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What makes a job the 'perfect job'?

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Posted by: looklively

24th Oct 2016 12:08pm

How satisfied are you with your job at the moment? Are you thinking of changing jobs? And if you are looking at changing jobs or just about to embark on looking for your first job, what do you look for in an employer? What makes a job a 'good' one for you? As much detail as possible might see you win a $15 Gift Card (20 to be won). The best answers will be judged by staff. Competition closes Friday 11th November at 5pm.

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  • 2nd Aug 2017 07:31pm

I am a Manager of a National Distribution Center and I am loving it ! I work with friends and family and have created an environment where opinions can be shared and discussed without any unexpected offense being taken.
I am however, studying at University full time as well - so yes, looking for another Job (eventually).
What I look for in an employer is their moral conscious and good judgement

  • 22nd Jun 2017 06:36pm

Very satisfied with current job

  • 12th May 2017 07:47pm

Location can play a big factor in where you get a job as commuting or being stuck in traffic can be stressful to begin with. For me it's the people I work with, a great group can create great things. An employer who values his employees is most important as he wouldn't have the business he wanted without his employers. Stand up desks these days too are great as sitting all day is not great for body or mind.

  • 12th May 2017 07:46pm

Location can play a big factor in where you get a job as commuting or being stuck in traffic can be stressful to begin with. For me it's the people I work with, a great group can create great things. An employer who values his employees is most important as he wouldn't have the business he wanted without his employers. Stand up desks these days too are great as sitting all day is not great for body or mind.

  • 11th May 2017 11:05am

Environment, team members.

  • 16th Mar 2017 12:51pm

A dream job is whatever you feel comfortable doing. You can have many, as long as you enjoy it that is all that matters

  • 28th Jan 2017 11:14am

The perfect job?? I have had only 2 in my working life, I went to work whistling, was happy throughout the day and went home whistling, not that is a "perfect job" What jobs were my perfect ones you ask, working for a printing company in Bournemouth UK helping to print the Exchange and Mart and as a sales rep selling lollies etc for a small company called Meechams. The area I had was Eltham, Whittlesea, Hurstbridge and other local areas. Both exceptional jobs and NO the pay wasn't the best but the jobs were.

  • 17th Dec 2016 01:40pm

You need to get some sort of enjoyment out of the activity your doing or the people you interact with. If there is no love for the job there is no point continuing. An employer must be straight up and honest in how they give Criticism or praise and there's no point in pussyfooting around tough decisions.

  • 13th Dec 2016 02:36am

I've had my fair share of experiences working in all types of industries from farming, building as a general laborour, warehouse, admin, data entry, technical support, specialized tech support, government roles, customer service/sales consultant in call centers, in and outbound, door to door, face to face on both consumer and business level, website design, app design(windows and android)and finally a managing position. I believe I've been fortunate to work for some of the top companies within Aus and in return have gained a wealth of knowledge and experiences and one thing I've learned from all of them is negotiating of pay rate should simply be compulsory for all jobs. My current job offers me insight at where I am with my life and how I've approached my career progression and quite frankly I am very satisfied given the fact that I dropped out of highschool in year 9 and now currently a manager at one of the largest companies in Aus. In regards to changing jobs, well I will once I feel I'm ready to take on more responsibility, it could even be time to move on due to spiritual or financial needs.
The type of employers I look for is one that are looking for a family member to join the company, appreciate and credit hard working individuals. A place that offers growth for both the employee and the company.A company that oozes an open mind to innovation, clever approaches and new technology.
A good job is simple, the company you works on something you genuinely like. You work with colleagues who are like minded like yourself and always pushing you to be the best you possibly can be. Offers you revision of pay rises or just appreciation of hard work, mentor ship for moving in the right direction where that be within the company or for your personal life..

  • 9th Nov 2016 01:49pm

I decided to go Freelance about 5 years ago, and while the first year was very lean, since then I have built up several regular return contracts and it's continuing to grow. I get to work in a wide range of industries and with colleagues aged from teenage to 60+.
There are three really rewarding aspects - first, I choose where I want to work, rather than work because I have to; second, it is my skills which are valued by my clients not whether I'm "too old" (and these days that happens when you're in your late thirties!!!); and thirdly, I really enjoy 'giving back' my knowledge and experience to the young people in work with at tertiary level and encouraging them, challenging them, and opening up their eyes to the future possibilities.
It has been a learning curve after more than 30 years in the 'safe' spot of a full time employee, but now I am doing something I love every single day!

  • 8th Nov 2016 10:00pm

Right now I'm only just satisfied with my job. I have a postgraduate degree but am working at a much lower level than I'm qualified for due to family reasons. I have 2 young children and want to work part time, and there are very few jobs available to people with my level of qualifications that are part time/flexible. They also involve a lot of out of hours work (work at home, travel etc) which I don't want to do while my children are young. I've therefore decided to "level down" my working situation so that I can have that flexibility around my family. It is boring sometimes and I definitely feel that I'm not being utilised to anywhere near my full capabilities, but if I want to be able to work part time and be able to work around school hours for my daughter starting school next year then this'll have to do for a while. Luckily money is not an issue as my husband earns a very good wage in his job. I do however feel that I'm giving up on progressing my career due to my children - I love them and want to spend time with them and be around to raise them (rather than only seeing them 2 hours a day if I worked full time and letting childcare workers see them more than me!) but it's definitely come at a cost to my career, and quite frankly my confidence in myself and my abilities. When my youngest child goes to my school I hope to be able to move up in my career and work more hours in a more challenging role.

