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Customer reward schemes - do they influence your shopping decisions?

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Posted by: CafestudyAdmin

5th Sep 2016 12:06pm

Cafestudy members we have 10 $15 Giftpax vouchers to give away to the best 10 replies to the following question! How much do customer reward schemes influence you when you are deciding where to shop? Particularly when it comes to everyday grocery shopping, is a poor reward scheme a deal breaker for you? Who do you think has particularly good or particularly bad reward schemes and why? Do you always sign up to reward schemes? And what's the most important thing in it for you - is it all about how much value and savings you can get, or is variety and choice of rewards important also?

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  • 8th Apr 2021 12:58pm

Yes they did influence me alot but being single and living alone I did the figures and slowed down and went with the best prices. I think they could work well for large shoppers though. I'll happily spend $30 when I need to fill up on petrol to get the discount. I think Amcal is one of the very best, followed by Coffee Break's buy one get one free and Muffin Break' every 6th coffee is free. Flybuys is good for big families.

  • 29th Nov 2019 09:44am

My grocery shopping routine has changed over the last few years in a few ways. I’m actually spending more and shopping more often but that has a lot more to do with the fact that three years ago I was living at home and now I live independently. I’m also finding that I’m more likely nowadays to split my spending over different stores (Coles, Aldi and Woolworths). I’ll go to specific stores for certain products or to take advantage of weekly specials (e.g. I like to buy meat and fresh produce from Woolworths but I go to Aldi for frozen meals and alcohol because they’re the only retailer that stocks my preferred brand). I have never shopped for groceries online. I’m single and not currently working so I have plenty of time to shop in-store. With the cost of living increasing and the introduction of stores like Lidl, supermarkets know that they have to try harder to earn our business so I think that has influenced why I tend to switch between supermarkets nowadays. I used to just shop at the supermarket that was closest. I’m starting to buy more of my fruit/veg from my local market store because I’m trying to support local business, the quality is better, the staff are really friendly and it’s cheaper. I still do probably about 80% of my shopping at big supermarkets but I think that will decrease over the next few years.

  • 28th Nov 2019 09:48pm

I have a Woolworths credit card so I tend to shop there more due to the rewards. However, I think Coles sees that I have a Woolworths credit card and they send me extra deals to entice me to shop there (that my friends don't seem to receive). I take advantage of as many deals as possible. I just find it hard when favourite brands disappear making shopping more time consuming as you visit different stores to get what you need.

  • 21st Nov 2019 03:54pm

Definitely changing. i used to do 1 big shop for the week but i find that I waste too much food or my freezer is full.
so now i shop 3-4 times a week after i pick up the kids from school (only buy what i need to cook for the next 2 days).

  • 21st Nov 2019 12:38am

i go to aldi for as much as possible, i save so much money, very aldi loyal here
the big 2 and foodland are as needed basis

  • 4th Aug 2017 08:39am

I am buying far less meat, grow a few vegies to help with cost. I never throw food out. What I cook I eat..

  • 17th Jul 2017 01:04am

There is a Woolworths in walking distance so that tends to get my custom. Coles is a10 minute trip by public transport so as they usually sell the same specials it is a case of where I happen to be at a specific time. Being someone who tends to be loyal to a brand means I don't pay a lot of attention to other stores like Aldi.

  • 14th Jul 2017 09:45pm

i shop differently now as i only shop gor what we need and stick to a strict budget

  • 28th Jun 2017 08:48pm

Archers reply Our famliys grocery shopping has for a long period of time has been done at supermarkets.We have alternatered between the two biggest supermarket chains.Purchases other than at the supermarket are quite often at a bakery ,occasionally fruit and veg,and rarely at the butchers. The biggest change in recent years has been to shop exclusively online with woolworths , their convenience of avoiding car parks , checkout queues, and finding and moving goods back to our home is well worth the average of 3 dollars for weekly delivery it costs using their six month delivery saver. We continue as always to search for good value and discounts with the purchases we make.

  • 21st Jun 2017 07:51pm

I was loyal to Woollies until they changed their rewards system which to me was pretty useless and their prices seem to be rising as well. So I thought I would try Coles. Turned out I made the best decision as Coles definitely has a far better rewards program and also a wider selection of products at better prices and a lot more weekly specials. From time to time I might do a bit of my grocery shopping at Woollies now they have changed their rewards program back to what it was originally, and if they are offering a better deal than Coles. I usually just get everything at the supermarket, but occasionally I might shop at a specialty shop.

The Fat Man
  • 8th Jun 2017 09:13pm

I was a loyal shopper at one major supermarket, but after finding problems with the store placing damaged or rodent affected products in places that would attract you to pick up and go, I decided that it was time to change where I was doing my shopping. I stayed loyal to this supermarket for many years until after I moved to my present address, and had no viable option but to change supermarkets once again.

The Fat Man
  • 30th May 2017 12:09pm

Quite some time ago I had a bad experience shopping at Woolworth's, This caused me to shop at Coles where my shopping was much improved. There was a time when I would split my shopping between Coles and IGA.
Times have now changed and a Woolworth's store has moved in to my local area, and is within walking distance from my home. There is also an IGA store that has opened up seven kilometers away from my home. Apart from these two local shopping centers opening, the next closest shopping centers are some fifty five kilometers away.where I would have to shop.This distance has forced me to now shop locally at the Woolworth's store because of the economical advantage of much less traveling.
I tend to shop every two weeks as I hate shopping, but, Woolworth's local shop does not always have their shelves stocked, nor do they carry all the specials that are advertised. Much to my displeasure, I often have to do a top-up shop at some later time. Now, for me to go to the local IGA down the road, it is just out of the question, as their prices are enough to place anyone on a starvation diet.

  • 30th May 2017 03:35am

They are finally being held accountable new blood in this market has forced the big 2 to start being more competitive on price .Hopefully this will make the big 2 lift there game and offer a better price and especially better quality cant wait for more competition to shame up this market go aldi lol

  • 10th May 2017 02:24pm

My grocery routine is definitely changing as supermarket shopping is getting to be so expensive. I used to just shop at Woolworths for my main shop and Coles for specials but now its the other way around. I have noticed that a lot of companies and products have been fazed out and there are fewer brand options than they used to be so I now buy basic ingredients and make my own a lot of the time. I also don't buy fresh produce or meat from the supermarkets as the quality is going down hill and the price is quite high. I prefer to shop at local fruit and vegie shop outside and the local Super Butcher. I also use catalogues on a regular basis to stock up on items we regularly use if they are on a decent special and I stick to a strict shopping list.

  • 3rd May 2017 06:17pm

My habits have completely changed I use to shop every few days never thinking ahead
And now I shop up to 3wks ahead
Sometimes online with coles when lacking in time otherwise I shop around buy in bulk check for specials and go in with a budget which I never use to do
Food prices are going up and the main shops like Woolies and coles are not the cheapest any more
You really need to know ur prices and shop around

  • 1st May 2017 12:01am

I use to be just loyal to one supermarket. These days due to costs rising I need to cut back, a shopping trip for groceries use to cost around around $100 to $150, now I'm spending closer to $220 a week, I now look at other supermarkets catalogues and do the rounds to get sales and I also try and make a lot of snack foods instead of ready made, this brings down the overall cost then just visiting one supermarket. So yep for me my shopping habits have changed a lot.

  • 10th Mar 2017 08:53am

I used to shop weekly now its every four weeks. I used to shop only at Woolworths. Now I check the catalogues online for both Woolies and Coles and make a note of those items that I will use. When I get to town I go to Coles and spend at least enough for the fuel voucher but only those things that are on special. Aldi is next and whatever I cannot get from there I get from Woolworths. I have found that shopping this way (four weekly) is more economical and spreading the shop based on the specials also saves money.

  • 2nd Mar 2017 06:50pm

I really dislike hearing the profit figure that supermarkets brag about its nearly as bad as the financial institutions bragging about their profits, I use to only shop at Woolworths but over the last few years Aldi and Coles is where I shop, there is only one product that I buy at Woolworths and that's only once every 6/7 months that I get this product.
I use to go to a fruit shop to get vegetables and fruit but my budget doesn't stretch that far to spend much on these items except at the supermarkets if the price is right
I truly cannot understand why fruit and vegies cost so much especially when we grow must of them in Australia, if I'm in Parra and the market stalls are there I'll browse and usually buy from the market stallers but I sometimes don't know when they will be there on the day I go into Parra
Deli items I do not buy as often as I use to and I have cut down by at least 75% of buying meat but it doesn't really matter as red meat is not really good food and I think its not necessary because of the preservatives etc its the same as some of the fruit being picked too early.

  • 1st Mar 2017 05:06pm

I used to do most of my weekly shop with Woolworths but now I split it with Coles as they are in the same area of the shopping mall, have a better rewards card (Fly Buys) and Woolworths keep removing my favoured brands. I also buy more vegetables, organic milk and juices at Saccas, a discount outlet that has opened between the two supermarkets in the mall. I buy my health breads at a local independent green-grocer and also shop at a local health food store. I do not patronise any of the overseas supermarkets like Aldi or Costco, as their profits go overseas and it is important to me to support Australian-based businesses where possible.

  • 1st Mar 2017 03:29pm

I do tend to shop online more. Why bother taking the car out, finding a car park, pay the petrol, walk around buying more than you need etc. when you can get someone else to pack and deliver. If you spend enough you even get free delivery. I use Woolworths online because they are the only one's who deliver in my area and I find them excellent, happy to refund anything that is not what you wanted or not fresh, fantastic customer service. I do pop into my local IGA sometimes for top ups but have to drive 40 minute round trip to any other supermarket. I also buy my dry goods like rice, flour, seeds, nuts in bulk to save money and also get the best organic available. I buy from Farmehouse direct to support Australian farmers when I can. I also have a local organic shop which is usually a little dearer so only use that for top ups. I also buy fresh organic vegies and fruit which I order every week from a local person who does the run to markets and provides the best quality and the best prices. I find that most supermarkets are charging too much for organic produce and is often wrapped in plastics and not as fresh. So freshness, quality and price all are considered where I shop. And of course has to be Australian grown, made, produced, and hopefully money going to an Australian owned company. This is very important to me as I have a teenage son and I want to ensure there will be jobs for young people in the future.

  • 28th Feb 2017 12:38pm

My super market habits are changing , l now buy from Cost Co in Bulk where l can also l buy when things are near half price so that way l never pay full price for most items in the super market that l use often , I have not done any super market shopping on line yet , Going to a pension has forced me to look more at prices these days , yes l use to be loyal to Eldie's but no shop between 4 super markets to get specials as they are all in arms length where l live so a bit of exercise does not hurt me either walking from one to another as it saves a fortune , we eat well and clean our house well at half the price , l also buy half a side of beef so l only pay $7.99 a kilo for my top meat , steaks of all types roasts of all types , mince , sausages all so .Specials encourages me to buy them at super markets if l need them , l buy 2 or 3 and never pay full price for that item as they come on to half price or all most often ..

  • 27th Feb 2017 01:13pm

Shopping more at Famers' Markets. Growing more of our own food, now I'm retired. Still use Woolworths / RAC 5% off discount cards. That saving is around DOUBLE what the banks offer as interest!~

  • 24th Feb 2017 04:45pm

I shop very differently now. I try not to shop at Woolworths & Coles if I can. I have been shocked at their produce at times being not fresh
We try to go to Farmer Markets as often as we can also go to the Greengrocer, everything seems to stay fresher longer & is cheaper
I shop online for as many groceries as I can buy there. at an online Grocery Store, then buy on bulk & delivered home. I watch what they have to offer and then buy when they have sufficient goods to make it worthwhile making an order. There are only two of us now so this makes it all possible that I can keep an even flow.
Any goods not available online we go to Aldis for my money is again saved. We are on Pensions now so watching where we can cave through shopping. Neither of us has the stamina nowadays to do the big cooking sessions we used to do.

