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Facebook privacy - are you worried?

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Posted by: CafestudyAdmin

11th Apr 2018 12:36pm

Following the recent Facebook privacy scandal, have you changed your behaviour on Facebook? Are you conscious about how much you share and are you worried about your privacy?

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  • 21st Jul 2023 10:49pm

Always weary about it.
Never put my face on Facebook.
And watch what I put on it.
Never put on it where I live or work also and other peole's photos unless I get permission or they are dead.

  • 4th Jun 2021 11:56am

I have very strong privacy settings on my facebook page. I never load photos or pictures at all. Most of my entries are via private message to people I know personally and know they have strong privacy settings too.
Apart from that the main site I use is a Medical Support Group which is set up as a private group that only members can see. I personally have the medical problem and I have found the group very supportive and informative.

  • 3rd Aug 2018 10:50am

The main reason many people join facebook is to connect with family and friends and they assume that what they share will be respected and private unless they want everyone to know they business. With the recent scandal, I think any trust facebook had is lost and now people are aware that nothing is private anymore, their data can be manipulated, sold etc and they can be targeted for goods/services whether they wish it or not. To me a lot of my choice feels likes its been eroded. Even though social medial and technology is the way of the future, I think we can no longer trust either and have to be much more circumspect if you want any type of privacy. If privacy is not an issue for you then go right ahead. And that old 'if you've got nothing to hide" routine doesn't wash - it is not about "hiding", it is about "choice." My trust in Facebook is gone.

  • 5th Jun 2018 08:28pm

Yes , never say something you don't want every body to know.

  • 19th May 2018 09:52pm

I’ve never really posted anything private on Facebook and shared it for everyone to see anyway, but I am worried about the information in the private stuff that isn’t shared to everyone eg. the private inbox msgs that u send between friends cos a lot of that is private and personal

  • 14th May 2018 09:25pm

I am considering suspending my Facebook account. Other members of my family have already done this. I don't use Facebook much but do like keeping up with friends and family. I would miss it if I couldn't see their news at least once a month. But is it worth it considering how much information is mined. The recent election is SA is a warning to everyone about how easily someone is able to collect data and then sell it on so that an election can more or less be manipulated.

  • 14th May 2018 11:12am

I have always been wary and suspicious of any/all social media, especially Facebook and this just proves that! I have always been careful when it comes to sharing anything online. Being older (50 yrs) and growing up in the era pre-computers and internet, I always consider what I want to share as I know once I put it "out there" it's open for any type of manipulation. I am a private person in real life and I apply the same principles (within reason) online. I love and embrace the technology age but always use it as wisely and as carefully as possible.

  • 13th May 2018 07:12pm

Yes it is s big worry,facebook along with google amazon twitter youtube have all been doing this for years.....
Sensoring all conservitives that don't fit there narative,using our info to sell to the highest bidder but, their days are numbered.....the writing is on the wall.....the only way to stop our info being used like this is to go offline completely....unfortunately this will prove to be very hard for most people....

  • 13th May 2018 02:13pm

I don't do a lot on Facebook and usually only go on when I get an email advising I have messages or notifications or have to enter a competition by using Facebook. I have always been concerned about privacy on the site but feel that I do not share anything that personal that warrants real concern.

  • 12th May 2018 08:25pm

I am an avid facebook avoider (except for the ficticious stalking account). I consider facebook a virus and like all things that are once on the www, and are now for ever more, I have always felt it is only a matter of time - thought it would be longer than this thou'

  • 12th May 2018 07:41pm

I have always been conscious about what I share on social networks - this privacy scandal has not changed my view on this subject.

  • 12th May 2018 12:00pm

Most of the time, I only share photos of places I have been travelling to so my friends can keep up with where I am at that time. Share personal details? Well, some of my details are already on there but I am considering removing them to make it less possible for someone to create another identity using my details. I've been very aware of ID fraud for quite a few years now & always say that you can NEVER be too careful with what you divulge about yourself!

  • 12th May 2018 11:14am

I am definitely worried about privacy on Facebook and am very conscious of what I share there.

  • 10th May 2018 08:50pm

When i first went on-line about 10 years ago i all my friends and work colleagues were already on Facebook , all they seemed to talk about was how great it was , so i decided to take a look , what i saw did not really impress me , could not see the point , or any benefit , in telling every man and his dog what i was doing every minute of every day . My friends all said i was crazy , Facebook is a great site , and i would be missing out on a lot , but i stuck with my gut instinct and never tried Facebook again . Over the years i have heard so terrible stories about people on Facebook and what has happened to them , like posting holiday snaps while on holiday and returning home to find your house burgled .I have never regretted my choice of " No Facebook ", and now after the recent privacy scandal i feel i made a good choice , with someone always coming up with a new way to steal/access our private information , I'm very hesitant these days to share/supply much info at all on-line , the less info i put out there the safer i feel. So for me Facebook is a big NO .

  • 10th May 2018 09:46am

I don't post much at all on FB, or any other social media. There is no such thing as privacy anymore, which is a sad sign of the time. And when you do post something, especially photos, you really do put yourself at risk.

  • 10th May 2018 08:35am

It’s not surprised me really, I feel everything online is at risk of being misused and hacked into. I have always had tight privacy settings but i know if there’s a will there’s a way.

Just by having access to the internet and using it in our daily lives we are opening ourselves up to our private lives and personal information being accessible to anyone out there who knows and wants to gain our information for the wrong reasons.

I don’t share too much anymore on Facebook

pete 9
  • 10th May 2018 08:26am

Everyone should be careful as you would in all dealings your life, of using Facebook as a catch up with distant friends and family, not as a total communication with people that you respect your and their privacy for.

  • 9th May 2018 11:14pm

I am concerned now that I have read the news about facebook. I mean I always kind of knew they were using our data for their own purposes but this has really solidified it and made it real. I wonder how much of what I say and do is being shared with others and who is reading what i write. I don't do that much to change my settings before and now but I have thought about it since and might change them to protect myself. But how much protection can you have when the company you are using is managing the data and they have breached?
I wonder who is regulating this and who you could go to if you suspected a leak or a problem. I wouldn't know so I bet a lot of other people wouldn't either.
I am more conscious of what of mine is online but I don't talk to people I don't know about anything personal, just opinions about news events and so on so I am not hugely worried, but it has made me think. As someone who does surveys it is something on my mind occasionally but I think I can trust the survey companies, perhaps more than social media companies.
I have never had a security scare thankfully so I think I will try to assess my settings if I can figure that out and go from there so hopefully I will still have no issues in future

  • 9th May 2018 10:28pm

I've never used Facebook very much and have always been cautious about what I post. I actually only joined so I could enter a competition. Since then, I've had many invitations to 'friend' people and I told them all, except a very few, that I wasn't going to accept as there'd be nothing interesting for them to see from me, and on the other hand I could keep up with them in real life. The 15 or so friends I do have are ones I don't see much and wanted to keep in touch with somehow. I had a good look at all the settings and privacy options when I joined, and check them every time I hear there has been an update, to ensure that I'm only visible to the people I want to be.

I definitely am conscious of what I share. My account isn't public but even then, I don't use my real name nor that of my family members, on the rare occasion I post anything personal. My friends know who I'm talking about! The account is mainly used to enter craft-related contests so what I show is usually something I've made, not me personally.

When I heard about how by using an app or filling in a quiz, people had their data collected, I was glad that I never bother with any of those things.

  • 9th May 2018 10:15pm

Yes, I am concerned with why they want my information and what they are doing with it, without my permission,

  • 9th May 2018 09:52pm

Facebook? There are security breaches everywhere and not just on Facebook. Does it scare me? A bit, but if it wasn't Facebook, it would be my email, my web searches, my phone - so it is a big concern but we are powerless to do anything.

  • 9th May 2018 07:14pm

I am always aware of the facebook privacy and how they operates to gather our information. This is just a matter of time this kind of news come out from the public. I am define the person who against the heavy use of facebook but just only for newtork with friend. Any too personal information I will not put on facebook ever for my habbit

  • 9th May 2018 02:00pm

I think people over-share. If I have photos on my FB page, they are private. If I share, I make sure they are only seen by my friends. There are way to make yourself safe online but none are infallible so I do whatever I can and that includes constantly checking my security status.

  • 9th May 2018 01:12pm

I definitely went and checked what apps had access to my data but I have always assumed we had no privacy on facebook anyway and already use it minimally so it wasn't a shock to me. I have pretty much kept going as usual. I have been considering at least removing the app from my mobile and just using it on my PC only.

  • 9th May 2018 10:19am

I was concerned and please facebook have updated their systems, going forward it seems social media will be the norm - we have to inform ourseleves of privacy and check our accounts , i know this scandal i have gone back and checked all my social media accounts and adjusted my settings.

  • 9th May 2018 08:49am

Im not worried because i have deactivated my account since last year so i dont find myself to be in any threat possible right now. Its something i dont need and everything on there is just too political now. You see your true friends who are there who act all different from when they are in real life. So i tend to stay away from that and just be not online so much these days.

  • 9th May 2018 08:27am

I have never had Facebook and so I am not affected by this privacy scandal. I think that when you post things online, there is no real privacy and always a chance for something like this to happen.

  • 9th May 2018 02:48am

I have been worried about Facebook privacy long before this scandal broke out. It was about 10 years ago, one of my friend's Facebook page got hacked and this "hacker" used his Facebook page to ask every single of my friend's friends to offer him money as "he" said he was in a trouble and urgently needs $3000 to bail him out. Luckily my friend realised his problem and notified Facebook. However, it took him a while to re-organise everything on new Facebook page and fortunately according to my friend, no one has lost any money, but he did lost the time and the hassle to re-organise his life. I asked him was it to do with Facebook itself or soemthing else. He suspected that one of his associates might got someone involved in such incident. My friend never disclosed his personal password and important personal details on Facebook page, but someone he got into trouble. He did have his personal security setup quite high. Despite all his efforts, I know he is very active on Facebook, but somehow, someone managed to hack into his Facebook account. So far even Facebook didn't mention to him how the offender manage to hack into his account. My question is, "Was that has something to do with his own privacy settings?" It seems to him that someone came to his Facebook page through a back door.
My advice is to set the privacy setting to maximum and never disclose any sensitive information on any website and not just Facebook. Always monitor your privacy settings and activities every now and then. To be honest, I don't use Facebook often. Having said that, I do use Facecbook Messenger from time to time to contact with my friends. Even in our chats, I never disclose any sensitive and too personal information. Because no one really knows is there anyone "listening" in the background. It is better to play safe and not to feel sorry later.

