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Fruit Tampering

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Posted by: looklively

26th Sep 2018 10:04am

Thinking about the recent news about fruit tampering (needles in strawberries, bananas, mangoes etc), what impact would you say it had on the way you purchase and consume fresh fruits?

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  • 4th Nov 2018 02:50pm

no impact just take extra care when consumeing them..devastating for farmers though !

  • 1st Nov 2018 10:37pm

When this happened , I went out of my way to buy more strawberries as they were in plentiful supply and also were very affordable. I just cut each Berry across the top and then cut the bottom half into four or five pieces. Why punish the farmers but refusing to buy the fruit that they had already spent so much time and effort growing

  • 22nd Oct 2018 09:34am

No it's not changed my choice of fruit. I agree there was a initial needle incident with strawberries, but the rest of so called needle's found in fruit, I heard mango's, apple's, even bananas for Christ sake. All of these were from sad people with no life who live on stupid Facebook. I mean seriously I don't know what this world has come to with the society the way it is now. No I'm not a OAP either. It's a very sad world & stupid Facebook & Twitter and all the other stupid funny enough called social media, more like antisocial media. They all have another issue to focus on, as that's all these sad, single minded peoole can do. Only my opinion of course

  • 14th Oct 2018 05:53pm

I always wash any fresh fruit that does not need to be peeled. Fruit tampering has made no difference to my purchasing habits.

  • 7th Oct 2018 04:19pm

Maybe it is due to outside influences who want to bring our different industries to their knees. Reason so that other cheap imports are brought in.

  • 5th Oct 2018 09:23pm

Increased my purchase and consumption of strawberries - they became so cheap. We always cut them in 2 or 4 anyway.

  • 5th Oct 2018 08:48pm

I have seen and read the news about this needle-in-fruits "epidemic" and I find that, whilst it is somewhat concerning, as a consumer it hasn't really effected my purchase of fresh fruits, rather the weather has. I've read about the numerous people who have been negatively impacted by the needles; children biting into strawberries with needles, a man treated for severe abdominal pains due to needle consumption through a strawberry etc. but I always retain the idea that "it won't ever happen to me" and "its just a few cases compared to the number of strawberries out there". I'm still undecided on whether this is a deliberate sabotage or an issue with the machinery regardless, I'm not too concerned about falling victim to the epidemic mainly because many brands have recalled the distribution of their strawberries from the market and I assume that thorough checks or strict monitoring of workers are being conducted to prevent anymore needles from appearing inside the fruits. Thus, based on my assumptions and lack of concern for my health, I am continuing to buy fresh fruit products as it is spring however, I do remember that this time last year I bought a lot more produce because the weather was much better suited for fruits (at least for me).

  • 5th Oct 2018 04:52am

The tampering has had no influence over my fruit purchases as I cut the fruit into bite size pieces (fruit salad)...i do not understand what the people, who do these kinds of things, get from their actions. Maybe there needs to be tougher penalties for these thoughtless people that tamper/damage (with) 'anything'. There is enough food wastage as it is, without these kinds of foolish actions... and the lack of thought for our farmers, who are doing it tough. I will continue to make our fresh fruit salad regardless, no matter what senseless people do...lets enjoy our fresh fruit!

Purple Scooter
  • 4th Oct 2018 11:45am

Has me cut open a lot of fruit, which makes me more reluctant to eat fruit on the go

  • 4th Oct 2018 08:59am

The recent news about fruit tampering (needles in strawberries, bananas, mangoes etc),will not effect on our consumption. We will still purchase them. We just have to be careful and cut them up before eating.

  • 3rd Oct 2018 06:56pm

Yes it makes me think twice. No I refuse to stop purchasing fresh fruit and veg - My reasons - Our farmers. If packaging changes are needed, that would incur more expenses. Metal detection - more expense and so it goes. I refuse to be part of this. Although I do take care with my fruit and veg. And this is done in two ways. Don't eat it straight away, the reason is simple, apples go brown and so do other veg, or at least speed up the decomposition in any damaged areas. And I use a knife to cut first.

  • 3rd Oct 2018 03:48pm

I think it is a sad world we live in sometimes, but I did not let it effect me. I cut my fruit anyway and I think these things get beaten up out of proportion as who ever did it loved the attention I am sure. I feel sorry for them but I think we all went about solving it the wrong way.

