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Where to buy summer dresses?

Beauty, Fashion & Style

Posted by: elfirda31640562

20th Apr 2019 04:37pm

I usually shop the clothing from local shops, but currently due to busy schedule thinking about online shopping. I don’t have an idea of any good women’s clothing stores; someone referred me to use the coupons from for the shopping of clothing at a low rate. Just, wanna know, if anyone has good experience of shopping with these offers. Please refer me some good options, so I shop something good for this season

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  • 4th Apr 2024 05:53pm

Dangerfield and Princess Highway (A Melbourne-based company that Dangerfield also stocks.) Have very pretty dresses and lots of different style options. If you want to get a cute, high-quality cotton or cotton blend dress (WITH POCKETS!) They are the place to look for one. Their dresses usually range anywhere from 80 to 120 but they have sales very frequently and there are outlet and clearance options. You are also paying for something that is not super fast fashion, is designed in Australia and has a good returns policy and range of sizes. So far none of my dresses or other outfits from them have disappointed me in terms of quality and wearability. I know you are mostly planning to look online but if you can go in person their stores are ALWAYS a wonderful time! Friendly staff, lots of things to try on, and they are VERY inclusive if that is a concern for you. I am size 22 non-binary and disabled but they always have made me feel safe and wanted without being pushy or trying to upsell me. Hope this helps and I encourage you (And everyone else) to save up and buy a single, High-quality garment in natural fibres (SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE!) that will last you a long time and can then be easily mended, given away or recycled. Lots of love and I am sure you will look amazing in anything you choose!

  • 24th Apr 2021 12:06pm

I love Glassons, Shein, Asos (but by reading reviews first), and Dotti. I also look at reviews and check sizing for Shein.

  • 7th Feb 2021 12:31am

Cotton On!!!

  • 7th Nov 2020 02:29am

Hey girlie! I use ASOS for shoes and jeans. Some shops for vintage clothing: cheep (found in Aus). I personally love SHEIN because it has a wide range of clothing! It has all fashion styles and it’s definitely one of my faves! Xx

  • 5th Mar 2020 10:39pm

Ally, Glassons, heck go to an opp shop!! Awesome little finds that you can personalise for yourself

  • 31st Jan 2020 10:57am

Guess the challenge is that online shopping gives convenience but you can't get to try dresses on . Sometimes i get carried away with beautiful pic .but have ended with dress that doesn't for me well .. what do u guys think?

  • 23rd May 2019 12:35pm

Asos and Iconic have a wide range of items which are cheap and good quality from decent brands like cotton on! Plus asos has free returns ;)

  • 16th May 2019 01:18pm

There is an online boutique store called Boohoo, gorgeous summer dresses, infact georgous clothing in general

  • 26th Apr 2019 05:43pm

The 'fashion industry' regards me as a size 18, and I've found a marvellous Australian store that caters to women my size and larger, with affordable and quality clothing that fits and isn't simply enlarged from a size 6 or smaller. You can find them at, their clothing is true to size (the models on their site too are plus sized not women with no curves at all. You won't be disappointed.

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