  • 9th May 2018 02:25am

The scandal as such was really that it took social media adverts to bring the general consensus into the reality of privacy and security of information place on the net. Facebook has freely given advertiser's the ability to source target groups through their inputting of information since its inception, banner ads, pop ups, Facebook connective games and the ultimate FB messenger itself have always been the cleverly disguised wolves that have slowly revealed through sudden honesty and social media releases that the sheep's clothing was just wool. I am very at ease that my details, personal private information and in some cases key strokes have been accessible since I fell in love with FB and in its greater mass the net. So jump up and down and throw a tantrum just like the child that knows it doesn't change what has already happened or take two other options 1. Arm yourself to the teeth with antivirus software, subscriptions and system protection devices knowing that they will become defunct in a month or resort yourself to the fact as I do that this is the age of total information nudity and just get used to your bits being public knowledge.

  • 8th May 2018 11:56pm

Not worried as i don't use facebook at all.
Id be very worried if i did and would probably leave the site

  • 8th May 2018 11:56pm

Not worried as i don't use facebook at all.
Id be very worried if i did and would probably leave the site

  • 8th May 2018 11:26pm

i am always concerned about privacy but in this regard i dont share anything that i consider sinister and no personal details that can come back and bite me on the bum

  • 8th May 2018 11:21pm

I definitely am more cautious about sharing my information on the net - however the recent privacy scandal wasn't what triggered it, just made me review information I have on the internet. I deleted a lot of personal information from my Facebook a while ago (school, workplace etc.) to minimise the chance of any identity fraud/theft - especially since many "secret questions" which help protect passwords use this information - I made sure that I didn't share too much information on other sites (such as Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn) - but as we move to a far more digital world with networking and jobseeking, it is hard to restrict information to a point where people believe you either have no experience, or have set up a "fake" account - we are all very skeptical of things that appear a little off.

  • 8th May 2018 10:15pm

I can't say I have changed my behaviour on Facebook. I have always been careful about how much I share and to whom, which is basic common sense on any social media site. Am I worried about my privacy? There is of course always a level of concern. However if I was that worried I would cancel my account. I don't accept friend requests from anyone I don't know and generally share things only with friends.

  • 8th May 2018 09:53pm

I pretty much only share what I want people to know about me or attribute to me so I am happy to continue as I did before.

  • 8th May 2018 09:51pm

I have always refrained from oversharing personal information on any forum. For surveys I have to supply age/ sex/ birthday but i don't tell people when I will be away, buying new appliances etc; anything that will encourage unwanted people to visit when i am not at home.

  • 8th May 2018 09:25pm

I haven't changed my behaviour, though it's a timely reminder to revisit my privacy settings!

  • 8th May 2018 09:22pm

Yes it has definitely affected not only my view but my friend's view too in fact few of my friends have left Facebook already. I'm not very active on Facebook anymore and now not sharing any personal information on Facebook. I don't trust Facebook anymore since Mark himself admitted his mistakes it is therefore crystal clear that Facebook is no longer trust worthy website.

  • 8th May 2018 09:20pm

Yes it has definitely affected not only my view but my friend's view too in fact few of my friends have left Facebook already. I'm not very active on Facebook anymore and now not sharing any personal information on Facebook. I don't trust Facebook anymore since Mark himself admitted his mistakes it is therefore crystal clear that Facebook is no longer trust worthy website.

  • 8th May 2018 09:05pm

Yes, security is very important to me so I am not a Facebook user any more.

  • 8th May 2018 08:10pm

Yes I have changed my behaviour on Facebook. It does worry me what is shared on there. I have hardly been commenting on posts and lately I have not made any posts. I don't think it is very trustworthy

  • 8th May 2018 08:01pm

I do worry about about my online privacy. Not obsessively so that's caused me to change my behaviour, but enough to be a little wary about what I put out there for the world to see. Which is a shame, because Facebook, for me, is an enjoyable and fun site. Certain private details needs to be given in order for us to be able to access FB and use it . As with most personal online sites such as shopping, bank, apps and surveys, they need to know who we are. It's just regretful that a few of the more unscrupulous amongst us abuse it.

  • 8th May 2018 07:55pm

I have always been concious about my privacy and already have very strict privacy settings

  • 8th May 2018 07:28pm

I'm not worried about facebook.Im more worried about people being drunk and being abusive on facebook and the repercussions.

  • 8th May 2018 07:21pm

I have always had a tight facebook security, because I am mindful of what I share from a work perspective as I manage a large quantity of staff and I want my levels of privacy to be high all the time.

  • 8th May 2018 07:10pm

Yes, I am concerned about my privacy but also ( and more importantly) that of my friends. I try to be careful what I share but would hate my friends' privacy to be breached through me. I do appreciate the contact I can give with people I would not otherwise hear from and so remain on it but already some friends are leaving Facebook.

  • 8th May 2018 06:44pm

I am a little. More so passing my details to "Marketing". Selling my details to people who pretend ive won something when I haven't. To try and get my account details.

  • 8th May 2018 06:36pm

Not really - at this point of time anyway. I dont post anything bad and dont really have much to hide. Some say you should not post holiday pics when away etc - but I figure if people dont know where you live I dont think would be much harm. Local friends would know where I live - but I would trust all of them (hopefully!)
Also I am reasonably careful what I respond to. I dont (or rarely) "forward" those chain messasges esp if it says forward to so many or some ill may befall you! Nor do I now respond to friend requests that have no connections to me.
And those copy and paste things - or dont copy and paste or whatever they say. And dont do most of those so called quizzes either.

  • 8th May 2018 06:19pm

I check more often that my privacy settings are all set as periodically Facebook is known to reset some to public. I am mindful of not sharing anything too private (always been that way) and abstain from using those quizzes and other information gathering apps.

  • 8th May 2018 05:57pm

Iam not worried about Facebook privacy

  • 8th May 2018 05:39pm

I am worried to a certain extent but have taken measures to keep my privacy, I only share with friends and family and watch what i do and say on face book. Theres appropriate and inappropriate users so you have to be very careful whom you have connected to your account.

  • 8th May 2018 04:59pm

I check through my privacy settings on Facebook on a regular basis. I have mine set to be fairly tight: only friends of friends can ask to be my friend; the outside world can't see much at all. I check what my profile looks like using the 'View as...' tool from my profile page. People can probably find out more about me from a Google search than they can on Facebook.
To a certain extent, there's a price to be paid once any of us start signing up for social media/online profiles. It makes it very easy to be found. Companies like Facebook don't necessarily make it easy to restrict the flow of information to the outside world, but it is possible. You just have to dig a little, and be diligent. I'm not necessarily worried, I just tend to be vigilant - even in the real world (yep, I shred any documents with my or my family's name or personal details on it).
I am conscious about what and how much I share, but I know this can be used to my benefit, to promote my business or groups I'm passionate about, connect with people around the world... and I'll admit it: do a little investigating on people I'd like to know more about! We just have to be smart about what we release in the public, online sphere.

  • 8th May 2018 04:53pm

No. While I am concerned about privacy, I am much more focused on making sure that certain family member or acquaintances can’t ses some of the things I post or comment on than on random companies having my info.

. V
  • 8th May 2018 04:46pm

I have always had my security setting set high with facebook. I will not post when I am on holidays or pictures of my kids. I am always worried about my privacy online with any site including facebook. What I don't understand is why some people don't have any security setting set. I have accessed peoples facebook pages and their friends lists etc when looking for friends. I find that scary that a complete stranger can do that on facebook.

  • 8th May 2018 04:10pm

No,l believe once you post anything online,its your own reponsibility
Not just facebook

  • 8th May 2018 03:56pm


  • 8th May 2018 03:55pm

I have my Facebook locked down to Friends Only, and I carefully monitor the settings regularly. In saying that, I am very careful about what even makes it to Facebook in the first place. I don't put my contact details anywhere, identifying information, and definitely no financial information at all. A hacker would look at my details and be bored out of their mind. I don't have it linked to any other app, programme or site in any way, and I have revoked any permissions I inadvertently gave in the past. Nothing outside Facebook has access at all (I don't do those sill quizzes that use Facebook info, and I don't play Facebook games.), so I am less concerned than many other might be. But I am still vigilant about what I put up, what others put up about me and how it might be used by others.

  • 8th May 2018 03:54pm

No not really if you are worried about information you disclose on facebook get off social media. Its out there anyway.

  • 8th May 2018 03:19pm

Yes i am very careful about my Facebook privacy. Nowadays its happening many crime. Criminals are prepared fack accounts in Facebook and doing wrong messages.
I had experience somebody did msg me on fb messanger he is add girl pick in him Facebook and thought this is girls. He is doing msg everyday if she was girls never msg me every day. I the last i tell all women we have to carefully.

  • 8th May 2018 03:16pm

Since the recent facebook privacy scandals, I have taken extra time to ensure that all my privacy settings and other security settings are all good. Apart from that, I'm not worried, nor have I changed my behaviour. I already knew that I was using facebook for "free" in return for facebook and anyone else being able to use my data for their own purposes, so nothing in my mind has changed.

If, in the future, I decided this "cost" of "free" facebook was no longer worth it, I just simply would delete my facebook account.

