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What makes your house a home?

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Posted by: Lucinda120

18th Apr 2019 04:08pm

A recent study released by IKEA revealed that homes don't always feel like home, and some people reported feeling more at home in their cars. Does your home feel like home? What makes it like that? And if you don't feel at home there, why not? Where do you feel most at home?

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  • 29th May 2019 10:02pm

My Children make my home a home

  • 28th May 2019 07:26am

I think my home feels like a home.My husband and i raised our 4 children in this home and there was so much fun,laughter and love in it.Even though 2 of my children have moved out they came over regularly for get togethers and that laughter and fun continues.We now have a 4 year old grand daughter living her now and love giving her lots of cuddles and hugs.This home is just a basic home where we are paying off a mortgage but it has a lots of love in it

  • 9th May 2019 10:47am

I think your home has to be relaxing and safe. A place that you can come home from work and chill. I know when I’m fighting with partner or kids I do enjoy just sitting in car because as soon as you walk in house u can feel the tension . So I think a home isn’t about what u own etc it’s about how it makes you feel.

  • 7th May 2019 06:46pm

I only see my car as a form of transport. A means of getting from A to B safety and on time. Sure I have my music and sing loudly while in traffic but I've never considered my car anything but a means of transport. My house however is another story.

My house is a kind of a shrine to my experiences over my lifetime. There's a photograph I took when I was 18 and leaving home to live in dorms while at uni. The picture shows dusk forever falling over the home where I grew up. I love seeing the pictures of my time at the beach with my kids. My favourite are the typographical posters of the holiday places I've visited in my bedroom. In my living room are the nic knacks I collected from my time at the dorms during uni, the first house I rented as a single person, the photos of my wedding. I considered each of those places my home at one time or another, whether it was for months or years. It's also important for me to display the pictures of friends and family, favourite music or books, all of which are also meaningful, and represent to me why home is so important.

I see my home as part of my self-definition, which is why I like to do things like decorate my house, take care of it, nurture it when it needs repairing. I think I value my home so much because it represents stability for me, a place I can go, get in my pj's, watch some Netflix with my family and feel completely and utterly not judged at all.

What makes my home is also an accumulation of my lifetime. Not just possession but memories. I can't possibly live everywhere I once labeled home, but I can frame these places on my walls. My pictures can serve as a reminder of the more adventurous person I was in Uni, the more carefree person I was when I first started working, the home I brought my first baby home to and the memories we created. Home doesn't have to be a conventional four walls, but to me is an accumulation of where I've come and where I am now. The place I can be myself, the completely relaxed person who can sit in their chair in their reading nook and not have to worry about the person I need to project. My house is where I feel most able to be myself. Not the corporate person I present at work, professional to staff, friendly to work colleagues. Not even when I play sport or go to the gym and allow myself to be less guarded, even with friends having a coffee who I've know forever. So home to me is not just the physical four walls, but the memories, the photos and knick knacks, my beautiful little family, my garden, the smell of baking cupcakes on a Saturday, the pictures of times past and the safety I feel

  • 5th May 2019 05:27pm

My home is a place where I feel loved and accepted by my family. I can be myself with no pretence.I can love my family unconditionally and they are free to be themselves, knowing they are accepted for who they are, not who I think they should be.

Joh :)
  • 5th May 2019 04:22pm

One of my favourite sayings is..

A house is built of brick and stone, a home is built on love alone.

Our home is built of brick but the inside is full of love.
Our home still needs cleaning and the clothes still need washing. There is ironing, and dusting and vacuuming, mopping and sweeping. There are beds to make and pillows to fluff, oh and the toilets need cleaning. The spiders find our home a great place to live so there are always webs to wipe down and dirty fingerprints to wipe off the walls.
Our home is just a normal place, with books in bookcases and accordians on show (maybe this isn’t normal).
Music flows from our home as our children practice their piano and sometimes it is sweet and sometimes not.
Sometimes you will hear raised voices – sorry we aren’t perfect, and then sometimes you will hear the soft voices of repentence and forgiveness.
If you are here for a meal you will hear the words of thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father who provides all our needs.
Hopefully, most of all you will know when you step into our home that this is where love abides. Love for each other and for those we care for.

My family may not be as religious but this verse is the true heart of my home

  • 5th May 2019 02:01pm

My home is where I feel most relaxed, where I can express myself freely, where some of my loved ones live. It is full of memories attached to personal items and it reflects my quirky nature in its eclectic decor and style. i don't have close neighbours so the whole house and garden area is my haven. I really feel sad for those who say they feel more at home in their car, it makes me wonder if they ever get to truly express themself anywhere.

  • 5th May 2019 12:07pm

My home is where my family and fur babies are & where my most treasured possessions are stored. It is my safe haven, my sanity, my comfort.

  • 4th May 2019 04:07pm

For me, a home is cosy, comfortable and carefree. Its where you wear whatever you want and do whatever you want to do. It's where you are not judged or scrutinised. You are able to relax and not worry about things and take your time. I think some people feel more at home in their cars because they can personalise it and they spend time and money making it their own, whereas some homes you can't do that as well like if you are renting etc. And you can more easily choose a car to suit you rather than a home which you may have to settle for certain things or go without. What makes a home at the end of the day is the individuals living there and the atmosphere they create, having the things and people you love around you is what is most important.

  • 4th May 2019 12:26pm

Yes, my home feels like and looks like my home, my sanctuary, my castle! I built the house around the furniture I had collected worldwide over the years and the decor reflects my personality. Friends and acquaintance always claimed I am/was eccentric - I am happy with that and have proved it to be true. Needless to say, when i extend invitations, few get turned down so others must feel comfortable in my home also.

