Snooker world championships

Anyone watching the snooker world championships from the crucible in Sheffield?
If so I know Neil Robertson is playing, almost won 10-0 the other night.
I really like watching Ronnie O'Sullivan. Watched the tournament when he got his 1,000 147. It was an amazing thing to witness, the whole crowd on their feet, even though he beat Neil Robertson, Neil enjoyed it he said. I liked his comment also saying Ronnie is the Roger Federer of the snooker table. He's in the form of his life at the moment, & won over 1 million pounds in prize money this campaign alone, with not competing in every tournament.
Interested in your thoughts?
Any snooker fans on here? Reply

    Last reply: 30th Apr 2019 / 3 replies / Post by 3lions

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Posted by: 3lions
Posted: 30th Apr 2019

3lions says: Umm, not sure why you would reply then? Reply


Posted by: Jojo1
Posted: 30th Apr 2019

Jojo1 says: I do not watch it. Reply


Posted by: 3lions
Posted: 22nd Apr 2019

3lions says: Sorry, 1,000 century breaks not 147's

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