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Watching TV online....but not the ads

The latest news from Cafestudy

Posted by: Caféstudy

27th Oct 2016 10:24am

Our ongoing research into internet TV viewing habits among Cafestudy members across Australia has shown an increasing use of ad-blockers, as viewers attempt to watch programs uninterrupted.

In fact, when surveyed in April 2016, one in four of you claimed to have used an ad-blocking service to avoid seeing advertising online. While this is particularly prevalent in younger age groups, ad-blockers are being used by people young and old.

This group of ad-blocker users are more likely than the average person to own an Apple TV (19% v 11%) or Chromecast (21% v 11%) device, which shows they are looking for ways to avoid the traditional broadcast models.

The rise in use of ad-blocking services comes as online TV viewing continues to rise. 30% of the Cafestudy members we asked claim to watch TV online “all the time”.

This figure has increased from 17% when the survey started over two years ago.

The rise of Netflix and other subscription-based online TV services is also being seen, with 26% of you watching subscription online TV at least weekly, and 21% having watched Netflix in the past month (April 2016).

However the overall increase in online TV viewing is not only being driven by Netflix, with catch-up TV services also proving popular.

Of the catch-up services, ABC’s iview and Seven’s Plus7 were the most viewed (14% viewed in the past month), with 9Now least viewed (8% viewed in the past month).

Your input is allowing us to track the continued growth of online TV viewing, which is showing a definite trend in a different direction. While you are watching TV as much as ever, you are watching it very differently. More and more, household conversations will no longer be about “What’s on TV?”, instead people are asking themselves, “What do I want to watch?”.

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  • 5th Dec 2017 12:02pm

Honestly, i do not have any tv at my house.. so i would 100% watch any tv shows or movies via online.. and i think it is quite convenient to watch via online because i can choose which movie i want to watch rather than follow the tv schedule

Momo L
  • 12th Mar 2017 10:38pm

I only watch TV shows online but I never use ad blockers, mostly because I download episodes.

  • 8th Feb 2017 10:08pm

I think more people would watch ads if they were less intrusive ( and please don't BS me and say that some ads aren't louder than the programs) And less ads.
Do we really need the corny. Melodramatic. Short clipped voice over for such trash like "My Kitchen Rules"
Commerical TV has brought this on itself. Treating the viewers with contempt for far too long.

  • 5th Jan 2017 10:20am

Don't watch a lot of TV, but it is annoying that the SBS group of stations hit the ads so heavily now.

  • 8th Dec 2016 08:16pm

I don't have access to sophisticated "ad blockers" per say, but I do watch as much ABC as possible and mute the ad breaks on commercial TV.