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Posted by: queentulip

12th Feb 2019 05:59pm

Why are you a coffee drinker only?
Why are you a tea drinker only?
Why both?

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  • 3rd Apr 2021 02:44am

I like tea as it tastes nice and refreshing but I prefer milo it is so delicious to me

  • 7th Mar 2021 10:28pm

Coffee on an empty stomach for me doesn’t go well. Whereas tea is fine. I prefer milk based coffee but for tea I prefer black tea.

  • 4th Feb 2021 12:23pm

Neither. I don't like hot drinks because they burn my mouth and cold drinks are more refreshing.

  • 1st Feb 2021 10:27pm


I enjoy coffee for it's taste, different at each cafe, but it's very pleasant and I like mocha the most - the mix of chocolate and coffee is harmonious. Lattes are nice as well.

I like teas from a variety of brands - green, black, fruity, etc. Matcha is my personal favorite, the earthiness and unami flavour is really nice.

  • 11th Jan 2021 03:21pm

i like my coffee but i drink tea if i have a sore throat its helps

  • 28th Apr 2020 01:39pm

Coffee is temporary fix but tea is life, only if you know how to cook.

  • 2nd Apr 2020 12:14am


  • 26th Oct 2019 09:12am

I drink both.
In the mornings I would have a coffee, usually one a day, but no more than 2. On weekends I try to only have 1 in total so I can have a good sleep. I love the aroma and the taste as long as it is not too strong or bitter.
I drink green tea in the afternoon. It may cleanse or be detoxing but I do enjoy the taste and it subtlety.
I drink both for the taste and also for the supposed health benefits!

  • 2nd Sep 2019 09:10pm

Totally bothhhhh!

Coffee for the buzz through out the day to keep me going! Not instant, legit cafe espresso shots.

As for tea I always end the day with a nice cup of herbal tea, very calming and a great way to wind down!

  • 4th May 2019 12:31pm

I have gout so I don;'t drink either!

  • 2nd May 2019 04:14pm

first drink in every morning is coffee, then immediately followed by tea. just my habit.

  • 1st May 2019 09:51am

I more of a tea drinker, I dont like the smell nor the way that the aroma of the coffee stays on the person. Its not really great and does make me feel a bit sick. The tea can be bought in different flavours that can mimic the effects of coffee so its a nice thing to have

  • 1st May 2019 09:49am

I don't drink tea or coffee. Never have, can't stand the taste of either. Wonder how many people don't drink either.
I'm staggered at the amount of people walking around with the paper take away coffee cups! Good business to be in. Must cost you all a fortune!

  • 30th Apr 2019 09:32pm

I only drink tea because I like the taste and find it refreshing. Coffee makes me feel overheated when I drink it and my face goes red. So really I have a bad reaction when I drink it so now I don’t. Funny though I like the aroma of coffee.

  • 30th Apr 2019 06:36pm

Both the coffee and tea, I like everyday.
Consume coffee in the morning, to start the day.
Have a cup of tea with snacks in the evening.

  • 30th Apr 2019 05:47pm

I call myself a 'Tea-totaller', because I love coffee, avoid tea. I have just one cup of tea - that is, generally, made by me every morning for the family - in a day. This is so because I have found very few people really know to prepare a good cuppa chai. Many years ago, in 1964, while serving in the Army, was posted to the hill station Darjeeling, in India, which was/is famous for its tea. However, I used to frequent the coffee places! Cheers!

  • 26th Apr 2019 05:50pm

I mostly enjoy a cup of coffee at the beginning of my day (which is at the end of most other's) and then drink filtered tap water afterwards. Very occasionally I'll make myself an iced tea or have a hot cup of tea, but that is very occasionally as I find that my one cup of coffee provides me with what I need and the water during the day keeps me well hydrated.

  • 3rd Apr 2019 05:43am

I love both.... Coffee more so.
Both are beneficial to health. However in controlled doses. I unfortunately have been victim to caffeine overload from coffee.
I drink coffee everyday and tea more so during winter time.
I started coffee and tea drinking at age 9 (yes really) I really love the taste of both. I have no sugar in any of them as I believe there's enough sugar in other drinks and food but that is a personal preference.

  • 1st Apr 2019 02:13pm

In my early years I drank coffee but found it was giving me headaches.
So I switched to strong black tea.
After awhile I found the taste too bitter and went on to green and herb tea and have been on it for years .

  • 21st Mar 2019 07:43pm


  • 19th Mar 2019 04:08pm

I am a tea drinker only.. No coffee, no alcohol and very little water... Just love my "cuppa"

  • 1st May 2019 09:57am
I am a tea drinker only.. No coffee, no alcohol and very little water... Just love my "cuppa"

How do you survive with drinking very little water? Without getting to personal your kidneys? You mustn't go to the toilet very often. That's not good. My mum's had kidney failure almost killed her. Thankfully she's ok now, but it's left her with having to have regular bloods tests for her kidneys & limited amount of liquid per day. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • 18th Mar 2019 10:26pm

Why can't I be both. And I am

  • 14th Mar 2019 05:00pm

After drinking tea or coffee , I feel energetic..

Andy Ho
  • 14th Mar 2019 04:46pm


  • 6th Mar 2019 06:02pm

I admire both coffee and tea. Perfect way to start breakfast everyday.

  • 2nd Mar 2019 10:26pm


  • 20th Feb 2019 01:43pm

I only drink coffee. When I was pregnant I went off all caffeine, but after I had my son when I tried to drink tea again I found I could taste the tannin really strongly so do not drink black tea anymore.

  • 19th Feb 2019 07:14pm

Coffee only not a fan of tea

  • 14th Feb 2019 05:59pm

coffee or tea
I drink coffee most but like tea as well

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