What do you guys think about Malaysia?


Posted by: NurPah

5th Dec 2017 11:56am

Hi, I am Nur from Malaysia.. i just want to know people’s view and opinion about my country. Is there any special places and attractions in Malaysia that triggered people to visit Malaysia.

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  • 23rd Oct 2019 05:52am

KL many times, Melacca (which I'm planning a trip back to) & JB a number of times, but mainly for lunch.
Preferred points in/near KL:
Royal Selangor Pewter Factory - ideal way to spend a few hours & $. Free pick up & return to your hotel.
Aquarium is pretty good
Petronis Towers

Actually, if you are visiting Singapore, you can take a bus to Johor Baru (JB) to have lunch & a look around. Then you can say you have been to Malaysia.

Holly chippy
  • 16th May 2018 02:36pm

Dont you mean EDEN. ive been 6 times I used all my finances to be in malaysia . Love the people , Loved the variety of cultures in malaysia and food.
The natural rain forests in borneo are like an eden you want to get lost in and hang out ith the oran utans.
Everytiime i used the care service grag its like uber but grab its huge in Malaysia i found myself at my drop off point spending more talking to the drivers before we would reaslise were at the stop hahahaha. You have to go to malaysia to see and meet the diversity of there cultures that have been created from since the Dutch set up posts in melaka. Some of the remnents are still available to mee in Melaka. I started from Johor and worked my way up to Kuala lumpur. You will always meet great people who welcome you into there home, also you meeet others who want your wallet lol. Its like any country in that regards. Overall its a score of 10 to live or holiday.
A must country to visit if you enjoy meeting new people in different cultures and religions as there all a mix of Muslim, Catholic, Christian and son on.
If your taking your girlfriend or wife i suggest you see Melaka and stay on the river side. Its an old chinese settlement with great charm and a romantic feel if you hae someone to share th experience with.

  • 13th May 2018 02:17pm

I have never been to Malaysia, or anywhere overseas at all. Malaysia has some beautiful buildings and the people seem nice and friendly.

  • 13th May 2018 05:54am

Hot, raining and humid is my first recollection of Malaysia. Second is travelling from Singapore by rickety old train with desk fans in each carriage for air-conditioning and no male/female separate toilets (the only toilet consisted of two metal foot pads over a hole in the carriage floor with a hose on the wall to wash waste away onto the tracks below) up to KL and visiting friends at Penang Adventist Hospital - loved their delicious bean and fruit breakfasts! There were a proliferation of Buddha statues and shrines everywhere - far too many for my liking. Was sorry to find people in villages not very friendly, in fact - they seemed to be fed up with tourists and turned their faces away from any cameras - no smiles, just scowls! I also recall talking with a taxi ("teksi") driver who was very angry with the governing party in Malaysia at that time; and lots of bartering with street vendors for goods. One thing I was surprised by (and rather repulsed!) was the fact that there is a huge open sewer running right through the Penang township, between vendors selling food and drinks! Feel sorry for the people having to live in such unhygienic conditions. Wasn't over-impressed by Malaysia overall - seemed very poor apart from the usual city buildings such as found in KL.

  • 6th May 2018 12:20pm

Malaysia is a great place for a holiday.You must visit Batu Caves and the Petronas Towers.The food is fantastic and cheap.I have been there once and I propose to go this year to.

  • 4th May 2018 09:05pm

It was a cold uncaring place to visit, even the taxi drivers are rude but public transport drivers are shockingly rude. We will never go back again. I couldn't get back home fast enough. Non muslims are not welcome there. We will stick to the other Asian countries around us in Australia, much better.

Holly chippy
  • 16th May 2018 02:47pm
What a sad reply. I will agree with you about taxi drivers. I will never take a taxi anywhere, except from authorised places where you get a ticket etc. But that is my only negative about...

aussie john i recomend never to use taxies. There is an app called grab in malaysia they are the same as an uber service all accessed from yor app on the phone the fees are even pre determined before you book it. For example if i took a taxi to Malaka to one of the local food flaces about 3 klm away they want like 20rm useing grab service they are real people with new cars supporting there families and there costs were like 5 to 8 rm the saving is not the only possative they drive cars that are newer and as you may have noticed the taxies in mlaysia are barely road worthy... Use the app GRAB when your there next time i guarantee you will travell more much more for little money than taxies. it took me about the 3 times being in malaysia to see a car advertising the grab car share service. The people are great they help with information if they speak english well bu i never had one probem with that service. You seem to liek Malaysia Give it one more chance useing the grab car share service app and ill wai to hear about your new experience.
Have a good one mate.

