Bottle Recycling


Posted by: angry mum

3rd Nov 2018 02:29pm

Just wondering what others' thoughts are on this. In Brisbane and surrounding areas a new bottle recycling system has just started up a couple of day ago wherein you take your empty bottles to certain depots and get ten cents back on each bottle. This morning I went to the supermarket and purchased a couple of my normal Woolworths soft drinks which normally cost 75 cents. Today I found they have gone up to 90 cents. Another lady was complaining about it and said the extra 15 cents is apparently to help run the depots. So now we all pay more for drinks, more for fuel to get to these depots (the closest to me is about 15 minutes drive) and we already pay the Council for our recycle bins. I will be putting my bottles where I usually put them, in the recycle bin. What do others think?

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  • 30th Mar 2021 11:18pm

We only get one World, we need to look after it even if it costs us a little more :)

  • 16th Feb 2021 11:13am

We have a 'Return & Earn' machine where I live and it is regularly used. Sometimes there can be a bit of a wait but I get a thrill out of knowing I'm getting something back for recycling (I had noticed the price of soft drinks went up) but I'm lucky enough to have a neighbour who gives me her cans and bottles. I build up a nice little return when I put them through the machine. It gives people a chance to chat to other locals or people you mightn't normally come across.

  • 17th Dec 2019 03:27pm

i find it not right the right that we don't get money from collecting cans or bottles like south australia gets 10 cents back each bottle we provide to them when sent back.

  • 30th Nov 2019 03:38pm

I just started doing this and it's actually quite fun

  • 5th Feb 2019 02:39pm

I'm in Adelaide . We have this since the 70's . You just collect them in the Shed for 6 months and take them in then . When you get up to $80 for little effort you will see the idea . Plus someone can or might collect your lot and make their own money from no effort on their part . I remember years ago working for a Team leader who went and pick up bottles from building sites and we would have a few beers at the end of the week

  • 11th Jan 2019 10:21pm

not sure who is getting the profit from this, but it is a bit of profiteering. send an extra 15 c to reclaim 10 c.
the cost of running the return points should come from the extra cost of the items.

David W
  • 11th Jan 2019 07:50pm

We have had deposits in SA since the 70’s. It works well here and you rarely see discarded bottles & cans on the highways. Those disposed of in bins or streets make an income for those less fortunate. I save mine up and take to depots which are dotted around Adelaide, I usually get about $70 every 6 or so months.

  • 7th Jan 2019 01:36pm

Love this idea..from as a kid i have always collected cans 4 cash. Now i get more money..

  • 5th Jan 2019 12:26pm

My kids have been collecting bottles for a while now. They collect from s few residents in the estate. We live close to the NSW border, so last year we were taking them over the border to recycle. We were very happy to hear its finally being done in Qld. Last year we saved up over $300. I agree those that litter will continue to do do, but I have seen several kids cleaning up after them and collecting the bottles. Isnt it better we try something rather than do nothing? Isn't it better they go to recycle rather than landfill? If you ask me it should have been done years ago, price rise or not.

  • 27th Dec 2018 01:01pm

We have been doing it here in SA for years, ever since I could remember and I'm 22. I haven't noticed a price increase here, we just continue to use and drink our regular amount and save them in plastic tubs to recycle every few months. Puts an extra $10-$30 in my pocket - can't complain!

  • 11th Dec 2018 09:45pm

it is a sneaky way for either Govt. bodies or suppliers to rake in extra coin. the prices should only rise by the 10c.
the savings from less land fill and proceeds from recycling should pay for the return depots.

  • 3rd Dec 2018 09:43pm

the government put the drinks up the day before the new legislation came in they were to go up 10c but went up more. We pay more to get back the price rise at the depot nothing in it for the people once again. We live in hervey bay and you have to travel and leave your bag of bottles and trust they count it properly because they are not always maned.

  • 21st Nov 2018 08:47pm

I agree that the cost of soft drink has gone up to fund the depots.My husband and i have been collecting our soft drink bottles and redeem them for a voucher which we use to buy some groceries,we find this a good way of helping the environment by avoiding litter and its some spare cash in our pockets

  • 18th Nov 2018 11:10pm

I believe a monetary system of bottle recycling may encourage more citizens to recycle their bottles, however, an increase in prices of drinks may deter a larger fraction of the public from recycling and as always bottles will end up in the ocean, thus depleting the environment.

  • 18th Nov 2018 11:10pm

I believe a monetary system of bottle recycling may encourage more citizens to recycle their bottles, however, an increase in prices of drinks may deter a larger fraction of the public from recycling and as always bottles will end up in the ocean, thus depleting the environment.

  • 17th Nov 2018 07:17pm

The refund on the containers is better in your pocket than somebody else's.

  • 16th Nov 2018 10:48am

I don't bother to waste time and petrol to travel to the collection points. The hike in prices of the drinks is no surprise as there is no way the government or manufacturers are going to wear the cost of anything that might help the enviornment. I agree, those who litter will continue to do so. 10c per bottle is not enough to carry you bottle with you until you get home and then keep until you recycle. I throw mine away and will continue to do so. A fail if you ask me.

  • 14th Nov 2018 12:26pm

It is a total rip off, the people who throw their cans and bottles out on the roads and streets and beaches will still do it. We started it in Nsw this year, the drinks all went up by 10-15cents, also alcohol, but they put them up three or four months before the recycle places started. Half the time when you get to the recycling thing they are out of order or only one is working and there is a line up waiting. We also only have two and I have to drive over 30 mins to reach them. It is not fair to make everybody pay extra for their drinks just because of a few idiots. The only people making money out of this are the supermarkets and the government. Another way to rip people off.

  • 6th Nov 2018 12:13am

I hadn't noticed the increased price as I don't buy a lot of softdrinks but I can't help thinking 'of COURSE they would do that'. Since when would they offer something to the public for free right? The bit that gets me is the other states have had 10c for recycling bottles for years and years, I feel like maybe the rebate for recycling bottles is over due to increase with inflation like everything else?

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