  • 3rd May 2019 06:16pm

My home is a home because I've decorated it myself and I have lots of items that were my parents and grandparents and this really makes it feel like home for me. I spend most of my time out in the garden, but love relaxing of an evening in the lounge room with all of my childhood memories

  • 2nd May 2019 05:53pm

When we bought our home in 2004, it had already had 2 owners. We loved the look of it but the inside was blah. Over the years we made it our home to what we wanted with paint colours, tiled floors and new carpet, furnishings and even put in a new kitchen 2 years ago. Now we love this place and hope one day that whoever buys it will appreciate and love this home too. Always happy to just stay indoors and am happy pottering around in this house.

  • 2nd May 2019 11:17am

Our house is my home - our sanctuary. We have everything we need close by, It took awhile for me to feel this way because our previous house was also our home. We had just fixed it up the way we wanted and had great neighbours at our previous home. We had to move because of serious, ongoing drainage issues.

  • 2nd May 2019 11:08am

I feel most at home at home, we work hard at making our home, home, why, its the little touches and the theme that make our home our haven, inside and inside the themes are very noticeable. Marine and beach is our theme inside and outside. Not just because I was in the Navy but we both love the marine theme and its everywhere in our home, I wouldn't say its over done and we don't add to much to make it cluttered, its got to be something good to be added these days. We keep it clean and are very proud of it. Outside is the same we like the garden neat and tidy and well organised, we have a fernery and there our old beach shells placed in it, even the Japanese garden has a good balance of Japan and marine. It all fits and goes together very well. There was once a time when coming home wasn't that exciting but its very exciting now, we love to get away but we love to get home its very welcoming and satisfying.

  • 2nd May 2019 10:25am

I think sweet home is that which have small three bedroom house with sufficient space for children to play, some friendly animals like rabbits and puppies, small flower garden full of varieties of flowers with honeybees and butterflies, small kitchen garden where we can grow fresh vegetables and small areas ponds for fishes and fruits trees of banana, oranges , mangoes, herbal herbs. Such homes is like small beautiful natural world.

Purple Scooter
  • 2nd May 2019 09:44am

My home feels like home, once I added all my personal touches such as my favourite paintings hung on the walls, my personal photos displayed around the house and my most treasured furniture. Also once I have established a garden that I worked on, it feels like my home. Without these it could just be any property or accommodation.

  • 2nd May 2019 05:53am

I love our home!! It's an old house with it's share of problems... but it's comfy and practical and filled with love. My husband proposed to me in our living room, and our beautiful girls have never slept anywhere else.
The carpet is very old, so we don't stress about it... that mark where my toddler and I spilled the paint just reminds me of fun times. There's a new damp patch most days thanks to "nappy free time"!!
Each room has its own personality and colours and is suited to the people who sleep in it. My eldest tells everyone that she loves her bedroom because it's purple and her favourite colour is purple, and it makes me grin because I put a lot of work into creating a purple room!!
The girls adore our backyard and our neighbors must get sick of them laughing and squealing out there constantly, but it's one of my favourite sounds in the world.
And we have a large extended family that are always dropping over, so it's not just us who love our house!!
I could go on a lot more, but the main idea is our house just reflects so much love.

  • 1st May 2019 09:42pm

Elements of our house are personal mementos and make it feel like home, but when we have so much we want to do to our house it doesn't feel like it's totally ours yet. Having said all that I think it's the people (and pets) who make it special.

  • 1st May 2019 08:10pm

I feel comfortable and safe in my home, it isn't a show home but a welcoming place for friends and family and my two cats you rule the roost.

  • 1st May 2019 07:00pm

My home is scattered with books, photos and trinkets that are available for all visitors to use and enjoy. I make very good coffee which is served with home-made biscuits and delicious smoothies for any visiting children.

  • 1st May 2019 06:21pm

My home is my castle always feel content when i am at home.

  • 1st May 2019 04:44pm

My home feels like a home with our belongings & treasures around us. It is comfortable for private room for everyone.

  • 1st May 2019 03:45pm

Definitely, an old saying " Home Sweet Home ".

The day we married's, have children, struggling to pay off the mortgage, DIY effort to do basic renovation to design comfort of the home, enjoying the harvest from the vegetables we grown, the securities given to us for our old aged, and the comfort of out friendly neighbours - best comfort zone that one can have living for..

  • 1st May 2019 04:28pm
Definitely, an old saying " Home Sweet Home ".

The day we married's, have children, struggling to pay off the mortgage, DIY effort to do basic renovation to design comfort of the home,...

In the Winter, a glowing log fire, a pet lying in front of it, children laughing and playing together the smell of a roast cooking and Dad sitting watching us all after a long days work.

  • 1st May 2019 03:44pm

My home is my safe place and my happy place. No matter where I travel or how far I travel, I always feel a warmth in my heart and a relaxing of my shoulders and back when I walk through the doors of my home. Home is where I can relax and unwind, it is comfortable and familiar and it is where I share the best moments with my husband and my children. In my home I can laugh, I can cry, I can dance, I can sing, I can do whatever I want to do without fear of judgement. Whenever I return home after a holiday I always look forward to a shower in my own home, because no other shower can compare and more importantly I always look forward to sleeping in my own bed, for that sense of comfort, familiarity and safety. There is no place like home!

  • 1st May 2019 03:37pm

My home is where I can relax with my family and my pets with a bit of garden to enjoy and potter about in. Its where I here the birds chirping from trees and rooftops.That for me is home, my comfort place.

  • 1st May 2019 03:25pm

There's really no place like home for me. Even when I'm away, enjoying a break/holiday, I always look forward to getting back to my home comforts. My own bed, my own kitchen, really my own space and familiar things.
Home feels like home when the whole family is there, me, hubby and out adults kids, which is a rare occasion, but chatting, laughing and eating together, makes the house feel homely.
Home is where I feel comfortable all the time and safe and secure.

  • 1st May 2019 03:16pm

I live on my own since Feb '92 and have lived in a few rental places over the years. I'm in a Senior's unit in a complex for the last 15yrs, which is a kitchenette, dining room, and lounge all in the one room. One bedroom and a laundry and small bathroom with shower and sink. It's home to me, as I can walk in and relax after being on an outing or to a shopping centre. I can please myself what I do, answerable to no-one. I have my family photos around me, as I always like having photos standing up. My son's paintings are on the wall, as he is into artworks, with an online business in South Oz. He does the pictures under skateboards also.