  • 6th Nov 2016 03:59pm

There are a number of things that need to be in place to make a job 'perfect'. The employers and employees need to all be friendly and respect each other creating a nice atmosphere in which to spend your day. You also need to feel fulfilled by the job that you are doing each day. It needs to be a job with set hours where you never have to bring work home or worry about work when you aren't there. It helps if the location is convenient with a nice salary!

  • 5th Nov 2016 01:38pm

I like my job because it's challenging but Im not fully satisfied. There are people are work who make it difficult for me to enjoy my job. I also would like a payrise but dont know when and how. I think the marketplace is quite ripe but I am scared to make the move. what will make it better? A payrise and a better working team.

  • 3rd Nov 2016 07:24pm

sometimes the staff are bullies, they don't have any respect for their workers. I am now looking for new employment, but have not given this job up. Will give my notice if I get new job

  • 2nd Nov 2016 06:58pm

The perfect job would be. receiving above $150,000 a year. Being appreciated for the work I do. And getting the job done. Not taking work home. Working 9 to 5.
I am not satisfied working in a supermarket. I am there cause I know its SECURE.
I have many times thought of changing jobs. But its hard to get fulltime.
Someone who lets me do my job. Not hovering. And feeling appreciated.
A good job for me would be comfortable, satisfaction, appreciated and happy. Also fulltime to afford pay rent and eat.

  • 2nd Nov 2016 12:14am

I have been lucky in my work life went to secretary college worked for a few years, had children went to business college became employed by that business college, moved house did my accountancy, was interviewed for a job as assistant accountant and did payroll worked there for over 13 years full time then part time and up till last December worked there casually, I have my own business accountancy taxation services which I am still doing and enjoy contact with people, made many friends over the 10 yrs of running my business. I'm in my 72nd yr, health is not good. 3 children, 9 grand children and 4 great grand children. Divorced in 1971. Life is good (except for the health problem) and I'm happy. To be in the perfect job its what you make of it, getting on with fellow workers, doing a little extra to help others out in the work place, being friendly and my biggest asset is not to listen to gossip, not to talk about people in a way you wouldn't like it said about yourself.

  • 1st Nov 2016 06:04pm

Hello there, I am very happy at my job and would never change. Not a day goes bye when I dont feel like going to my work as a blueberry farmer. I have achieved my dream job and 100% satisfaction and work/life balance (as they call it). I love our bush location and working on my own without hustle and bustle...I am one step ahead. I have my own hours , after 15 years as a CSIRO scientist I am glad I made the change and never look back.

  • 1st Nov 2016 02:50pm

I'm very satisfied with my job right now. I have been at this current job for just over 2 years and I love how everyone is there for each other, it isn't just a workplace it is like you are working with a family who care about each other. I have no intention on changing jobs, why would I when I'm so happy at this one. When you work as a team at a job and you are happy to go to work each day then it makes a world of difference to your personal well being and self worth. Its nice to feel appreciated for what you do in your job whether it be your paid one or the one you do from your heart....and that is being a mum.

  • 2nd Nov 2016 12:21am
I'm very satisfied with my job right now. I have been at this current job for just over 2 years and I love how everyone is there for each other, it isn't just a workplace it is like you are working...

well done enjoy your days and all the best for years to come

  • 1st Nov 2016 02:16pm

I am looking at changing jobs as my current employer is unable to give me the roster I need for child care.
In an employer I look for a company that actually follows the eeo not just does lip service, one that follows through on their promises and has leadership that knows how to lead, one that understands that when I say my children come first I mean it. A place where bullying would just not happen, somewhere that has good work life balance and has a work pattern that enables me to pick up the kids on time
As someone else mentioned - an employer that will look at what you can do rather than the qualifications, someone who will meet you before deciding you won't work for them

  • 1st Nov 2016 09:24am

I'm a 34 single mum, that has spent 7 years in the same job traveling over 70 km a day. I hate my job. the content (dead people) But it's work, and money that i need, so i put up with it. and still work hard, and do my best every day despite crying on the way home most days. I'm looking to get a job closer to home. A pay rise would be great since I have not had one in 7 years, but I would save a lot of money and time working closer to home so not essential. I'm looking for a job where I have the opportunity to move up the ladder, a workplace that values hard workers not just get stuck where i am, like at the moment. A good job for me would be well away from the area I work at the moment. I like dealing with difficult people I find the challenge enjoyable. I like to think outside the square for solutions, so a job with some variety would be great. I have never really thought about the employer and what they could do for me. But I'm hopeful that I can find something in admin closer to home soon. I only really look at the job and think can i do that. I tried a couple of years ago, but never heard anything from anyone of the 100's of applications so recently spent $320 getting my resume professionally updated to give me a better chance to get a new job. trying again and hoping we get a better 2017. Thank you

