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Posted by: looklively

3rd Aug 2017 11:00am

Please let us know what you think of the new redemption options. Both good and bad please. Is there anything we can still make better? Is there anything that is particularly good?

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  • 2nd Dec 2021 12:10pm

The PayPal option is awesome! It's immediacy and availability from as little as 10 points, has catapulted CafeStudy to the top of my favoured survey site membership list! Payment is almost immediate, none of those questionable lengthy redemption "processing times" with other sites (I know many E-giftcards I have earnt have been lost in my inbox or forgotten!). It shows that you genuinely respect your members and the time we give. So thank you CafeStudy!

  • 8th Apr 2021 06:37pm

EFT is fine with me.
Cards only if I have to.
PayPal as a last resort.

  • 30th Mar 2021 11:19pm

Paypal is good, I like to accumulate points so I can treat myself :)

  • 15th Mar 2021 02:33pm

Cafe study is offering members with different payment/gift options except that sometimes survey can be infrequent so miss out the opportunity for expressing my opinion and being rewarded. I am always having question in mind about what does it mean when i am not the target group for many survey? the market doesn't care about consumer with certain profile?

  • 4th Mar 2021 05:22pm

Love it

  • 28th Nov 2019 10:38pm

Like the redemption options here. Now just need to get more surveys here to earn more points!!

  • 10th Sep 2018 09:15pm

I redeem $20 for PayPal but not received funds on PayPal. I waited for around one week time. And now points reflected back to my account. So what to do ?
Why you not having amazon vouchers ?

  • 25th Jan 2018 12:40pm

I honestly think it’s a good idea. I have no comment

  • 3rd Sep 2017 09:52pm

It's very good to have variety and that will help to attract more survey-takers.

  • 27th Aug 2017 02:29pm

love it especially paypal now all we need is more surveys

  • 22nd Aug 2017 12:05pm

I am so happy if the new redemption options, especially, Paypal. Now we need more surveys to complete.

  • 21st Aug 2017 12:07pm

Certainly love the idea of Pay Pal and very thankful for every survey you send me to do .

  • 17th Aug 2017 07:03am

I'm very hapy with the new redemptions

  • 16th Aug 2017 08:57pm

I was pleasantly surprised by the additions today! Looking forward to doing more surveys now :)

  • 15th Aug 2017 07:15pm

very easy to make a redemption,i have fun picking just what i need at the time,great for buying the grandkids birthday gifts,keep up the good work

  • 15th Aug 2017 01:47pm

Love the new redemptions

AAR 777
  • 9th Aug 2017 07:40pm

This is completely NOT related to the topic.

But, i need help!

I keep trying to complete the surveys, but as soon as I get to the second question ("Asking who in your household works in the following: ...") and then click next. I get the following message:
"However, this survey is now full or due to your response(s) so far, the remaining questions are not relevant to you."

This happened to me 3 times in a row. Can anyone explain of what the cause may be or what i am doing wrong?

  • 9th Aug 2017 06:08pm

by altering your firm is giving us, the person who answers the surveys, a better choice for using what they win... keep it up.... thanks

  • 7th Aug 2017 10:35pm

I like it, more options

  • 6th Aug 2017 10:08am

I like the idea of receiving a gift card to spend in stores

  • 5th Aug 2017 07:17pm

I love all the redemption options. I have just redeemed $20 cash to my account on 3/8 and it was in my account on 4/8. That is the quickest redemption I think I have ever had. Well done!

  • 5th Aug 2017 05:15pm

the Pay Pal option is great all we would like now is more surveys so can take advantage of it :-)

  • 5th Aug 2017 01:23pm

That's great you have PayPal.

  • 5th Aug 2017 01:21pm

Best change ever! I think you've covered every redemption option I could want. I just cashed in for a $20 Woolworths eGift card, which is perfect for my needs right now.

. V
  • 5th Aug 2017 12:28pm

the more redemption options the better I say.

