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The perfect job!

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9th Mar 2017 01:58pm

Job satisfaction can be an enigma, and finding the perfect job is a dream for many people. To find out what really motivates people at work and what drives job satisfaction, we asked you to tell us about your ideal job and what you look for in an employer.

Trusted and valued

One of the most important things that people look for is an employer who trusts them and values them. Being treated as an important contributor to the business encourages employees to do their jobs better - and therefore provide a better service to customers.

"A good employer to look for is someone who makes employees first, then customers. Engaged employees brings happy customers."

"What I look for in an employer would mostly consist if they are good to their workers and also if they are interesting and have a good mindset for the future of the company."

"In an employer I look for a company that actually follows the eeo not just does lip service, one that follows through on their promises and has leadership that knows how to lead, one that understands that when I say my children come first I mean it."

Flexible working

Flexible working is also high on the wish list. People need to be able to manage their lives and families outside work. For an employer to understand that a job is not the most important thing in most people's lives, and at times their families and other commitments need to take priority, is a definite plus.

"I found my perfect job when my children were at school. Only working during school hours and having holidays off, my employers were very understanding if I needed time off due to children's activities at other schools." 

"A good job for me, or as i like to call it my "ideal" job, would be school hours, close to home and a fairly decent wage. When I get a new job I give it my all and I expect the company I'm working for to be the same." 

"It makes an employer go from average to great if they can understand the pressure everyday life puts on families." 

A sense of purpose

It's not enough for an employer to just value their employees and provide them with flexible working conditions. The role itself needs to be fulfilling. There are two components of this, and the best jobs will have both. The first is that the job needs to be challenging and stimulating. This means different things to different people - for some it might be solving problems or constantly learning, while for others it might be the opportunity to travel, or even simply keeping busy and active.

"I really have little interest in money. A challenge - to solve what everyone else defines as impossible - is far more important."

"I used to be a sales rep travelling all over the state. Was a great and satisfying job meeting people and enjoying their hospitality and at the same time I was earning a living."

"I am always busy and it is interesting. There are a lot of good people that I work with and I enjoy my job." 

"A perfect job is one where I can learn more, add to how things are done and get recognised by my peers for my contributions."

Perhaps most important though is the sense that the job has a purpose, and by doing it you are making a worthwhile contribution to the world, or making a difference.

"I've thrown myself into voluntarily working nightly with my friends among the street folk and homeless in the suburbs surrounding my home. While I loved my previous occupation, I love this current job far more, even though often it costs me money, instead of me earning it."

"I look for an engaging role that gives me a chance to make a big difference in all the customers that they touch."

"I love love LOVE my job! Although I deal with traumatic content all day, I get to see real positive social change happening & know that I'm contributing to that."

So it’s clear that while a big salary is nice to have, it's far from the most motivating factor. If you are currently feeling valued in a meaningful role, with flexible working thrown in, you’ve pretty much got it all! 

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  • 13th Jul 2017 09:43pm

Being valued is important. My daughter's boss is a bit of a hero to me. A customer in the restaurant was abusing her. The boss walked over to the table and said, "This young woman is of much greater value to my business than you are, Get out and never come back!"
My daughter was good at her job and well liked by the patrons but after that incident, she worked even harder out of pride and gratitude

  • 30th Jun 2017 09:16am

It is good to work for an employer that does as it says - so support their staff, provide flexibility when needed & realistic, fair work loads and show that they value employees. If they do these things then staff are less likely to look elsewhere even for a few more dollars.

  • 20th Jun 2017 12:18am

I already have the perfect job you describe, but you missed out one very important aspect... your co-workers can easily turn your heaven into Hell!

  • 29th Mar 2017 10:00pm

I had a job in 1987 as a sales rep for a lolly company, the wages were rubbish at $200 per week plus company car. I believe I was the best rep, selling more than any of the other 5 or 6 reps. I company I had previously worked for approached and offered me $600 pw, I went back to my boss, told him what I had been offered and said that if he could give me another $20 pw I would stay with him as I really loved my job travelling to Eltham, Whittlesea, Research etc. Unfortunately he refused and in my opinion he lost the most dedicated rep he would ever get.

  • 25th Mar 2017 05:26pm

i doesn't exist because were the slave to the daily grind,,

  • 9th Mar 2017 04:13pm

I would like a job where there is plenty to do and which I am good at

  • 14th Apr 2017 09:13am
I would like a job where there is plenty to do and which I am good at

I agree with you. We all have our interests and talents and utilising those to the full is the key.