Would you grocery shop at amazon?

The recent news that Amazon is considering a move into the Australian grocery market was a bit of a surprise to the Edentify team. So what would Australians make of this, and will they give Amazon supermarkets a try? We decided to ask our Facebook followers to find out.

For many of you, the emergence of another rival to Coles and Woolworths in Australia is welcome. Amazon brings with it a trusted brand and expertise in home delivery that sets it apart from the competition. For shoppers, Amazon means lower prices and better choice.

“Amazon is such a big enterprise, I am sure it will be successful. I have purchased other things from Amazon and have had nothing but a good experience.”

However, while there is definite support for Amazon, there are also a number of questions and concerns that you have raised. Firstly, although Amazon is seen as offering good quality packaged goods, it will need to convince you that it can also provide high quality fresh food.

“Amazon is not a name I equate with fresh food and it would have to be considerably cheaper and as good if not better quality as the online shopping I can do from both my local Woolies and Coles stores with some great incentives.”

Secondly, having Australian made and grown products is very important to many of you. Currently this is not something that Amazon is known for, however a serious commitment to support Australian farmers and companies would go a long way.

“As long as they give Aussie suppliers a good deal then yeah sure I’d use them or at least give them a go.”

Finally, while Australian products are essential, part of the appeal of Amazon groceries is that they could supply international products and brands that are difficult to buy in Australia. It will be interesting to see, when and if Amazon does launch, how it fares.


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Member comments


Posted by: victory
Posted: 26th Jun 2017

victory says: Keep away from Amazon, if Australian only please!! Reply


Posted by: Thomas30903391
Posted: 30th Jun 2017

Thomas30903391 says: I would prefer to stick to the supermarket brands I know and that are based in Australia, rather support Australia where possible and have better quality goods. Reply


Posted by: Tracey30903380
Posted: 1st Jul 2017

Tracey30903380 says: I probably wouldn't as i don't currently shop on Amazon let alone grocery shop online. I have however considered online food shopping but would mostly likely to do that from Coles. I also understand that woolies at my local will introduce online shopping of which i might consider in the near future. Reply

Burnt Out Digger

Posted by: Burnt Out Digger
Posted: 2nd Jul 2017

Tracey30903380 says: I probably wouldn't as i don't currently shop on Amazon let alone grocery shop online. I have however considered online food shopping but would mostly likely to do that from Coles. I also...

Burnt Out Digger says: I tend to agree with Tracey, I probably wouldn't purchase groceries from Amazon either, and would not definitely do so on line. Reply


Posted by: frannymanny
Posted: 13th Jul 2017

frannymanny says: no way! I support my local traders, Reply


Posted by: squeekums
Posted: 16th Jul 2017

squeekums says: If the price and quality right, id shop there


Posted by: socker
Posted: 20th Jul 2017

socker says: Never I try to always to support the local shops and I like to see what I am buying before I pay. Reply


Posted by: Migaloo
Posted: 22nd Jul 2017

Migaloo says: I like to go fetch my own groceries from the locals in my town .So no l would not buy groceries from Amazon . Reply


Posted by: kaza1
Posted: 23rd Jul 2017

kaza1 says: I don`t shop at amazon Reply


Posted by: buttonpops
Posted: 25th Jul 2017

buttonpops says: Yeah I probably wouldn't shop there. Not sure if I would trust the groceries, especially if they are cheap imports. Reply


Posted by: Ashar
Posted: 30th Jul 2017

Ashar says: I currently shop at Amazon UK and Amazon USA but not for groceries. If there was a grocery item that I could not find in stores here in Australia I would search online for them. I would not buy fresh fruit or vegetables from any online store. They do have to support Australian suppliers and farmers by buying from them if they are to be successful in Australia, Reply


Posted by: socker
Posted: 3rd Aug 2017

socker says: No never like to see what I am getting for my money Reply


Posted by: shazza55
Posted: 3rd Aug 2017

shazza55 says: I can't wait, I will give them a go Reply


Posted by: KC1991
Posted: 3rd Aug 2017

KC1991 says: I dont think they should go into groceries i wouldnt buy from them an woolies an coles all have delivery options beaide the stuff that are hard to find another shop is likly to sell it most shops sell American brands an other country stuff now days to Reply