  • 4th Aug 2017 10:05pm

I like that points can be redeemed for cash to account or paypal. Thanks

  • 4th Aug 2017 08:44pm

Prefer in store cards rather than ecards as do not shop online.

  • 4th Aug 2017 07:54pm

Do we get paid for putting something in Cafe Chat discussions?

  • 4th Aug 2017 07:18pm

Good - It is definitely a big leap to have PayPal on-board additional to the standard WISH eGift card, Coles eGift card and regular EFT. It really gives many options to choose on how we can going redeem.

Bad - PAYPAL may charge a small fee, does it applies..

  • 4th Aug 2017 07:07pm

I am very happy to have PayPal and also Coles and Woolworths vouchers. It does take awhile to earn enough points to make a claim so I would be happy to be invited to do surveys more frequently! It is always nice to receive a reward sooner rather than weeks later. The new options have made this site much more friendly to users. The new options for rewards are just that bit easier to use. I do hesitate to give my bank details to companies. You just never can be too sure these days.

  • 4th Aug 2017 05:21pm

Perfect! I have no interest in GiftPax rewards. Grocery/Bank/PayPal are the most beneficial! Leave as is

  • 4th Aug 2017 04:59pm

woolies e giftcard was quick and easy to use, very happy.

  • 4th Aug 2017 04:15pm

much better as the rewards in food vouchers from Coles Express was mainly junk food at highly inflated prices compared to a supermarket so I am very pleased

The Fat Man
  • 4th Aug 2017 04:09pm

I think that this is n excellent move, as this has expanded ways that some people would like to be rewarded for their contribution to Cafestudy.

  • 4th Aug 2017 03:30pm

I am pleased to see you now have PayPal, Coles and Woolworths
Don't have enough points for redemption at the moment, so can not see if we still need verification code to claim points
Will you be removing members banking details from your system(s) (for those members who do not like to have their banking details stored on other business's computers)

  • 4th Aug 2017 03:07pm

Really happy that we can now cash in our points for a PayPal credit. I've just redeemed my first 200 points for a $20 credit :-)

  • 4th Aug 2017 03:02pm

I must agee that Paypal is a very handy option too.

  • 4th Aug 2017 01:34pm

Graet for me because i use some of my survey earnings to pay bills, phone, foxtel etc. & I do this via Paypal. Good work guys & thanks for listening.

  • 4th Aug 2017 01:29pm

good idea paypal is the go keep it up cafestudy your doing great

annette robson
  • 4th Aug 2017 12:35pm

I love the new redeem option,means you can get rewarded faster.I am thrilled to see you have paypal as an option too :)

  • 4th Aug 2017 12:12pm

I think the new rewards are a great addition and will inspire more people to participate in activities. It's good to see that our voices are heard and that some action is taken. Hopefully these rewards will be sent to recipients in a timely manner instead of waiting a number of weeks.

  • 4th Aug 2017 12:12pm

Love having the Paypal option - thanks heaps :)

  • 4th Aug 2017 11:12am

So pleased you now offer Paypal. My son lives in USA so any redemptions go into my Paypal account which I save up to send to him for his birthday and Christmas, so easy, he can then use the money to buy what he needs for his new house as most of the time it is cheaper to buy there (I have sent parcels in the past and find that usually the postage costs a lot more than the gift I am sending)

  • 4th Aug 2017 10:36am

Great to see the Paypal redemption option, many thanks.

  • 4th Aug 2017 09:28am

Much appreciated but would be much better if we could make redemptions via our own Bank Accounts for as little as $ 10.00 instead of waiting for more.
Surely, Pay Pal is good but it's not for everyone like me. Thanks for listening.

  • 4th Aug 2017 09:11am

What a wonderful Idea, I pay for everything on the web with paypal, so I am so happy about this. A BIG thank you for adding paypal. Have a really great day everyone.

  • 4th Aug 2017 09:00am


  • 4th Aug 2017 08:50am

Absolutely LOVE the PayPal option.
Well done Cafestudy!

  • 4th Aug 2017 08:37am

Yay Paypal, the freedom to use our hard earned survey money how we want, no restrictions. And totally agree with other members........more surveys daily if possible so we can actually use these new reward options.