  • 24th Feb 2017 04:45pm

I shop very differently now. I try not to shop at Woolworths & Coles if I can. I have been shocked at their produce at times being not fresh
We try to go to Farmer Markets as often as we can also go to the Greengrocer, everything seems to stay fresher longer & is cheaper
I shop online for as many groceries as I can buy there. at an online Grocery Store, then buy on bulk & delivered home. I watch what they have to offer and then buy when they have sufficient goods to make it worthwhile making an order. There are only two of us now so this makes it all possible that I can keep an even flow.
Any goods not available online we go to Aldis for my money is again saved. We are on Pensions now so watching where we can cave through shopping. Neither of us has the stamina nowadays to do the big cooking sessions we used to do.

  • 17th Feb 2017 12:16pm

I have changed the way I shop over the past 2 years. I now check all the catalogues before I shop and go to different shops to get the best prices. I quite often am able to get items that have been marked down due to being close to the use by date. A lot of those items can be frozen to use later. Living in a small town we have 2 supermarkets which provides competition. Foodland and Woolworhs are here in town and provide very good customer service. I occasionally go down to the city to shop at Coles and other stores that we don't have here.

  • 4th Jan 2017 11:51am

I have always just shopped the specials regardless of the store, however, now I tend to place orders online rather than go to the supermarkets. Keeping an eye out for online enticements usually mean I either get an added discount or free delivery. If I dont reach the "free delivery" limit, I bulk buy. Saves me more in time and money in the long run.

  • 4th Jan 2017 11:50am

I have always just shopped the specials regardless of the store, however, now I tend to place orders online rather than go to the supermarkets. Keeping an eye out for online enticements usually mean I either get an added discount or free delivery. If I dont reach the "free delivery" limit, I bulk buy. Saves me more in time and money in the long run.

  • 29th Dec 2016 06:16am

Yes my shopping routine has changed a lot. I check the catalogues for any specials that I need from Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and IGA. As these supermarkets are close I don't have to go out of my way to get a bargain. As the prices in these supermarkets are similar I do my main shopping in Coles. I have a flybuys card and have redeemed $300 this year which is a nice bonus. I have 2 butchers and fruit shops that I compare prices as well. Money is getting tight so you have to shop wisely and get value for your money.

  • 29th Dec 2016 05:17am

We shop across the main 3 + separate green grocer, 2 butchers & a bakery.
In general, I don't trust WW or Coles so much. Both advertise 'always this price' goods which jump not long after. We have also had things from Coles (Parramatta) which were over 6 months past expiry date (not 'best before') - manager not interest & would not remove the remaining goods of the same age until HQ were involved.
Years ago, it was WW all the way.

no name
  • 13th Dec 2016 05:56pm

We want locally grown products and hunt down detailed labeling to ensure we're getting it! We buy the most natural or unprocessed products available and try to make everything from scratch. This means we shop in different places for different things and if we are going to one of the big supermarkets, we are influenced by the loyalty reward offered, although it will take forever to get a reward! Although Aldi has opened n WA this year it has not influenced our shopping as there isn't one anywhere near here but I do think their arrival has made the existing supermarkets sharper on pricing. The other big influence n our shopping this year has been our adult son moving home and our bills have nearly doubled. He's a keen cook and a huge carnivore!

  • 12th Dec 2016 10:31pm

With the main competitors on the market... I definitely feel its worth shopping across all three... I've learnt about value for dollar and tend to shop at certain supermarkets for certain products (ie. I will predominantly shop @ Coles for the main shop, however I will go to Aldi for supplies of washing detergent, dishwashing liquid and a couple of other products. I refuse to purchase meat or fresh produce from Aldi... as I don;t feel the quality is there.
I will also shop at Woolworths when working @ Double Bay... I'll pop into the large grocery store there and have a look around for a weekly top-up
With fresh produce...I go to a large fruit&veg shop close to home which I tend to find very reasonably priced
People are definitely looking to shop smarter now... and not be loyal as they may have felt compelled to previously!

  • 10th Dec 2016 09:35pm

With the addition of Aldi and now possibly Lidil to the Australian market, this has definitely changed my shopping habits. I now research before I go out for my shopping, either online or through catalogues.
I was predominately always going to one supermarket before Aldi entered the market place, but now with more competition all other supermarkets have had to change their ways. So I actually find myself shopping at a variety of supermarkets not just one as I used too and this is all thanks to the competition, bring on Lidl.

  • 7th Dec 2016 10:19am

I try to keep to more fresh produce these days then the processed foods I used to get. Try to buy Australian where possible too, though this is getting harder with limited stock on the shelves.

  • 29th Oct 2016 12:52am

My shopping habits have changed a bit. I still do most of my shopping at either Coles or Woolworths. In the past I would have taken a very well thought out, planned and budgeted shopping list with me and sticking to it. I also took advantage of the specials in both supermarkets which meant 2 shopping trips instead of one. That was all BEFORE I owned a credit card. Now that I own a credit card, my shopping list just consists of what I need and I end up buying extra unplanned unbudgeted items. I also choose to shop at the supermarket who offers the best deal through their programs such Coles Flybuys or Woolworths Rewards. This usually means I end up shopping at the same supermarket 3 to 4 weeks in a row

  • 20th Oct 2016 12:58pm

My shopping habits have definitely changed - having lost my husband to Leukaemia a couple of years ago and being on a single pension, I have had to watch where the grocery dollars go. Whereas before I used to be quite loyal to Coles, I now tend to shop around and really enjoy shopping at Aldi because of their low prices. Looking forward to getting one into our area soon. I'm definitely now a bargain hunter and enjoy browsing the grocery catalogues for the best buys, although I still do a lot of shopping at my local Foodland because the other supermarkets are 30 minutes away by car (I live in the country) and the cost of petrol used sometimes doesn't equate to a bargain at all.

  • 29th Sep 2016 03:05pm

My shopping has definitely changed over the last several years, Years ago, I was a Woollies shopper and sometimes would go and get the specials at the local Coles and IGA. Probably a good reason was that I worked at Woollies!! But now several, several years later I am a dedicated Coles shopper, not only do I believe they are overall cheaper (because they are!) But I also have insurance with Coles for my car and house and the FlyBuys system is excellent. The points add up so fast I can earn $200 a year easy. Also, the offers they make to FlyBuys customers are well worth the shopper to take up. We shopped at Coles and didn't change our shopping habit and because we met a target shop each week for 4 weeks, we got $50 credit. The next month they offered the same deal, shop for 4 weeks at a certain target amount (which works out to be an average they do from your shopping data) and the next time we were given $75 credit, this come off which ever shopping trip we chose it too. I have had similar offers from Woolworths but they are only $10 or $15. That's a big difference and I think the rewards we are being offered from Coles are great, nothing to sneeze at when you get given $50 and then $75!! Who wouldn't take that. Also if you think the insurance is just a gimmick, its actually the cheapest and has the best conditions and extra's compared to any other insurance I have had. I have had excellent experiences when I had to make a claim, unlike other companies, where I felt like they were insinuating I was a criminal and I was being deceitful. So, if you are a FlyBuys card holder, you would be crazy to not shop at Coles. I'm not sucked in by the program as I was shopping at Coles before being a FlyBuys customer and I honestly have checked the differences in prices and overall Coles are cheaper than Woolworths. Unfortunately, I don't have the option of seeing if Aldi would help my budget, as I don'tr have one available where I live. I also must add that we shop at our local fruit and veg shop called Young's Vegie Shed. They are a locally owned family business that grows a lot of there own produce and also buy all local and Australian produce. I would rather support them for my fresh fruit and vegies when they have what i need. We also buy some meats and chicken from local butchers, as they are better quality and better price!! I also browse the discount shops for items and products I need. And amongst all that, I must say I always buy Australian made items where possible. I would rather spend a few extra cents per item, to support the Australian business. So, I guess it may look like I make shopping look harder but it's not really. The days of buying everything from the one supermarket are gone, I believe.

  • 27th Sep 2016 10:54pm

When shopping we shop at the local green grocer and butcher.
In regards to groceries we go between Coles, IGA and Woolworths. We mainly buy items that are on special that we will use.
For example we stock up on party items when they are half price when up coming birthdays are on the calendar. We stock up on toilet paper, cleaning products, toothpaste, personal items etc when on sale.
As for snacks for lunches we buy also and stock up when on sale. Along with sauces etc.
We rarely buy any product at full price unless it is needed urgently.
Most times we save between $100-200 per shop.
We also have a veggie garden.
Our shopping has changed as we now only buy groceries on sale and buy in quantity.

Ramona Mae
  • 20th Sep 2016 09:44am

Recently, I have definitely changed the way I grocery shop. Due to the abundance of media and online resources, I can now find out how things are made and where they come from. This is important to me and honestly has become a huge trend. A lot of my friends and I try to get to farmers markets to support locals as we feel the corporation supermarket is taking over and I don't feel it's fair on the passionate farmers!
Having said that, I still shop at a supermarket. The only reason is price. Their prices are significantly cheaper and I live conveniently up the street from a Coles. The thing I have noticed over the past six months is the growing list of Coles' Brand products hitting the shelves and undercutting other companies with their prices! Very clever business move, however I am not a fan. More recently I have gone the extra 5kms to the Woolworths just because I feel that they support the industry better. Having said that, I have also started to grow my own vegetables and educating myself on seasonal produce.

  • 17th Sep 2016 10:15pm

I was a loyal and regular shopper at Woolworths I have changed with the times and I now shop where the prices are cheaper and I get value for money. Aldi has the better prices overall for my family, I do look at the specials for the week at Woolworths and Coles and they have been some good ones lately so I do chop and change for the best value.

  • 13th Sep 2016 07:22pm

There are a number of reasons my grocery shopping habits have changed. I am much more aware of the practices of the big supermarkets and of the need to support local producers and to avoid transport impacts as much as possible. Whereas in the past I used to shop at a range of supermarkets and specialty stores I now mostly shop at 2 supermarkets and one greengrocer, butcher and bakery. My local supermarket is locally and independently owned, goes out of its way to employ people with a disability and sources as much as it can locally or from this state. I do most of my supermarket shopping there but do go to another supermarket further away because of its South Australian meat - it looks and tastes better than that at my local supermarket. I used to shop at the Central Market but as family members moved out I find that I don't need to buy in the quantities that I used to and my local greengrocer has wonderfully fresh locally grown produce at prices comparable to the market. I am much more aware of the impact of transport on global warming and so I want to shop locally and buy produce that has not had to travel far. I do take notice of transgressions committed by the bigger supermarket chains and this affects my shopping habits. When I see that Coles or Woolworths have been fined for conspiring to artificially push up laundry detergent prices (Woolworths) or for selling faulty home brand goods (Woolworths) or for selling products that weighed less than promised (Coles and Woolworths) I feel that those supermarkets don't respect their customers. The recent issue with locally produced milk and the prices Coles was paying the suppliers has meant that I no longer buy milk at Coles. So my grocery shopping habits have changed as I have matured and understood that we need to support our local producers and that we need to let the big supermarkets know that we want to be treated fairly and we want them to treat their suppliers fairly. Foodland, a locally owned and independently operated supermarket group treats its staff, suppliers and customers fairly and respectfully and therefore has gained loyal customers in large numbers, as has Fresh Fruiterers.