  • 8th May 2018 03:04pm

I'm not personally worried as I try not to share things that I'm not prepared for the world to know. I have, over the last few years, started to slowly remove myself from FB although I know you can never truly be rid of it. I think it's awful though that people who have genuinely put their trust in something like this have had their data shared, but realistically, is anything private anymore?

  • 8th May 2018 03:01pm

No, my behaviour hasn't changed at all since this scandal. I am always very careful about what I choose to share on Facebook or any other social media site.

I only post what I don't mind others seeing, so this does not worry me in the least. I have my privacy options set to the highest level when it comes to personal information and I would like to think it's secure. I have never had any 'hacking' incidents and feel quite safe when using social media.

  • 8th May 2018 02:50pm

I was already very careful with my privacy on Facebook, as I knew that the privacy was already almost noon existent. I have previously heard that people's newsfeeds have been manipulated to see how it effects their mood and status', and I've been seeing for years now how simply talking about something will usually result in an ad for it popping up in my feed! Interesting. Yes, I still use it, but am careful with what I post, and try not to give much away.

  • 8th May 2018 02:37pm

Nope. I barely use Facebook.
Just to browse the newsfeeds and the like. Hardly ever post anything to my account.
Not worried at all

  • 8th May 2018 02:33pm

Any service that is provided for free online is prone to breaches of privacy so it's common sense to be wary of what you share. I have not changed my behaviour because I did not engage in irresponsible behaviour to begin with. People need to remember that if something looks too good to be true then it probably is. Each time Facebook update their site, there is a hidden privacy setting somewhere in there that you will need to address. When people sign up for sites, read the fine print and make sure you understand it. There are so many that just agree to the terms without reading what they are agreeing to and then they cry foul later.
Basically, if you don't want something to be public knowledge, don't put it on the internet and that goes for all social media, not just Facebook.

Kiki Chiki
  • 8th May 2018 02:21pm

I have been worried, always have been. Not in the sense that I was already worried about identity theft and hacking and fraud, but more so that the companies you think you can trust, well, you just never know. Because I do a lot of online surveys too it has made me think about the information I am sharing so I tend to select the 'prefer not to say' option on some questions now, and refuse to give out too much info like my address unless necessary and trusted. I always used to think about the level of information people share online, especially on those 'the person with this birthday month/date/name etc posts as they reveal a bit of information that people don't realise they are sharing.
I have not changed any settings as I was already minimising the amount of info I release on facebook and who I let be my friend, I have kept a few things blank for a reason e,g employer and birth city etc. It is very easy to find out information about someone or locate their posts on any site - as evidenced by a comment on my company made by a customer I had the other month - I found the post they were referring to very easily with a simple search. The owner of the post wasn't hard to track down either. It just goes to show that we need to teach online privacy and security more in schools and to vulnerable people so they can protect themselves as it is a bit of a minefield trying to work out how to change some of these settings - google for example to change ad tracking settings and keyword sharing is not that easy for the average person. I don't post that much online anyway but since the facebook thing - which, admittedly, I don't know much about, just the gist that they shared info that they didn't disclose they were sharing or were not allowed to share - I am more careful than ever online. I honestly think all computers should come with free antivirus software to protect all from unsafe websites and emails etc. It shouldn't be optional or something you should have to pay for as that just punishes people who can't afford it or don't know well enough to get it.

  • 8th May 2018 02:05pm

As I sign into the caféstudy site using my Facebook account - LOL!

I never let Facebook, or other sites, know my real birthdate,
and I'm careful to not overshare, so not really worried?

Also, manners - like:
• not talking about money, religion or politics,
• not saying "I don't like that" at half the paintings in the art gallery,
• not yelling "what's wrong with that person" at every different person you meet.

Maybe I'm just middle aged :-)

Harshanie 30779333
  • 8th May 2018 02:04pm

Yes, I've worried about my Facebook privacy and I changed my account security settings and make my wall visible to my friends only.

Ellie 30656027
  • 8th May 2018 01:59pm

I have gone into Facebook and tightened up my privacy and looked thoroughly through all my settings. No one now can access (well supposedly) my information. I've also deleted all the apps that I have used Facebook to log in to. But I guess if you use the internet at all, your information is always bound to be found through somewhere. But I've tried to be as careful as I can.

  • 8th May 2018 01:55pm

I have always been a bit wary of Facebook and other forms of social media in terms of who can see your posts/information etc and what the companies use the data for. Privacy concerns are the most obvious for me, information being sold to advertisers etc and potential for hacking seems a bit more of a risk than other online entities. As a result I do not post confidential information on social media, whether it be status updates around holidays I'm on, photos of family etc or any other personal data like financial information etc. I also only "friend" people I know personally, rather a smaller but more sincere group, plus I don't have hours of time free each day to go online and chat to everyone and keep up with what they are all doing.

The recent scandal probably justified my conservative view and approach to social media. I'm a bit surprised to be honest it didn't happen sooner, and the vague answers and dodging answering questions from the Facebook powers at be just add more fuel to this fire. Honesty and openness is required if Facebook want to regain the trust of its users.

My behaviour hasn't changed as I feel I've never exposed myself on Facebook or any other social media site, I limit my interactions with a well known close knit group and keep comments/status's etc quite generic in nature. Anything of a personal or in depth nature I save for a phone call or face to face chat.

  • 8th May 2018 01:52pm

I am worried about my privacy after the issue. Sharing the personal information in facebook is limited now.Imposed all the privacy settings but i am not sure how much extent it will protect the data.

  • 8th May 2018 01:40pm

Well this one's bound to be a touchy subject. There has been plenty of criminals caught from their posts on facebook. Interesting to see what people can find out from posts. I saw a tv show recently on what people can find out about facebook users from what they post. One guy says he looks at what people are wearing in photos and can tell if they have money or not, he can find the location where you live, if your husband works away a lot, and when you're not home so he can rob the place. I found out a few things about a woman who ripped off my elderly friend thousands and even told the police in my statement about what she'd posted on her facebook. The fact you can be anyone you want on facebook also speaks volumes.

  • 8th May 2018 01:40pm

nope i only share things i don't care about people seeing. And have privacy as strict as possible. So No Worries, she's aples forme.

  • 8th May 2018 01:37pm

Facebook is a great media app - both for personal and business connections. Unfortunately, like everything else world-wide-web, there will always be some individuals looking out to scam people, which includes stealing private information. Facebook's privacy breach is not exclusive only to Facebook and certainly won't be the last. My take on Privacy issues is to "guard and secure your own privacy" and do not rely on any and all app's security. After all, a person's privacy is a matter of personal choice. Your privacy is your responsibility. If you let yourself open and vulnerable by sharing private information publicly online, whether photos, bank infos, contacts, messages in whatever file format - you will be open to attacks. Protecting yourself is always the best line of defense, world-wide-web and real-time.

  • 8th May 2018 01:31pm

Nothing in life is free - it did not come as a surprise to me that information on Facebook has been used. I've always been cautious about over sharing anyway so it doesn't really change things for me.

  • 8th May 2018 01:31pm

It used to seem fun to do those Quizzes on facebook but the real reasons for gathering that info and pillaging my profile information is obscene and really makes me questions the ethics and morality of those doing it. I also have a resigned tone to this debate - it's gonna happen - I guess we all just need to be more aware of what we do, why we are doing it before we click.

  • 8th May 2018 01:28pm

If you don't use it, it shouldn't be a problem and if you do don't put out too much info of your private life on it.

  • 8th May 2018 01:27pm

Not at all, I believe we all have control over our own pages so if you put stuff out there on fb then you obviously ok with people reading it whether you know them or not.
And update your password regularly with tricky fun combo's.

  • 8th May 2018 01:22pm

Have always been worried about privacy and have always held high privacy settings-am always conscious about what I post on Facebook and who it can be seen by. However, Facebook is a good tool to keep in contact with people so I am happy to continue with it, although always cautious on what I post on it and will maintain my privacy settings which are conservative.

  • 8th May 2018 01:19pm

Definitely not, there has been enough information through the media and my own observations while looking at facebook (and other social media formats) to realise that nothing on the internet is private. People shouldnt be posting personal information onto Facebook anyway, its a bit of an oxymoron to be worried about privacy when you are engaging in a media format that is based around being social while trying to be totally private at the same time. It seems as the the people concerned with this are very interested in others lives while not wanting to give up anything for themselves... almost stalkerish.
I first realised that personal web browsing information was being used to target me for ads when we were looking for a boot-liner for my new car. Every advertisement that came up related to the topic we were searching, and its not a bad thing! The same has been done for headphones, basketball jerseys and also fishing equipment. Products still need to be of value for me to buy them, I couldn't care less if corporations target me for certan ad campaigns if those campaigns are relevant.

My behaviour on facebook was always semi conservative. I think if you are engaging in activities that you dont want people to know about and have a facebook profile, you need to set up the privacy settings so that only you can access any photos, videos, threads or comments that you are tagged in. If you arent comfortable with how to do that, either refrain from those activities, ask those around you not to tag or post things to you or study up how to utilise the privacy settings. I am a teacher and have been from 23 years of age, I need to ensure my private life doesnt get out to students to ensure effective practice and maintain respect. If I can do that, anyone can.

  • 8th May 2018 01:12pm

Following the recent scandal on privacy, I have gone to have a look at my facebook settings and try to ensure that it's all set to be private, only can be shared to friends and familiy I know. But still, I do not trust the settings on facebook, so I have not uploaded or entered anything since then. I rarely used it.

  • 8th May 2018 01:12pm

I generally don't spend much time on Facebook. I spend most of my time on Instagram which does not seem to be as affected. I have not changed my security settings on Facebook because I am not on it very much. However, some of my friends feel violated because their privacy has been compromised and have changed their security settings accordingly.

  • 8th May 2018 01:12pm

I have definitely reduced what I share on Facebook - even though I believe that my settings have been pretty good. But I consider that anything that I share on social media regardless of my settings I assume could be made public at any given time. So like my mother always said 'If I don't have something nice to say - don't say anything at all'.