  • 4th Aug 2017 08:37am


  • 4th Aug 2017 08:06am

The new system is great, just wish I had more surveys coming my way to build those points.

  • 4th Aug 2017 07:51am

Hey, cool move makes it much easier for immediate redemtion

  • 4th Aug 2017 07:41am

Great. Can't wait to get enough points to redeem. Great Choices now.

  • 4th Aug 2017 06:21am

Hi, Ive always been happy with the redemption process as ive always redeemed rewards to go into my bank account, yesterday (3/8) I redeemed again and it was in my bank account today!! super fast!! I was not expecting that at all and would like to say Thankyou!

  • 4th Aug 2017 05:43am

Variety is key to success.

  • 4th Aug 2017 05:08am

Very happy with new redemption options.. Thank you, and well done..

  • 3rd Aug 2017 11:51pm

Giving people a choice is nearly always a winner. I like to get my points put into an account but a voucher/ E gift card is always nice to have when I go shopping and just don't have enough money to get everything I want

Kiki Chiki
  • 3rd Aug 2017 11:31pm

i like the new options and always paid quickly. well done.

  • 3rd Aug 2017 10:31pm

Great! I love the EFT option and the new PayPal option is good too.

  • 3rd Aug 2017 10:16pm

I think the new redemption options are great. More choice is always good.

  • 3rd Aug 2017 09:57pm

I was pleasantly surprised to find that CafeStudy now has Paypal. To me that is bay far one of the better reward options and I will be doing more surveys etc in order to build up my rewards points.

  • 3rd Aug 2017 09:49pm

I love the new redemption system and look forward to using it soon. It has my favourite stores for e-gift vouchers

  • 3rd Aug 2017 09:37pm

Very pleased with the redemption options you have. I can choose which one is most suitable at the time I need to redeem.

  • 3rd Aug 2017 09:37pm

Good to have PayPal on board here. Have been using it for some time and find is a good way to have a holiday. What I mean by that is that I put my earnings into PayPal and it builds up rather quickly and suddenly I have enough for a plane fare

  • 6th Aug 2017 10:09am
Good to have PayPal on board here. Have been using it for some time and find is a good way to have a holiday. What I mean by that is that I put my earnings into PayPal and it builds up rather...

Good idea

  • 3rd Aug 2017 09:30pm

These new options are yet more evidence that Cafe Study is the premium survey site. Your existing method of redemption were already very good and these means increase our options

  • 3rd Aug 2017 08:59pm

A good variety of choices to redeem with. Well done.

  • 3rd Aug 2017 08:46pm

I am happy with the new offers as it gives me a good choice for the redemption of my points. The time it takes to receive the gift cards is very good and it is a simple process to have money credited to my bank account.

  • 3rd Aug 2017 08:45pm

I like having the various options. Depending on what I want at the time. Thank you for listening.

Jane Yap
  • 3rd Aug 2017 08:45pm

The Paypal option is wonderful!

  • 3rd Aug 2017 07:20pm

Very happy about the new rewards

maryanne hooper
  • 3rd Aug 2017 07:13pm

Sounds very good

  • 3rd Aug 2017 06:49pm

I agree - PAYPAL is a great redemption. This brings Cafestudy to the top of the list in survey invites to look into first

  • 3rd Aug 2017 06:47pm

It is good to know that when you reach a certain number of points you can claim it for a reward.

  • 3rd Aug 2017 06:14pm

so happy to hear you now have paypal now all you have to do is send me 1 survey a day thank you

  • 22nd Aug 2017 12:06pm
Agreed, Paypal is a great addition, I'll have build up to my 200 points.

I agree with that, more surveys please

  • 3rd Aug 2017 06:28pm
so happy to hear you now have paypal now all you have to do is send me 1 survey a day thank you

Agreed, Paypal is a great addition, I'll have build up to my 200 points.

  • 3rd Aug 2017 05:44pm

I think the new point system is great. Well Done

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