Posted by: KC1991
Posted: 3rd Aug 2017

KC1991 says: I dont think they should go into groceries i wouldnt buy from them an woolies an coles all have delivery options beaide the stuff that are hard to find another shop is likly to sell it most shops sell American brands an other country stuff now days to Reply


Posted by: Zelda
Posted: 3rd Aug 2017

Zelda says: I would firstly have to determine if the prices and quality of their foods were good. I love amazon products and have bought a number of things from them over the years; including books, ebooks, shoes, clothes etc. Reply


Posted by: Mixxsteria
Posted: 4th Aug 2017

Mixxsteria says: Would not & never will shop through Amazon, I prefer to support local business operators Reply


Posted by: helen30692411
Posted: 4th Aug 2017

helen30692411 says: My first thought is, would it be online shopping like Coles? I have only every bought something from Amazon which was a book. I only every think of books when I think of Amazon. Where I live, I can't get any online shopping at all, so irrelevant with my situation Reply


Posted by: Nefertari
Posted: 10th Aug 2017

Nefertari says: This is news to me ! I don't ever think of Amazon when I am thinking about food shops so it would be an experience. Even though I like the supermarkets we have here it would be interesting to try products that are not readily available to Australians. Reply


Posted by: Migaloo
Posted: 21st Aug 2017

Migaloo says: I have never grocery shopped on line so most likely l would not shop for food on line . Reply

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 23rd Aug 2017

says: I love amazon, convenient and safe Reply


Posted by: BILL
Posted: 24th Aug 2017

BILL says: yes if it cheaper than Australian supermarkets for non-perishable foods Reply


Posted by: jtmorri
Posted: 24th Aug 2017

jtmorri says: No, I would not shop at Amazon for my groceries. I like to pick my groceries myself, especially fresh fruit and vegetables and meat. Reply


Posted by: bj
Posted: 28th Aug 2017

bj says: I mostly like to go food shopping. It is social, and you put in the trolley what you can afford, need and which brands. Plus you get to take it home with you.
Far too many folks get on their phones to chat, game play and order their food. Reply


Posted by: IanMutz
Posted: 2nd Sep 2017

IanMutz says: I will have a browse in their stores if possible and see what they have to offer and at what prices. If their groceries are comparable to what is sold elsewhere and at a cheaper price, I will buy from them. When a grocery store in Australia makes an annual profit of almost 2 billion dollars profit, they are obviously charging too much for their groceries. I also look forward to seeing what Kaufland has to offer when they open in Australia. Reply


Posted by: Camin3D
Posted: 9th Sep 2017

Camin3D says: It would depend on a couple of factors:
1) Cost, cause I'm REALLY cheap.
2)Whether or not it stocks local products. I'm fine with products from all over the world, but I think Australian products should at least get the chance to compete against imports.
3) And how good it is a a store/webstore. Thats important to me.
If they have the range and competitive pricing I'd be all for it. Reply


Posted by: Ziah
Posted: 18th Sep 2017

Ziah says: If they stock the same Australian Owned and Made brands as my normal sources at a cheaper price, then yes. If they source the products locally (like Aldi is doing), then yes. If they are simply stocked with imported crap (like most of our supermarkets are) then absolutely NOT. My pantry/fridge/freezer is stocked with 98% Australian produce, with a tiny number of imports (like spices not grown here, and the best sea salt in the world). I refuse to change that simply for lower prices. I'd rather eat less of what I currently buy and still buy Australian. Reply


Posted by: Dash26
Posted: 24th Sep 2017

Dash26 says: No I wouldnt shop for groceries at Amazon, I like to do it myself Reply


Posted by: linliviani
Posted: 27th Sep 2017

linliviani says: Shopping online if it is a difficult brand or item to purchase in Australia is definitely convenient. Although the quality must be up to standard and is written in the description before buying. It should really be authentic. Reply

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 3rd Oct 2017

says: I would not, I always like to look at what I am buying and make sure it is healthy. I also like to make sure my fruit and veg is fresh and hasn't been frozen in storage! Reply