I have my own routine each day and have a social group and an organisation that I go on bus outings with and am picked up at my front door. My daughter is now in my social group and she comes back to my place for a cuppa but mainly to use her phone as I have a WIFI modem and she doesn't have enough data. I suppose it's nice that she's not wanting to rush away with it being a small place (she lives on her own too in her own place) but she does stay longer than I'd like. (about 2hrs or more sometimes) It does interfere with my routine when I come home but at least I see her twice a month now. Yes, I love my home, even though it's small. I would like it to have a make-over in the main living areas, as everything is showing wear and tear now with the time I've been there, but it's home!

  • 1st May 2019 02:34pm

I have lived in several places and each one eventually feels like home when I can relax and feel that i am staying here for a reasonable length of time. Being able to add my own touches like favourite pictures, cooking my own meals always add that further feeling of being home.

  • 1st May 2019 02:03pm

I love being at home, because it's open living, where when I'm in the kitchen, I can still watch tv which is in the loungeroom, look out the windows into my garden, sit on the couch and reach for a book on my bookshelf, or just relax watching tv whilst looking out the floor to ceiling window, into my garden. I am surrounded by beautiful artwork on my walls and have my gifted vases and ornaments, etc on display, so I am reminded how much I'm loved..It's just a cosy, happy, peaceful place to be in.

  • 1st May 2019 01:17pm

I feel the most at home when my family and dog are with me!!

  • 1st May 2019 12:33pm

We moved home 7 years after living in a house we built 42 years ago. That home was a home of the times, not much living space and formal rooms too formal. Our new home is open plan with a small formal area and a large living area with comfortable furniture and room to move. Moderately priced furniture and nothing that cannot be replace should something happen. eg. us or children or grandchildren. So much more relaxed and is lovely.

  • 1st May 2019 12:14pm

Its my place and my space containing my things - things I value and cherish! Where I can do what I want, when I want and how I want and feel comfortable so doing!! If the dinner dishes are rinsed and don't get washed - no drama, no guilt - there is always tomorrow morning!!!

  • 1st May 2019 11:50am

Our home is a place we invested all our savings into. Its our countryside haven away from the noisy city we work within. it belies our every treasured moment and dream we have invested time love and pleasure in.The drive or bus journey to work absorbs 2 hours of our precious time and the 8 hours of the working day absorbs the remaining precious time. I do enjoy driving however I treasure our home more as it harbours all the joys and tribulation that our life has brought us. Our car is a means of commuting to work or visit our friends and travel to escape the stresses that the working week often brings. The smells and odours of home encompassed by the gardens fragment flowers and wet lawn after a rain offer a greater joy than the fumes and car smells that are so much a part of driving. whilst indoors our furnishings, wall paintings and entertainment area, along with the pleasures that the kitchen offers enthrals us more than the urge to hit the road. No I look forward to my home more than the time we spend in our car.

  • 1st May 2019 11:44am

You can't make a home with silver or gold
For what makes a home can never be sold
Home must be paid for with loving and living
With trusting and giving
No matter how humble it's worth
A home is a piece of Heaven on earth.

Yes my home feels like a home.

  • 1st May 2019 11:12am

My home feels like my home as it is where I spend most of my time and where my animals are as well as things I've had for years and are precious to me.

sue petrie
  • 1st May 2019 10:33am

no it does not feel like home never has as i rent and cannot do anything to the unit to make it feel like mine

  • 1st May 2019 10:24am

I no longer drive but I've never felt at home in a car. My home is a mess at the moment because of white ants. Home is a place that is pleasant to see when I walk in the door. I can relax there. I can change to style, furniture, re arrange it if need be. It's my little space where I can unwind. I enjoy going on a holiday but feel glad to get back there.

  • 1st May 2019 10:13am

Past all the superficial physical luxuries such as marble bench-tops and fancy televisions, a house is transformed into a home once memories and meaning echo through the walls, projecting a safe, warded aura. Without people to flood the space with energy, there is no connection or link that we share with our living area, and it follows therefore that home exists within the sentimental value placed on locations where meaningful experiences occurred.

  • 1st May 2019 10:05am

My home feels like home, it’s warm and cosy in winter, cool in summer, all my “important” things are around me, my husband and memories. There is a lovely outdoor area where we sit and chat, music is always playing, a place I’m glad to come home to.

  • 1st May 2019 10:02am

Yes, my sweet home has a nice garden, a good dog, and fantastic atmosphere. Me & my wife always care and make up our home, my all children are all grown up and they don't live with us.

  • 1st May 2019 09:59am

I recently moved back in with my parents into my childhood bedroom. It partially feels like home because I spent my formative years there, but I also miss having my own space and furniture. I felt more at home in my own apartment because I could come and go whenever I wanted, decorate however I please and invite anyone over at any time. What makes a house a home for me is having the freedom to do what I want; it's much harder to do that when you're living with 4 other people and you need to be respectful of their needs and the fact that they share this space too.

  • 1st May 2019 09:57am

My home is very comfortable and homely to me and my partner. We spent quite some time finding furnishings we liked and to match our theme/scheme. A comfy couch was very important, as we spend every evening there....even eating dinner on it (don't judge). Our place is modern, clean and clutter-free, but lived in and practical. We get compliments on our decor from guests, so I guess it doesn't look too shabby!

  • 1st May 2019 09:55am

Does your home feel like home? Yes indeed, for it is where I can feel one hundred percent comfortable. Where I can lay back and pay one of my daggy records or roll around on the floor with my loving pets or even walk around in my boxers when ever I feel fit.

What makes it like that? From the creaky boards in the passageway to the beautiful photos of friends and family on the wall.
Where do you feel most at home? My comfortable bed with pillows that give me the best of sleep. And other than that I would really have to say sitting around our large dinner table sharing meals with family and friends. Having a great time eating and laughing.

