up for big spenders, that means you get a really good discount if you were shopping for those items anyway. Not much savings in smaller cheaper items. Sales can be anytime, seems a lot of stores are having regular sales during the year. If I have my eye on something I make sure I know the original price and wait until a sale if I do not need it urgently. I did this with a juicer I bought earlier in the year. I do look at the sales but unless I need something will not buy it just because it is on sale. I don't have that much money to spare.

Jayne Collins
  • 22nd Nov 2019 09:58pm

Sales do not influence my shopping. I won't allow myself to be swayed by marketing that is aimed at sending me out to buy things I neither want nor need. I like to put my own thought into gifts. Admittedly, creativity is not a problem for me, so I rarely have trouble buying gifts for others. I also don't like the commercialism behind such sales. I realise it has its value - it helps the economy and all that - but waiting until sales to buy gifts seems rather cheap to me. Also, what's the point of these Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? They have come out of American holidays, and have no relevance in Australian society. It's time we stopped blindly following American traditions at the drop of a hat.

  • 22nd Nov 2019 05:32pm

Major sales are great for bargains ,whether it be for Christmas gifts or birthdays. I make use of these to save money and its my excuse to get out and be around people. I don't set a budget but nor am I impulsive in my shopping. I make sure i can return my purchases and yes i keep all of my receipts in a folder at home.
I have young children so if i buy clothes I add a bit in sizing so when they get that jumper that i got for a great bargain 3 months ago i know it should fit.
I am a pretty good savvy shopper and i am always pleased with how much i save and can stretch the household budget to.
I only buy things that I know will be used often by others otherwise I see this as a waste of both money, time and resources.
Boxing Day sales always sound good but I look at what is actually on sale because it is often discontinued stock or last years fashion so if i buy it now come Christmas time the "Lucky" recipient wont want to wear it and i will have trouble returning it to a store that marked it down for the express purpose of selling it as it was out of fashion.

  • 22nd Nov 2019 03:24pm

I don't think there's a "set date" for when to do your Christmas shopping. I've known people who like to get in early, especially if they see a good deal, and save it for someone's Christmas gift.

Personally, I'm a last minute shopper, and tend to take advantage of Black Friday and Christmas specials when doing gift shopping.

  • 22nd Nov 2019 01:20pm

Sales influence my shopping for everything all year. I'm not a shopaholic by any means but it's hard enough to earn a wage let alone save anything these days so I watch every penny carefully always have since having a family. So for every week shopping I look at all the specials from my local shops luckily for me all under one roof ,Coles,Woolies,Aldi I make food depending on what's on sale or reduced that week and if there are half price sales buy multiple products so you never have to EVER pay full price again because they always go on regular sales. I look out all year for things I think will be suitable for Christmas and stash them in a cupboard. Usually by the time Christmas comes I have more than 3/4 done. Unfortunately this year between health concerns and time off work making money even tighter I've only just started shopping which is freaking me out a little I must say. So I started looking online and found out I could earn qantas points if I linked my membership number with, with them I registered for Club Catch which gives you a free month of delivery ! I've gotten some toys already sent for the grandchildren and plan on doing more today for the black fri sales which I've never tried before so fingers crossed. I always shopped boxing day sales when I had spare money because once again no full payment if I can avoid it and I'm fine with waiting for things. After Christmas I buy next years wrapping paper and xmas tags etc there are so many ways to save so it will be interesting for me to see how I cope with the last month rush shopping this year. But a conscious decision to get back into my yearly groove in 2020.

  • 22nd Nov 2019 12:32am

I don't think there is such a thing as too early for Christmas shopping. I am both a planner and a last minuter.

I start planning and buying on boxing day for the following Christmas and purchase gifts throughout the year, however it always gets to the last minute and I'm rushing around buying more stuff.

I would like to say that I take advantage of the Australian Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but they are nothing in Australia compared to sales in America. If I can get something really cheap from America with reasonable postage costs that will get here in time for Christmas then I will purchase it from America.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in Australia are fairly ordinary and in reality our Boxing Day sales aren't that great either. A sale to me is a minimum of 50% off. Anything less than that and I'm not getting excited.

Sales definitely do encourage me to buy. But I want to see that % discount with two figures and starting with a 5 before I thaw out the credit card.