  • 3rd Oct 2018 01:47pm

The fruit tampering has not altered my buying habits for fresh fruit, the only difference is that I do cut the strawberries in half. I must admit I was not aware of problems with bananas and mangoes. I always cut mangoes up before eating, but it is a different story with bananas. So far so good. It was such a senseless and dangerous thing to do, I wonder what type of person would stoop to such a low act which had a very high risk of injury, especially to children. It is heartening to see how people have responded by buying strawberries, it must have been a devastating blow for the farmers.

  • 3rd Oct 2018 09:19am

I still purchased Strawberries and Bananas, was just a little more careful when eating them but I did feel pity for the Growers, that Someone with too much time on their hands was able to have such a negative impact on Fruits which We take for granted !!!
When caught these Culprits need to be punished harshly !!!!!

  • 3rd Oct 2018 09:02am

I think the tampering of fresh berries at its peak time of business and consumption was the act of a disgruntled and emotionally unstable employee. What's concerning is that the ability to do this was available to a person. The copy cat behaviour of other person's to replicate such behaviour is concerning. I assume the sector has some very under reported industrial relations issues. Which won't ever get reported on or raised with the wider community. Companies have business insurance, they will not suffer any financial loss. Supermarkets have customers to satisfy they'll continue to stock their shelves after a period of time. Me, I'm staying away from strawberries and bananas no matter how much I love these fruits as year round not just summer staples in our breakfasts, lunches and snacks. I do feel a little guilty, but I'd happily purchase a product made from the strawberries if it could guarantee the safety of mine and our children's consumptions. Such as a jam, conserve, sauce, icecream, etc.

It's a shame because the real people who have lost out in this whole situation are the fruit pickers who will be scrutinized and the consumer's who will be too affraid to consume.

Big business will not suffer thanks to insurance! It'd be great if the news stopped making them out to be the loosers... I'd be interested in knowing the motivations behind these employee's from an IR perspective. I'm sure they have a very valid one for being disgruntled to the degree of hiding needles to be consumed in bite sized fruit. In know way am I excusing their actions. I just think it's fairly obvious the story has more to be reported on...

  • 3rd Oct 2018 08:43am

I do not purchase strawberries, however, I do purchase other fruits, but now I will be extra careful before I eat, I certainly will be cutting them up.

  • 3rd Oct 2018 07:41am

I buy fruits as usual causing no disruption to the integrity and trustworthiness of Australian fresh fruit / agri-industry. Everyone I know are careful enough these days to make sure to cut the fruits before consuming.

. V
  • 3rd Oct 2018 07:37am

it has not affected the way I purchase and consume fresh fruits. I didn't even think about it when I consumed fruit when the needles in the strawberries was happening.

  • 3rd Oct 2018 05:12am

Sadly, people found it necessary to be copy cats and try to harm not only the grower/packer but the public, there should always be a way in which the owners can keep an eye on the packers etc., so they can catch this sort of problem before it gets to our store. Either way, I will continue to buy the fruit and just cut it up prior but certainly no more dipping in chocolate for a while.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 10:18pm

The situation hasnt impacted me in anyway. I still buy them and use as usual .I just cut them up different than before.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 07:47pm

makes no difference on purchase but just more careful in consuming fruit

  • 2nd Oct 2018 07:26pm

It made me think to inspect and wash my fruit when i got home !

  • 2nd Oct 2018 07:26pm

I hate that this has happened. Our farmers work very hard to supply us with good quality fruit and don't get paid enough for it. It has not stopped my consumption of these fruit. It has actually increased my consumption of these fruits. I just cut them up to make sure there is nothing in them, which there has not been. Those low lives that have done this should be prosecuted to the max as soon as they are caught. Everyone just keep buyig these fruits and support our farmers.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 06:49pm

It did not affect my shopping in any way. I just cut our fruit to make sure there was nothing stuck in it and ate as normal. I don’t want the fruit growers suffering because of this plus we eat a lot of fruit every day in our house. Taking fruit out of our diet is not something I want to do away with because of the stupidity and thoughtlessness of others. I still can’t be.ieve someone would do this! They can’t win just like a terrorist can’t win.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 06:25pm

I truly boggles my mind to contemplate somebody being cruel enough to stick needles in fresh fruit causing considerable grief to consumers and the farmers. This stupidity has strengthened my resolve not to make any changes to the way I purchase and consume fresh produce. In my area, I haven't heard of any tampering, but the strawberry farmers do need help. The drought has caused an overabundance of fruit. This has been good for the consumer as the price has been reasonable but difficult for the producers who are struggling to cover their costs. I have always cut up fruit for consumption and this has not changed. I hope the idiot/s are caught and prosecuted soon!