  • 1st May 2019 09:49am

I think they feel that because you actually do buy your home from someone else and that tends to be the thing where you dont feel like you were the first one to own it nor does it have much sentimental value to you. Though a car, you are usually the first person to drive it and also the one that owns you and no one else, its always with you and is with you more than your home as when you go to work or go away for weekend that is something that you have with you at all times.
For me i feel more away overseas, im more or less overseas than at home and feel that i just like it more there than here and thats just how i am.

  • 1st May 2019 09:43am

Home is our bubble away from the world. I love every day going home. It feels like home when there’s good smells in the kitchen, music playing and wine in the fridge.

  • 1st May 2019 09:24am

I feel that a house is simply the building itself, the four walls and a roof. It becomes a home, due to the inhabitants who live there, feeling connected with one another and comfortable and safe within their surroundings. I feel that my house is my home because I enjoy my day to day activities/existence here with a loving partner and our four fur kids (cats). It is our home together and we feel safe and secure here and it is a comfortable, open plan space within which we can relax and unwind away from the stresses of the outside world and surroundings, share intimacy and love and also a place to both create memories and reminisce about good times together e.g. travel & holidays. It is also a place that we enjoy inviting our friends and family to and to develop deeper more meaningful relationships with others.

  • 1st May 2019 08:45am

I feel most at home in my own home. Because it's familiar and I like living here.

  • 1st May 2019 07:23am

My family, my dogs, my books and my comfortable places to relax and enjoy a good read. The view from my reading spots of our beautiful countryside makes me enjoy my home even more, especially at the moment after the rain and everything is a vibrant green.

  • 1st May 2019 07:13am

My home certainly feels like home. It is not extensively or expensively furnished but it contains things which have great meaning to me and which are very precious to me. Best of all when I come home at the end of a long day my beautiful greyhound Gypsy is waiting with a frantically wagging tail. What more could I ask for?

  • 1st May 2019 01:35am

My home is my Haven. My resting pad. A place where i can rest, relax, have sex, have friends over, can eat , can drink, can walk around naked, can hibernate, can masturbate, watch movies. THATS what makes my home a home!

Lorenzu 31489820
  • 1st May 2019 12:38am

I feel mostly at home at my new apartment at hawthorn because it's the place I feel the most rested and at peace despite it being a very lively neighbourhood. I can always get my "me time" and be lost in my thoughts at home surrounded by the home contents that I would have anywhere ( recliner chair, HD Tv, beanbag, stereo system etc. as opposed to constantly diverting my attention to external factors while at work, in the car or simply out and about. It's my happy place and I intend to keep it that way!

  • 30th Apr 2019 10:40pm

home is my sanctuary where I feel safe and am free to do what I want when I want

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:46pm

My home is my sanctuary & the ambience & appearance is my creation, not a contrivance of some professional. Therefore, it is a place where I connect.

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:30pm

A home is a place where you feel safe,
A place of comfort and loves embrace...
There may be a husband, a friend or a wife,
It could be a dog, a cat but there's life...
It's the place where you go to recharge yourself,
Build your resistance and find inner health...
You'll be surrounded by your favourite things,
A place to find solace to make your soul sing...
My home is a place that I carry within,
I can feel at home wherever I've been...
Sometimes a house, sometimes a car,
Sometimes a beach looking up at the stars...
There's one thing for certain I gotta tell ya,
There's no place like home living in Australia.

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:22pm

This was a small irrelevant survey done by a company to promote it self,
home is where and what you make it,

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:17pm

My home feels like a home to me because it has my family's personality built into it. There is nothing like coming home from an exhausting day and being able to relax in the familiar and safe surroundings of my home.

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:10pm

Definitely feel my house is home.It is not extensivelyl or expensively furnished but it contains items I love which have a lot of meaning to me.Best of all, after a long day at work my beautiful greyhound Gypsy is waiting for me with a frantically wagging tail. What more could I ask for?

  • 30th Apr 2019 08:37pm

The people within it; along with pets

  • 30th Apr 2019 08:36pm

I like my home and always would like to come back to home as i have a cute son and its a great place to relax cook or gardening.would like to spend my time qith eating or taking rest or sleepung at home

  • 30th Apr 2019 08:22pm

my home is where I am comfortable, familiar, relaxed and with those people who are close to me.

  • 30th Apr 2019 08:19pm

My wife and I moved into a Retirement Village in Kilmore, Victoria. Is it good? It is fantastic!! Before we had decided to move my wife chose Kilmore and I chose Nagambie (I love fishing) as you can see, my wife won. Both my wife and I are not very outgoing people and have noticed in our Retirement Village that there is absolutely NO pressure to join in if one doesn't wish to. When we do wish to mix in, we are not made to feel as outsiders but are welcomed. Three years after moving in we are now starting to feel very comfortable and are gradually mixing in with the )Villagers). Life is now great for both of us. Should have moved here ages ago.

  • 30th Apr 2019 07:26pm

I love my home we are so blest to have it as we had to relinquish our home to our local council we lived near the swimming pool and they wanted to build a sporting complex. We were paid $375,00 for it and we didn't think we would be able to buy again but a wonderful Real Estate came up with this beautiful unit for us and we love it. That was 2 years ago. We are an elderly couple and it was a nightmare moving but we are so glad we did.

  • 30th Apr 2019 07:20pm

My home feels like home to some sense; but When I moved from Brisbane up north I felt more at home at my old house, the current house just isn't as comfortable.
The layout feels wrong and I guess the feng shui just feels wrong in the bedroom, which is usually my fav room in the house.
I feel more at ease in my TV room in this house.

  • 30th Apr 2019 07:10pm

What makes our home ours the fact that it's ours (well, mostly ours). Having lived in staff accommodation for close to 30 years, it was a relief to move into our investment home. We moved again however because the area wasn't the best, but we only moved across town. It was great to be able to set up a dedicated room for our birds after they shared space in family rooms in staff houses. It's also homely to be able to set up the house and yard the way we wish, without the restrictions imposed by living in employer's houses. There is a degree of pride in living in your own which is quite different to living in staff housing, no matter how attractive the houses might have been.