  • 21st Nov 2019 03:53pm

i think its never too early to start christmas shopping.
i tend to start at end of financial year sales (so 6 months) to prepare and get all my xmas shopping done as I have so many presents to buy (can get overwhelming if i dont start early).

  • 21st Nov 2019 12:36am

i start when i see things i know will be liked and probably wont be arpund come christmas, sales help but they not everything

  • 20th Nov 2019 09:50pm

I think it's never too early for Christmas shopping. The sooner I start, the better. If that means buying sale stuff in January, then so be it. I guess you could say I'm a planner. I like to make lists so I know exactly what (or have a rough idea) of what I'm buying for everyone. I would never be that person who does their shopping on Christmas eve, for fear that everything that I would want would be sold out. Plus I hate dealing with crowds.

I do take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. And even things like the recent Click Frenzy sale, though I guess that's not really a festive sale. But I figure, the further I can make my dollar stretch, the better. I never buy presents full price if I can help it. I never really buy ANYTHING full price if I can help it (when it comes to actual tangible things). i guess I feel less guilty about buying things (because of the impact on the environment) when I don't pay full price for it? I don't know, I guess I make weird dumb justifications for buying things. So yes, sales definitely encourage me to buy.

  • 20th Nov 2019 08:14pm

Archer says from early November I start thinking and planning for Christmas.Sales do attract my attention especially if they feature catagories that match what I planned for gifts

  • 20th Nov 2019 08:12pm

I start buying for next Xmas at the Boxing Day Sales and then continue through out the year. There's no way I will go into town close to Xmas. People are rude and it just ruins it all for me

. V
  • 20th Nov 2019 07:51pm

no time is too early for xmas shopping if you pick up what you need for bargain prices. This year I am just getting the kids gift cards and not much else.

  • 20th Nov 2019 06:35pm

No sales have no influence on my purchases. I purchase items throughout the year when I see something I think someone will like thats when I get it. I never go to sales before or after Christmas. Most sales have limited items for sale then you only have more expensive items left.

  • 20th Nov 2019 06:29pm

Not really as I don't celebrate Christmas. If there's something I need and it is on sale, then that will influence me.

the rack
  • 20th Nov 2019 06:03pm

Absolutely. That’s a resounding YES from me.

  • 20th Nov 2019 06:00pm

Ideally when it gets to this time of year I wish I’d been more organised and frugal and taken advantage of big sales throughout the year. As it stands now I’m weary at year end and will struggle for motivation and time to complete (or start) my Christmas shopping.

  • 20th Nov 2019 05:53pm

No as I start buying for the next Christmas on the Boxing Day of the previous year. Sales are useful tools for my Christmas shopping but they don't dictate when I shop or what I buy.

  • 20th Nov 2019 05:36pm

I am not made of money so sales are very important to my gift purchasing.
I have a list of all the people I want to buy for.
I purchase gifts throughout the year (starting in January) when they are on sale or are a clearance item. I bring home the gift, wrap it up and put a tag on it and then write next to the person's name on my list what I purchased for them. It is never too early to start purchasing gifts and it is better to spend $30 every few weeks rather than $1000 all at once.
I like to be organised and don't like to have unnecessary stress and Christmas never stresses me because gifts are always done well in advance.

With the money that I save by purchasing clearance or sale items, I donate it to The Wayside Chapel's "Donate a Plate" appeal so that homeless people can be included on Christmas Day. More info here if you are interested It is a great gift for someone that has everything, you can give the relative/friend a certificate that says a homeless person is not lonely today because of them.

I am not a fan of the crowds you get at Christmas. I worked at Kmart for several years and the amount of people who were shopping on Xmas eve was unbelievable! I don't want to miss out on a present for someone so always buy in advance.
TIP FOR ALL: don't turn up at kmart at 8pm on 24 december and expect to purchase a bike and have it assembled for you there and then. It doesn't work that way :D

Merry Christmas in advance to all the Cafe Study staff and members :)

  • 20th Nov 2019 05:22pm

Sales are the best time to buy gifts for either yourself or others as the prices are slashed and you can grab some great deals. However wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as I always score myself the electrical tech bargains. Use the internet to search for great prices and compare products before the Black Friday sales then you know exactly what your looking for and grab the right bargain. Also shop earlier then leaving it last minute for Christmas shopping, this causes more stress and less running around,, Happy shopping all.