  • 13th Sep 2016 09:00am

I have changed my shopping Habits in 2 years buy buying more fruit and veggies,eggs because of my New approach to getting diabeties,last year and not working a job this year has helped too ,it almost feels like a mortal Sin not working,but will get back into it next year and yes I shop more at the Markets because of Cheaper fruit and veggies,and buying fresh fish too is something new to me from both the markets and Supermarkets,Iam more loyal to coles and Woolworth's Now ,where before it was just coles as the Woolworth's Reward card has become like the Fly Buys Card
But I also think its my New approach to Healthy Eating has changed my shopping habits :)

  • 11th Sep 2016 08:08pm

I have directed some of my essential groceries now being purchased from Aldi. I am still buying some groceries not available at Aldi from Coles or when l need to buy only couple of items l can checkout from self service.

I was never comfortable being in queue and baskets not available at Aldi is a big let down at the moment for me. But I like the quality and the price they are available at.

I still go for a walk to check what is available on specials at Coles. But l never found myself convinced with Woolworths contrary to some of my friends.

I am quite happy with the customer service at Coles and competitive prices and quality being offered at Aldi.

  • 11th Sep 2016 05:52pm

I have hanged my shopping habits... for groceries i do main shop at Aldi and for butchers and fruit and veg I go to local market. The supermarket fruit and veg is terrible and does not last long and over priced . The other things I usually see what is the cheapest place to buy by comparing them on the net than going to the shop if that is a cheapest option.

Jayne Collins
  • 11th Sep 2016 05:05pm

My shopping habits have changed considerably. Once, I shopped once a week, doing a single big shop, usually at Woolworths. Since hitting some financial difficulties, I don't have the luxury of a single weekly shop. I find it easier to handle my budget if I just drop in for a few items as I need them, several times a week, since the shops are on my route home. I also find that the first thing I do is check out the specials in the cold food section - there may be 2 litre bottles of good quality milk, with a use-by date of just a day or two away, going for less than the price of a standard Coles or Woolworths milk. They last past that use-by date, so that's no issue. That same section often has cheaper meals, as well. You just have to keep an eye out for what's available, and you can save a substantial amount.
I do a lot of surveys on the internet to get the shopping vouchers for Coles and Woolies, too. I also never used to bother reading the supermarket catalogues, but these days I do, and make a list of what specials are relevant to me at either Woolworths or Coles.
One thing I won't change - I will not go to Aldi or Costco, since they are foreign-owned.

  • 11th Sep 2016 04:34pm

i have to shop at a regular store when you live in a rural area and are limited to where you can go woolworht is my largest and cheapest sore

. V
  • 9th Sep 2016 06:07pm

the loyalty points have been influencing my shopping of late, I like the fact coles, flybuys are offering so many bonus points at the moment. Woolworths lost me when they stopped converting points to QFF points. I am finding I am going to Aldi for certain things that I used to buy at Coles or Woolies.

I am hating the way Woolies have so many different type of Tickets on the shelves offering prices discounts. Red tickets, pink tickets, orange tickets, yellow tickets and every other color ticket that offers a special in one way or another, I want simple discounted specials on one ticket color.

SInce being sick I have used online a few times, but I am waiting for permanent free delivery before I will utilize it more as I work so close to the supermarkets I shop after work.

  • 9th Sep 2016 11:28am

Until 3 years ago, I used to shop almost exclusively at Coles. Then after our second child and my partner losing his job, we started shopping at Aldi. Aldi is always closer to public transport routes, this helps with getting there, Aldi are away from other shops so I don't feel bad for not getting name branded food, and even though I am casual, studying and now have 3 children, by choosing the cheapest of the two or so Aldi items, I know there is still some quality and the final benefit is I can afford Chrisco so my children will have branded products, and different foods to look forward to around Christmas and New Year.

  • 9th Sep 2016 11:03am

No hardly changed my shopping habits but surely Woolworth is not around our place so its out of site and hence out of mind. Coles is one stop shop for all grocery needs and their loyalty points doesn't offer much. Now and the 500 or 1000 points if shopped for 70 plus or 40 plus adds up. I hardly use that offer. BUT their specials are the best and they have it every week and shop a docket offers are sometimes amazing specially the one's to shop at liquor land!! BWS doesnt offer much.

Aldi has fewer options for me and I really not impressed with their quality of bread and other groceries. Veggies are good everywhere.

  • 8th Sep 2016 11:57pm

My shopping now consists of 30% online 60% large supermarket,(Woolworths/ Coles/ Aldi) and 10% speciality such as Butcher/ baker/ chicken.
I used to do it all in one place but the competitiveness between outlets is fantastic for me but a lot harder for the shops.
I do like to one big shop but if I am not in a hurry for an item I will shop online and get it delivered.
Aldi is good but I miss all of the variety and price matching that I can do at Woolworths or Coles; I love a bargain!
My local butcher, Bakers Choice and Red Lea chicken have trouble competing with big guys but I do believe in spreading my shopping dollar around to let everyone earn a wage and besides their products are better quality even if they are a bit more expensive.

  • 8th Sep 2016 10:39pm

A few years back, I guess I was spending equal amounts in Coles and Woolworths. When the major supermarkets began deleting many familiar lines and brands and supplemented their own versions, I was disappointed and began to source these from our local IGA supermarkets. My loyalty was more with Woolies than Coles because I always felt things were easier to find and Woolies had a greater range of products.. Now I still find a good array of private label items at Woolworths, and prefer gift vouchers to use in store there as well with my frequent shopper card. I choose to leave this until Christmas so I can purchase treats and gifts so it isn't such a financial burden. I find Coles with their Fly Buys to be no real advantage and get inundated with too many emails inviting me to purchase insurances etc which I ignore. I also find it a little frustrating to have to actually phone Fly Buys to cash in points and have over $100 just sitting there. And to top it all off the isles of Coles do not offer enough signs for what is in that area whereas Woolies is more in depth. As I have learnt over the past 5 years, both the major players have begun to offer a lot of half price items weekly which Is great! I utilize this service and found I have saved over $2000 in the past 8 months just by being savvy and keeping up to date with weekly specials. For my family it is about savings first, buying Aussie produce, and using regular checkouts to keep workers in employment and leaving the self serve checkouts to those who are in a rush, or feel the need and ability to cheat the system should they feel it is their right.

  • 8th Sep 2016 09:33pm

in the past we used to shop specifically for specials. then i was able to shop at stores depending on the best loyalty as it suited my family. With big changes to some of the programs over the last couple of years this became less important as it was no longer worth doing so.
A big thing I have noticed is the disappearing of choice of products in the supermarkets and the lack of australian owned and made products. This has led to big changes in the products we buy and how I shop. I now look for these things as a major deciding factor in my purchases. This has then also had to lead to what is local first, i have noticed even the meat in supermarkets now is coming prepacked and trucked up to the stores from a central point rather than being cut and prepared in store.
So now I try to visit the local bakery, butcher and vegetable store before the big chain stores, then have my items which i know are local made and owned.
There are still items which none of these citeria cannot be met so then it has to go to the ones i know will work for the best value price.
The way things are going I don't think it will be that long before our children will just have to buy what is put before them for the price they want to charge, which in this country is a huge shame.

  • 8th Sep 2016 12:07pm

I moved cities to study, and it has greatly impacted my shopping habits. I lived with my parents in my home town, and I would just go to whatever shop they went to. This usually depended on what products they wanted as some stores in our town didn't stock the same things all the time. Since moving out of home, I've had to be more conscious of what I'm buying and how much it costs me. This means making sacrifices depending on the week, as I only receive Centrelink payments. So if one week a bill is due, I need to prioritise that over the food I buy. This could mean sacrificing anything from chocolate to bread, deodorant to toilet paper. It has been a struggle, for sure, but my roommate and I both are loyal to Woolworths. She works there so she has a 5% discount which she graciously shares with me. It just makes everything that little bit easier.

  • 8th Sep 2016 11:59am

I dont shop at woolies anymore due to their terrible loyalty program and even though Aldi has no program, my loyalty to them has increased due to low prices. No difference in quality even though woolies spends so much more on "Marketing". I still shop at Coles due to their great loyalty program. I used to shop online when I didn't have a car but despite what they claim as "flexible delivery", I'd rather get out of bed with high fever, drive to the shops than rely on expensive inflexible delivery. I shop local now too at Markets, due to the crazy prices at Woolies and Coles. Someone has to stop them for stealing from our bottom line!

  • 7th Sep 2016 09:04pm

No my grocery isn't changing because I shop at both Woolworths and Coles have done in past and will continue to do so there both in the one area. Also Aldi is opening up in my area soon so I will pick and choose which supermaket to go to

  • 7th Sep 2016 07:25pm

I have always shopped at Woolworths. Im a loyal customer. In the past I shopped woolworths online for a year. And only cause I didn't have a car. But I do all my shopping in store. I also have an everyday rewards card.

  • 7th Sep 2016 05:45pm

Yes my shopping habit has definately changed especially when Aldi arrived on the scene. I get a lot more for less money shopping at Aldi, I no longer buy fruit and veges from supermarkets, I now visit the local grocer where not only is there produce alot fresher , but I'm supporting the little fish .Their fruit are not like cricket balls where you have to wait days to ripen and then the kids sneak in and eat them so I always miss out.
I never shop online for anything, I like to touch and feel what I'm buying., weather it be food or clothing or shoes. I think online purchasing is putting alot of shops out of business and lots of jobs are no longer needed as the demand seems to be diminishing.
Personally I love shopping in a " real " store , it's a fun social outing, and it's helping to keep people in jobs. Online purchasing has also created obesity, people are no longer leaving their computers because they do everything on line, so sad really. GET OUT PEOPLE AND GET SOME EXCERCISE !!!!

  • 7th Sep 2016 04:54pm

Times are changing and so are the prouducts we buy. Budgets are getting tighter and with so many loyalty cards we tend to shop where we are rewarded or are offered discounts.

  • 7th Sep 2016 02:57pm

No my grocery shopping routine is not changing. No I astill shop at the same stores noe that I did years ago. No I do not shop on-line. Yes I used to shop at Coles, but now shop there also at Aldi and Woolworths. I deo not shop at local butchers, markets delis etc. I shop mainlyat Coles, secondly at Aldi then lastly at Woolworths. No still shop the same. No still do a big weekly shop, get a few things mid-week if neceswsary. Prices are keeping me shopping threr.

  • 7th Sep 2016 02:25pm

I am much more aware of looking for Australian Brands now days. I like to think I am supporting my Children and others by trying to keep as much money in Australia as possible. Therefore I mainly shop at Foodland where most of the products are Aussie, if not SA. It would take me too long to find those Aussie products at the other supermarkets

  • 7th Sep 2016 01:33pm

I think people's grocery shopping habits are influenced by either convenience or budget. We can perhaps add to them a small subsection of people with special dietary needs or gourmet (and often expensive!) tastes. I am a bit of a mixture: very price conscious but also picky about what I buy. As a result, I tend to shop at several supermarkets - partly to snap up some bargains and specials but also because different shops stock different items. For instance I think the Coles brand sour cream is the best; and some of my favourite yoghurts are only stocked at select supermarkets.
I would like to support the local shops in my area more but for me choice and price always come first.
The main change in my shopping habits occured when Aldi entered the market. Not only does it offer very competitive prices but also sells a lot of imported foodstuff, which I like.
Another change I notice is that I tend to buy more fresh meat and fish at Coles and Safeway because I think they have really improved in this respect. However, their fresh vegie and fruit offerings still cannot match the fresh food markets either in quality or in price (although they are a lot better than they used to be).
Since I started a new job I tend to go to Safeway more often simply because it's on the way, so I suppose that's also a factor.
I do very little of my grocery shopping online (only if I can't get an item easily in any shop). Online shopping is more expensive, and needs a fair bit of forward planning. But I think the main reason for my aversion is that I quite like food shopping (other than waiting in the checkout line).

