Mobile phones at schools

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13th Sep 2019 01:07pm

Australia is one of the world leaders in terms of smartphone ownership, with 9 out of every 10 people aged between 18-75 owning a smartphone. It comes as no surprise that mobile phones have become a part of everyday life for children and have transformed the way they communicate, socialise and learn. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 818,500 (1 in every 3) children aged 5 to 14 years have a mobile phone.

Mobile phones can be powerful tools when used in the right manner, whether it be for educational uses with applications such as "Reading Eggs" or "Socrative Student", or for contacting parents/guardians in emergency situations.

"Phones can actually be educational tools to help kids learn by using educational apps."

"Parents want their children to have a mobile phone so the kids can contact their parents to let them know when they're leaving school, or if they run into trouble on the way home."

Unfortunately, the misuse of mobile phone technology in school can be detrimental to student socialisation, productivity and classroom engagement. Issues such as cyberbullying are a main driver behind the banning of mobile phones and parents are also noticing adverse effects in academic development.

"Cyberbullying can be harder to detect than other forms of bullying, making it difficult for teachers to identify and stop when it is happening. Phones can be used by students to access information while taking a test."

"It is affecting their imagination creativity and humanity, they become robots, I want to see kids communicate with each other face to face learn some human skills empathy and real friendships."

Obviously, there are several factors to consider when implementing a mobile phone ban. Primary and secondary aged students require phones for different reasons which means we should address each age group ban differently and whether we should ban them from school completely or allow access during break periods are all key factors. Then there is the question of who should impose the ban - the school, parents or the government.

"My daughter's school banned them being on two years ago....and staff have noticed better socialising at breaks and focus during class also noticeably increased."

"Parents should definitely have some input, but teachers and principals are the ones trying to manage the children during class time so their input should probably carry somewhat more weight."

Advancements in technology are inevitable. If phones are banned, how will students learn how to responsibly use them when reaching adulthood? It is up to us in marketing as to how we foster these changes and allow our students to gain the most out of these advancements both inside and outside the classroom. We are in a great position to use our voice to influence the next generation, who will be the future leaders of our country. Students need to be made aware of how to use their phone responsibly, by monitoring how much time they're spending on their phones and what they're using their phones for. We need to ensure they've received substantial education on cyberbullying and the impacts it has on others. Imposing a ban won't stop secondary students from smuggling their phones into the classroom.

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  • 25th May 2021 04:59pm

A child does not need a mobile phone in the classroom, so if they need one put them away for the day and return them at the end of school day - this is a nonsense thinking kids need a mobile on in the learning room - they just don't and if parents want to ring kids then they can ring the school and take it from there.

Burnt Out Digger
  • 18th Dec 2019 01:45pm

I don't understand why school children have mobile phones with them while they are in class., thus I agree they should be banned in schools

  • 1st Nov 2019 02:13pm

One very simple answer there is absolutely no need for mobiles at schools. It will decrease a number of issues if banned. You need your child for something call the school like in the old days.

  • 1st Nov 2019 12:39pm

WA has just banned phones in schools... Back to the old ways of cheating.

angry mum
  • 24th Oct 2019 12:23pm

We all have to admit mobile phones are a necessity these days including for children. Its up to both parents and teachers to teach children about online bullying happening in and out of school hours. For me personally, my kids have a phone for safety reasons but they have never been allowed to have them turned on in class. The teachers confiscate them and not hand them back until end of school day which is fair enough. And may I point out, its always the same little Johnny that's always responsible for phone going off in class. As for phones during break times, again its up to both parents and teachers to teach children what they can and can't do with their phones. Parents know their child and would have a fair idea as to whether they will do the right thing.

  • 21st Oct 2019 09:55pm

My bias is towards children not having a mobile in school. My friends with children like their kids to have a phone for "safety reasons" but during school hours I can not see why this is necessary.

  • 12th Oct 2019 01:33pm

Its the sign of the times - kids that are old enough should learn the responsibilities of owning and managing a mobile phone. Safety and security come to mind as well if the kid ends up in some kind of scenario unforeseen in the school that they attend.

  • 2nd Oct 2019 05:31pm

These things are a bloody disaster! Kids are fat and lazy! Sucides with pranks of kids usuing the camera as a spy tool. sexy pics being sent. Porn being watched. Its a total disaster! They should be banned til they re 18yo. Also kids are blind from the screen and being stalked 24/7 by big brother! Its a death trap! Burn the dam things!

  • 2nd Oct 2019 11:46am

This is a tricky one. I do think they should be banned at schools. If they need to make an important phone call the children can ask a teacher.

  • 25th Sep 2019 04:25pm

I don't think they should be allowed in Primary schools at all. There's just no need for children of these young ages to NEED a phone, let alone during school hours.

As for high school aged kids. I think phones do have a place but are not needed in all classes nor should they be used around the playground.
I do not believe students should be allowed to take photos or video of others while on school property. Some parents ask for their children's images to NOT be published which is why it's important to respect other family's wishes.

Cyber bullying is something our children learn about from a young age, this should be reinforced throughout school years.

  • 24th Sep 2019 03:17pm

"If phones are banned, how will students learn how to responsibly use them when reaching adulthood?"
Bwahahahahaha. This is the biggest oxymoron.
While I don't beget education at a young age, I'm sure there are some things that can wait.
Especially when certain technology contains multiple functions, many of which provide a distraction from the core activity it is intended.

  • 18th Sep 2019 02:25pm

Most of us are aware of the pros and cons of children having phones. As the author of this topic has stated, without experience using smart phones, how will they learn to use them responsibly? Education is certainly a must around cyberbullying but also around body positivity & the drawbacks of investing their time in social media. We were all young once, I recall thinking my out of touch parents had no idea what they were talking about when it came to online safety in the early 2000s. Individuals who are idolised on social media are the perfect teachers for the drawbacks of the platforms not "out of touch" adults.