  • 31st Oct 2016 11:21pm

I have been with the same State Government Department for 32 years, and I am not yet 50 years old ! I started an 8 week stint during a busy renewal period, then successfully applied for a job in the Registry area, and two years later, won a promotion in the community liaison area, where I still am working. I have seen a lot of the State, and met thousands of people during this time. I worked with the same Manager for over twenty years (he even gave me away at my wedding). He retired in 2007 and I have had about four other Managers since then. I work with the community, and love to help others in my role. In the last two years, two units have merged, and it is just not the same. The other team are very clicky and only are nice when they want something or want me to do something for them. I tolerate them whilst still very much enjoy what I am doing.

  • 31st Oct 2016 08:06pm

A good job is one that your boss knows how to do the job so you are given good training, not have to work it out for yourself, then get a nasty lecture if you don't get it right. One where staff respect each other, that you can help each other when your work load is less than normal or if you receive a request to do so. Staff are polite to each other, no favourtism. You can enjoy meal breaks and get to know each other better. Feel comfortable to ask for leave when a family member is ill and not be criticised for doing so.

  • 31st Oct 2016 06:38pm

I am very much satisfied with my job at the moment and feeling blessed to have this kind of work which is not only rewarding but also for the welfare of the society. Before getting my present job, I used to search very desperately but now I am totally happy in my present job and don't want to change it. The reputation of organization, work culture and colleagues plays an important role to do work efficiently and nicely in any organization. It is very important to have a job satisfaction to do work up to the desired level.

  • 31st Oct 2016 05:26pm

How satisfied am I - not very, the nature of the job is becoming too stressful and it's become a little 'groundhog day' for some years now. My peers are paid more than me even though I've have more years experience and knowledge in the field and even though I'm always given the responsibility of mentoring new comers, only to watch their careers progress past me. The only thing that keeps me working here is the defined benefit pension scheme I've been contributing to my whole working life.
I have absolutely no more commitment to the organisation under these circumstances. Two more years and I'm done.

Am I thinking of changing? No, for the reason given above.

If I was looking, aside from the usual requirements, like good remuneration package, opportunities to grow, hygiene factors etc, the main thing I would require would be for them to take on the transfer of my defined benefit pension scheme.

What makes a good job for me?
Working in an field that interests me, where no two days are the same.
In a business that brings me in touch with new and interesting people with which I could grow and develop.
And while being paid an outrageous some of money.

If you find this, could you let me know. :)

  • 31st Oct 2016 04:46pm

For it's simple, Your colleagues should be encouraging and you wanted be around always.
It's so much of positive energy when people around you are frank and accept you the way you are.
Money and success can be attained with the passion which again can be an inspiration you get from your job or co-workers for me.

All said, now people around you can put us in difficult situations but at the end of the day you learn how to handle it. It is always important to keep going with the your work.

Money is very important. It should be an inspiration. If I am not interested in money chances that I might not do complete justice to the job or vice-versa..

  • 31st Oct 2016 04:18pm

I am not veey satisfied with my job at the moment. I sporatically look for new jobs when something peaks my interest online.
I look for in an employer mostly a good culture and work life balance as this is the most important things to me.
This makes an employer go from average to great if they can understand the pressure everyday life puts on families.

  • 31st Oct 2016 02:36pm

I have thought of changing jobs on a number of instances but while the current job is not ideal but it is only about 10minutes from home so I then think twice! Overall, it's ok but little scope to develop and move up as it is a small company. I guess we need to take age and time with the company into consideration in deciding to move because sometimes while the "grass looks greener on the other side", it may not be worth the while. Need to consider what's important at the current stage of life and weigh the pros and cons. If I was younger with less commitments, then moving on would not be so much an issue. So while there may be dream jobs out there but at the end of the day, it's about what's best for you at the time!!

Alex S
  • 31st Oct 2016 01:49pm

I love love LOVE my job! Although I deal with traumatic content all day, I get to see real positive social change happening & know that I'm contributing to that. I work with people who are highly intelligent, skilled, educated and compassionate. I get to flex my creative muscles all day & work with some incredibly talented & accomplished people. Management are really flexible so the work/life balance is perfect. The only downside is that I'm on a contract which cannot be extended beyond December 2017. Other than that, this is the happiest I have ever been in a job.

  • 31st Oct 2016 01:46pm

Yes I am satisfied with my job. No I am not thinking of changing jobs. What makes a job a good one for me is a good employer and great working hours that I can choose myself. Flexibility is the key. Added perks also sweeten the pie.