  • 7th Sep 2016 12:53pm

I shop at 2 supermarkets which are next to each other I look at labels what is in the product where produced/manufactured/packaged and that are sustainable I usually shop once every 2 or 3 weeks it annoys me that some specials/promotions only run for a short time. I am very conscience of the overseas ownership of some Australian farming land and producing companies especially our beef/lamb produced items, a few years ago I purchased frozen corn cobs which had a marking that it was Australian and when I got home read that the corn was grown overseas I think frozen and packaged in Australia I'll have to check the Australian made/produced markings so I only buy those items that are 100% Australian (plus that the owning company is Australian owned)

  • 7th Sep 2016 12:39pm

i always shop at coles. Have been ever since I was a kid and that was always the main supermarket my late parents shopped at. Its always has good bargains and the service is always excellent.

  • 7th Sep 2016 10:54am

all the same

  • 7th Sep 2016 08:24am

I have not started shopping online because I prefer to see what I am buying and like to find a bargain for myself. I shop mostly at Coles to make the most of Fly Buy offers but also shop at Woolworths when they offer an incentive using my Rewards card. When products I use regularly are on special, I stock up. Occasionally I go to Aldi for and advertised special, but I find the special prices for groceries at the other two are often cheaper.

  • 7th Sep 2016 12:22am

Yes, it definitely changing my grocery shopping routing for the better. I used online shopping for both Coles and Woolies because it is more convenient for the last 3 years during my busy schedule. When Aldi supermarket enters into Perth this year, it may more sense for me to go the shopping mall that have Coles, Worthworths and Aldi - all present in one location and price comparison is much easier. My main grocery is now split between Coles, Aldi and Woolworths depending all their weekly offers. My weekly savings per week ranges between S$20 to S$ 50 per week. I used to be loyal to Woolworths for many years, but for the last 3 years I am more loyal to Coles because they have better promotion offers and good Fly Buys loyalty awards.

My preference for grocery is still in supermarkets, and only goes to local butchers, markets, delis less often than before because the saving is not much of the difference.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:52pm

I'm more conscious of waste so I try to just buy the ingredients that I need, not the things that have run out at home.
I shop more and more at Aldi for the everyday things, cleaning & laundry products, flour & milk, sugar that type of thing.
But I do every Tuesday, take a look at the catalogue specials for Coles and Woolworths and go and stock up on the Wednesday when they start. I make sure I buy most things I use a lot of while they are half price, dishwashing liquid, butter, toilet paper & coffee pods, they seem to go on special every few weeks, so I wait.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:46pm

I changed my pattern of shopping in last few years a lot. It used to be one big shopping in one store, kids were little and I did not have mush time to shop around, I lived across Coles so I spend lots of money there but when my kids started school I had plenty time to shop around,now I do mini shops at each supermarket. What ever is on special I buy at either Coles or Woolworths, I usually stock up on half price items, buy bulk of it and store them in my large pantry, right now I have more than 20 jars of Dolnio sauces, I use it a lot and I buy when on special. I find Aldi got great quality items at great prices, especially biscuits and chocolates from Germany, also fresh produce is cheapest at Aldi. I usually go to shopping centre where all three supermarkets are located, lucky enough to leave minutes away so I can do all shopping in one centre, when it comes to fresh meet I buy it at butcher which is also in same centre, it got fresh and quality meet better than supermarkets. Fresh produce is also at local produce store which is also in same centre, way cheaper than Coles and Woolies. Bakery I also preference to do at local Bakery delight which got best quality bread any type but also Asian bakeries are also great prices and quality is also good. So Beeing lucky to leave near shopping centre enable me to do all in one, but it's got disadvantage that I have to go with TROLEY from one supermarket to another and have to present dockets when paying so they do not think its unpaid, but usually I do few trips to car to leave shopping in boot and do second round of shopping, I love shopping and it doesn't bother me, as long as I save money and get great bargain and great special. Saving is my goal but quality comes first.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:29pm

My grocery shopping routine has not changed yet. I have never shopped online for grocery. I mainly shop at coles because their loyalty benefit is good. But for meat and finish, I go to local shops.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:25pm

We have Aldi and Costco near us, but I haven't been to either yet. I figure you would need a lot of money, and we are on one income, so don't have spare cash. We do Woolworths on Saturdays and Coles on Sundays, and Foodland for fresh bread a couple of times during the week. This is the same routine we have done for quite a few years. We like to earn points and petrol vouchers. We sometimes buy fresh chicken products at a little store at the Coles complex. We would love to buy from butchers, but the cost of meat is usually a bit higher there. I love junk mail and always write down the specials to look out for.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:13pm

I used to totally loyal to Woolworths, no questions asked but more recently, their quality and prices weren`t so great as well as the dismal new rewards revamp that gave nothing in return for all the money that I was spending there. This had me jump ship to Coles and it was the best thing to happen as it is so much better. I also shop here and there at Costco. I have also been going to farmers markets for ultra fresh produce to guarantee that I get great products for less money which also ensures that farmers actually get something for what they grow. I shop for my meat at a local factory outlet which is excellent value for money. I feel that a lot of people are shifting the way I have and also the future is in online shopping. Why go and spend more and actually have to go and do the shopping where it can all be ordered and delivered for you from the comfort of your own home. I won`t ever do that as I like to see and pick what I want. I do tend to buy homebranded labels where I can as they are as good or if not better then named brands. These days it is a case of trying to get the best value due to increased cost of living with everything else in life.

David W
  • 6th Sep 2016 10:10pm

I always shopped at Woolworths, I did switch about 7 years ago to Foodland until everyday rewards lured me back over a couple of years later, I did still do about 1 in 3 shops at Foodland as they stocked a few exclusive item we had grown accustomed to. Then last year when Woolworths built a new store closer to home all my large shops are there. I don't use smaller specialist shops as a rule but do occasionally for something special as required ie special loaf from Bakers Delight or a cut of meat WW do not have. I did use specialist shops more when I shopped at the village but the new local shopping centre I use now does not have any so I would have to travel further, so will only do so if really necessary. I have mostly adapted to shopping only at Woolworths because unlike Aldi they do have a really wide range of groceries, meat, bakery and F&V which for 99% of the time satisfies my needs. I do pass a smaller Foodland on my way home from work and most weeks I drop in there once or twice to pick up a couple of items or so.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:09pm

It's not really changed a lot. It tends to be haphazard unless we specifically plan to go and do a major shop. I don't like the idea of online shopping so much yet, I'm still not convinced of the security.
Shopping is split mostly between Woolworths and Coles; Coles is closer so for convenience it's great, but Woolworths is my go-to in general. I prefer their rewards scheme, and the range (at least nearby me) is better

  • 6th Sep 2016 09:33pm

I like to shop around for specials at different supermarkets. I prefer to buy fresh vegetables from a local market and get my bread and meat from local stores. I shop four/ fives times a week so that I always have the freshest food on hand. I only buy enough for two days at a time in order to avoid having wastage. It is so easy when I live within walking distance to two Woolworths, an Aldi and a Coles, a wonderful local butcher and bakery, and the farmers market is only a short drive away. This routine is very different from when I had family at home and I didn't live as close to supermarkets or other local shops.
I find that my money doesn't go as far as it used to, although I do most of the cooking at home from scratch. I buy better quality, more fresh seafood, less meat and far more fresh vegetables than when I had the family around.

  • 6th Sep 2016 09:29pm

I moved from Tasmania to Victoria and I am finding that the supermarkets here - Coles and Woolworths do not have the same products in Victoria that Tasmania have. I am tending to shop more at Aldi and IGA here in Victoria because Coles and Woolworths products are not what I want. Coles and Woolworths fresh fruit and vegetables are a disgrace and as for their bakery area it is very disappointing. When living in Tasmania I did think much about the fresh produce we had at the supermarkets but I really miss it now. I have finally located a wholesale butcher that I buy our meat from and I am still in the process of trying to find a Farmers Market to buy my fresh fruit and vegetables from so I do not have to put up with stuff they sell at the supermarkets.

  • 6th Sep 2016 09:01pm

My Grocery shopping has definitely changed and it is for the better!! My shopping differs alot now to a few years ago because there is alot of competition in the market now than ever before. I used to just shop in coles. I now shop physically at Coles, Aldi, the Butchers, the Green Grocers, Costco and the local markets. I also shop with Coles online and Grocery Run. The main Factor that has driven me to change my shopping habits is mainly to save money, I also prefer quality of cost. I am happy to shop around for the best quality and the best price for the brands I want.
I used to ONLY shop at Coles. I now shop at all of the above mentioned.
I read catalogues first and stick to a grocery meal plan. I shop weekly or fortnightly so I only buy what I need and dont impulse buy.

I find when I shop the way I do now; I get the best out of each place and I feel better by eating the best quality foods.

  • 6th Sep 2016 08:22pm

I have changed from shopping mainly at Woolworths to shopping at Coles, Woolworths & also Costco mainly getting specials at each. I have also found going to local green grocer is a lot cheaper than the big supermarkets. Shopping takes a bit linger but it is worth the savings.

  • 6th Sep 2016 08:18pm

When I was single I bought whatever I needed and my bill was under $30 a week. My shopping habits changed when I met my husband. He always shopped for bargains because eh used to eat like a horse and work out all the time but when we had kids and lost employment (i was left disabled so he cares for us) he got serious about saving money. He reads every catalogue in detail, goes to IGA, Coles and Woolies (we only just got Aldi in Perth so haven't been yet) and then buys non-perishables in bulk when items are 40-50% off. Subsequently our annexe looks like we're preparing for a nuclear winter. (Visitors whisper to each other "how many toilet rolls does one family NEED?") We buy all our fruit and veg at the weekend markets and since learning that a human body can only absorb 20-30g of protein per meal we stick to 30g servings of meat and bulk up with veg or rice. Occasionally if we run out of fresh fruit or vegetables mid-week we'll go to the local greengrocer to get us through to the weekend but usually we can make do with alternatives.

  • 6th Sep 2016 08:11pm

I was made redundant last year after 42 years in a government job. I have had to live on a very reduced budget. Interestingly I have really enjoyed cutting back, chasing bargains and being frugal. I now pop down to the shops in quiet periods and just before the change of special cycle for the new weeks specials. This is when the meat, fruit and vegetable and perishable stock is marked down. I can feed myself and a very large German Shepherd dog as cheap as chips. I buy low priced food and make up interesting and varied meals and freeze these for both the dog and I. We live very well and I am enjoying this much more than the boring weekly shop which was really expensive and gained me nothing. I also spend a lot of time doing surveys and always take my rewards as shopping vouchers. Then I have fun using these to stock up on necessities. No I don't shop online for groceries. I do for clothing, electricals etc but prefer to buy my food in store.

  • 6th Sep 2016 07:58pm

Yes the grocery shopping landscape is changing, but why should we care? We now shop at Central Market, specialty certified organic greengrocers, health food stores, Indian & Asian Supermarkets, certified organic growers directly & a whole host of fiercely independent stores, seldom shopping online. We know from long talks with the owners of these places, from our own research & union investigations exactly how supermarkets treat their suppliers & exactly how their suppliers treat their workers. We decided years ago to boycott these criminal cartels. We used to shop at Woolworths & Foodland because they're geographically close to us, but no idiotic "loyalty" or "rewards" programs will ever see us going back. Their own speculative gambling on derivatives activities alone are just one reason why this country (and others too), are in the state we now find it & getting rapidly worse. Being long time fruitarian, we're quite satisfied with never having to set foot in vile, backwards & destructive supermarkets again!