  • 8th May 2018 01:11pm

Honestly no it hasnt changed my behaviour on facebook. In saying that I dont believe any of my information was leaked. I think that you should only put on Facebook what you are totally comfortable with the world seeing so really nothing too personal.

  • 8th May 2018 01:09pm

I'm not too worried as I don't use it for much

  • 8th May 2018 01:07pm

No I had my profile set to high privacy before. I also use something called facebook purity which cuts out adds.

  • 8th May 2018 01:07pm

I don't use Facebook much so it's not really a problem for me

  • 8th May 2018 12:57pm

I've been using the internet for a long time and I feel like that alters my view on sharing things online. Back 15 years ago, nobody used their real names to chat on forums and message boards, it was all usernames. The younger people nowadays seem to think that it's normal to use your full name online (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram in particular) as well as sharing details like where you go to school or work or pictures and videos of very recognisable landmarks near your house etc etc. Personally, I am still very wary of sharing much online at all. On the flip side, I do understand that websites need to make revenue to exist so that I can use them and that tracking my search and browsing history helps them do this, and I am not really too fussed by that, maybe I should be?

  • 8th May 2018 12:56pm

I’m more aware of what I post.But I haven’t as yet made any changes I don’t feel the need just yet but that’s not to say in the future I will feel the same thank you

  • 7th May 2018 06:54pm

I think it is an absolute disgrace. Who do these people think they are. Should be fined and every Facebook user compensated.

  • 7th May 2018 05:42pm

I never shared too much in the first place as I am aware of how easy it is to hack into someone device. This has confirmed some of my suspicions and I do take extra precautions on other platforms now

  • 7th May 2018 03:06pm

Have always been conscious of how much I share and no I am not worried at present worried about my privacy.

  • 7th May 2018 01:51pm

It's made me think about what I put on FB. I have always been concerned as privacy / security is a concern in general but this has made me think more about FB specifically.

  • 7th May 2018 12:46pm

I'm not worried as I don't put many details on Facebook and open to friends only

  • 7th May 2018 12:35pm

I stopped using Facebook a long time ago because of trolls using these websites and causing young people to take their lives

  • 7th May 2018 10:59am

I changed my behaviour some years back after pictures were shown in the paper of a terrible tragedy. Extended family hadn't heard the news but the media were able to use the photos from the victims facebook page as they were set to Public. After that I made sure all my settings were very high. I regularly make sure only my cover photo and facebook picture are the only things non friends can see.

  • 6th May 2018 10:24pm

Only today one of my friends (personal) was hacked...they sent a post from her and tagged all of her Facebook friends in it....I know not to click on it, or they would then hack me. So many people send 'chain' messages, like a pretty picture or quote or greatest Mum - I refuse to click on those. Some years ago I did, when a friend sent a link to click on to vote for their child's competition, and within seconds, they had sent the same message to all of my friends. So a quick change of password, and post to all my friends not to click on it as it wasn't me. I love Facebook (greatest form of cheap entertainment and instant messaging) but privacy is a concern, especially being hacked.

  • 6th May 2018 09:48pm

No I am not worried. I have a Facebook account with very minimal personal information on it. The only reason I have the account is that a client required some information and the only way to access that info was through Facebook. I may look at Facebook once a year if they are lucky as it means nothing to me, but other family members live their life on it which i find appalling as nothing that they post is private.

  • 6th May 2018 05:48pm

I am not at all worried about the recent Facebook privacy scandal. It's one of the reasons why I never signed up with Facebook, never will and won't be recommending others to either.

  • 6th May 2018 05:31pm

A little.. always careful what I post and like,. and check privacy and user settings..

  • 6th May 2018 03:01pm

No worries here as I don't use it.

  • 6th May 2018 12:49pm

I never used facebook that much so I will continue to do just that and watch what I share

  • 6th May 2018 12:14pm

Right from the start I have avoided social media , preferring to have a low profile.Because I use none of the platforms I am quite relaxed when all the privacy panic sets.

  • 6th May 2018 11:39am

my Privacy settings on Facebook were already tight, but I did check them again. I also looked at other sites & reviewed their security & how much info they shared. I deleted a lot which I didn’t access regularly anyhow. I don’t think we will ever be totally safe on line, hackers will always try to be one step ahead & some sites will onsell our details, there’s not much more we can do except keeping our online personal info to a minimum

  • 6th May 2018 11:31am

no, not really. I do not post much myself but I like to look at other people's posts. I suppose I do not really worry because I cannot imagine how anything about me could be useful.

  • 6th May 2018 12:14am

I signed up to Facebook in 2009. It didn't take me long to realize, how your information is revealed to friends of friends of friends of friends etc. I am a rather private person and this revelation really bothered me. However, I could not find how to delete my account so changed my e-mail address. Considering the recent "scandal", I feel very wise. Recently on the net, I came across an article complaining about how difficult it is to delete a Facebook account. The congressional hearing in the USA must have shaken Zuckerberg's cage as the article I was reading went on to say that Facebook was in the process of making the necessary changes do people could delete their account if they desired. I will be doing just that when the changes are opereational.

  • 5th May 2018 05:36pm

I rarely use Facebook and this makes me even more wary

  • 5th May 2018 05:33pm

Originally I used it to keep in touch with local, interstate and overseas friends. Over the years I have never posted any pictures yet they appear in a “recommended site” entry.

I had a young friend put the highest privacy settings on for me and rarely use the site as I trust it even less than ever now.

  • 5th May 2018 05:26pm

I am not worried about privacy, I have limited my Facebook details to friends and I don't post anything on Facebook which would give rise to anything affecting my privacy. Anything I see that I think others may enjoy I may share but they are general items and do not relate to me personally. I have always limited the information I post about travel and holidays and being absent from home as a precaution as well. I am not important enough for people other than family and friends to want to follow my posts.

  • 5th May 2018 05:16pm

Thanks for the chance to have my say. I only use Facebook about once a day as I don't have that much to share. I answer questions etc when they appear in my email account, but that is about all. I have never uploaded a pix to Facebook. I may be an old dude (79) but Facebook doesn't turn me on as much as it appears to do everyone else. Life these days is watching nearly person "texting away" on their phones. What on earth do they have to talk about CONSTANTLY! It's beyond me - maybe I'm too old. In answer to the question posed - the answer is as I stated above. Thank you.

  • 5th May 2018 05:14pm

I am not particularly worried as I only use facebook to look at what is happening in lives of friends and aquaintances. I do not share anything on facebbok as I do not fully trust the medioum

justice of the peace (ret)
  • 5th May 2018 05:10pm

I use facebook less now that i used to.

  • 5th May 2018 04:58pm

Yes, I am conscious & careful of what I share. Not concerned.

  • 5th May 2018 04:18pm

I don't share anything that I would not want others to know. I also have the appropriate security on my account, only allowing those that I friend to see what I share.

  • 5th May 2018 04:16pm

NO because I am always careful in what I say and whom I share it with and only to a close group of friends

  • 5th May 2018 02:51pm

The recent Facebook scandal has not only made me worried about the things I choose to post to Facebook but to social media as a whole. To often do my social media feeds provide me with ads and targeted messages obviously shown to me through observation of my internet use. As a young adult living away from home, Facebook is a platform I associate with sharing parts of my personal life with a selected group of friends and family. The recent scandal has changed the way I interact with my own family, due to the fear that what I post privately is now not private at all. The reoccurring joke of "my phone is listening to me" amongst friends seems to have taken a startling serious tone and however this conversation seems directed mostly at Americans, it stimulates the question of how much information are we sharing unwillingly across all media platform?

  • 5th May 2018 02:40pm

I've always tried to limit how much information about me is shared over social media, but after the scandal I have basically gone underground. I've removed my profile picture and information about myself, and now use the platform to stay in contact with friends and keep up to date. It's really uncomfortable to think the important things I shared with close friends and family were seen by people I've never even met, then used in targeted advertising. What's the point in privacy settings if our information is shared anyway?

  • 5th May 2018 02:17pm

Yes I am extremely concerned about privacy. Not just the hacking but the amount of data collected by Facebook about me and anyone I have spoken too. I downloaded the saved files and was horrified about the amount and type of information they had collected on me. Then I went and deleted apps. that were related to me, how I do not know? Then after getting rid of the apps and getting rid of the data collected I closed my Facebook account.

  • 5th May 2018 01:04pm

yes I have deactivated my account

  • 5th May 2018 12:55pm

I have not changed my behaviour as I rarely upload things to Facebook, any that I do are not particularly personal and usually only amusing things which have happened.

  • 5th May 2018 12:50pm

I've not changed my behaviour at all, and the scandal does not bother me at all, I am more bothered by having to listen to it on the news constantly. For me, I know that anything I put on Facebook (or any social media for that matter) becomes their property, it is literally in the T&C's and if you didn't bother to pay attention to what you were signing up for then that is your problem. In this generation, being cyber-literate is important, and is the individual's responsibility to become so. Yes, this is easier for generations who have grown up with it, but use some common sense people.

  • 5th May 2018 12:26pm

I have always been cautious when sharing things on social networks. For me that is something that was coming

  • 5th May 2018 11:48am

No I have not changed my behaviour the only thing I do not share is pictures of my granddaughter (as much as I would love to) also I do not worry about my privacy as everyone has my details anyway.

  • 5th May 2018 11:42am

I no longer make personal entries and have removed info from the about option

  • 5th May 2018 11:41am

I have always been circumspect about committing personal details on line. I use Facebook to keep up with overseas family and friends and to share my concerns about animal welfare.

  • 5th May 2018 10:59am

I gave my facebook account years ago because of the people-masses-that were suddenly trying to contact me-I did not know them and I did not have any friends that they were associated with,it just went way over the top,best thing I ever did.

  • 5th May 2018 10:48am


  • 5th May 2018 10:28am

Right from the very start I did not give personal information to Facebook or any other commercial sites I am a member of. My actual birthdate is only given to Government bodies, banks that have a need for that. Facebook does not really need your birthdate so any date that you can remember will do. It does not need to know details about your schools, location (apart from rough location area eg Australia NSW. It does not need to know if I am married or to whom.
Many of the applications on smart phones seem to want to know more about you than facebook just to play a silly game.