  • 31st Oct 2016 01:44pm

I love my job but it does have its challenges, I work for a housing association and we currently have just on 400 properties that house various tenants from all walks of life, most of our tenants have issues of some description be it physical or mental disabilities. I am the first port of call when they have an issue that required maintenance and I have to decided which is classified as emergencies or non emergencies and then choose the appropriate contractor to attend. It can be a challenge and can get a bit draining sometimes. I have been abused more times that I can remember but overall the job is great. I am working at what I love and the people I work with are awesome, we are a small office with only 12 people but it can be very rewarding. I am not looking to changing my job I have been here for nearly 5 years but have been working in the same industry and doing exactly the same job for almost 10 years. My employer is generous to a fault allowing you to take time off for medical appts without penalty. I was given a $100 gift card for gold class cinema experience which was so appreciated because I never thought I would ever be acknowledged for the extra that I do which included staying behind every Tuesday until the cleaner had finished and then locking up and keeping the kitchen clean and taking home the tea towels each week to be washed. I have never expected to be compensated for these things, it just seemed practical as I am the one who lives the closest to our office. I love my job.

  • 31st Oct 2016 01:44pm

It is not the perfect job however I enjoy it. I work part time as a school crossing supervisor otherwise known as a Lollypop Lady. It is 10 hours a week and as a senior person this gives me some extra money apart from the pension to enjoy my life a little more. It is quite a fun job as the kids at the school I work are always friendly and chatty. As I don't work school holidays this gives me time to spend with my grandkids so I think I have the best of both worlds

  • 31st Oct 2016 01:18pm

A perfect job is one where i can learn more, add to how things are done and get recognised by my peers for my contributions

  • 31st Oct 2016 12:32pm

A job in which you want to be there,achieve what you see as desirable and of genuine benefit and which you am proud to be part of. You may not like certain details but the overall job description, objectives, colleagues and larger organisation you approve and you want to be part of. There is an authetic wish to continue and grow within that job and that organisation. You want to be part of that job and you are part of that job.

angry mum
  • 31st Oct 2016 12:10pm

After working in the legal field for just over 25 years, my babies finally decided to arrive. I have the best job in the world these days caring for my family. Motherhood is my job now which I thoroughly enjoy. I would have liked to gone back into the workforce however now unable to due to a minor surgery which went horribly wrong and has left me with partial paralysis (malpractice) and now unable to work due to the ongoing pain. If I were able to return to work, the employer would have to be family friendly and be flexible as are most employees required to be. A good job for me would have to be a job I look forward to going to each and every day and it would have to be one I thoroughly enjoy.

  • 31st Oct 2016 11:37am

I've never held a job for more than 10 years and now I'm retired.
I tended to alternate between white collar and blue collar jobs (wore suits in some and overalls in others).
Interesting jobs have constant challenges. After 10 years a person has a pretty good handle on what to expect.
Mundane or repetitive jobs get boring pretty quick, the only way I found to keep a job like that was to look for opportunities to move from one area to another.
Most companies seem to like multi skilled employees.

Todays employment market is a lot different.
Apart from being made redundant one time (Yippee, cash and the opportunity to move on !), all my jobs were pretty secure.
There seems to be a greater trend to less secure, part time and casual work now.
This casualization of the workforce will make it difficult for employees to make long term plans and commitments but,
It does fit in with my philosophy that work is only one part of life - If you only do it for a living, enjoy it if you can and get on with the rest of your life.
If you do it because you believe in what you are doing "Congratulations! You've found the perfect job."

  • 31st Oct 2016 11:27am

I had the perfect job as a teacher. For 42 years I worked and studied enjoying every minute and loving the thousands of children whose lives I had an influence on in different ways. Then totally unexpectedly in 2014 I was told I needed to move due to a restructure where I had worked happily for the past 19 years. I wasn't happy but teaching is teaching anywhere so I put my name down to move. During the holidays I received a call saying we are offering you redundancy. Although my health hadn't been good I said I didn't want to go. I was told very nicely and sweetly that "Legislation had been passed" and my permanent job was no longer permanent as if they didn't have a job at my level I would be out with nothing. So I took the redundancy and am now unemployed and due to more government restrictions have to live on a years salary for 18 months before eligibility for unemployment. So really I should be grateful, as I am enjoying not working and it's better for my health. But I wouldn't change a thing from my years of work, which went from the city to the Southwest to the Kimberley remote to the wheatbelt in WA. I've had a ball. I'd do it again in a heartbeat as I believe teaching is a vocation not a job.

  • 31st Oct 2016 11:00am

My 'job'? I retired over seven years ago. My job is maintaining my / our good health. One big step along that path was weight reduction. Just over a year ago (17th October 2015) I decided to lose weight. At that time I weighed 97.6 kgs. I set my first goal at 87 kgs, then 85 kgs, then 83 kgs. Almost a year later (27th September 2016) I weighed 77.4 kgs. I weigh myself daily and now maintain a weight between 78 - 80 kgs. That's my 'job'!

OH... and I have a _second_ job! This one was almost as difficult. My trouser size fell from 38 to 32, my shirt size from L (large) to (M) medium. Donating favourite clothing items which no longer fit me (some of which I treasure) to goodwill stores, has been a _wrench_ at times. It has to be done. There's no going back to lugging that 20 kgs fish around, under the shirt I couldn't tuck in!~

Footnote: My objective was to be able to wear my favourite suit to our son's wedding in Singapore, last January. The wedding pix are great! My method of weight reduction? 1.) Reduce portion size... and no second helpings; 2.) Walking. Nothing extreme, but regular walking, most days of the week... .