  • 6th Sep 2016 07:43pm

Normally I buy at Woolworths( Hoppers Crossing ) but recently Coles opened beside Woolies, so I shop where offers discounts,

  • 6th Sep 2016 07:27pm

Yes, my shopping habits have changed tremdously over the past few years. Once upon a time I had my milk and bread delivered but now I have to go out to buy them. Once I was able to buy everything in one shop at Jewel but they vanished for some reason so I switched to Coles. Gradually things I bought regularly began to disappear from their shelves, ordinary things such as milk and washing stain remover. So now I do most of my shopping at Coles, buy my bread at Bakers Delight, buy my fish, seafood and deli, green tea, specialty bread and baked beans in Woolworths, biscuits and steak in Aldi and milk, furniture polish, pre wash stain remover, nuts and savouries at IGA. I hear Coles are about to remove a further 15 branded items from their shelves so I guess I will be buying more products elsewhere as well. Paper towels, tissues and toilet paper are bought from Costco. I guess I have them all covered.

  • 6th Sep 2016 07:24pm

I actually LOVE grocery shopping and resisting online shopping - i love to look feel smell and purchase my produce
My choices haven't changed too much but i do LOVE a bargain and have found that supermarket will price match on same brand - it saves me going to several stores when i see something on special, in another flyer.

Lidl is huge in Europe and we LOVED it when we were in Germany last year cheap, cheerful and great value will be giving them a go when the hit our shores

  • 6th Sep 2016 07:14pm

My grocery shopping has changed alot not just because of the way that things have changed in the shopping circle but because now i have the responsibility of looking after someone else and making sure that they are always eating healthy. Yeah that would have to be my partner, now that she is in my life i just need to stop buying junk food for myself these days and make sure there is enough food on the table for the both of us to not just eat healthy but to not spend too much on luxury food items so that we can afford to get ourselves a place to live at. We change the way we shop depending on the situation of the years, i would usually go cheap anyways and just get ready to heat meals and now because someone is living with me i would now try to go for the still cheap but be able to cook for myself way so that i know whats going inside me when i am eating.

I used to be loyal to one shopping supermarket which was coles but now with so many competititive prices out there i would have to say that it would have to go to 3 different stores that i would go and look for the best bargins. its a toss between Coles, Safeway and also Aldi. All three of them provide good means of different variety of products at different prices which is good to be able to shop around for.
I still find local butchers and deli's to be way too expensive now and if you are loyal to those stores then its ok but for me i just can't go shopping there as we need to save and make sure that we have enough money to make that move in the future.

Local shops are closing around me so im now nearer to the big ones which at one hand its good but on the other bad for local chains. I know its a hard task to source something cheaper when you are trying to fight against the foreign stores but thats how things are now, people are living in a tough time and customers would always go for the cheaper alternative if they can find it just to save a few dollars here and there. in a different time i guess it would have been something for more local buyers but now its the bigger chain stores that are providing the cheaper alternative and that is provided for us.

I still go to the local vegetable market for cheap produce because that i know for sure that they are much cheaper than the chain stores and i will keep shopping there as long as they keep their prices down. So its in a way a good thing for us to have these local vegetable shops still around.

  • 6th Sep 2016 07:06pm

My grocery shopping has changed in the past few years. I do a lot more shopping online and usually opt for the pick up option. It's just so much more convenient for me and usually allows me to get the best price on most things. I also have in the past been loyal to the major Supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths but I have started shopping at ALDI in the past few months and it's really hard to go past the prices there! Unfortunately, the locations just aren't as convenient as my local Coles which is opposite my work. If I have planned my shopping, I will go to ALDI but my small top up shops will usually be done in Coles.

  • 6th Sep 2016 06:54pm

I mostly shop at coles but i'll go to woolies occassionally.

These days i cook more indian food and use a lot more canned staples like diced tomatoes, beans, coconut cream.

Not so much red meat anymore because of the cost.

I mainly buy the main staple vegetables only really deviate when in season fruit and veg come in and are heavily reduced

  • 6th Sep 2016 06:50pm

I don't shop online as I like to pick products in person. I've shopped online for work purposes through woollies and their service is terrible. I shop more often than I did a couple years back as I've recently started a family. Since money is tighter I tend to split shop between WW, Coles, farmer jacks and iga to save money. I visit specialty stores a bit less now to also save money, but I've also found that several of my favourite butchers and bakeries have hiked up their prices and lowered their quality so it makes reluctant to go out of my way to buy from them, it's more convenient to shop at the supermarket. However I do try to diversify my purchases instead of always just buying from Coles and WW. If we don't support independents we as consumers will have less choice in the long run.

  • 6th Sep 2016 06:50pm

My habits have changed quite a lot over the past 5 years, with the main reason being I am now on an aged pensionand have to budget carefully... I used to be a loyal Woolworths shopper, then started having to throw fruit and veg in the bin as it was not lasting more than a day or two. I also noticed their prices increasing quite a lot. I tried Coles and found them cheaper. fresher and the staff much more pleasant and friendly. I also tried Aldi and must admit a lot of their own label products are 1st class but noticed I was still going to Coles for a few things. Currently I am still shopping between Coles and Aldi but am also buying meat from a butcher more than I used to.

  • 6th Sep 2016 06:49pm

My shopping habits change drastically mainly due to location of supermarket & trying to save money when shopping. I still shop at mostly the same supermarkets compared to a few years ago and I am also shopping at new supermarkets built near where I live. I don't and have never shopped at an online supermarket, I don't find it more convenient. I like going to supermarkets I have reward cards with and also to supermarkets that support the local community. I shop at 4 different supermarkets which include Woolworths, Coles, Aldi & IGA. I also like to shop at local butchers, bakers & wholefood stores. Unfortunately I believe local businesses are losing business from large supermarkets as it is more convenient for people to get all they need in the one place. rewards & specials keep me going back to supermarkets, I try to support local businesses whenever I can.

  • 6th Sep 2016 06:42pm

My wife and I have shopped at Woollies in Bayswater Vic (The premier state ).This store has a verry large parking areaand is situated fairly close to were we live. and has a liquer store right next door ( Thank goodness. ) My wifes brother was the head baker in the store bakery which ment we always had fresh bread, buns , and rolls. We found that the staff at this store were all very friendly and efficent in all their duties.The range of products was far in excess of our requirements , so we always had good and tasty foods to eat and enjoy.We found that the range and choise of product was wide and varied and well priced when compared to the other major supermarkets. As pensioners , with limited financial funds, we found that the products ,service , and prices , suited us down to the ground.People say God best the Salvos. We say Good on you Woollies. Thank you . Best wishes and regards, John and Pat.

  • 6th Sep 2016 06:39pm

My habits have definately changed where as I used to do it all in one go at Woolworths or Coles I now do some at Aldi, some at specialty butchers, smaller fruit and vegetable shop etc. it takes much longer but the savings and the quality of the ingredients we can afford make a huge difference. Shopping at Coles and Woolworths we were finding more and more of our meals being based on mince as it was cheaper and very bland and dull, now we get incredible fruit and veg that hasn't been frozen, great cuts of meat without costing the earth and nuts!

  • 6th Sep 2016 05:59pm

I chase quality, then price, but I will only buy Australian produce. I am not loyal to any one supermarket, but I will go out of my way for specific products. I refuse to accept the wilted, months-old produce Coles and Woolies try to foist on us as "fresh", preferring local green grocers and farmers' markets (when available) wherever possible. I only buy what's in season locally, and flatly refuse imported, out-of-season produce - partly due to production methods and staffing issues, partly due to the unsustainability of long transport routes/carbon footprint. Cheaply imported produce is a false economy.

I still shop a couple of times a week, but that's because I need fresh chicken mince ever three days or so for one of my elderly cats. If she did not require fresh mince, I'd likely shop once a week. I chase specials - looking for prices I am prepared to pay, and I stock up when items I want are sold at acceptable prices. I read several catalogues each week, making a list I stick to.

I don't use my local butcher, as his prices are simply unaffordable, and we just don't eat much red meat at all. I occasionally splurge on some low-fat mince, but not as often as we used to. We don't use deli's/buy deli items, we don't buy many processed foods (other than staples like canned tomatoes/beans and tomato paste, coffee/tea etc.), and those we do I tend to buy in bulk at Cash&Carry (a free version of Costco, since we don't have Costco in the West yet. We only just got Aldi a couple of months ago!).

I rarely use the bakery, as I am gluten free and hubby is dairy free - GF bread is barely acceptable and I give in rarely (I used to travel an hour to the closest GF bakery, but they moved another 45 minutes away, then closed, all within 6 months). Hubby has one loaf of DF Bakers' Delight Wholemeal Country Grain bread a fortnight, as he only eats it on weekends. We are loyal to Baker Delight because of the quality (and lack of preservatives).

We don't buy fish or seafood, after being stung more than once by prawns bought from both Woolies and Coles going off within 4 hours of purchase, despite being stored correctly. I don't buy frozen, pre-packaged ones, as they are ALL imported (and we don't eat imported produce). Neither of us eat fish at all.

I shopped online a couple of times after major surgery. Once was with Woolies, but I was not happy with 1. the quality of items picked (mouldy, wilted lettuce and bruised tomatoes) and 2. the unacceptable substitutions (they substituted gluten-free pasta with normal spaghetti, for goodness' sake!). Yes I got refunded, but I was out those products and couldn't get to the shops to replace them, and I didn't trust them to get it right a second time :/ And the second time was with Coles, and the delivery guy just dumped all the bags at the door, refusing to enter my house, despite me being on crutches with a highly visible thigh-high plaster cast! I had to leave some items outside until my husband got home from work after 7pm as I simply couldn't move them (like bottles of water), an I had to scootch on the floor to move items from the door into the kitchen. It took me something like an hour to move the groceries 30 feet to the kitchen and get them put away. This is unacceptable, and I am unlikely to ever use Coles or Woolies for online groceries ever again.

So no - I am not loyal to any one place for my shopping. I am careful how I spend and where, careful about Country of Origin/Provenance, careful about ingredients, careful about quality and sustainability principles. I watch my carbon footprint and shop locally as much as possible. "Loyalty" schemes, while nice, have absolutely zero effect on where, when and how I shop. The rewards can be good, but I won't change anything just to get them. I do use fuel vouchers, but only if they bring the cost below the cheapest outlet near me (I use FuelWatch to monitor the fuel prices, and buy when it is cheapest. I have no loyalty to anything but low priced fuel). Maybe I am strange, maybe weird, I don't know. I do know that if we had coupons like the US, I'd be one of "those people" with wads of coupons for my shopping :D

  • 6th Sep 2016 05:49pm

Regarding supermarket shopping I have a history of tagging along with discerning bargain hunters [father+flat mates] who would invariably shop at the same, most conveniently located supermarket for HOURS!!!.
As a consequence and since shopping only for myself these past 8 years Ive ended up tweeking the whole boring experience with a look-forward to treat -a nearby cafe.
Considering my tight budget I should be scouring the suburbs for that 20c discount rather than decent coffees but I figured all supermarkets are the same bargain wise + make little difference to my essentials shopping list.

I frequented Marrickville Metro's Woolies since moving back to the area 8 years ago out of habit+because it was conveniently located.
I also befriended a nearby barista whose coffee gave me the impetus to brave the harsh lights of Woolies for my routine bread,milk+fruit shop....that is until I discovered Enmore.
Here I found the perfect takeaway coffee situated 2 doors from an IGA that sold everything I ever needed for my routine top ups at prices no different to the big-uns.
So the coffee,colourful characters + lively atmosphere of Enmore inspire my now daily shops....a toilet roll here,a loaf of bread there and for those hard to get items I go back to Woolies.-

  • 6th Sep 2016 05:47pm

I must admit, I do tend to shop a lot from the specials catalogues and often shop at more than one supermarket in a given week. I also shop online with entities such as Youfoodz and Lite n' Easy, which works well for a single person household.