  • 20th Nov 2019 05:22pm

Sales are the best time to buy gifts for either yourself or others as the prices are slashed and you can grab some great deals. However wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as I always score myself the electrical tech bargains. Use the internet to search for great prices and compare products before the Black Friday sales then you know exactly what your looking for and grab the right bargain. Also shop earlier then leaving it last minute for Christmas shopping, this causes more stress and less running around,, Happy shopping all.

  • 20th Nov 2019 05:17pm

No not really. If I have a certain product in mind, I will check out to see if the product is on sale but I normally search for the best price anyway.

  • 20th Nov 2019 05:16pm

No not really there are sales during the year I don't shop on boxing day

  • 20th Nov 2019 05:14pm

The only thing that influences when I shop is when hubby gets paid. Full stop. Stores can have all the sales they want, but no money means no purchases...I have no income of my own, so things like AfterPay/ZipPay are out of the question.

  • 16th Nov 2019 08:25pm

It is never too early to start Christmas shopping, whenever I see something that would be the perfect gift from someone I buy it and pick it away til Christmas. I am certainly a planner, I hate being unorganised and will always write down who I need to buy for, ideas to get them and do my homework before going out to the shops so I know exactly where to go. I don't particularly take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Box Day sales, if I see something then I will buy it but I don't go out of my way to shop these sales for my Christmas presents. Sales do encourage me to buy because I always like to get whatever I am buying at the cheapest price.

Kiki Chiki
  • 15th Nov 2019 03:03pm

it doesn't influence me at all. as others below have said, sales are often fake and not real savings at all. i just try to get the best deal for the small amount of presents i do buy. i don't buy much as i don't have many people to buy for.

Allison 31948340
  • 15th Nov 2019 12:41pm

There tends to be sales throughout the whole year so I purchase throughout the year. This for me gives me the item I want at a better price rather than spending all my money in one month leading up to Christmas for gifts.

  • 14th Nov 2019 07:43pm

Sometimes. It depends on how much the discount is.

  • 14th Nov 2019 07:29pm

I dont think there is such as thing as too early definitely such a thing as too late but never too early I find organisation is the key to a stress free and seamless xmas when it comes to presents and food etc sales definitely encourage me to hunt down and buy a bargain which ends up not only saving me money but time as well which is a bonus I love a good sale

  • 14th Nov 2019 06:05pm

Not at all. I tend to buy presents throughout the year when I see stuff at a good price.

  • 14th Nov 2019 04:27pm

How early is too early for Christmas shopping? I don't think it's ever really too early! For example, if you happened to spot a bargain on boxing Day the year before and it was appropriate to keep the gift hidden/ put away until then.. Why not? I think you could potentially also keep your eye on bargaind the whole year, of you wanted to. I think most people tend to buy their gifts in bulk.

Are you a planner or a last minuter? Do you take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, even Boxing Day sales, to purchase your Xmas loot? Yes.. more of a last minute buyer! I'm lazy and wait for the best possible bargains. Having said that, I don't buy many gifts at Christmas..5-10. otherwise I put in for gifts with others.

Do the sales encourage you to buy? Yes, for sure.. But usually for myself! I don't buy many gifts for others online (where lots of good deals are) because they tend to be more expensive items. Cheaper, Smaller items and gift cards are just easier to buy instore. Buying instore means you can find some random super cheap markdownss, and I'm all about the deals. I find out about lots of them from the Ozbargain site!

  • 14th Nov 2019 03:32pm

It’s NEVER too early for Christmas shopping! If you come across something during the year that would be a good Christmas present for someone, then you should just buy it! Then you won’t have to spend as much money all in one month, you won’t be in a rush to choose something and you won’t have to deal with the crazy crowds at the shopping centres. This is excellent advice I received many years ago but have never actually used. I leave it all to the last minute and end up going to the major shopping centres at 3am when they have the 33-hour non-stop trade. Every year I promise that I won’t leave it for future-me to deal with, but I do. I used to work in a book store and we did Boxing Day sales, except it wasn’t really a sale. We just changed the advertisement theme from Christmas sales, to Boxing Day sales, to New Year sales …but none of our books ever went on sale, except for the damaged ones…which were always on sale. Now I have trust issues when it comes to sales…

  • 14th Nov 2019 03:31pm

Yes definitely

aunty gran
  • 9th Nov 2019 12:26pm

Sales do not really influence my shopping prior to the Christmas period but they do throughout the year when l buy all my presents prior to xmas utilising the stock take sales.

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