  • 31st Oct 2016 10:44am

Im satisfied with my job at the moment because i feel that i can use my time to travel when im working overseas but then again i lag so much energy to keep up with always flying around. The chances of me getting a new job are slightly higher as i would want one overseas now which avoids me from having to travel alot. Gives me that breather so i am considering it. I think the perfect job would be something that offers great benefits as well as the option to grow with the company and such along the way. What i look for in an employer would mostly consist if they are good to their workers and also if they are interesting and have a good mindset for the future of the company. The best options are to see the business plan and be able to know where you fit in that category as well as if your able to know if you want to have a long term relationship with the company where you can learn and also excel in what your doing there as well. For me though i want to be able to get the time to work away and see life in another place while not having to travel as much. So for overseas options im all hands open for any offer that comes my way.

  • 31st Oct 2016 09:58am

After 32yrs shift working with one company I took a redundancy and now have a few casual jobs but one mainly - I love that I get "offered" shifts and can say yes or no depending on my personal life - I now have no worries about swapping shifts or organising child care around my husbands shifts - its a fun job with mainly older people who are winding down from full time work and is very friendly, no competition in the workplace, everyone is just happy to be there and get the job done and there is a heap of experience so the job gets done quickly. I love that I now have no stress and can organise my work/life balance so well.

  • 30th Oct 2016 04:12pm

I've found the best job! I'm retired. I eat, drink, sleep and do whatever else I want to when I want to. Happy times are ahead, but make sure you have a good super. I think that's the most important thing to consider.

  • 30th Oct 2016 12:24pm

A good job for me is to work 3 days a week so that I have a good work home life balance. Working for someone who appreciates you for the job that you do and thanks you at the end of the day. Having an employer who will listen to constructive feedback and initiate changes when the feedback is for the better. I am lucky enough to have all of this and I am also over retirement age which is not a barrier to my employer as she recognises that I am loyal and reliable without any family commitments that would see me having to take time off.

  • 29th Oct 2016 08:50pm

I have worked at my current workplace for over 30 years. I thought when i joined it was the bees knees of all jobs. It was! It was so staff friendly up until 7 years ago. During the time I had dodged so many bullets(ie retrechments), in fact I can say it would be a least dozen+. So I was not satisfied anymore and it was just a means to earn money to live and no other satisfaction. Lucky my position now is deemed redundant and I have so many places to start work at in the future after a well earned break. A good employer to look for is someone who makes employees first, then customers. Engaged employees brings happy customers. There are few and far between today as big corporations are forever trying to ensure shares return a higher dividend, which in turn enables CEOs and executives to get absorbent income and bonuses, which is ridiculous in times where people are struggling to find work. The economy cannot sustain this imbalance. But I take solace in my voluntary work and good people out there who do things for others as their pride and satisfaction. Positive people in a workplace makes for a happy environment and a great place to work.

  • 29th Oct 2016 08:37pm

I retired from paid work quite some years ago now. I thought I would have lots of spare time and could do all sorts of things I liked but I got a shock. I still do all the things I did when I went to work like make the bed, wash up, cook, iron, sweep, dust, clean the bathrooms, do the washing and shopping. Nothing has changed but now no-one pays me. I'm older now and slower so things tend to take longer and I find I have less time than I used to have when I went to work. At least when I went to work I could come home and get away from it but now if I don't do something it just waits for me. Going to work might be a grind but at least you get a public holiday or weekend, but with housework it's never ending. I don't like saying I'm retired becasue I'm really not. I have to keep going. Now I really do look forward to a holiday away where someone else makes the bed, cleans up and does the cooking, and just for a night or two I don't have to decided what WE will eat. I'm my own employer and I'm a hard task master, very tough as I demand perfection, I suppose I could always give myself the sack but who would do everything then? I guess it's not too bad really, but it is thankless.

  • 2nd Nov 2016 12:43am
I retired from paid work quite some years ago now. I thought I would have lots of spare time and could do all sorts of things I liked but I got a shock. I still do all the things I did when I...

all family members should do their fair share of the home chores, I have never been a person to make beds we throw the blanket and sheet back towards end of bed to air the beds I really don't know the reason to make beds, mine are neatly turned back and tidy. When my children were at home we had a rotating roster of chores, now my grand children and great grand children have their chores, if clothes were not put in the washing basket then they didn't get washed and sometimes I confiscated items if they weren't in their right place. House jobs should be team support just like a work site environment work as a team, work together, be helpful life can be very rewarding if shared and supported, teaches people to pull their weight/get in and do whatever needs doing in case there is a need in an emergency or someone is not well

  • 29th Oct 2016 06:22pm

I have three days left in my current job and I am really looking forward to starting my new job soon thereafter. My new boss seems to be a very nice person and a good manager and communicator. I really enjoyed the two interviews that I had with him, both of which included two other members of the management team. My current boss was not so inclusive and is not such a good communicator and I don't really enjoy working with him. My new job will have more responsibility and I will be in charge of three departments. I'm really looking forward to this. The culture of the new company also seems to be much more pleasant and morale is higher than with my current employer.