  • 6th Sep 2016 05:45pm

Only having one major supermarket where I live limits me from shopping around and switching supermarkets. But one thing I have changed is that I have now gone back to my local butchers for all my meat including buying meat for my 4 legged family member.
Years ago I was shopping at the local butchers but the convenience of a one stop shop persuaded me to get everything at Coles. However I found freshness and quality of the meat was being a problem in the meat department (The chicken always had an awful smell and I was even tossing out some) so that convinced me to go back to the butchers.
I buy most cakes, rolls etc at the local bakery as well, although I have found that the bakery is indeed more expensive but I prefer the quality and range of products at the bakery.
So if I had a choice I would probably alternate to who had the best specials that week out of the supermarket but alas I don't have the luxury of choice.

  • 6th Sep 2016 05:30pm

Normally our way of shopping will not change quiet often, still depends and as per need of the house hold requirement and occasions. Finally, We never often change super market like coles, woolworths and aldi..

  • 6th Sep 2016 05:28pm

Yes, my shopping habits have changed considerably over the last 3 years. I used to only frequent Coles and Woolworths and do my best to find the cheapest product possible to reduce our food bills. Since having children I have really started to look at where our foods comes from and the excess packaging involved. I stopped buying meat and fish from the supermarkets and starting going to a butcher. We started buying our fresh fruit and veg from a market here that comes up from Adelaide. We are located in Alice Springs so while the 2 main supermarkets dominate we do have a number of smaller IGA and Foodland stores. It is also quite common here to swap fresh produce and eggs with other members of the community. This reduces our need to visit the supermarkets and allows us to meet other people who live here! We now use the major 2 supermarkets for about 5-10% of our needs. We have friends here who refuse to use Coles or Woolworths and they have not found they go without anything and in some cases found that they saved money buying going to Smaller, local as there was less temptation to buy things they didn't 2 for $4 deals which the big supermarkets seem to do all the time. We have found by avoiding Coles and Woolworths we have purchased more local products, met members of our community and supported local growers....Positives all around! :)

  • 6th Sep 2016 05:13pm

Our shopping habit has changed based on how we eat/cook.It used to be all about convenience and shop at the one place (mostly Woolies) but with the decline in quality and increase in price, we were forced to shop elsewhere and its actually been a positive for our family. Our priority is freshness and nutrition over price but if it wasn't for Woolies not living up to their motto ('Woolworths the fresh food people') we would have discovered places like Harris Farm as a superior alternative. Harris Farm are also fabulous and reliable on the few occasions I'd shopped with them online. Given where we live too, we are spoilt for choice for organic produce, so we also shop at Growers markets and independent health markets such as About Life. As i get more adventurous with trying out new ingredients and cooking techniques, the more I shop at these places (think quinoa, almond milk, gluten free, dairy free, meat free alternatives). In terms of shopping at local butchers, I have more or less stopped, this is because I've experienced too many 'bill shock', what I do is shop at the Growers Market with clearly priced items so I know what Im getting and how much it will cost. We try to eat at least one meat free meal a week, so good quality veges, fruit, eggs and seafood are a must, and the growers market is a fantastic source for all of those ingredients. Furthermore, at the market, I get to know the farmers and even find out when something was picked (how awesome is that!), so I know what we're eating and where the money is going. In terms of the big supermarkets, my preference is decreasing preferences are: Coles, Woolies, IGA, Aldi. You really have to bash me over the head to shop at Aldi, I just dont have the patience to shop there nor would be able to eat in bulk.

  • 6th Sep 2016 05:12pm

The way I shop hasn't changed over the past few years. I write a list of items needed and then go online every Tuesday evening to check the specials of the following week ... then I go to Coles, Woolworths and Foodland to get the items; yes, it's a bit of running around but it saves be around $30 per week. I use my fly buys card whenever I shop at Coles but won't spend more just to accumulate extra points and I don't shop online because I like to choose my own products and also look for marked down things. Regarding specialist shops, I have a local butcher that's price competitive and the quality of the meat is excellent.

  • 6th Sep 2016 04:54pm

We've always tended to shop at Woolworths, mainly because my husband's father was a meat grader and told us once that Woolworths always buy the highest grade meat. This was some time ago, but we still tend to agree that Woolies nails the meat market with exactly what we like. It surprises me that Coles have overtaken Woolworths in recent years. In our suburb, the Woolworths stores are far superior to the Coles stores which are small and offer a limited range of products.
Our routine has changed slightly. I have returned to work meaning that my husband is now largely responsible for cooking the evening meals. As the main bread winner, he probably purchases items based more on low cost, but he's such a great cook, I'd never know. He generally does a quick shop on the way home from work and then cooks what he has purchased as soon as he gets home. In the past, I would have usually planned the meals a week in advance and visited the supermarket less often. I've never shopped on line, however, my husband has recently been receiving a fortnightly delivery for fruit, vegetables and milk. This was due to a door-to-door salesman explaining the benefits of their product on health and supporting Australian farmers. We have been using this service fortnightly ever since and love their products. They even throw in free things to try occasionally and often a recipe card or the like. Our general fruit shopping is never done at the supermarket. It is done at the Adelaide Central Market which we enjoy visiting once a week whilst enjoying a fabulous coffee from our favourite cafe, Zumas.
So there it is ... mainly Woolworths for general stuff and meat, the markets (and a small delivery) for fruit and veg. There are no Aldi's in the area (although one is about to emerge in Mitcham), and I will certainly be looking closely at taking some of my business there. We sometimes visit Foodland but find that the over-all prices are too high. I wonder if people are sick of giving the two big supermarkets all of their business and are now recognising that it actually hurts the farmers and dairy farmers? I must admit, I'm willing to pay a bit more to keep Australian families selling Australian products direct to the customer!

Mrs C
  • 6th Sep 2016 04:40pm

My first preference is COLES, due to the fact that I earn flybuy points. However, having said that, I will visit the other supermarket chains of Woolworths, Supabarn and my local IGA store in order to keep abreast with their weekly specials. In summary, it is all about the dollar value and what I will get in return.

  • 6th Sep 2016 04:30pm

My nearest supermarket is Aldi,so I shop there.The prices are lower than Woolworths & Coles& I like the continental flavour of some of their imported goods.Also their meat & vegetables are cheaper & good quality.So overall,yes my shopping has changed over the past few years

  • 6th Sep 2016 04:23pm

My habits have definitely changed, although not drastically.
I would count myself somewhat loyal to Safeway/Woolworths, as my parents have always shopped there, and I tend to have stuck with their habits! :)
These days with all of the media reports about how little farmers are paid, I have made more of an effort to buy direct from fruit & vegetable markets and farmers markets, but the bulk of my fruit & vegetables are still bought from Safeway/Woolies due to the convenience factor. I tend to buy deli items and fish from the local markets/fishmonger as they are fresher, and I like to support my local businesses.
Coles, Aldi & IGA are not as close or convenient for parking etc so I tend to not go there as much, unless there is a really great special, or I am in the area for something else anyway.

  • 6th Sep 2016 04:17pm

My nearest supermarket is Aldi,so I shop there.The prices are lower than Woolworths & Coles& I like the continental flavour of some of their imported goods.Also their meat & vegetables are cheaper & good quality.So overall,yes my shopping has changed over the past few years

  • 6th Sep 2016 04:15pm

I feel my shopping routine is changing years ago I never had to worry about looking at prices now I have to stay within a budget so I plan ahead ensuring I get the best value for my money, I now research my catalogues and write a list and I plan meals for week ahead and ensure I get exactly what I need.
I am a loyal coles shopper only due to flybuys points I can easily earn and I like to stick to what I know but recently something happened to change the way I see them, I would normally buy coon cheese which for months was $6 then it went up to $6.35 apparently this was a sale price a week later it was $7 then a week later it was on special again for $5 to many changes so now I just buy the no name cheese.
Ive tried ALDI but find although its cheap but quality is not as good..
I will shop at Woolworths for specials

  • 6th Sep 2016 04:11pm

My habits have changed in the last 3 years as I was living in Tasmania and Woolworths was the only place I could shop for groceries. Now I live on the mainland and I do my major shop at Aldi and smaller top up shops at Coles

  • 6th Sep 2016 04:11pm

I changed from coles to woollies a while ago,im not fussed on loyalty schemes,but I found woollies a lot cheaper.I also prefer to go there as its outside the shopping centre and can get in and out better.I used to be a big coles shopper and now hardly go in there.The other day I went in there for the first time in a long time, as I saw a special in a catalogue,and I went to get some prawn skewere which used be 75 cents, thinking they'd be the same price they were now.1.50, I didn't buy any as that's a big jump,all coles prices have gone up so much,i tend to shop from catalogues. Now and then I'll do a big aldi shop just for different variety, you really save there.

  • 6th Sep 2016 04:08pm

My shopping habits have not really changed. First thing I do each Wednesday is look through the weekly catalogues from Coles, Woolies and IGA, either online or printed, depending on whether they are delivered. I look for special offers (1/2 price deals are great) and items that I need to buy that are on reduced price. Stock up on things that I use a lot that are really good bargains (eg. Fountain sauce for $1 this week at Woolies, can't get better than that!) I then go to the supermarkets and buy anything on special that I want (the really great bargains often get sold out very quickly), and any other top-up items I need. I then go to the local butcher to buy most of my meat for the week, although I will buy meat from the supermarkets if it is a really good bargain. Prefer Coles and Woolies as they tend to have the best specials, and IGA prices for most products are higher (except the price-match ones). Rarely go to Aldi, mainly because of the long queues, and most of their generic products are rip-offs of the real thing.

  • 6th Sep 2016 03:56pm

My shopping habits have definitely changed, I am finding that the cost of living has increased significantly and I am always looking for ways to save money. I previously did a big shop once a week at Coles or Woolworths. Now I shop every couple of days and pick up fresh items as needed. I always stock up on cleaning products and non perishables and regularly check my junk mail for specials. I have Coles, Woolworths, Foodland, Aldi and IGA all within a short distance and I am happy to shop around as needed. I also shop at markets and the local greengrocer to pick up fruit and veg that is cheaper and fresher. I find that as my children get older meal times are not always so regular because of sports and social activities so I pick up what I need when I know what the rest of the family are doing. I also do more cooking and make up meals, muffins and other items to freeze which come in very handy on busy days. My food budget has dropped because I also use seasonal produce and by shopping more regularly there is less food wastage.

  • 6th Sep 2016 03:50pm

We do most of our shopping at Woollies because it is convenient and there is lots of parking available, better for parents with prams. There is also an IGA not too far but it isn't as convenient and has very limited parking. However if price was no object I would still prefer to go to IGA before Woollies or Coles. The local IGA always stocks better quality meat, fruit and vegetables... and another thing I've noticed is that they carry more proper brands because they don't have as many "house brands" (which the 2 main supermarkets tend to favour).

As for local stores we often buy our meat and seafood from small stores next to the supermarket. They have better quality and they make lovely marinated or prepared portions ready to pop in to the oven.

We have shopped at ALDI recently but it was more out of curiosity because they've only just arrived in WA this year. I was very impressed by the quality and the prices. They also carry WAY more Australian made products than the big 2 supermarkets. I would definitely go more often if it was more convenient.

We have tried online shopping with Woollies and the process is simple and painless. I find that when we go into the store we spend more time just browsing and eventually buy more items. But when we are short of time then we will do it online, but only a couple of times so far.