  • 5th May 2018 10:06am

No concern whatsoever as i do not use Facebook !

  • 5th May 2018 10:02am

Facebook has proved to be a dishonest, sneaky and not to be trusted organisation time and time again. They are just like the big banks. I guess it's not their fault people are so silly in providing FB with all their life details....I mean WHY would anyone think it is necessary to provide their REAL birthdate etc to a mob like FB???
The real problem is they are so sneaky in WHAT information they are collecting from people and what they are doing with it. FB exists for one reason only and people should be aware of it and stop behaving so silly with FB just to see their picture online.
THE ONLY REASON FB exists is to make money! That's it. It is their to collect as much information as possible from users, sell the information to WHOEVER will pay for it and attract advertisers based on the information it has harvested and supplied to them.
FB does NOT exist to be your 'friend'. That's absolute rubbish. It is very deceitful and untrustworthy organisation but the recent scandals will not stop people being careless with their info as it has become a necessity for people to let their 'friends' know when they are having a coffee or what their dog is up to.

dicky a
  • 5th May 2018 09:52am

Is it my age ( late 60's ) ..or my life long vocation ( a boring accountant and a grandson of an accountant to boot ) or is that I don't have the time - or interest - to be involved in this sort of tripe ..that makes me wonder why others are interested? Quite frankly ( see vocation above) my life would be so boring for others , that I know I would not have any "followers" (or whatever they are called) so I would suffer an inferiority complex if I used this medium. Besides, my typing skills are so bad I would be wasting far too much time posting anything.

Actually it was only a matter of time before invasion of user rights became an issue !

  • 5th May 2018 09:33am

As a habit, I don't post anything that could be used to impact me. I like to use the mantra, how would a potential employer look at my facebook page?

Bob Jacobs
  • 5th May 2018 09:21am

Yes, to the extent I have cancelled my account, and all other social media sites I subscribe to.

  • 5th May 2018 08:26am

No because I never put anything I don't want other to see on Facebook it's the internet so you should never put your private details anywhere online

  • 5th May 2018 06:32am

My concerns have always been there but this just reinforces my belief that you have to take responsibility for your own page. Don't leave it to technology as it, clearly, fails along the way. My privacy settings have always been tight but now I've reduced them even further and now just use Facebook to keep in touch with my family and very close friends. No one else needs to know my details or what I'm doing. It's made me very wary of technology and its mis-uses.

  • 5th May 2018 06:07am

Conscious about how much is shared, and worried about privacy, yes, of course. FB seems to have that 'speakers' corner' appeal to it; wanting to be seen, heard, noticed. More than that, perhaps it's a need, driven by the deep unsatisfied longing of the heart that makes one seek a sense of belonging. FB is able to satisfy in part that longing because one can belong to a group or groups where members have a common interest, and actively participate in them. FB is also a useful source of news feed. A good measure is always common sense.

  • 5th May 2018 04:27am

Unfortunately, it is most probably too damn late to worry about your privacy, all the data is already on-line. But you should from now on be VERY careful about what you put into the ether, and if possible (unlikely though this is) find all your private information and delete it. NOW

  • 5th May 2018 02:27am

Facebook privacy is not a problem. I gave Facebook the flick years ago and never looked back.

  • 4th May 2018 11:58pm


  • 4th May 2018 11:42pm

I've been concerned about Facebook for some time. Initially, this was because close (elderly) friends were hacked (yahoo) and then tracked (FB) while travelling abroad. As we travel overseas frequently, for extended periods (90+ days) we realised that our movements were public... and our unoccupied home... very vulnerable.

Misuse of FB data, to target disenfranchised citizens and spread disinformation, is a whole new level of security concern. Restricted data access is not simply a matter of trust... . It is critically important in a world in which misuse, misinformation and malpractice threaten our priceless democracies.

  • 4th May 2018 11:02pm

I haven't shared too much on facebook in recent years as I have gone off the trend of constantly posting on the social media site but as the memories feature comes along and shows a status i made when i was younger that reveals too much its easy to delete. Since the scandal it hasn't phased me too much, it was somewhat inevitable and you kind of accept that when you sign up and use it. If it worried people that much i'd ask why its still one of the biggest social medias out there and also the owner of the many others that people use.

  • 4th May 2018 10:51pm

No I haven.'t changed due to what i post and have up on FB

  • 4th May 2018 10:43pm

I’ve always had strict control and constant checking of privacy settings and such on any social or online platform however with the increasing amount of ads and supposed ‘you just won....’ links that appear on Facebook or even just the little questionnaires that tell you what your futer job is or favourite Disney movie is that require you to give out extra info those are the more problematic worries when it comes to privacy scandals and they have a false sense of security think they are linked to Facebook privacy which is something I am and will continue to be extremely conscious of

  • 4th May 2018 10:30pm

This is why I have never signed up for a Facebook account.
Had doubts from the beginning so I am lucky that I never opened up the account.

  • 4th May 2018 10:12pm

Since the recent Facebook scandal, I'm definitely more paranoid with how much privacy I have. I have completely stopped sharing on Facebook all together and I am rarely active. It makes me wonder how much privacy I originally had before this scandal happened and I am curious if when I signed up to Facebook I never had privacy rights in the first place.I am far more likely to deactivate my account since this incident occurred.

  • 4th May 2018 09:54pm

Im not too worried since I usually don't share a lot on Facebook. When I'm on Facebook, I mainly use it to keep updated on news and to catch up with people. Anything I do share is usually important items and what I share is something that people already shared on their Facebook account. Overall, not too worried about my privacy in Facebook despite the issue.

  • 4th May 2018 09:48pm

I read the terms and conditions before I joined up to keep in touch with family travelling around Australia,, and it clearly stated that any thing I posted became the property of Facebook.

Guess not many people read the T&C, pity.
So no I dont care what policies they have, I dont share anything in my posts that are interesting or say anything, apart from ring me..never post any personal photos. etc
The most I do is repost or post curent affairs information or links when people asked questions,, and I have information, but that is all on the internet anyway.

So T&C dont bother me

  • 4th May 2018 09:48pm

I have not changed my behaviour, as my privacy settings have always been the tightest possible. All of my details, friends, groups to which I belong, and all off my posts have always been not visible to anyone other than friends. The only exception is my profile pic and cover picture, which need to be "Public" to be visible. I have shown many people how to use the "View as" feature to see what the world can see on their Facebook page. It's shocking how few people are aware of that and many other Facebook functions. I am administrator of several groups, some of which have many thousand people, and every day it seems I educate someone about Facebook privacy and their settings. Even so, I have always felt that nothing is actually private on Facebook, as I am aware that Facebook monitors posts and looks for key words that alert them of such things as crime and suicide. Thankfully I can check my grandchildren's Facebook pages to make sure they're as safe as possible. Too many children have been taken advantage of by unsavoury people on Facebook.

  • 4th May 2018 09:44pm

I have always been conscious about what i say and do on Facebook. I have always kept my details muted. However i did get a message from Facebook that my details MAY have been harvested and passed on to a third party. Which didn't make me too happy i might say. But if one looks at it Yahoo has all your details as well and like most organizations they pass on your details , banks telcos etc do the same. Every competition you enter into you agree that your details may be passed on to third parties. Yes im more careful on FB but my details could be hacked from any internet server. Yes i worry about my privacy but really what can you to stop your info being stolen by a hacker.

  • 4th May 2018 09:43pm

I've never really shared much on Facebook because I was always worried what might happen with the info. Saying that, I love to see what people have been doing with themselves when I don't get to visit much. As long as I don't share anything too personal or private I know I'm quite safe. I only ever share something that I do want people to know about (and that's not much).

  • 4th May 2018 09:39pm

No I am not worried - I don't use Facebook.

The Fat Man
  • 4th May 2018 09:30pm

Dear Cafestudy Admin.
It has always been my belief that one should not place anything on Facebook that you do not want anyone else to view. No intimate personal information that is no one else s business, or anything that can be used against you or your character should be posted there. If it is your desire to contact someone, arrange to do it personally by phone or personal email. No illegal, or defamatory issues should appear there as it is open to public view, and can be used to mar your reputation. People today do not seem to have many morals and what they post is showing who they are and their mental aptitude, and they should be worried at what they have posted online.

  • 4th May 2018 09:30pm

Privacy should be the website responsibility, If you use a website they should clearly state that the information given can or can't be used by third parties. The websites have to take all necessary steps to secure your information or tell you it can't then it is up to you to use it or not.

  • 4th May 2018 09:25pm

I am not at all worried about any Facebook issues as I do not have an account with them and neither will I ever hold an account with them as I hear to many issues about those that have used them. Regards David Ahern

  • 4th May 2018 09:17pm

I always felt that I had to be careful as to what details I put on my facebook account but was shocked to learn the recent invasion of people's data. I have definitely changed my behavior and now only contact my family and friends who are on the private side. I no longer search through facebook like I used to. I also heard on todays news that Twitter is also reporting that people's data has been compromised. The internet is very useful, but now a days you really have to be careful what you go on as there would be nothing worse then having your private detailes stolen and used. .

  • 4th May 2018 09:15pm

i am not very concerned because I share very little information about myself or family.

Hey you
  • 4th May 2018 09:12pm

enough that I have stopped using facebook and most other online sites including cafestudy

  • 4th May 2018 09:07pm

I rarely use facebook myself even though I have an account with them and don't share details about myself, only responding to messages from friends. Anyone that uses the internet has lost their right to privacy.