  • 14th May 2018 07:04am
It was a cold uncaring place to visit, even the taxi drivers are rude but public transport drivers are shockingly rude. We will never go back again. I couldn't get back home fast enough. Non...

What a sad reply. I will agree with you about taxi drivers. I will never take a taxi anywhere, except from authorised places where you get a ticket etc. But that is my only negative about Malaysia. And as a side note, being ripped off by taxi drivers is not exclusive to Malaysia, it happens everywhere in the world. I have been there about 10-12 times now, and I cannot go often enough. I love the place. Not sure where you got that rubbish about non-muslims being not welcome. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have never had any problems, but then I am different to you in that I respect other people and their way of life in their country. All my Malaysian friends are muslim and they treat me with the same respect and welcome me with open arms every time I visit. So you had one so-called bad experience. I suspect you are partly to blame for it by your attitudes. Give the Malaysian people another go. You will be pleasantly surprised.

  • 5th May 2018 11:37am
It was a cold uncaring place to visit, even the taxi drivers are rude but public transport drivers are shockingly rude. We will never go back again. I couldn't get back home fast enough. Non...

Wow... I've never had that problem in Malaysia - Hong Kong, yes, but not Malaysia.

  • 4th May 2018 07:21pm

Malaysia is a great country I worked and leaved off and on for many years in Malaysia, my wife also is a Malaysian, you have so many different places to go from the north Penang and Langkawi then Ipoh Cameron Highland Genting KL Port Dickson and Malaga, and if you go to East Malaysia, Kuching an KK are great.

Liza May
  • 4th May 2018 06:59pm

What a beautiful and exciting country. Well served by the very good road system
modern cities and towns with first class public transport services and shopping opportunities,
Tolerant and helpful to overseas visitors with easy access.
Visiting Mersing on the East Coast left wonderful memories.
Remembering that special white sandy beach, exposed at low tide
for what seemed to stretch miles with shallow and safe swimming at high.
Nothing like it anywhere.

  • 4th May 2018 05:06pm

It was my first trip overseas 40 years ago, was so different. Still have souvenirs I went to Singapore then into Malaysia across the causeway... but it has changes a bit
but still too religious praying 5 times a day and if you do not your friends hate you. Has some nice places to tour.

  • 31st Jan 2018 09:57pm

Hi Nur...Malaysia is my home away from home...both my parents are from Penang. Shopping is really good when the Aussie currency is high! I have most of my extended family still in Malaysia. My daughter loves it there too...she was 3 and didn't want to come back home! The satays are still the best in Penang but only from the Satay man at night at a certain corner! The hawker foods are not the same anymore since the original stall holders passed away...however I did find the best roti chanai shop inside one of the markets! Oh i miss a good curry. .especially the malay fish head curry!

  • 4th Jan 2018 12:50pm

Love Malaysia, been there many times. I found shopping there (cameras, etc) much cheaper than Hong Kong.
I have taken a number of people there when visiting Singapore. OK, JB is not a great place, but they can at least say they have been to Malaysia - if only for lunch.
Took the wife there last year for her first time to KL (did JB some years before) for a week. She wants to go back.
If you are visiting KL, be sure to contact the Royal Selangor Pewter Works. They will pick you up & return you to your hotel free, the tour of the factory (about an hour) is free. And the goodies they have in their shop....
The orchid gardens wasn't much, the aquarium is great. Petronis Towers is worth going to (book ahead or you won't get in)

  • 20th Dec 2017 08:25pm

I do love Malaysia, the FOOD, the scenery, the cities. Nature is so wonderful there! But I do feel a bit scared to travel there just because, well I am a petite female who does not blend in and I have heard many horror stories. Even my Malaysian friends have advised me not to travel there alone. Such a shame.

  • 5th Dec 2017 06:27pm

I’ve travelled to Penang and loved it there. Great food, interesting culture, beaches, street art - but the thing that got me there in the first place were cheap flights!

The Fat Man
  • 5th Dec 2017 02:37pm

Hello NurPah.
Why would anyone wish to go anywhere else but this wonderful country that we have here. Yes, it is more expensive to go to wonderful places in this country, but the rewards are just so fulfilling seeing and visiting attractions and and places we have to offer in this country.

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