  • 29th Oct 2016 05:22pm

Having lost my job earlier this year when the company I worked for the past 6 years closed down, it has been a nightmare trying to find a new one. Ideally my dream one would be close to home so I don't have to drive to far, have a fair and reasonable Boss who doesn't yell or put you down, one you can have a discussion with and know he values your input. Workmates who are lighthearted and friendly, and having a job you enjoy and can get up in the morning eager to go work and do a good job. No-one wants to get up each morning dreading to go to work, but sadly I know many people in this situation. A job where you are confident at what you are doing.

  • 29th Oct 2016 05:20pm

This question couldn't have come at a better time. It just so happens that after 4 years at my current job I am looking to bail. The first year was great I thought I would retire at this place, but then management changed and it all went downhill from there. At 52 , I am now looking for a job that is stable , close to home , and that doesn't require to much effort.
I love the actual job as a customer service rep that I'm doing , however the politics and red tape that is now consuming this company, has become to much to bare.
A good job for me , or as i like to call it my " ideal " job , would be school hours , close to home and a fairly decent wage. When I get a new job , I give it my all , and I expect the company i'm working for to be the same.

  • 29th Oct 2016 04:54pm

Ths 3 F's
Family friendly
Fun but on task when needed
Fair pay

  • 29th Oct 2016 02:56pm

i have been at my job for 25years and it had become boring same old thing everyday never a change or do anything else just 8 hours of same 5 days a week anjust bout can do it backwods it so boring but im near retrement age so just stick with it and it is a poor payed job too .

  • 29th Oct 2016 02:56pm

I've long since reached the conclusion that there is no perfect job. Having said that, my values and priorities have changed, a lot. A few years ago I was more focussed on how much I was earning. I was getting paid a lot more than I am now but there wasn't any job satisfaction and being in an office all the time made me feel like I was in prison. The work and working conditions were highly stressful and I ended up burning out. Once I paid off my house, I left that job before my health and marriage were irreparably damaged.

Now I'm doing totally different work (working with elderly and people with a disability). The pay is low but the work is far more satisfying and I've achieved much better work life balance. In my spare time I do a few other things to boost my income and I enjoy the variety. There has needed to be some financial adjustments made but the trade off has been worth it. I feel much happier and my health has greatly improved.

  • 29th Oct 2016 01:13pm

Yes, definitely looking for another job at the moment. I've worked for the same company for 19yrs but the section I'm in at the moment is very disfunctional. It's amazing what a difference a new boss makes. My workplace has gone from one of support, inclusion and fun to one where people are barely speaking to one another. Nobody feels valued and it makes for a very unhappy environment. I love working for the company, but for me its time to move on.

  • 29th Oct 2016 12:17pm

How satisfied am I with my job? Fairly satisfied, however just like anything else, the excitement of something new dwindles and you feel like you are ready for the next challenge or conquest.... I feel that I might be there at the moment :) However at the end of the day, its what you make of it! I don't think I'm ready for a change of job as I feel I have achieved the right work/life balance... currently working 3-4 days makes it so much more enjoyable.... which hence brings us into the 'good' job for me. In an Employer... I feel that I look for balance and support when needed. I don't want to feel frightened or meek when I approach them, I want to feel as though they are just another great colleague of mine who can also bring that smile to your face. I treat people the way I like to be treated.... I feel that's the energy you need to put out there, despite what job you apply for :) Treat people with RESPECT and try to have some FUN!!!

  • 29th Oct 2016 11:22am

I have found the best jobs have great bosses, fantastic friendly happy staff, close to home, flexible working hours and especially the type of work that you like doing, personally I love numbers and administration

  • 29th Oct 2016 10:46am

I had my appendix out when I was 12 and from then on I wanted to be a nurse. I started training at 16 and am now 60, and I still love my job. I have worked in many areas of health over the years and for different companies. I think anyone working in any profession or job, what they most want is to be happy with what they are doing, and have the recognition and respect of their peers for work well done. It does not take much to value people and show them they are appreciated. In some places I worked you never received anything, in others I was given so much it made me want to stay there and work harder. If you get up in the morning and look forward to going to work and enjoy it , well that is pretty close to a perfect job.

  • 29th Oct 2016 10:23am

I haven't worked full time since before I had my children and now I am a little on the old side to get a job. I loved my job teaching children in Grade 1 but teaching was so different in the 1960s to what it is today. Now teachers seem to have to do so much preparation at home and writing reports takes up a lot of extra time. They do have much smaller classes now. In those days one year I had 48 grade 1 children to teach and to hear each child read every day was really difficult. Luckily some children were happy to stay back after school and read and some would come in at lunchtime also. At the time it was the norm so you got on with it and didn't complain. Teaching had its good points also. It was a great satisfaction when a slow reader suddenly "got it" and wanted to read, it is all about success.