  • 2nd Oct 2018 06:14pm

Strawberries with soft skins are most vulnerable to insecticide and fungicide spray stick to watermelons, avocados etc if u cant get organic berries

  • 2nd Oct 2018 05:52pm

I went out of my way to purchase two punnets of strawberries. I cut them into small pieces and we thoroughly enjoyed them. I believe that mass hysteria is not a help in these situations where you can take your own precautions. Also the media made the situation worse.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 05:40pm

I was on a ship when BBC World News broke the strawberry story. It would not have made any difference to me buying strawberries as I wash them and then depending on their size, cut them into quarters of eighths and eat them with ice cream. What sort of nut case does this act of stupidity anyway? I think, that although I don't eat a lot of fruit, I mainly cut it up so objects placed in the fruit would not cause me any harm.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 05:05pm

It looks like some of the mean mentality people must have tempering fruits, otherwise this particular incident will never find in ant shopping center as per we know till today. It is really unfortunate. Hope this will not continue.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 05:03pm

Fruit tampering had absolutely no impact on procurement or serving. We buy fruit at the markets and from the greengrocer and there has never been tampering and never will be (too less effect). Isn't it remarkable it has only been fruit and no vegetables? Whoever it is, the target seems to be people stuffing what they buy in plastic containers right into their mouth. So, if you cut up what you bought, you're safe, if you process it in any way, you're safe. We seem not be the target group.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 05:00pm

It made no difference except I bought more, I have always cut the fruit

  • 2nd Oct 2018 04:58pm

I have not purchased any more or less. Most of the berry fruit I eat is diced for sweets anyway. I just think we have a few sick weirdos with nothing better to do. It costs a lot of money to society and then these same people whinge when not enough money is available to be spent on them and services to benefit them.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 04:47pm

It has had not impact on me and I still purchase and consume fresh fruits as I normally do. I just feel a bit sad that all of those strawberries were destroyed, such a waste.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 04:44pm

Ever since I bit into a raspberry and found half a worm, I have made a habit of cutting up fruit - and saved myself several more unpleasant discoveries. Even the smaller ones like blueberries are cut in half before I put them in with my breakfast cereal. My consumption of strawberries if anything went up after the contamination scare because they were cheaper, and knowing that cutting them would reveal any foreign object, I was totally unconcerned. How much of a hassle is it to cut it up anyway?

  • 2nd Oct 2018 04:38pm

hang the mongrels up by their buster browns

  • 2nd Oct 2018 04:35pm

I was diagnosed as fruit intolerant about 2 years ago, so this does not effect my fruit consumption.

  • 2nd Oct 2018 04:34pm

It hasn’t affected the way we purchase fresh food, but, has affected the way we consume it. We now cut the fruit that we normally don’t cut, like strawberries. The food tampering won’t affect our purchasing of fresh fruit.

  • 30th Sep 2018 03:42pm

There is someone out there with a very sick mind. I mean like how could you think up something like that?
Like everyone else I do cut the strawberries and check them, but I have always cut them strawberries. It feels like they seem to last longer doing that. With the buying, well it is making me buy more punnets of strawberries than I was. With the drought up here in Queensland and how the farmers are struggling we can't let the same thing happen to the strawberry farmers as well. So I say do what us Australians always do when someone is in trouble, support our Aussie farmers and do the opposite thing what these very sick minded people want us to do and buy more not less strawberries and fruit.

  • 28th Sep 2018 07:33pm

I think it is a terrible thing , what happened, I also think it was done in the super markets they should all check their security camera's.
It really had no impact on me as I just sliced them .I just felt sorry for the growers. I used to pick strawberries as a teen , a lot of hard work gone to waste.