  • 30th Apr 2019 07:10pm

Well being pedestrian i haven't got much choice , but i find it a bit of a joke, What do they do , have a funnel out the , window , , redirect the windscreen wipers .

  • 30th Apr 2019 07:00pm

I would have to say yes it feels like home been here 14 years now.And we felt at home very quickly when we moved in. By no means is it a display home but we love it. Always nice to come in the front door and go oh yeahhhhh good to be home,kick the shoes off and hit the recliner put the legs up after a long day at work or just out for the day. It's the place where our kids come to visit and grandchildren go to visit nanny and pa. And our 2 little dogs also make it home as well. We know all of our neighbours and look out for one another take each others bins out if we go away collect the mail etc makes our home more of a community experience. Which I think people can miss living in the city. Being emotionally connected to the area makes it feel like home in my opinion. I come from Grantham as do all my family and when it was wiped off the map with the floods some years ago I grieved for my hometown and all the family and friends who lost everything. Even though I feel at home here when that happened it tore my heart out and hometown feelings for Grantham was very high it was "home" so I think not only is home where you physically live under a roof either alone or with loved ones. It's also home with your connections to people and places around you. Where you feel safe,connected,at peace,and loved.

  • 30th Apr 2019 06:54pm

My home definately feels like home as when we are away for a time its always great to get back home to have a shower in your own place and to sleep in your own bed

  • 30th Apr 2019 06:40pm

I feel I'm home when I'm able to get some alone time for myself and I get to have a good amount of privacy, when I'm able to do whatever I want without other people complaining (eg. singing, walking home in my underwear, etc).

  • 30th Apr 2019 06:27pm

People make a home and my home is where people I love, (my wife and children) reside. It is a warm, clean and comfortable residence with plenty of room for everything we have and want to do. I feel at home in every part of the house as we have lived here for some time and everything is very familiar. We all hold happy memories of many incidents which have occurred in our home and believe there is a lot of truth in the saying that "home is where the heart is ".

  • 30th Apr 2019 06:17pm

Home is what you make of it, and the fact is: There is no place like (your own) home at the end-of-the-work day or a holiday! Amen!

  • 30th Apr 2019 06:09pm

love our home, homemade throws blankets and my hubby

  • 30th Apr 2019 05:43pm

Home feels like it because of my beautiful wife. We love each other's company. We do things together - generally planned from home. Home should be where you can be lazy, or comfy in your old rags doing whateva! You can unwind and recharge or even play with your pet(s).
It's a place where you should own all the time available to spend as you like - even just catching up on sleep! Home is where your heart is . . . and that can be anywhere.
Ela & Ian

  • 30th Apr 2019 05:42pm

My home is comfortable

  • 30th Apr 2019 05:40pm

home is where my slippers lay and the kettle is always there on the side to switch on

  • 30th Apr 2019 05:21pm

I think my home feels like a home and not a house. It is lived in by me only these days since my Mum died. It is me and the continuation of when I came here at 8 and half in Sept 1957 and still here. I can't think of leaving the area unless I am forced by circumstances. Shutting the door after a busy day is heaven. It is no castle but it does me.

  • 30th Apr 2019 04:32pm

Haha. I’d never thought of my car feeling like a home. My house is homely and feels like home. My house is comfortable and has everything that makes me relax and wind down. My car is not where I feel at home but it is my REFUGE. A place you can hide away from others, be whoever you feel like being, listen to what you want, avoid social media and messages. My house is my home, my car is my refuge.

  • 30th Apr 2019 04:30pm

Haha. I’d never thought of my car feeling like a home. My house is homely and feels like home. My house is comfortable and has everything that makes me relax and wind down. My car is not where I feel at home but it is my REFUGE. A place you can hide away from others, be whoever you feel like being, listen to what you want, avoid social media and messages. My house is my home, my car is my refuge.

Alicia 31243783
  • 30th Apr 2019 04:28pm

I think the vibe of the house has a lot to do with it. Some times your furniture can give you the right vibe or the people who you live with you. It may be a house with a backyard and patio that makes it feel like a house. Most of the time it is the feeling of a house that makes you feel like you are home or not.

  • 30th Apr 2019 04:14pm

I have been on sick leave since the end of January (following a major operation), and been at home recovering since then. Yes, it is my home, but would really like to be back at work, and following a different routine. I wish that I felt more like doing things around the home, but it is a bit hard just at the moment. My adult son had to move so we have a lot of his stuff in the spare room and under the carport, and a huge fish tank. When that is all gone it might feel more like our home again.

  • 30th Apr 2019 03:20pm

A home is where it is peaceful and tranquil, where all your family and friends can feel at ease and able to talk freely. A few pets that welcome your visitors and make them feel at ease.

  • 30th Apr 2019 02:38pm

Home is where my family lives. It is also where my favourite possessions reside, like my photo albums which remind me of all the good times we've shared as a family and my music collection which has been collected over fifty years and brings back more happy memories. Home is definitely the place I treasure most; it is a very happy place to be.

  • 30th Apr 2019 02:32pm

lived in with my wife who cares for the home while I tend to the outside. Proud and happy for family and friends to visit and even stay and made to feel welcome

jules 1
  • 30th Apr 2019 02:07pm

A home that has warm colours around the home, a comfy sofa/chair, a welcoming fireplace that is on in the winter. The smell of a home cooked meal, bread baking in the oven. Family arriving for a family meal, the Grandchildren playing games. To me, this is my ideal home.!

  • 30th Apr 2019 01:55pm

Home is walking in the front door to the familiar smells, weather it be cooking , flowers or other.
Its having to dodge to get past the pile of toys scattered from the kids.
Its the chaos of dinner time and the peace of bedtime .
The familiar sounds , the rattle of an old dishwasher , the feet of birds on the roof.
Familiarity is what make it home.