  • 29th Oct 2016 10:22am

i am not satisfied with my current job and i am looking to change my job if a good one comes along. i look for an engaging role who gives me a chance to make a big difference in all the customers that they touch. An employer who cares, engages and pays well would be good for me. Deep learning and growth opportunities coupled with the projects work which span across global teams and cultures would excite me.

  • 29th Oct 2016 10:12am

I am a stay at home mum and this is my perfect job. Sometimes the hours are long but the rewards are worth it. I can be flexible in what tasks I need to complete each day, can have a working lunch if need be and can take time off to go to any school functions etc. I get to use all my skills and am always learning new skills each day. Sometimes the pay can be a bit low but other times it is priceless

  • 29th Oct 2016 10:01am

For me the perfect job is having the satisfaction of any work with animals they are my life and to be able to work and save an animal is absolutely amazing

  • 29th Oct 2016 09:23am

I thought that my 30 years' experience in IT would mean I'd have no problem finding a new job when I finally tired of the corruption and incompetence of my boss. After all, there's such a demand for IT personnel, we have to issue 457 visas to all-comers to "fill the gap."

Well, that was 15 years ago and I've been unemployed for all but about 6 months since. Naturally, since I'd saved and invested rather than squandering my income on self-entertainment, I was excluded from the dole and in consequence of no interest to the "Job Network Providers" since they don't get paid for helping me and to the "Recruitment Agents" because it's cheaper to import someone on a 457 visa.

Oh, the six-month job? Well, my immediate supervisor's wife wanted it.

So - I should be prepared to take any job, yes? Er, no. I don't want to take a job where I'd be in danger of strangling my co-workers. Or idiot customers. So I should take a job as a trolley-jockey or a shelf-stacker? Well - fine use for an IT degree, but the employers aren't interested. They say as soon as a suitable job comes up, I'll leave and they'll have to start recruiting again.

Oh - you're over-educated - dumb-down your resume, say the employment "professionals". Oh yeah - so I take the IT out of my resume - now what have I been doing for the last 45 years? Am I supposed to fill it with lies?

Oh - take a course say the "experts". Aha - and become even more educated when ten seconds ago you said I was over-educated...

So - what about the ideal job? Well - I'm woeful with handling people, so it would have to be a "back room" job. There's no point in my commuting to work every day - spending an hour or more travelling, just because my boss might want to speak to me about something. When I was working, I'd often spend weeks without needing to talk to the boss, and I'd often log in to implement an idea at 2am - so telecommuting is the go.

I really have little interest in money. A challenge - to solve what everyone else defines as impossible - is far more important. OTOH, I'll not be paid less than those I'm expected to supervise or teach.

And honesty from the boss. Time and again, I've been seduced into doing what the boss wants to achieve this week's goal against a promise which inevitably can't actually be fulfilled because "circumstances have changed".

Reward for effort, of course. I'm really not interested in "agents" who want 50% of the revenue plus, plus, plus for 1% of the effort in making a product - but that seems to be the attitude from those whose only talent is the gift of the gab.

  • 29th Oct 2016 09:10am

I am happy with my job. I am a maintenace and cleaner for a Real Estate company. I am always busy and it is interesting. There are a lot of good people that I work with and I enjoy my job. I have no reason to look for a new job as I am very happy there. I have been there for 11 years and will probably be there for another 10.

  • 29th Oct 2016 09:09am

I currently have no job, & have not had one for 5 years - however I do some voluntary work which keeps my mind active & alert, which I enjoy

  • 29th Oct 2016 08:56am

I was retired from my much loved job as a Personal Care Assistant nearly 20 years ago, after being deemed as "too disabled" to carry on. Since then I've thrown myself into voluntarily working nightly with my friends among the street folk and homeless in the suburbs surrounding my home. While I loved my previous occupation, I love this current job far more, even though often it costs me money, instead of me earning it. It is an honour to be taken into the confidence of someone and although I often can do little more than offer a listening ear, it is so rewarding.

  • 28th Oct 2016 11:09pm

I think i have the best job in my career.The job i love to do and would love to do forever.I am housewife and i love my job i feel so thankful when i see the smiles on my family's face and I think I got paid in for my job when my husband and my two little angels hugs me loves me and feel thankful towards me.

  • 28th Oct 2016 11:09pm

I think i have the best job in my career.The job i love to do and would love to do forever.I am housewife and i love my job i feel so thankful when i see the smiles on my family's face and I think I got paid in for my job when my husband and my two little angels hugs me loves me and feel thankful towards me.

  • 28th Oct 2016 07:43pm

I'm retired now but I used to be a sales rep travelling all over the state. Was a great and satisfying job meeting people and enjoying their hospitality and at the same time I was earning a living. I always provided free quotations for our product range and sometimes I didn't make the sale that trip and I just waited until the people were ready to buy. I had a great success doing it my way and really enjoyed it. To my mind it was the perfect job.

  • 29th Oct 2016 01:34pm
I'm retired too, but found my perfect job when my children were at school. Only working during school hours and having holidays off, my employers were very understanding if I needed time off due to...