  • 28th Sep 2018 04:02pm

It has not impacted the way i would purchase fruit. I have been wanting to buy strawberries ever since they went off the shelf. We just have to be more careful before we eat them. I will definitely be cutting them before i put them in my mouth.

  • 28th Sep 2018 03:44pm

no, but now I cut them to be cautious

  • 28th Sep 2018 03:44pm

no, but now I cut them to be cautious

  • 27th Sep 2018 08:14pm

Thinking about this topic has had no impact on how I shop for fresh fruit. If anything I have purchased more to do my part but just change the way I prepare by cutting up in smaller pieces. Farmers need all the assistance they can get so if I can contribute in my small way then hopefully this has flow on effect with others as well.

  • 27th Sep 2018 01:05am

I think it is terrible and now I am too frightened to purchase any fresh fruit just in case I find a needle or something inside it.

  • 26th Sep 2018 10:27pm

I’m disgusted and disappointed with these so called “human beings” who take it upon themselves to tamper with fruit which could harm innocent people by making them extremely sick or even worse killing someone. They are just low lifes. Then they also stoop to drive away farmers by wrecking their crops. I do not bend down to their levels.

I will still buy fruit and wash it as I would normally do. I however have been buying most of my fruit from fruit shops and straight from the growers more than the big supermarkets. I vigilantly tell my kids to check their fruit before they eat it and cut strawberries up.

  • 26th Sep 2018 08:27pm

Sympathy for our wonderful fruit & vegetable producers made me more concious of the dedicated job they do 24/7 so we can have healthy, nutricious food always.
Specifically we have bought more fruit to help our farmers offset their losses over the issues.
Good luck guys and girls and whole families!

  • 26th Sep 2018 08:27pm

Sympathy for our wonderful fruit & vegetable producers made me more concious of the dedicated job they do 24/7 so we can have healthy, nutricious food always.
Specifically we have bought more fruit to help our farmers offset their losses over the issues.
Good luck guys and girls and whole families!

  • 26th Sep 2018 08:25pm

This will not stop me buying fruit. I feel bad for farmers with these morons trying to sabotage their fruits and this maddens me.

  • 26th Sep 2018 07:55pm

Zero impact

  • 26th Sep 2018 06:33pm

I only buy SA grown strawberries. The person involved in the banana situation was reported as having mental health issues.I have never bought mangoes. It hasn't effected me but I know some families have temporarily stopped buying fresh fruit for their children.

  • 26th Sep 2018 04:21pm


  • 26th Sep 2018 04:10pm

It definitely has me feeling far warier. I will undoubtedly be more selective about the producers I purchase from, and I am more likely to cut into fruit now rather than biting directly.

  • 26th Sep 2018 03:30pm

It doesn't have any effect on our purchasing or consumption of fruit . Just cut them up before consuming . We will keep purchasing as it's helping our farmers out .

  • 26th Sep 2018 03:13pm

Hi There,

I love healthy food and fruits is one of them so in daily life i am eating above fruits i like to purchase it freash fruit.

  • 26th Sep 2018 02:36pm

People who do this whether copy cat or others are mentally deranged or think the injuring or killing men women or children is somewhat justified should be jailed for sure and a large fine. Their photo should also be publicly displayed. I do not eat anything with seeds like berry fruits or kiwi fruits so am somewhat safe. Not to say other fruits are just as vulnerable. This can happen to any foods if tampered with in other ways.

  • 26th Sep 2018 02:32pm

The needle scandal hasn’t impacted us at all as I just cut it up before consuming. I think people need to realise that it’s not every piece of fruit and it’s not a virus or something undetectable. Out of all the fruit eaten in Australia, needles have only been found in a few. Just cut it up. It’s not hard.

  • 26th Sep 2018 02:12pm

it hasnt had a real difference to the way i buy fruit. But it did make a difference in consuming fruit. i did check fruit before eating. Cut fruit up before giving to any members of the family.

  • 26th Sep 2018 01:29pm

Yes, it's shocking. As I hear that news, I can't believe it. It's so dangerous for human being.It might lead to the death of the person.