  • 30th Apr 2019 01:20pm

I left my family home more than 40 yrs ago, and in spite of their moving homes while they travelled, home to me was always walking into Mum & Dad's place, wherever that may have been. Sadly they have now both passed so I no longer have that home to go to and I dearly miss it. It was about walking through the door and seeing them there waiting to welcome you, the familiar cooking smells, the warm bed and the sadness when you left.

  • 30th Apr 2019 12:58pm

My home feels like home. What makes it feel like home is having 2 dogs that are always happy to see me come home,. It is the love that is in the home from past and present that makes it a home.

  • 30th Apr 2019 12:37pm

My home has been my place of refuge for 48 years, albeit a humble abode, i cannot wait to get back to it after a week or so away. It is my comfort zone and
a place i can unwind and feel secure. I often reflect how lucky i am to own my home compared to the far too many homeless. " Sweet Home".Home".

  • 30th Apr 2019 12:19pm

Never really thought about it before but as I live alone and it needs so much work to be done, its not really the home I would like. At the moment I am even too embarrassed to have people over and now being out of work, I cant really afford to spend too much more on it.

  • 30th Apr 2019 12:02pm

My home feels more "homely" outside than inside, mainly because we have not furnished our place exactly how we want it yet. We have difficulty settling on a style that we both wish to invest in, and we have had education financial commitments since we moved into our home. We are looking forward to making our place properly homely, rather than "making do" with what we have already collected.

  • 30th Apr 2019 11:55am

My home is my sanctuary. I have been living in my current home for just over 12 months and I love it. Slowly filling it with things that I love. Growing veggies and herbs in pots and slowly tidying up the original garden. I live here with my indoor cat and I'm visited by a variety of birds in all seasons. My neighbours are great and I'm surrounded by nature, peace and quiet for most of the time.

  • 30th Apr 2019 11:45am

recently my granddaughter told me how much she loves coming to my home.Sometimes I wish it was nicer with better furniture but to her its a safe welcoming place.Im now choosing to look through her eyes to a home full of warmth and love what else do you need

  • 30th Apr 2019 11:45am

Many say home is where the heart is, and an apartment, house, or dorm room does not necessarily make a place a home. A home is a place where you can feel comfortable and safe. For me, a home is just an environment where you can be free and can be yourself. A home is any place where you are comfortable, and feel as if you can be yourself. A home is a place where you just feed off of positive energy and feel free. It does not matter whether your home is outside in nature or in an apartment, as long as your heart is there.

  • 30th Apr 2019 11:40am

Having a dog to greet visitors makes our home feeling welcoming!

  • 30th Apr 2019 11:40am

Having a dog to greet visitors makes our home feeling welcoming!

  • 30th Apr 2019 11:17am

My home feels like home, it is the home we have been in for 41 years, the place we raised our children and welcome our grandchildren. We are surrounded by things and memories we have collected over the years. It's a place we feel safe.

Natalia 30692782
  • 30th Apr 2019 11:04am

I feel home cause I brought personal touch to my house, things that I love and enjoy to see from the very moment of the opening door into.

  • 30th Apr 2019 10:44am

Plants! Lots and lots of plants!
Also lots of colour and soft furnishings.

  • 30th Apr 2019 10:19am

I live in a Queenslander style of house with some modern options like airconditioning, solar hot water & aluminium windows with flyscreens. It has good airflow when the breeze is blowing so lessens the need to use the airconditioning & can rely more on ceiling fans if it gets warm. I think the layout is quite good & although I do want to put on solar panels as well when I can afford it there isn't much more I would do to improve the place other than trimming a large tree out the front & some plumbing repairs.

  • 30th Apr 2019 10:14am

My home definitely feels like home because of the way I organise my home so that it works well and functions well as a home.

  • 30th Apr 2019 10:10am

I emigrated here when I was 4yo. Any house I have lived in has never felt like home, no matter how beautiful. Houses to me never feel like home. Home is when I am with my children no matter what geographical location that is. I always feel at home when I am near the sea. Otherwise I would sooner be constantly travelling.

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:58am

Love my home its my castle n safe place Wouldn't be anywere eles

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:47am

I dont drive
So my home is my safe place n castle
Wouldn't be any were eles

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:46am

Your home is wherever you feel completely comfortable being yourself. You can let your guard completely down and feel safe and comfortable surrounded by your loved ones, whether family, friends or pets. Possessions help make you more at home, but ultimately it's the mindstate of being completely at peace in your own little area that you have created.

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:46am

I dont drive
So my home is my safe place
Wouldn't be any were eles

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:46am

I dont drive
So my home is my safe place
Wouldn't be any were eles

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:45am

A home is warm and safe with lots of family photos

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:40am

I rented for a long time and the unit then did not fell like home . Since buying this unit it does feel like home as I have personalised the unit with all sorts of assorted photos, articles brought from my holidays around New Zealand , and Australia, as well as some of the old family photos.
I guess this is my retreat .

Momma Bear
  • 30th Apr 2019 09:30am

My home had been my home for 50 years I live with my 94 year old father and my niece and my son lives downstairs with his fur child Kush. It has been a happy until recently when the Government decided it would be a good idea to put a Safe Injection Facility right across the road from our house so now we have junkies come and go all hours day and night not to use the facility, but as there is a free needle dispensing machine outside they come and get their needles shoot up in the streets and make so much noise it does not feel safe anymore.

  • 29th Apr 2019 11:51am

My flat is my home - comfy and the ambiance is great. When I go home, I look forward to sitting in my sofa and turn on the music to low and listen to a piano playing then light up some candles to make it more calm. I sleep well on my bed and I see to it that I use flanelette covers which is very good to the touch of the skin. I would not change my flat to any other alternative abode.