Posted by: Catenary
Posted: 26th Oct 2017

Catenary says: No, there are alreaddy plenty of grocery chains in this country. Reply


Posted by: flo
Posted: 5th Nov 2017

flo says: I like to buy from local supermarkets, know where my food comes from - Australian product. cash ans carry Reply


Posted by: socker
Posted: 12th Nov 2017

socker says: No I wouldn't as I like to check prices and quality before selecting the article. Reply


Posted by: pjohnw
Posted: 25th Nov 2017

pjohnw says: Yes i would/will , looking forward to what Amazon can offer us. Reply


Posted by: victory
Posted: 26th Nov 2017

victory says: Would if Australian made and cheaper Reply


Posted by: Sophia31249918
Posted: 29th Nov 2017

Sophia31249918 says: No thank you, i prefer picking my groceries to ensure they are fresh and in goid condition. Reply


Posted by: Sophia31249918
Posted: 29th Nov 2017

Sophia31249918 says: No thank you, i prefer picking my groceries to ensure they are fresh and in goid condition. Reply


Posted by: super88
Posted: 10th Dec 2017

super88 says: I've never purchased groceries online.
My first choice is the local Greengrocer , baker, butcher etc.
Then the supermarket, where I might be tempted by a good offer.
Amazon won't be seeing any interest from me Reply


Posted by: toppo
Posted: 12th Dec 2017

toppo says: No way I like shopping in real time... Reply


Posted by: heytherek
Posted: 14th Dec 2017

heytherek says: I just ordered a Christmas present at Amazon Australia and I found it great, good prices, easy, item posted really quick. Reply

echo 01

Posted by: echo 01
Posted: 16th Dec 2017

echo 01 says: Maybe if Amazon started paying tax I might shop there,Coles and Woolworths pay taxes employ a lot of Australians and also are in the portfolios of many Australians superannuation accounts. Reply


Posted by: littlepuss
Posted: 18th Feb 2018

littlepuss says: I think I'll just stick to our local Aussie stores to do my shopping. At least until I know more about Amazon and if theyare going to support and bring business to our Australian suppliers. Reply


Posted by: Bazz
Posted: 4th Apr 2018

Bazz says: Haven't you read the latest news? Amazon is Public Enemy #1 in the USA right now. It's a purpose-designed small business killer. Sure, I'd love to break the Coles, WW, etc market-cornering cartel, but you won't do this by adding another supermarket. Bring back the corner stores & empower them with favourable multi-level govt policies letting them establish & run their specialty stores at far lower costs with less red tape so supermarkets will never compete. Our local products, grown & made by locals can be far better than international products... Flo's fresh daily gluten-free pumpkin scones, Aunt Edith's Zero Sugar Marmalade Jam, Mr Schultz's Organic apples picked fresh each morning. What we can't make or grow here, we don't need :-) Reply


Posted by: betty
Posted: 21st Apr 2018

betty says: Australian shopping in person only, no Amazon Reply


Posted by: Michael
Posted: 4th May 2018

Michael says: I am a client of Amazon outside Australia and have bought some DVDs and Blu Rays from the local offshot. I am impressed by their service and recommend them for what I buy. I am not sure if I would buy groceries from them a I have a very modern Woolworths across the street from my home and in all about 11 major supermarkets in a radius around my home, mostly Coles & Woollies and some Aldi. I have been in the local Costco and I don't like the model and it is not cost effective for me. I tried all the free samples but bought nothing. The friend who wanted to see the store lost out because near the store he got a camera fine turning the corner and c$400 fine & loss of points so that has turned him off. he favours Aldi over Woollies but I favour Woollies then Coles. Reply


Posted by: Goulah
Posted: 5th May 2018

Goulah says: I would readily admit to ignorance of “Amazon packaging processes” but it does seem from questions asked of friends and family they use far too much - Amazon that is, not my friends. Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 1st Jun 2018

PGS says: Are we referring to fully on-line you can't be sure until it's delivered, or the stores Amazon wants to roll out?
Online: no. I pick what I want & don't rely on someone else to do it. Who knows what they would send.
Amazon stores... probably not. Urgent maybe, but general no. Items scanned as they come off the shelf, wallet scanned as you leave. Reply