  • 4th May 2018 08:48pm

I am not worried as I dont share anything private or family related I do sometimes comment of friends posts. Although I dont spend endless hours there either just have a quick squiz and get off

  • 4th May 2018 08:14pm

Did not change thinks, so far im happy as it is, and so far not worried about facebook.

stewart bookworm
  • 4th May 2018 08:00pm

No because I have a such boring life, if someone stole it they would send me a sympathetic message

  • 4th May 2018 07:54pm

I have ignored all the scandal that has been going on and just continue to use facebook the way I always have. I have nothing to hide and nothing to gain by anyone taking my info as I and broke, again BROKE !!!

  • 4th May 2018 07:47pm

I've always been very guarded about what information and with who I shared it with online, the recent facebook farce has reinforced everything I thought and was previously worried about, so now I have just about just about shut down sharing personal information, my attitude is why take tthe risk!!!!

  • 4th May 2018 07:46pm

I have paid for a good security keep up to date with updates do everything that is safe, make sure there is a lock on the URL.

  • 4th May 2018 07:46pm

Doesn't bother me too much as I don't share much at all and particularly nothing personal.

  • 4th May 2018 07:34pm

This is one of the reasons I have never joined Facebook - I lie - once I did start the process of joining but once I joined I realised the risks involved and cancelled my membership. I would never even think of joining after the recent privacy scandal and cannot believe people haven't left in droves. Is it worth the worry? I think not!!!

Tassie Devil
  • 4th May 2018 07:32pm

I’ve never shared much information on Facebook. So the privacy scandal hasn’t concerned me too much as my pictures of some raspberries I’ve picked or the shells on the beach I’ve walked along earlier in the day doesn’t concern me.

  • 4th May 2018 07:17pm

I am a bit worried after reading this article. I immediately visited Facebook and altered the settings....not sure if this was a good move or a bad one. I found that after altering the settings, I could no longer "log in through Facebook" for a lot of the games I play. This was quite a nuisance really. When playing games, it is nice to see a face - either your own or the person you are playing against. It has kind of spoiled things. I did get quite a lot of spam mail, I suspect came via Facebook but that really didn't bother me....just people selling things and I just deleted those I wasnt interested in. I hope I have the right idea about all this.

I would like a comprehensive site where everything is set out in stone as to how Facebook settings impact on what you do online and step by step instructions on what to do about it

  • 4th May 2018 07:13pm

yes and no

  • 4th May 2018 07:13pm


  • 4th May 2018 07:13pm

You should only share the information that you are comfortable with,and you always have that option so the privacy problem dosn't worry me at all.

  • 4th May 2018 07:12pm


  • 4th May 2018 07:12pm


  • 4th May 2018 07:12pm


  • 4th May 2018 07:11pm


  • 4th May 2018 07:11pm

no have never trusted any information involving the internet

  • 4th May 2018 07:09pm

It doesn't really worry me what has happened to facebook regarding privacy. I never overshare nor do I entere any competitions etc that looks like scams. To me facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family members who live interstate and catching up what kids and grandkids are doing, plus connecting again with friends who I have lost touch with.
If used correctly and not click on anything that looks suss I'm happy with it, plus I have the news going down my feed so am always up to speed with whats happening in the world.
I feel facebook has enhanced my life.

  • 4th May 2018 07:02pm

no, I don't share my information

  • 4th May 2018 07:00pm

This is one of the reasons why until very recently I've kept right away from social media. People need to be aware that the proprietors of these sites are aiming to screw as many bucks as they can out of them. If this means being careless with your information, so be it.

  • 4th May 2018 06:54pm

I have always been concerned about my privacy on Facebook and how they use the data they collect. I only created an account after most of my friends had already and were using it to communicate in place of emails and phones. I very rarely post, like, comment and find it strange that people spend so much of their time on FB

  • 4th May 2018 06:48pm

I don't do facebook because of all those reasons, I heard too many stories and watched some documentaries about how facebook uses your data and how people can steal your ID etc. I am worried about my privacy and I worry how people get your email address and send all those junk and scam emails to you. I am very conscious about sharing my life with anyone on the internet. I never post photo's or videos of myself or anyone else. I do have an instagram account mainly to enter competitions and am using it to post wildlife photo's which I like to share with those interested. So you have to be careful what you share and who with.

yogi bear
  • 4th May 2018 06:42pm

I have deleted APPS for ads as I don't want unwanted solicited info all the time and to keep my private details private to only the ones I trust.

  • 4th May 2018 06:42pm

I keep my settings set to private but I still worry about privacy especially when I post photos of my children and grandchildren, I keep my relationship off Facebook and take advice from my tech savvy children!

  • 4th May 2018 06:32pm

I am not concerned as my facebook is a fake account that i have set up to use for competitions that i cant enter any other way. I don't find putting myself out there appealing.

  • 4th May 2018 06:24pm

I've never trusted Facebook (or any social networks). Although I am a Facebook member, I have given the barest minimum of personal info and rarely initiate anything. Only catch up occasionally with friend's posts.

  • 4th May 2018 06:22pm

My behavior with Facebook hasn't changed as I am careful what I put on it. Facebook can be a good thing. Keeping in contact with people, showing them things. I know people who share pictures so other family members can see certain things whenever they want to. It is over sharing that's the problem. Maybe people going on an extended holiday shouldn't broadcast it on Facebook when no one is house sitting. Maybe when people are taking pictures at home they should be careful what is in the back ground. Good to have your security settings correct also. Sharing with people you know to keep in touch is great. Having to much available and available for anyone to see everything maybe not the best idea. Like with a lot of things maybe it is how it is used. Well that's my opinion

  • 4th May 2018 06:20pm

Don't have any thing worth hiding lol

  • 4th May 2018 06:19pm

I am a little worried about the privacy and usage of my personal information on Facebook and also all the information I am expected to give while doing surveys! I am getting a lot of junk mail sent to my e mail address now and getting a lot of dubious phone calls! They must be getting my details somewhere. So it is making me more cautious what details I now give and I am beginning to think I should opt out from Facebook

  • 4th May 2018 06:15pm

Knowing that my privacy has been betrayed by Facebook is partly unsettling, the other half of my questions why and how. Should be pretty straight forward right? We have developed settings that can be changed to suit the user. It is interesting how up front they were too. So yeah its worrying but i don't think there's anything that'll help cover that little hiccup up otherwise they would'nt have even had to admit to the world that yeah our privacy had been invaded.

  • 4th May 2018 05:52pm

My behaviour on Facebook hasn't changed since hearing about this scandal as I didn't need a privacy scandal to know that posting things online publicly or even shared to friends only can always end badly. This is why I've always tried to be conscious of what I post and rarely post on my Facebook to make sure nothing can be used against me or misused. I know many people post whatever they want and are fine, but knowing my luck I'll be one of the people who aren’t.

Hence, I understand there is meant to be rules, laws, policies etc in place to stop things being used against you or even misused... but let's face it, this is the Internet and there is no saying what or how people will use what you post to it, be that Facebook or any other website. For example on how what you post online can easily be used without your permission or even you knowing for good or bad, I posted a feedback review on the Google Play Appstore for an App and a local newspaper company quoted part of that review without even asking for my permission to put it alongside their article or if I agreed to have it in the article.

However, when it comes to sharing personal details like name, phone number, country, birthday etc I'm not too worried that Facebook has this information and may be misusing it as pretty much everything requires an agreement or profile these days which in one way or another gets my personal/private data from me. This personal/private data, most of which I set private, can still be seen by anyone working for the company you signed up to, be it Facebook or whoever and is supposed to be protected by the privacy policies. This said, we all know data selling is huge and that some of those privacy policies have loop holes that only the trained eye could really catch and let’s face it sometimes sites don't even have a proper privacy policy and we sign up anyway because our friends are using the site or because it's popular and trendy or because we see something on the site we want to use but need an account etc and don't understand who is getting access to what when we agree to the privacy policy. This is why telemarketers exist because one company you have signed up to has sold your data or leaked it and that's how they are able to contact you when you never knew they even existed. Hence, I'm no more worried about my Facebook privacy than I was before the scandal. I just tend to keep my posts minimal and monitor what I post to try to limit people using content I've posted on Facebook or online against me. As for my personal/private data like name, phone number and country etc I know that it's required to use Facebook and can't do anything to stop who has access to it beyond reading agreements and setting it private. Therefore, I don't worry that Facebook has access to it because in theory there are far more companies out there then Facebook that we've all given our personal data too who I'm sure have done something we probably didn't want them to such as sell your information etc. Also, even if I didn’t have a Facebook account and didn’t give them access to my personal/private data there is no saying that another site I may have accessed/signed up to wouldn’t have already sold my personal/private data to Facebook anyway whether I gave them permission or not.

In my honest opinion, the recent Facebook privacy scandal is only the beginning. As it’s known that it takes one major scandal to get other people thinking wait is this site doing the same and start reporting them too. It’s just that Facebook is a gigantic company that couldn't just sweep the scandal issue under the rug and get away with it. Like, I wonder how many other sites have had privacy scandals or are still misusing our personal/private data whether we gave them permission (When we ticked the privacy policy without fully understanding it) or not and we still use them because they are a part of our everyday lives? Hence, because everything requires an account these days I'm no more worried about Facebook privacy than I am privacy on any other website and it shouldn't take a scandal for people to realise how companies use our personal/private data and it should’ve been common knowledge that this isn’t a perfect world and where a dollar can be made our data can easily and will be accessed, misused or sold etc.

Overall, my behaviour hasn’t changed following the Facebook privacy scandal and I am just as conscious about what I share and post online as I always was before the scandal. Plus, if it wasn’t for Facebook to have been caught out first it would’ve been some other website and so on and we can’t just not use the Internet or stop websites/companies from getting our data online as to do this we’d have to stop using computers, phones, technology and the likes which in 2018 isn’t a viable option.

  • 4th May 2018 05:52pm

I have never put photos or anything personal on Facebook, I am an animal activist and sign petitions and share them, its a good way of spreading the word on animal cruelty

jules 1
  • 4th May 2018 05:49pm

Yes, it is a huge worry to have your privacy open to the public. I tend not to use much on FB, and I'm so pleased I have done this now.!