  • 29th Apr 2019 11:09am

I love my home and feel super happy at home. Its where I feel safe and relaxed. I like that I have a lot of plants and trees around, they are calming. Also I have a lot of ornaments and pictures that make you feel at home. Its also where my pets are and they also make me happy.

  • 28th Apr 2019 09:04pm

it comes down to the people in the home around you, the personal items you have, even better if they have an attachment to the people in the home, some people may feel their car is more homely because they spend so much time travelling for work etc because of our poorly planned infrastructure. it also comes down the the special times you share in the home with family and friends

  • 28th Apr 2019 06:10pm

My home is where I look around and see memories - the renovations we have done, the plants I have nurtured, the photos on the walls, the op-shop finds, the scrapes and scratches and marks. My home feels like a home, not because of the material things in it, but because of how those things got there - whether they were purchased, found, created, given. Everything in our home has a history and there is a memory linked to each and every thing.

  • 28th Apr 2019 08:57am

My present place of abode, is the only one that doesn't feel like 'home', as it wasn't my choice to live here. However, I accept that it's only temporary & I have made the most of 'the positives'. Plus I have my pot-plants with me !
I loved where I left (& lived for over 10 years) because I had my privacy, a courtyard with garden & a beautiful covered balcony where I drifted off 'from the rest of the world'.

  • 28th Apr 2019 08:56am

My present place of abode, is the only one that doesn't feel like 'home', as it wasn't my choice to live here. However, I accept that it's only temporary & I have made the most of 'the positives'. Plus I have my pot-plants with me !
I loved where I left (& lived for over 10 years) because I had my privacy, a courtyard with garden & a beautiful covered balcony where I drifted off 'from the rest of the world'.

  • 28th Apr 2019 05:24am

It took me several months to view my apartment as a home because I wasn’t sure whether I’d stay or find somewhere cheaper. It was my first time living by myself and at the time my parents were in the process of selling my family home of 20 years which was really sad. My rent is too expensive and I missed the fun aspect and companionship I got from living with housemates, so I viewed it as something temporary. When I finally accepted that it was just easier to stay put and independent-living grew on me, I began to decorate and add my own little touches. Making it my own, made me see it as a home and now I don’t want to leave!

  • 27th Apr 2019 11:32pm

I think home is all about family. As long as you have a happy family, anywhere can call it a perfect home

  • 27th Apr 2019 10:49pm

My house becomes a home when I have my hubby home from his 7/7 mining roster, my daughters visiting along with their partners and pets. Then a lovely family meal taken at the dining table with good conversation flowing along with our own pets around the table joining in. As an enpty nester and a woman who sees 7 days alone, I get some much pleasure and reassurance when both 2 and 4 leggeds are sharing memories altogether. It only happens occasionally, but it makes my house my home.

  • 27th Apr 2019 06:30pm

home is what you make it and mine is having all the farm animals around

  • 27th Apr 2019 11:34am

Home is somewhere you can put your feet up and relax. You can choose what furniture, what decorations you like. It's a place where you have privacy. When visitors come they know a little what you are like from the atmosphere, surroundings etc. You like to go out but am really glad to get back to.

  • 27th Apr 2019 10:30am

I feel at home when my cat greets me when I come in, I let the chickens out to roam the garden, my favorite chair is beckoning me, a glass of wine is ready.
I don’t feel at home when someone has left me a mess to clean up.

  • 27th Apr 2019 10:12am

all my niknacks and photos of love ones blankets that were made by my mum and sister

  • 27th Apr 2019 09:56am

A home should be a place where you feel immediate comfort as soon as you walk in the door. Whether it be the look, the feel, maybe even the smells or the temperature. As soon as you walk in, you should feel the weight of the day come off of your shoulders, accompanied by a long, deep comforting sigh. It should also be a place where you and your family are able to spend quality time together, but also retire to your separate quarters, since everybody needs some quiet time every now and then. My wife and I regularly make sure that our home feels as comfortable and safe as possible, for not just us and our kids, but also our friends.

  • 27th Apr 2019 09:56am

A home should be a place where you feel immediate comfort as soon as you walk in the door. Whether it be the look, the feel, maybe even the smells or the temperature. As soon as you walk in, you should feel the weight of the day come off of your shoulders, accompanied by a long, deep comforting sigh. It should also be a place where you and your family are able to spend quality time together, but also retire to your separate quarters, since everybody needs some quiet time every now and then. My wife and I regularly make sure that our home feels as comfortable and safe as possible, for not just us and our kids, but also our friends.

  • 26th Apr 2019 10:42pm

My home feels like home because of a combination of different things that come together to make me feel comfortable there. It's white inside with lots of light and its clean and airy and I have a balcony to sit and watch the world from with my pot plants and my cat Nando. Its also about being surrounded by all the things I love like books, pictures and photos from people who are important to me. The other part of a home is the things everyone surrounds themselves with like furniture, rugs, cushions and decorator items with their different colours and designs that say something about your interests. Like whether you have classic taste or like the latest trends, or maybe you just have a really eclectic sense of style which is really unique. My home really is my oasis, but other places I feel at home are in places of natural beauty like the beach or rainforest which really feed my soul.

  • 26th Apr 2019 10:09pm

Yes home definitely is home for me. It is a place my family and I have made it to be, a safe place, a place to relax, laugh and even cry when needed. It is a place we can be ourselves. It's comfortable, has our personal touches and effects.

  • 26th Apr 2019 09:25pm

In a nutshell, it is my wonderful pets - 2 cats and a boisterous bull arab X black lab - who make my home a home. They always greet me affectionately when I return, and they love to snuggle up in bed at night.

  • 26th Apr 2019 09:19pm

My home is my castle it is where my wife and our dog have all we need comfort and peace. We fell safe here and enjoy a life where we can do our own thing when and how we want with our outdoor living space ( enclosed ) we have the best of both worlds regardless of the weather. We can have family and friends over we they want it is necessary to feel comfortable in your own surroundings with your own choice of furnishings which can really make a house a home.