Posted by: victory
Posted: 6th Jun 2018

victory says: No, I would prefer to shop in Australia keep our productivity here alive and running, I don't think we should be sending our money overseas and losing our identity. Reply


Posted by: pjohnw
Posted: 29th Jun 2018

pjohnw says: While i don't currently do grocery shopping on-line , i can fore see a time in the future where i will and yes i would consider Amazon alongside others and see who offers the best value. Reply


Posted by: mustang6000
Posted: 6th Jul 2018

mustang6000 says: If the groceries were value for money, I would at least give them a go, but only for non perishables.
I have shopped through Amazon a few times and have always been pleased with the outcome. Reply


Posted by: Pete
Posted: 16th Jul 2018

Pete says: The short answer is no. I prefer to shop for groceries in a "bricks & mortar" store, so I can see & touch. I've looked at Amazon many times since they opened their OZ website, & while I found their overseas site to be fantastic value, I find the local one to be pretty ordinary. I haven't found anything there which isn't cheaper on the likes of Kogan, Appliances Online or eBay, so Amazon would not be my site of choice for anything, really. Reply


Posted by: richard
Posted: 17th Aug 2018

richard says: As long as the food was fresh, them yes I would. Especially if they had prepared meals as they do in UK supermarkets. It would be awesome if they had a different range from Coles and Woolworth, and of course price is a consideration. Reply

The Fat Man

Posted by: The Fat Man
Posted: 17th Aug 2018

The Fat Man says: Amazon is not a good place to grocery shop as it is too expensive in comparison to the supermarkets and other shopping sites that are on line. Reply


Posted by: cevay
Posted: 24th Aug 2018

cevay says: never Reply


Posted by: talikarng
Posted: 20th Oct 2018

talikarng says: No way Reply


Posted by: lekku
Posted: 4th Dec 2018

lekku says: good reputation and delivery fast, will buy from amazon Reply


Posted by: Brenton31626193
Posted: 8th Dec 2018

Brenton31626193 says: A quick scam of the responses here, seems you're all stuck in the past. Look around all the local stores are closing, so many empty shops and for lease signs. The rot has set in, it's too late to buy local. The people today are time and money poor.

That said, I use Amazon for many general purchase opportunities and I could see myself buying food and grocery from Amazon in the future. Reply


Posted by: Informal
Posted: 20th Jan 2019

Informal says: I have shopped for groceries at Amazon—buying items which were cheaper than anywhere else I could find online and which were unavailable to me in my small town which has only one IGA supermarket—and my last order was delivered to rural Tasmania from Sydney within two days. Reply


Posted by: Olivia17
Posted: 21st Jan 2019

Olivia17 says: I already shop with Amazon I buy things that I can't find in other shops in Australia I've always had a good experience with them so yes for sure I would buy groceries from them Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 31st Mar 2019

PGS says: I don't like the idea of someone else substituting my groceries for what they think I want. I'll do it myself. Shops are open late enough. Reply


Posted by: Groove50
Posted: 26th Apr 2019

Groove50 says: I can't see me ever buying groceries online. I signed up with one of the supermarket online shops to find out I had to spend a minimum amount which is not suitable to me as a single person at all. I still prefer to see the food I'm going to buy first as well Reply


Posted by: relsforum
Posted: 21st Jul 2019

relsforum says: Brought recently from Amazon and the item was shipped from China so no different from buying on EBay where it comes from. Easy process. No problems. Reply


Posted by: Rhino2
Posted: 9th Sep 2019

Rhino2 says: Definitely, since having a great shopping experience with electronics am quite sure due to experience in other online products. Amazon will do well in fresh food in Aussie Reply


Posted by: bj
Posted: 10th Sep 2019

bj says: I love to shop for foodie stuff in the supermarket, no online at all. I love seeing friends, new items, a bargain or two. Plus chatting to the girl at the register, I will not use the robot self serve checkouts. We are slowly losing our ways of life to these robots and internet use things. Banks close because no one goes in the branch, small stores close as people buy clothes et on line Reply

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