  • 26th Sep 2018 01:17pm

The fruit tampering crisis has had no impact on my purchase of fresh fruit whatsoever. I continue to purchase all types of fruit and my system when purchasing fruit and vegetables is to wash thoroughly and cut it up. I have done this for years, as has my late Mother....Mum was my inspiration. If everybody took the time to deal with their produce in this way, there would be no problem. Of course, from time to time we grow some of our own and again, no problem. The underhanded low life people who tamper with food will not succeed if everyone is vigilant.

  • 26th Sep 2018 01:06pm

I am a grower and the support from community has been AWESOME, a wonderful impact!

  • 26th Sep 2018 12:41pm

Makes me over look strawberries at the moment,as it was a scare to hear
Other fruits l don"t really worry about
I wouldn"t say l often buy strawberries
But will try again,just to fear safe about them again

  • 26th Sep 2018 12:44pm
Makes me over look strawberries at the moment,as it was a scare to hear
Other fruits l don"t really worry about
I wouldn"t say l often buy strawberries
But will try again,just to fear...

Meant to say ,take away the fear of it

  • 26th Sep 2018 11:57am

The tampering has had no impact om my family or myself what so ever. When we heard about it we just cut up the strawberries and ate them. Very simple as we normally eat them this way in any case.

  • 26th Sep 2018 11:34am

Still buy fresh fruits, but chop them carefully.

  • 26th Sep 2018 11:21am

It’s had very little impact on the way I purchase these types of fruit. I just make sure to be careful preparing them to eat.

  • 26th Sep 2018 11:21am

Still purchase same quantity, just cut them up before eating.

  • 26th Sep 2018 11:18am

I am really disappointed in this whole situation. As if the farmers don't have enough battles to fight, without someone deliberately harming their profits!

If anything the controversy has made me more determined to buy berries and has had absolutely no impact on my purchase of other fruits. As far as I'm concerned, as long as the fruit is cut up it is totally safe. To completely avoid the product is letting the 'tamperers' win - won't be happening in my house!

  • 26th Sep 2018 11:14am

I have bought more strawberries than ever and chopped them which I didn't used to do. My 8 year old has began chopping her fruit herself so it is on her mind I would say.. just being more vigilant is the outcome for us I would say

  • 26th Sep 2018 11:02am

I generally cut up fruit (small children) so the recommendation to do this in light of the fruit tampering wasn't an issue. It actually makes me want to purchase more as i refuse to let the actions of a small number of individuals dictate my fruit consumption!

dicky a
  • 26th Sep 2018 11:00am

ABSOLUTELY no effect on our consumption and, in fact, we will increase consumption as a gesture to the growers. Just have to be careful in preparation !!!

  • 26th Sep 2018 10:54am

We grow most of our own fruit... and berries (including strawberries). We also grow most of our own veges, salads and herbs. So far, no-one has attempted to attack our berries (apart from birds and slugs.) It's our theory that _slugs_ are responsible for sticking needles into strawberries. They're probably also sticking needles into themselves. Law enforcement agencies need to get stuck into them... .

Jade Simpson
  • 2nd Oct 2018 05:06pm
The fruit businesses I heard was taken over by the mafia ages ago. So I think needles is part of mafia wars.

I mean the fruit markets more than the growers

Jade Simpson
  • 2nd Oct 2018 05:03pm
They have 'got' (sic) away with it? A Latin cliche sums up their 'getting away with it': sic fux

Not sure of the exact interpretation, but I _think_ it implied some kind of illness or...

The fruit businesses I heard was taken over by the mafia ages ago. So I think needles is part of mafia wars.

  • 26th Sep 2018 12:44pm
maybe it is the slugs and they have got away with it!

They have 'got' (sic) away with it? A Latin cliche sums up their 'getting away with it': sic fux

Not sure of the exact interpretation, but I _think_ it implied some kind of illness or disease, possibly brain damage(?) If that's true, they really haven't gotten away with it. They live in a very dark, very twisted place and are very unhappy... .

  • 26th Sep 2018 11:00am
We grow most of our own fruit... and berries (including strawberries). We also grow most of our own veges, salads and herbs. So far, no-one has attempted to attack our berries (apart from birds...

maybe it is the slugs and they have got away with it!

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