  • 26th Apr 2019 09:11pm

Couldn’t agree less as far as I am concerned. My home of 55 years has felt like my home since the first day I moved in just after my wedding I have always felt a great pride in looking after it and also my garden which I enjoy so much. One of my greatest joys is that my children and grand still think of it as their family home, even though they now have their own homes

  • 26th Apr 2019 09:00pm


  • 26th Apr 2019 08:54pm

i definitely feel like my home is where i feel most at home. when i walk in the door after a hard day, my pets are there at the door, happy to see me and letting me know they missed me. my partner and children are in my home, all of my favourite memories are in my home and its a place i enjoy being. my home is filled with people and animals who love each other, its filled with the laughter of children, the happy barking of dogs, the chirping of our birds...
our home isnt anything fancy but happiness isnt about where you are, it's the people you are with who make the happiness.
there are so many reasons to love my home but most of all, i feel loved and safe at home.

  • 26th Apr 2019 08:25pm

We have moved into a newly-built home a bit over a year ago and to be honest the house still doesn't feel like a proper home. Maybe it is due to our family's lack of creativity but the whole house still boasts that 'show-home' feel. We do undertake frequent trips to Ikea for the latest ideas and trends and it all looks wonderful how everything is put together in the store, however I seem to lack the ability to translate it to our house. We have half-heartedly attempted to add our personal touches to the downstairs lounge but this resulted in a lot of non-matching and contradicting styles. I just wish Ikea would have a dedicated home design team who could come out to your house, have a thorough chat to see what you want to achieve and then come back with a heap of ideas which can all be sourced from your local Ikea store. I would quite happily pay for this kind of service and I am sure a lot of people out there would do the same.

  • 26th Apr 2019 08:11pm

Yes. My home is what I have made it with the help of my partner to feel like you want to be home doing our thing weather that being our craft or being on the computer learning new things or just news of the day. I love my garden as everyday some new flower opens up, even though it's a lot of work keeping up with weeding and pruning this time of year . In the summer I do inside work or a cross stitch while it is too hot to do other work around the place . I enter my cross stitches in the local show every year, so I look forward to what others think of my work . Comfort also plays a part in making our home as we really have a long process of researching before we buy a new lounge or chair to go with the furniture that we like to make a conversation area or a TV area with in our home , or a special visitors bedroom with room for storage as well.

  • 26th Apr 2019 08:07pm

The mess, the chaos, but most of all the family - my two daughters and our twenty year old cat make our home what it is. There's laughter, occasional conflict, resolution, and more laughter, lots of love and joy.

  • 26th Apr 2019 07:15pm

Whole family sticking together happily

Kay Dee
  • 26th Apr 2019 07:06pm

My home absolutely feels like home, the rooms have comfy sitting places to read or chat, with garden views, pictures, photos and items of personal meaning. It's lovely when family and friends visit and they are comfortable enough to feel like they are at home.

  • 26th Apr 2019 06:47pm

Yes my house feels like home. We only moved here in January but as long as we have our pets, my adult kids are here and it has everything we need it is home.

  • 26th Apr 2019 06:40pm

An escape from the mudane daily routine of life. Clarity and tranquility and a reflection of our own persona...... debriefing and collecting ourselves to recoup and recharge our batteries in our own world of self reflection and solitude. Connecting and bonding with our loved ones within our own space and environment a place not just to call home but where we can chill out and ease off from the daily grind of life.

  • 26th Apr 2019 06:37pm

Wow, this question is relevant to me at the moment. I lived in Sydney for 40 years , raring two children and living with my Husband and the fact that my old Mum was a kilometre away. Well, my husband has gone, my children have grown up and have families of their own and I lost my Mum at 102 late in 2017. I have moved to the Central Coast of NSW and even though I love my little house is it home yet, no I don’t think so. I often find myself thinking of Sydney, my friends, my job,my usual coffee shop even my checkout lady at Coles who knew by my first name, that was home and yes when I’m in the car I could be anywhere and I could understand feeling at ease in my car, roads are roads. Writing this down is therapeutic because I feel this is my forever house now ! Thankyou all

  • 26th Apr 2019 06:26pm

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is”, my home is really a home as my daughter and I love each other so much. Togetherness and openness is always practiced. A home full of love and togetherness is what a home should be. I was raised in a close knit family culture and am practicing that tight-knit to my own family

  • 26th Apr 2019 06:10pm

Our rental feels like our own home. This is due to the way we treat the space, the fact it's our first rental together as a married couple and the length of time we've been there. But also it is because it's our base. By being closer to the city (melbourne) our journey times are less, we're free to socialise more and that makes coming home all the more nicer as a result.

  • 26th Apr 2019 06:03pm

I would definitely feel more at home if my house was more modern and updated with landscape garden!

  • 26th Apr 2019 06:03pm

I would definitely feel more at home if my house was more modern and updated with landscape garden!

  • 26th Apr 2019 05:49pm

For me, my home feels like the home because of family members staying together.

  • 26th Apr 2019 05:48pm

My home is a kind and inviting place where all my family feel comfortable and connected I hope. It is a place of peace and harmony and a sanctuary for its occupants.

Jayne Collins
  • 26th Apr 2019 05:41pm

My home definitely feels like a home. I don't worry about decor and the latest trends, so my home is filled with both old and new books in mismatched bookshelves; old display cabinets that were in my home when I was growing up, and which my parents no longer need; pictures and paintings that don't necessarily fit with each other, but which are what I like; and other evidence of a home where my husband is comfortable and the cat and dog rule.

  • 26th Apr 2019 05:33pm

My home feels like a home when pieces of personality and stories are in it, whether it be pictures, something I made myself, furniture that I bought for varying reasons along the way or goofy things that don't make it look like everybody else's house and more like "mine".

  • 26th Apr 2019 05:33pm

Having my cats

  • 26th Apr 2019 05:31pm

For me, my home is anywhere that my two furry companions and myself bed down. That may be in the small flat which we rent, or it could be in the space we occupy when out with our friends among the street folk.

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