  • 4th May 2018 05:47pm

Yes, I am very much worried, it is really a danger for us like the rank and file. Facebook is a trouble to us now, we have to face it very carefully. If some unknown knows your profile and personal matters, it is really shocking.

  • 4th May 2018 05:46pm

Not really, ive always really known no matter what you do on the internet you are always tracked and followed through cookies. This receng scandal has been quite annoying however my behaviour on facebook has not changed.

  • 4th May 2018 05:43pm

Certainly worried, although I do not let out my personal details on Facebook I do not like to think that other people can get comprimided there.

  • 4th May 2018 05:41pm

Yes, I am concerned about privacy. I only use facebook rarely but will do so with care.

  • 4th May 2018 05:39pm


  • 4th May 2018 05:39pm

It is the reason I didn't go on anything like Facebook.

  • 4th May 2018 05:37pm

No, I haven't changed my behaviour. I don't put much info out there anyway.

  • 4th May 2018 05:36pm

I use Facebook to communicate and share my ideas, so I'm not worried about privacy on the site itself. I do try to avoid being profiled by Facebook based on my other usage of the internet though. For example I use the No Script program to restrict sites from writing Javascript on web pages I visit. I also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) - provided free by the Opera browser - when I can to restrict access to my IP address. I also clear my browsing history frequently. The Facebook controversy may be designed to allow more regulation of the internet by governments, but governments are more of a threat to our privacy than Facebook!

  • 4th May 2018 05:35pm

As I do not use social media in any form as I do not trust it this is not a problem for me.

  • 4th May 2018 05:35pm

Yes always, I'm very vigilant on what I do and who I add as a friend.

  • 4th May 2018 05:33pm

No I'm not worried about my privacy because I have always had tight privacy settings on my facebook account
and my account has never been compromised. following the recent privacy scandal I have not changed
my behaviour although I am always conscious of what could happen I remain diligent

  • 4th May 2018 05:33pm

I have my privacy settings set fairly high. I do not post any private messages on my wall and I have stopped using apps that want to access my friends lists I now mostly only use facebook to keep in touch with family/friends who do not live nearby. All good.

  • 4th May 2018 05:32pm


Gee Whiz
  • 4th May 2018 05:29pm

I have always been wary about putting too much personal information on line. I don't share any personal information on Facebook just the basics. And I certainly won't divulge too much information when answering surveys particularly the one about how much my income is.
Now that the Commonwealth Bank admits to losing over two million customers data its time for regulators to start looking at all online programmes.

  • 4th May 2018 05:17pm

Hi guys, I have changed the way I am using my facebook, The way the things are know with privacy , I try not to share photos as much as I used to. I worry who is out there that is trying to use my photos for ( you never know ) what.
I go on facebook and talk to my friends but I do not comment as much on things any more.
I always go and have a look at the privacy pages and make sure they are the why I like them to be.

  • 4th May 2018 05:16pm

I dropped Facebook 5 years ago even two members of my family in the police force were hacked. Someone compromised their accounts and tried to get money sent by Western Union.

  • 4th May 2018 05:14pm

Nothing changed for me only share with friends list.

  • 4th May 2018 05:13pm

Great discussion now! I have changed some settings. Yes I'm concerned about my privacy and so are many of my friends. To be quite truthful, I have always thought Facebook to be quite dangerous. Things people write are so open to interpretation and it doesn't take much for someone to get the wrong idea or even get emotionally hurt. That's not what we want in our society. Because we are all individuals, we all take things onboard differently and what may hurt or upset one person will have no effect on another. It's so easy to sit behind a computer and print whatever one pleases without regard to others. It's a cowardly act but the world is made up of so many different people and that can't be policed. I worry about mums and dads putting up photos and information about their children too. It is frightening to think that some person with a twisted mind can put together information about a person, especially a child. I know there are settings such as friends, public etc. but I'm convinced that's not a guaranteed protection. I do believe that there are people out there who are housebound or confined to bed due to illness or for some other reason, and for those people Facebook is a link to the outside world. Here I would like to say it drives me crazy when people have nothing better to do than put up photos of the coffee they had for breakfast, or the weeds in their garden, or the chocolate they ate etc. I actually feel sorry for those people because their lives are so empty. In conclusion, yes I'm worried about privacy on Facebook. I'm very careful what I put up and if in future our privacy can't be more protected, I may consider disconnecting.

Izzy bee
  • 4th May 2018 05:12pm

I am concerned about the privacy on face book it should be safe to use it and have not worry about it.

  • 4th May 2018 05:09pm

No, my computer is on a VPN, and I don't post anything on any social media (or the internet for that matter) that I don't wish anyone to know. As my Grandmother so often told me, if you want to keep something secret, DON'T TELL ANYONE! That advice holds true even now.

  • 4th May 2018 05:02pm

No, not really as I am very careful as to what I share. I don't give out private information or share where I actually am while I am out.

  • 4th May 2018 04:53pm

Yes, l have delete it from my phone.

  • 4th May 2018 04:52pm

Yes, l have delete it from my phone.

  • 4th May 2018 04:51pm

Absolutely. I have been far more vigilant. I have avoided clicking online advertising. Certainly have noticed a big decrease in friends posts in past 4 weeks.

  • 4th May 2018 04:51pm

No nothing on there I would share I’d worry about. Nothing to hide so happy to share

  • 4th May 2018 04:48pm

Yes quite worried. My privacy is compromised

  • 3rd May 2018 11:29am

As a 'light user' of Facebook (I don't post very often) I am not concerned. I am also not foolish enough to do the quizes, install apps or sign-in to other services (including this one!) using my Facebook account. None of what has been revealed form the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica fallout should be of any surprise to anyone with even a skerrick of common sense.

  • 3rd May 2018 10:32am

People share to much of their private life on social media they forget who is looking and listening. They use it as a diary and this is where they get into trouble, you put your stuff out there for everyone to read of course someone will take advantage that is the way of the world now.

  • 3rd May 2018 10:14am

The news was rather scary, as many people share all sorts of secrets on Facebook, but I am not personally upset by this news as I really never share too much online. I don't have many private details online either, so I am not too worried. I do hope everyone else is OK with it though!

  • 3rd May 2018 01:35am

I have always been worried about Facebook, I have long objected tat they just appeared at times & ordered you to change your password, they always seemed to know too much about everyone & me in particular. I am always told I should put a photograph of me on the site. I don't want to, since I have been on Prednisone I have put on a tremendous amount of weight, not very proud of my now fat face LOL.
Seriously I am having the same problem with this new site NABO. We are all supposed to get to know our neighbour.s We put out our full address, & it is there for everyone to see. I can understand that neighbourhoods are not what they were, I am very aware of this because I am now disabled, it is amazing for all the radio appeals in the very hot weather or when there has been a long hidden body discovered the police putout a request for people to check on their elderly neighbours. No one ever knocks on our door unless my elderly neighbour phones.
I have been told that I should show my trust in my neighbourhood & publish a photo of myself. I have said the same to face book, I feel I am making myself very vulnerable doing that. At present at least I can go about the place without a concern that we may be followed home and burgled to say the least, I don't think this is over stating the case, it seems all too often we hear of elderly people opening the door to be knocked about & robbed.
I am told that is unlikely in this area but people who are on TV saying that have never had shootings & robberies in their area before.Facebook travels further than NABO but we are much more open to the outside World these days with IT & people even just talking about every day affairs find suddenly sone one will say something about some one that just should never have been said.
I know of a solicitor who watches Facebook,he specialises in people having problems with police speeding tickets & other small offences such as parking. It is amazing how much he manages to collect from facebook that he warns Clients it should never has been there, Teenagers who put their life on there , go for a job, they are discounted because of their news of themselves in Facebook.

  • 2nd May 2018 10:58pm

Its ironic that that this very topic has a FB like button on it.

With no likes.

That's pure gold. Now I'm sure some muppet will click it and spoil my laugh.

  • 7th May 2018 01:36pm
Its ironic that that this very topic has a FB like button on it.

With no likes.

That's pure gold. Now I'm sure some muppet will click it and spoil my laugh.

Yes, I thought the same thing when we posted this topic! We have had this on all our topics for a number of years, but aI agree it is ironic in this case!

  • 2nd May 2018 10:56pm

Firstly I want to point out that half the IT industry has been telling you this was going to happen or actually happening for a decade and a half now. Maybe now you might start listening to all the other stuff we keep warning you about or telling you not to do. I'm not holding my breath.

Facebook are a sideshow in this. They are just the big name caught with their pants down. They need a good spanking but I actually have some sympathy for Mark Zuckerberg and co in this. Some, but not much as they have certainly taken a cavalier attitude to their users, well, everything when it comes to making a buck from it.

Cambridge Analytica (known in IT land as Cambridge Anal because, well its obvious really) are a bunch of chancers and conmen who are quite incapable of delivering what they claimed. They have conned their customers as much as everyone else. Like all the best cons, their victims can't cry foul without outing themselves as attempting some form of skullduggery. That's not to say they haven't done a whole heap of wrong and deserve all the pain they get.

Alexander Kogan strikes me as one of those guys who's not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. I've come across several over the years, usually in the sheltered workshop of some obscure branch of academia. He had an idea that he tried to turn into a fortune for himself but his version turned out not to be as good as the one FB had already built. He then got shafted by the very guys he thought were going to make him rich. His defense boils down to "sure I did the wrong thing but it didn't work, everyone else was doing it too and the guys we tried to rob are far better at it".

Then there are the right wing nutjob who bankrolled it: Robert Mercer. The closest thing to a real life Bond villain you are ever likely to find. The irony is that pointing at him will get you labelled a conspiracy theorist by the very people who believe in all sorts of conspiracy theories.


Alex S
  • 2nd May 2018 09:30pm

When I first signed up to Facebook I would pretty cavalier with sharing information about myself. It was a long time ago and I think everyone was pretty naive about how far social media could reach. Gradually I began to be more protective of my privacy, mostly because I didn't want potential employers to do a search and see some post from years ago about a boozy Saturday night. I did some searching and worked out how to tighten the security on my account so only my friends could see my posts or get any information about me.