My wife prefers to use the cashier instead of the self-service aisles because she wants to keep the staff employed! I really think there must be a substantial amount of stealing with that self-serve system. It would be interesting to see the statistics and whether they actually save any money by reducing staff.

  • 6th Sep 2016 03:49pm

My habits have only changed to protect my pocket. I sadly am one of I'm sure many, who would love to support local but need to look out for their own cash flow. I go where it's cheapest and in my town Coles is the cheapest. I have a few times taken the same shopping list to woolies only to spend nearly $150 more than coles. I have also recently changed to online shopping and following and strict list, as all the "in shop bargains" are distracting and can easily up your spending. I think all supermarket chains need to be less greedy and try support local themselves and pass on the savings to the consumer to encourage loyal support.

  • 6th Sep 2016 03:41pm

We are loyal to Woolworths, we have always found that they stock all the products we need and at a very good price and their variety defies any shop even going to Costco. We will strongly support Woolworths to survive and be strong and be more competitive with any supermarket out there so that their customers keep coming back and appreciate them more.

  • 6th Sep 2016 03:25pm

My grocery habits have changed as when I worked at Woolworths I did a big shop after work but now I am retired and dont have as much money I shop where the bargains are.I read all the catalogues and buy the specials from Aldi, Coles and Woolworths.then I top up my shop with just the basic things I need.Our three sons have all married now and so with just hubby and I I dont need as many groceries as I used to buy.Also as we downsized our house to a small unit I dont have room to stock up on things like I used to nowhere to store them.I love grocery shopping and wander around the supermarkets looking for bargains.

  • 6th Sep 2016 02:54pm

My shopping habits have definitely changed - my husband died a couple of years ago so being on a single income I have had to watch my spending. I now tend to split my shopping between Foodland, Aldi, Coles and Woolworths. I shop at Foodland because it is local and I like to support it (and they have great specials), I shop at Aldi when I visit my sisters who are both about an hour and a half away and have an Aldi close by (I really enjoy shopping there because everything is sooo new and much cheaper - except meat) and the remainder of my shopping I split between Coles and Woolworths depending on their specials. I would, therefore, say that I'm motivated more by price than loyalty and I think this has become the norm for most shoppers. Unfortunately none of the supermarkets deliver to my area for online shopping so I can't comment on that one.

  • 6th Sep 2016 02:38pm

Coles is more better than Woolworths, because Coles is the one most biggest supermarket, which i usually shop routine. Coles have a lot of local butchers, delis, markets, etc changes different and new every week - it is included special prices for all to be discounted

  • 6th Sep 2016 02:11pm

we are loyal to the one supermarket,we buy the same goods weekly,perhaps with a little variation,depending on what is available.
This may sound good and responsible but its the only supermarket we have in town

  • 6th Sep 2016 01:57pm

My grocery shopping has changed from years ago where I would be spending $100-$150 a week at all supermarkets and if I didn't feel like it, I would just buy the more expensive one here (same branded comment) instead of going to the next supermarket to now I am even more conscience of my spending to get me the brand named items I want but buying at the 'right' price (being more than 50% off) as a single person who has limited funds and I now more so have to make the supermarket prices work for me!

With all other essential service prices rising as with petrol prices (especially for me in regional areas) I now have a lower supermarket budget to use, which I do wisely with the help of,,,,,, which I read daily as well as hard copy weekly special junk mail items (when they deliver)..

I also do have a Flybuys card, Woolies Rewards card (or whichever name they use this week), My IGA Card and every other free loyalty card out there, I have it if I go there and will use at on each occasion. I also get the emails each week from Flybuys for which you can 'Activate' and get bonus points and other specials which I use to get the bonus points and any other freebie available. As Woolies stuffed up with taking away Qantas Frequent Flyer I wasn't impressed in addition of 'giving' us a special 'reward' of x amount on a product I do not ever and will not ever buy or use, so that was a pointless effort and when I had surveys sent to me I told them what I like and what I dont like... Now recently Qantas has come back on board and now they are trying to do a similar thing to what Coles have been doing for a while when they revamped their flybuys back some years!

I also do buy some groceries online from time to time, and have purchased online at woolies to make sure I spend over $120 and I have got $20 back on my first online purchase to me in my cash back account but that said I have also purchased Woolies e-giftcards via my nrma membership and also via this cash back website which gives 5% back for members which also helps to give me better value (at Woolies), but if you have Coles online you can get $10 back on the first visit if you spend their minimum amounts (I do not have that available to me regionally so have not been able to redeem this to date).

So I have not been loyal more recently ongoing to any one specific supermarket as I use all that are available to me being Aldi, IGA, Coles and Woolies and when I travel with family we head to Costco and use their memberships for any purchases that I make so that I have the best of all worlds with being a bargain hunter and spend wisely and allows me to live a bit better by having more funds available (not heaps with cost of living but anything saved from those big supermarkets is great for us, and I am looking forward to Lidl coming down under and hopefully they also head out here in regional areas as well to give us another option at buying things cheaper!

I still do like local independent shops that sell competitively priced items that I want, especially meats and breads as I find the big supermarkets (Coles and Woolies) are greedy and they offer garbage, but Aldi offer the best quality Aussie meats and are tastier and fresher (as with Aldi's fruit is alot better than a couple of fruit markets here!).

  • 6th Sep 2016 01:38pm

I use to shop at Woolworths all the time but since Aldi came on the scene I do my main shopping there because they are so much cheaper & their products are okay so I only use Woolworths for the items Aldi do not stock.

  • 6th Sep 2016 01:08pm

I used to shop mostly at Woolworths for the convenience but now shop at Coles as well at a 60:40 ratio. There are some products that Woolworths do better as well as other products that Coles do better. I used to buy my fruit and veg from either supermarket but now mostly prefer to support my local fruit shop. I am considering online ordering but haven't taken the plunge yet because the delivery times are not suitable. Coles and Woolworths really need to increase their customer loyalty rewards programs otherwise I might be doing the switch to Aldi in the near future.

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:59pm

I do most of my shopping at Woolworths, mostly online, due to illness. The pricing is no different to actually going into the physical supermarket. I do occasionally shop at Coles for those items that are not available at Woolworths.

  • 24th Mar 2017 04:26pm
I do most of my shopping at Woolworths, mostly online, due to illness. The pricing is no different to actually going into the physical supermarket. I do occasionally shop at Coles for those...

Archer says I also do my shopping at woolworths online due to illness. I like to buy bread from a bakery. I had tried online shopping at Coles but some of the things I like to buy I prefer at Woolworths. I also like the woolworths rewards

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:55pm

I used to shop every couple of days for groceries but we also had to tighten our belts and try and save money were we could, which meant doing a weekly menu plan and a grocery list, if its not on the list its not in the trolley. Gone have the days were i could leisurely stroll through the aisle, these days it is a matter of survival with two young kids in tow, i love how woolworths has free fruit for kids, that keeps them happy for a little while, which means that is how much time i have to get the shopping done. I got to know the aisle well and avoid the ones that i don't need to go into, to save time. The thought of online shopping has crossed my mind many of times but the reason i don't do it is, it get us out of the house and among people, i can't always be a mushroom.

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:47pm

My husband works for Kmart Tyre and Auto so we shop at Coles because we get 5% off plus I prefer Flybuys rewards program over Woolies ever changing programs. When we have a bit of spare cash I will put an order in with Aussie Farmers because their Cape Grim Porterhouse is amazing. I shop at our local shopping strip, I prefer this over the Westfields. The bigger shopping centres are too busy and parking is usually a nightmare.

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:18pm

My shopping habits have really not changed in as much as I am always looking out for the best prices I possibly can. I have always stuck true to Coles as I feel they have always given me the best prices and products that I need for my family. However, with a few new butcher chains opening up in our area, I have been doing my meat shopping at these chains as they offer very good value for money. But I always fall back on Coles as going to a million different shops is a little draining. I have not gotten into the Aldi shop as it is not a convenient place to shop with parking very difficult and I really object to them throwing my groceries to me at the checkout. I have not shopped my main shop online as I prefer to go to the store myself. However, I have used a few online discount websites for cheap cleaning products and I only shop there every 3-4 months.

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:17pm

our shopping has changed in the last five years due to having kids, budget is now restrained and we actively search for reasonable bargains. when we were just a couple we could afford to shop a couple of times a week, now with two kids we make weekly lists and try to stick to them. we also bulk buy (toilet paper, nappies, uht milk). having aldi on the scene and generally located next to one of the big two (coles, woolies), has made shopping a bit easier and budget friendly. we'll start at aldi and get what we can before moving to woolies.
we havent shopped online as the costs are a bit prohibitive.

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:14pm

I just see what's on special. Luckily I live near Coles, Woolworths, IGA and Aldi. Fruit and veg from the markets or Harris Farm.

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:12pm

My grocery shopping routine has changed abit and mainly because we live near Costco,We buy almost all of our meat,poultry and fish from Costco,aswell as most of pantry staples,nuts and some vegetables. as a result we go to Woolworth and Aldi less often than before(we used to go every week,now its more like twice a month) and we spend less at Aldi and Woolworth.
I still dont like the idea of online shopping for grocery mainly because i don't like to pay delivery fee.

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:11pm

Yes my shopping has changed. After 2000 I was retired from work and my father had a stroke in 2002 and by Aug 2003 he was under nursing home care until he died a few months later. Until then we had three lots of pension with Mum and then it dropped to two. I did most of the shopping with Mum and then me when it was better to leave her in the car. We could afford them to stock up on essential major price reduction items for future us. We had many supermarkets around us and more since Mum went into a home from Aug 2014. So I did not need so much. For a few years after Dad died Mum had a weekday meal with a Community Group at a local major hotel and then they decided she was better at their community house where they had a number of carers and they could attend to her needs. The other 6 days of the week we had lunch(mostly) or the evening meal at pub bistros or RSLs eventually sticking with one pub we liked 15 ins away and they knew us and we joined in the activities. When she went into hospital and transitional care it was down to one day a week at a local pub bistro or pub with two friends until it became impossible to keep taking Mum in and out of the car. Mum died in Nov 2015 from pneumonia a couple of weeks after a hip plate put in after they found two fractures in one of them. A wrong move in hindsight. A friend did the same that the day before and at 94 she is now moving with a frame and no op was possible due to age. Thus I did less and buy as I need across the street or Coles nearby close to my Church.I guess it must remain that way into the future.

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:08pm

i still shop the same way with woolies and coles and interchanging them depending on convenience and offers of the week. i tend to slant towards pricings and discounts to get better value for my purchases

  • 6th Sep 2016 12:02pm

We use all 3 super markets Coles Woolworths and Aldi. Price determines where we shop although Coles has been most visited recently. Price and excellent customer service wins us.

  • 6th Sep 2016 11:52am

The truth is that no matter how well planned my shopping habits are the convenience factor wins out in the end.
However, I DO try to put some method to the madness. Every Tuesday night, I download the Coles & Woolworths catalogues for the coming week and list the specials that I want. Good specials I purchase in bulk. Aldi sends me a weekly newsletter via email. They cannot be beaten for price,quality and freshness of fruit and veg and some of the weekly specials are absolute killers and incredibly savings. I also visit Costco at least once a fortnight. Costco is amazing but one must know their prices as not everything is cheaper even in bulk, but they do have some products that it is impossible to find anywhere else. The quality of their meat is excellent but not cheap. Although I try to purchase only specials and sale items, if my local fruit shop or butcher is price competitive and in the "ball park", I shall always patronise and support small (usually family owned) business. The same philosophy is applied to owner-operated versus category killer versus supermarkets for pharmacy items. Still lucky to have a couple of butchers in my local shopping strip but they are few and far between. Don't want to lose my local pharmacist who knows my name and my kids etc. Amazingly, we have been blessed with a new European deli and one year down the track, it's going gangbusters with great weekly specials on cheeses & produce etc. It's where I choose to spend my "coffee dollars" to ensure that it thrives. It has added another dimension to the shopping basket and places to shop.
Love supporting small business and owner/operators but can't exclude the location, price and convenience factors.

