Huawei mobile phones

Just wondering what your thoughts are regarding what's happening with Huawei mobile phones.
I just purchased a new Huawei mobile phone in March this year about 4 weeks later, the US decide to ban working with them.
So after the 90 days grace on 19 August 2019, what does this actually mean.
I've just read people are going back into JB hi-fi & demanding refunds.
Becoming quite aggressive towards the staff there, which is unfortunate to read.
I'm not entirely sure what I will do, if I can't access the play store for updates which is what I seem to be reading.
I guess I'll have to buy another phone. I'm certainly not going to JB hi-fi demanding refunds, that's ridiculous in my opinion. It's not their fault. They couldn't have seen this coming.

Anyone else just bought a new Huawei?
Any insights into the situation, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading. Reply

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