For me, my home feels like the home because of family members staying together. Reply

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Posted by: John31614708
Posted: 30th Apr 2019

John31614708 says: My house does not feel like home it is far too large for my requirements and located well away from friends and family. I feel far more comfortable in my vintage caravan which is a fourteen foot van, snug, warm and cosy. Probably time for me to downsizethe house.


Posted by: shelly47
Posted: 30th Apr 2019

shelly47 says: My home feels like our own home because it is full of all our personal things and it is where we feel most comfortable! We always welcome family and friends to visit and or stay with us and it is always an enjoyable time spent here. It still has a sense of belonging to our grown up children and now the grandkids love to come to grandads and nanas house. I am glad that most people who visit us always comment that we have a lovely home.. Reply


Posted by: sheza54
Posted: 30th Apr 2019

sheza54 says: It’s all about the love behind those closed doors, not the fancy furniture. Reply


Posted by: Jojo1
Posted: 30th Apr 2019

Jojo1 says: My home feels like a home because of the people who live in it. Reply


Posted by: margcafe
Posted: 30th Apr 2019

margcafe says: My home is my haven! its a place that my family can relax without the stress of being over populated. My mothers house is her happy place. Reply


Posted by: Billy
Posted: 1st May 2019

Billy says: To me, it is the old story; "Home is where the heart is"..... Having had numerous addresses over the years (in Australia and overseas), I feel it is not the physical features of a place of residence, nor the items that go in it (ie. furniture, etc), but the "other". What is "the other"? My family. Past and present! And, to a certain extent, the surrounding neighborhood. By "neighborhood" I mean the overall environment. So, I guess I agree with what many are saying! Reply


Posted by: ranbaato
Posted: 6th May 2019

ranbaato says: My home ,although not untidy always feels lived in.Everything there is practical and useful and furniture has been bought because we like it and use it, not for any wow factor or effort to keep up appearances.We tidy up the clutter regularly and make sure there's nothing that just isn't needed or necessary.If visitors come they know they will see us just as we are everyday. Reply

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