  • 6th Sep 2016 11:48am

My grocery shopping habits have majority stayed the same over, however it is changing and there are a few differences in what I do now.
I am classed as a "split" shopper. I divide my time and efforts in my shopping not only for great deals, conveniences and value but also for my personal beliefs.
For my maintstream shopping ie cereal, toilet paper, biscuits, everyday essentials etc I usually shop at the big brand Woolies, Coles etc. For other groceries I shop at the local fruit stalls and butcher. I shop at the local retailers as the fruit is locally grown and I'm very particular about where my food comes from and who it supports. Supporting my local farmers is a major interest of mine and it keeps my peace of mind knowing there is no harmful chemicals in my food.
Unfortunately I had to stop shopping local for a few years as some of the local retailers went bankrupt and couldn't afford their business anymore, this is another reason why I support them.
My loyalty is usually to Woolworths as it's the closest to where I live however do shop at ALDI, IGA and Coles as well. The best part about the introduction of online shopping is that I can access the store stock list and see what is on sale each week and what products the store as in what I'm looking for. A big example is chocolate. I love bulk buying chocolate when it is on sale. The best part I can access the site 24/7 so no boredom when I can't sleep or when I can't get to the nearest store.
I don't usually shop online for groceries after viewing them online as I prefer to physically hold and see what I am buying. The click and collect however has definitely been a benefit and is a favourite of mine when it comes to buying things online and collecting them conveniently in store. I find this safer than waiting for it to be delivered and theft and damages.
Overall I have kept my usual habits but have also introduced new ones. I love shopping, even for groceries. I love a good deal on my favourite snacks and essentials.
Who doesn't love a bargain?

  • 6th Sep 2016 11:38am

I seriously just go to the closest Woolworths or Coles. I think the physical shop is preferable over online shopping when talking about groceries. I need to physically walk through every aisle to remember what I need and it's easier to see what's on special, what size packaging is available and I always pay particular attention to the per 100gm cost on the ticket.

I can't say the same thing for clothing or hardware be it electronics or physical entertainment devices. I prefer online as I can sort items by manufacturer, colour and features.

  • 6th Sep 2016 11:34am

*For the past four years years I have completed my grocery shop at Woolworths only once a month. I buy meat, dairy, frozen, bread, fruit and vege etc.....
*Two weeks after that major shop, I visit the local butcher to top up my meat supplies, then I go to the local vegie shop and top up my fruit and vege supplies.
*Every three days or four days my hubby goes to Coles or IGA or ALDI and buys bread, milk and occasionally something we have run out of and need urgently.

This system works really well for us and I believe it saves us lots of money. Less time at the stores equals less temptations to buy things we don't really need.
Woolworths usually stocks everything I need. Some of the other supermarkets have too limited a range. I do like to support the local IGA when I can though , as they are very community minded.....just not enough range of products for me to complete a good once a month shop. Aldi is too unpredictable in what it stocks.

  • 6th Sep 2016 11:33am

*For the past four years years I have completed my grocery shop at Woolworths only once a month. I buy meat, dairy, frozen, bread, fruit and vege etc.....
*Two weeks after that major shop, I visit the local butcher to top up my meat supplies, then I go to the local vegie shop and top up my fruit and vege supplies.
*Every three days or four days my hubby goes to Coles or IGA or ALDI and buys bread, milk and occasionally something we have run out of and need urgently.

This system works really well for us and I believe it saves us lots of money. Less time at the stores equals less temptations to buy things we don't really need.
Woolworths usually stocks everything I need. Some of the other supermarkets have too limited a range. I do like to support the local IGA when I can though , as they are very community minded.....just not enough range of products for me to complete a good once a month shop. Aldi is too unpredictable in what it stocks.

  • 6th Sep 2016 11:25am

My shopping habits have changed considerably in the last few years, as my income has reduced substantially I now check the shopping catalogues each week to check out the specials and if a really good price i may purchase more than 1 of the items to stock up for future use. I also use the loyalty cards every time and email offers and have made some great savings, more recently I have been going to Coles (which is a little further to travel) as the rewards program was much better than Woolworths, but now that Woolworths has come into line with Coles I am more likely to go back to doing more of my shop there

  • 6th Sep 2016 11:19am

Yes unfortunately things have changed over the past 5 years, mainly since Woolworth's and Cole's have decided there are some of our favourite products we no longer need. Now I have to either go to South Australia to get my favourite coffee beans or get it online which costs 20.00 and a further 10.00 postage.
Cholesterol lowering margarine at Aldi, made by the same company that makes Flora pro-activ and has of course the same ingredients at 1/2 the price so I now shop at 3 different Supermarkets.
Also due to Cole's and Woolworth's stores having low quality fruits and vegetables I shop at my local Farmers Market (brussel sprouts) 3.00 a kilo, Woolworth's are 10.00 a kilo, and most other items there are 50% to 75% cheaper and mostly good quality and generally fresher.
So as a result of these the petrol companies are winners as I can no go to the one place to do my shopping.
Most supermarkets have cleanliness problems and even if they are reported the store managers do nothing.
Aldi let customers down yesterday as they had 4 bananas on the stand, I had to find someone to get some out of the storeroom.
Higher prices and less service is today's new supermarket standard.

  • 6th Sep 2016 11:09am

I used to shop at only woolies & coles but now i go to where eva the best specials are
if it means going to differnt shops i do
eberything is getting so exensive

sue petrie
  • 6th Sep 2016 11:05am

yes for years it was always mum and i now mum has passed now back to just me.I have found cannot afford meat and some of the fruit and vegetables are just getting to the fruit the quality is not so good.I find woolworths is getting so dear as it is the only one i go to as the others close by are really so dear as i am only on a pension.I am finding i am now having to go and buy my food at the charity place to live.

  • 6th Sep 2016 11:03am

I've always been open to shopping around for the best deal and in recent years I'm even more open to doing so. I'm even more particular about shopping around for the best deal when it is big ticket items, clothes and birthday gifts and christmas presents.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:58am

We used to shop mainly at Safeway/Woolworths plus the local health food store for organic vegetables and organic shampoos etc.. Recently so many of the products we buy have been removed from the aisles in Woolworths so we now do half the shopping in Coles and the other half in Woolies and anything we can't find there we order from the health food store or buy online. We are lucky that both supermarkets are in the same shopping complex which makes it a bit easier. Lately Coles have also been removing products so anything I can't get from either of the supermarkets I get from our local IGA. It seems every time I find a product I like at the big supermarkets it quickly disappears from the aisle. Shopping is now more complicated but as the health food store and IGA are both in walking distance i enjoy the exercise and carry the items home. I do not shop at Aldi on principle as they are foreign-owned.

  • 1st Mar 2017 03:38pm
We used to shop mainly at Safeway/Woolworths plus the local health food store for organic vegetables and organic shampoos etc.. Recently so many of the products we buy have been removed from the...

Good on you for choosing not to support foreign-owned Aldi's to many people don't realize their profits are going overseas and killing Australian industries and jobs. A lot of their products are poorer quality and overseas made too. As for products disappearing from the shelves, I always contact the supermarkets and ask, if they know people still want them they will consider putting it back. I have been waiting for Woolworths to put Pureharvest organic rice milk back and they finally have which is great because it is made in Australia!

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:54am

We now shop at a number of supermarkets, namely Aldi, Woolies & coles. We used to be Woolies only, but with money now tight as my wife is disabled & I'mm 66 & receiving the Pension, we chase the best buys. We deal with our local butcher from time to time as he's got great meat & generally at equal to or better than supermarket prices. He also supplies home-cooked meals & soups to go & as cooking has now reached the difficult stage, we buy some of these as they're generally speaking better quality & value than the TV-style dinners in the supermarkets. Getting older & having reduced income sucks, but it is what it is & we've adjusted accordingly.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:53am

I was fiercely loyal to Woolies. For a few reasons. I like the products and the specials and they were my local supermarket and had a good parking area. I also liked the everyday rewards and got a voucher every month of at least $10. Then they changed the rewards points. My first shop was just under $300 and I earned .40Cents rewards. Then I started looking at Coles. I realised there was one close to me as well that had good parking, really good specials and heaps better offer on the rewards of Fly buys. I now do most of my main shopping with coles. However I do watch the specials in the catalogues and will go to one shop for the specials and then the next time to the other for the specials. Now woollies had reverted back their rewards point scheme so maybe things will change. I would say at the moment I do 80% at Coles and 20% at Woolies.

  • 1st Mar 2017 03:34pm
check the companies that Woolies get milk from I believe that the farms/producers are overseas owned, Coles own brand milk are 100% Australian Woolies own brand as well as Pauls and Farmhouse gold...

That is great you have pointed this out, too many people are not realizing that just to save a few cents we are killing Australian producers.

  • 7th Sep 2016 01:01pm
I was fiercely loyal to Woolies. For a few reasons. I like the products and the specials and they were my local supermarket and had a good parking area. I also liked the everyday rewards and got a...

check the companies that Woolies get milk from I believe that the farms/producers are overseas owned, Coles own brand milk are 100% Australian Woolies own brand as well as Pauls and Farmhouse gold are supplied by Italian company Parmalat which is owned by France's Lactalis check it out. Look up Stop Foreign ownership in Australia website

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:52am

My grocery shopping routine is pretty much the same. I go every Thursday morning to Coles Carlingford mainly. I do one main shop per week and top up shops during the week. I have shopped online a few times but I prefer shopping offline as I prefer to see products properly. I also go to speciality stores like the butcher and chicken shop if I don't have to get too much meat as it's cheaper because I can buy smaller portions as opposed to the supermarket. I'm still loyal to Coles as I think it's a good priced supermarket and I love flybuys. Woolworths is too dear and their loyalty program isn't as good as Coles.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:51am

My food shopping habits have definitely changed. Once upon a time I used to just go to one of the major Two Supermarkets and just buy what I wanted and leave with a full to overflowing trolley. These days I make a point of checking junk mail to see what is on special and shop accordingly. I also make a point of using up what is in the pantry before replacing it. Thankfully I have a Woolies, Coles and Aldi very close to each other in the town where I live so I definitely spread my shopping between the 3 of them and have gotten to know who consistently has the lower prices for each items. The other big thing for me is that I never get a large trolley anymore I get one of the smaller half size trolleys which curtail my spending - unless of course I am in Aldi where you need a ladder to use your trolley as they are so large - too large. I also quite often go to the market and buy fruit and veg that comes straight from the farms - nicer quality than the supermarket and much cheaper.

  • 6th Sep 2016 10:50am

it differs more now was i shop onces every two weeks , as im now on my own. i also look at specials and where things are made . i also split my shopping from coles to aldi as at aldi most of the things are made in europe and things are a whole lot cheaper .

  • 6th Sep 2016 07:19pm
it differs more now was i shop onces every two weeks , as im now on my own. i also look at specials and where things are made . i also split my shopping from coles to aldi as at aldi most of the...

Aldi is definitely cheaper on some products I use regularly but because there is not an Aldi store handy I must stick with Woolworths (as a shareholder) ! I have it on good authority that Aldi is coming to our area soonand have already got the land and selected a manager but on asking Aldi when they will be starting I received a reply stating they nothing about this new store.

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