I retired 5 ago the best thing I have ever done. Now I still work part time as a writer .No longer working a 10 hour day. This occupation is what I always wanted to do. I do a lot of different types of surveys from all around the world as well as Cafestudy ( just got a survey from Germany !! ) I also do ghostwriting. Have rewritten some amazing stories ,some true. They will end up either on the bookshelf or end up as a play or a movie. My background was credit collections, also was a private Investigator have started to write a murder/crime.

  • 28th Oct 2016 09:41pm
I'm retired now but I used to be a sales rep travelling all over the state. Was a great and satisfying job meeting people and enjoying their hospitality and at the same time I was earning a living....

I'm retired too, but found my perfect job when my children were at school. Only working during school hours and having holidays off, my employers were very understanding if I needed time off due to children's activities at other schools. Good people to work with, daily challenges and appreciation shown by student and parents alike. Only downside, meagre pay! In retirement, I've found a wonderful voluntary position in a university art gallery, where I get to meet artists, students from all over the world, academics, and interested visitors, as well as helping to install exhibitions and attend opening nights. No dirty work involved, just fascinating artworks to view and appreciate. I really think this is the best job in the world!

  • 28th Oct 2016 06:05pm

I am so happy with my current job. No way at all. I would look for exactly what I have. It is close to where I live and close to where the kids go to school. My employer let me change my hours to suit me when I had kids and when they started school so that I could take them there and pick them up in the afternoon. I can also leave to go to school assemblies or special events at school. They also don't look over my shoulder at work or check up on me. They know that I will do my job and that I will do it well. I don't do personal work there, have personal phone calls or sit on Facebook all day. There is a mutual trust between us and that is great. There is also no bitchyness as I work in a male dominated environment.

  • 28th Oct 2016 05:35pm

Close to home, challenging, great people, great boss, flexible working hours, give and take if you work a little more or want an extended lunch time. The money is a little important because we all have bills to pay, but a sense of satisfaction is more important. The most important thing is a sense of wanting to go to work every day; not waking up every morning and dreading going to work. I love my job. Each day sets me a new challenge and there is never a dull moment. All my bosses are understanding and encourage me to do my best and don't be afraid if I make a mistake because if you don't try new things you will not learn and develop.

  • 2nd Nov 2016 12:24am
Close to home, challenging, great people, great boss, flexible working hours, give and take if you work a little more or want an extended lunch time. The money is a little important because we all...

well said enjoy every day each day brings new things learn, gain and be happy, we all have to use all our brain cells for knowledge, storage, learning and feeling good

  • 28th Oct 2016 05:26pm

Boy - what a can of worms you've opened. I am a person of "mature" years. I havae worked all my life, paid my taxes etc. Through injury three years ago I was forced (not voluntarily) to quit the workforce. My injury healed and I thought I'd be back working in no time. Three years on and I'm not hopeful any more so as to what do I look for in an employer, my answer is: Someone who will give you a fair go, without assuming you have nothing to offer, one who will actually interview you and read your CV to find out you actually have what they are looking for before shutting the door in your face because you're not 20 or 30 but you do have a wealth of experience which you'd love to invest in their company, if only they'd give you a chance. A good job is one which treats all fairly and honourably.

  • 3rd Nov 2016 08:22pm
Boy - what a can of worms you've opened. I am a person of "mature" years. I havae worked all my life, paid my taxes etc. Through injury three years ago I was forced (not voluntarily) to quit...


Every single word you wrote could have come from my pen (or in this case digits). The same thing happened to me but I was retrenched after being unwell and using up all my sick pay and holiday pay. I have kept up my spirits but often think how much I would have preferred being at work.

Burnt Out Digger
  • 28th Oct 2016 04:55pm

I have my own management consultancy which requires me to travel to various localities, often in remote areas of Australia. This means that I am able to charge my clients for the privilege of seeing the country. However, it does mean having to deal with some difficult problems but I gain a great deal of satisfaction in resolving these issues

  • 28th Oct 2016 05:14pm
I have my own management consultancy which requires me to travel to various localities, often in remote areas of Australia. This means that I am able to charge my clients for the privilege of...

I am retired now but I always wished I had a reps job that took me all over the state, if only for a year. My state is Victoria and I know there is lots to see. I spent about 80% of my work life as a shopkeeper and until Nov last year I spent 13 years first looking after my Dad for under 2 years when he died then my Mum until she died. We had plans to travel to a few places late 2014 with friends but she got another infection and this time they made her stay in hospital until they placed her in a nursing last year for 7 months. I don't have the stamina or will to do it now. I certainly gained a lot of satisfaction that I did the right thing by my parents in their hour of need and we all did work very hard in our life for little reward. A further satisfaction was that saved my Mums live mid-2008 and she got nearly 8 years after that when the paramedics revived her twice at our home. She also battled and survived Parkinson's Disease very well compared to many people and it was pneumonia two weeks after a hip plate to fix two fractures that did it. She was always grateful for my 24/7 care and I have no complaints. Prior to that I was always a listening post in my family type shops and helped many people and made many friends. The Perfect Job? Hard to say but if I had it all over again it might well turn out the same.

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