So although I became conscious and protective of my online social media profile and privacy some time ago, the recent Facebook privacy scandal has caused me to share even less about myself. I think very seriously before I so much as "check in" to a venue on Facebook, I rarely post anything any more, in fact I don't visit the site nearly as much as I used to. Any conversations I have on Facebook are kept short and impersonal.

It's not the end of the world if Facebook learns a few things about me. I'm not interesting enough for them to take particular interest in me and I don't have anything to hide. However I do think the privacy breach is symptomatic of a bigger problem, and it has significantly reduced my trust in Facebook. I doubt that they will ever be able to win it back.

Jayne Collins
  • 2nd May 2018 07:27pm

I have never joined Facebook for that very reason - that EVERYTHING IS HACKABLE. Too few people realise the dangers involved in releasing any of their privacy details on the Internet. I won't have any part of it.

  • 2nd May 2018 10:29pm
I have never joined Facebook for that very reason - that EVERYTHING IS HACKABLE. Too few people realise the dangers involved in releasing any of their privacy details on the Internet. I won't have...

There is no hacking involved in this case. It is purely a commercial arrangement. FB sold those customer details for cash and now they are trying to pretend they are shocked by what their customers did with it.

  • 2nd May 2018 06:17pm

As long as your not sharing anything personal like photos of your children, we're you are at, information on certain topics you should be ok I don't share any of that but it still concerns me especially when you read in depth into the terms and agreements.

  • 2nd May 2018 05:44pm

I don't share much online and only talk to a small group of friends. THerefore I wasn't really worried about any personal data being compromised.

  • 2nd May 2018 04:33pm

If I wouldnt yell it out on the street corner it doesnt go on FB, so it is not a worry. They are one of the few caught out with our data but everyone is collecting.

  • 2nd May 2018 11:01pm
If I wouldnt yell it out on the street corner it doesnt go on FB, so it is not a worry. They are one of the few caught out with our data but everyone is collecting.

Indeed that's a good rule for the entire internet. I think I first heard it said about the UseNet some time in the early '90s. Plus ca change.

  • 2nd May 2018 03:02pm

I changed my privacy settings on Facebook quite a while ago as was worried about what people out-with my Facebook friends could see. I'm still not convinced that I'm as private on Facebook as I could be as although I regularly check the settings, Facebook are bad for updating things and not advising you what has been updated, then you find out that it has affected your profile. It's also quite confusing as to what you really have to update i.e. should you change your settings to friends only, friends of friends, everyone etc.

It's really obvious with most websites that they are checking out what you've been looking at on the internet - how many times have you been on a website and then you see adverts about products which you might be interested in (and which you've just happened to be looking up earlier that day!"). Yes, that's amazing how they know exactly what you like isn't it!!!

I've really cut down on what I post on Facebook as I think the idea of Facebook has worn off dramatically. It was great to begin with to keep in contact with people however I'm really not interested in all the day-to-day aspects of their life and I don't think they are that interested in mine. A lot of people post the attention seeking type posts such as "I've had a really bad day..." or "Don't you get fed up of some people..." so that they'll get lots replies from people saying "What's happening' and "Are you ok?". Also, it's been known for people to post that they are going on holiday and come back to fund their house has been robbed so you just never know who is watching you.

I don't log into Facebook as much now either as it's getting ridiculous with people posting Name list nonsense such as "Names of people who will get married this year/have a baby this year/win the lottery this year" etc. I'm quite lucky as my name isn't a common name so it is never on these lists (although I did see if on a list called "Names of people who are never on the name list!" which did make me laugh!).

There will always be a need for Facebook however I think its reputation has been seriously compromised. Most people probably won't think too much about the implications of their privacy on Facebook however a few people will and they'll probably at the very least change their settings or possibly even leave Facebook altogether.

  • 2nd May 2018 02:44pm

I never go on face book , l do not trust face book .

  • 2nd May 2018 02:44pm

I never go on face book , l do not trust face book .

  • 2nd May 2018 02:36pm

I am not concerned as I do not put my personal business out there or interact with anyone I don't know.

  • 2nd May 2018 01:40pm

I don't comment or post as often as I used to, but not due to the privacy scandal, a few people I know have been sued for comments made on facebook...

  • 2nd May 2018 01:39pm

I don't comment or post as often as I used to, but not due to the privacy scandal, a few people I know have been sued for comments made on facebook...

  • 2nd May 2018 01:30pm

there is nothing on facebook that needs privacy about. I don't put personal details etc

Wally the Clown
  • 2nd May 2018 01:27pm

I have always limited what i put on loserbook and was in no way surprised by the so-called "scandal", as it was entirely as expected from facebook

angry mum
  • 2nd May 2018 01:18pm

We should all be worried about our privacy when using any device. I mainly use Facebook to read other people's stories. I don't put photos on as you never know where those photos will end up.

  • 2nd May 2018 12:51pm

I have always been cautious on social media especially FB as I've experienced a family members information including photos, friend list and details provided by my family member taken to fake an identity. The person who took the info was eventually revealed and felt no wrong doings as she stated the info was not 'stolen' since her account wasn't 'private'. Prior to this situation I was quite happy to share my posts to the public however now I've changed even my first name to a nickname, removed where I reside, where I work, where I even studied. Thankfully the details used by the person wasn't for illegal financial gain, however they tarnished my family members reputation by all the lies told. I've also been hacked before and my PayPal account was used 3 separate times to purchase goods overseas. Despite being a tech savvy user, it can happen to anyone by just clicking the wrong link!

  • 4th May 2018 06:50pm
I have always been cautious on social media especially FB as I've experienced a family members information including photos, friend list and details provided by my family member taken to fake an...

How did they hack your paypal account? You need to make sure passwords are very hard to crack and do not use the same ones especially with your money accounts.

  • 2nd May 2018 12:38pm

I am concerned. To be honest, I don't post much on Facebook because I always had reservations about using it but this latest scandal has turned me even further away.

  • 2nd May 2018 12:37pm

I personally only use facebook to keep in contact with old friends and family no secrets here

  • 2nd May 2018 12:19pm

I don't update or post on Facebook a great deal and I do have good security settings, but the recent scandal has made me think about my privacy and how I can best protect myself.

  • 2nd May 2018 12:17pm

I certainly have changed my behaviour on Facebook. I rarely post or 'like' anything any more. I don't want my personal information, or that of my friends', to be siphoned by strangers or hackers.

  • 2nd May 2018 10:26pm
I certainly have changed my behaviour on Facebook. I rarely post or 'like' anything any more. I don't want my personal information, or that of my friends', to be siphoned by strangers or hackers.

Forget hackers. You don't need to hack anything you can just buy it from FB as Alexander Kogan told the UK parliamentary inquiry.

Every time you "like" something you give whoever runs that thing the ability to see your details. That's what the whole system is about. Until 2015(?) they could also see the details of all of your "friends". That is precisely what Kogan's personality test app was for.

  • 26th Apr 2018 12:13pm


  • 26th Apr 2018 12:13pm


  • 22nd Apr 2018 12:27pm

I am not very concerned as well - since I don’t share and upload much on facebook. I usually just scroll through to see what my friends/relatives from overseas are ul to lately. Although I must say that I am recently noticing that when I search something on the internet I will then start to see advertisements on fb that are related to that. I mean it’s quite concerning that they could track what I search online but i guess the good way about that is they could advertise things you are interested in..

  • 21st Apr 2018 02:09pm

Not worried since I don't Facebook. I was always concerned about security along with the fact that you are the product.

  • 20th Apr 2018 03:11pm

my account has been hacked in Hong Kong and I was notified by the admin to rectify the problem on time. thanks for admin

  • 12th Apr 2018 04:43pm

If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

  • 12th Apr 2018 04:43pm

If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

  • 12th May 2018 08:27pm
If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

Yah! and I thought I was the only one!

  • 9th May 2018 10:21pm
"If you don't use it at all, it's no problem."

No in fact its more of a problem because now you don't even have those "privacy" controls to protect you. I've seen photos of me on FB in...

Totally agree. I too have had some of my information merged to FB and also am not a user. Miraculously I then started to receive FB advertising to my email addresses so their algorithms are able to track me and what I do. The biggest worry is when I contacted FB I found there is no way to withdraw my information. Highly illegal behaviour to my mind!

  • 8th May 2018 05:58pm
If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

I agree mate!

Kiki Chiki
  • 8th May 2018 02:22pm
"If you don't use it at all, it's no problem."

No in fact its more of a problem because now you don't even have those "privacy" controls to protect you. I've seen photos of me on FB in...

agreed. most people have something online somewhere, even if they didn't actively do it themselves.

  • 7th May 2018 03:04pm
If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

Totally agree with you PGS

  • 7th May 2018 07:58am
If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

PGS is correct - if you don't use it it's not a problem.

  • 5th May 2018 01:33pm
If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

I don't do much social networking anyway, so doesn't bother or affect me. But for those that do keep your personal information to small or brief info.

  • 5th May 2018 10:54am
If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

If you don't give too much of your personal things out there and don't get involved too much, keep it between close friends and family.

  • 5th May 2018 09:55am
If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

If the government asked everyone to provide basic details for an identity card , many people would be outraged about an invasion of privacy. Yet there would be very few people who have not divulged personal information on the Internet

  • 4th May 2018 09:40pm
If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

I don't use it

  • 2nd May 2018 10:20pm
If you don't over-share the personal stuff, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't use it at all, it's no problem.

"If you don't use it at all, it's no problem."

No in fact its more of a problem because now you don't even have those "privacy" controls to protect you. I've seen photos of me on FB in which I have been automatically tagged by name but I am not a user. FB definitely have two of my email addresses because some clown somewhere thought it was a good idea to merger their address book with FB.

No offense but that is a head-in-the-sand attitude.

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