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Posted by: Lucinda120

16th May 2016 10:17am

A lot of companies seem to spend a lot of time telling us how good their customer service is. But I'm sure we'd all agree that they are not always up to scratch! While we're sure everyone has a bad customer service story, we'd like to hear about some good ones for a change. So what are some of the great customer service experiences you have had recently? What did a company/business do that made you really notice what a good job they were doing? And do you think it changed the way you view that company? Would you be more likely to use them again, or maybe to recommend them to people? A $50 Giftpax Gift Card goes to the best answer!

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  • 2nd Apr 2017 04:04pm

I am impressed with the Telstra staff who have called me to check my needs. They are very patient with my technological stupidity and make sure that I understand what I have, why, and how much it will cost me

  • 9th Mar 2017 08:41pm

I would have to say HSBC Bank , l have a credit card no fees for life with them ,on top of this they gave me an interest free loan on my card for any big electrical item , l bought a lap top computer from JB Hi Fi l could do it 1 to 5 years to pay off , l choose 2 years and only have a few months to go on it now , no interest at all , this is a great bank to do this on a credit card , l have not been offered this on other credit cards l have had in the past , Thank you HSBC , this is where l do my surveys now on my lap top computer .

  • 20th Oct 2016 01:46pm

I recently dealt with Youi (Insurance) over the phone. There was a duplication of one policy and it was not clear how it happened. I certainly couldn't rule out having created the problem myself. Youi's reaction was to confirm the correct details & cancel the duplicated policy, returning all 5 months of premiums paid from my bank account within a few days. There was no argument from them seeking to avoid this course & they did so efficiently & willingly. I was very impressed by the experience. In fact, as my other insurances fall due I am going to ask Youi to quote on them.

  • 27th Sep 2016 08:36pm

My experience is about 2 companies.
I have a Lenovo Laptop that has given me nothing but trouble, I did complain to LENOVO and their customer service is non existant.
They said they would organise a Courier to pick it up but that was over 15 months ago and no one has done a follow up , I just get the same Automated answer in my email, I talk to someone over the phone and still get the same cold uncaring shoulder todate , the laptop now sits in a cupboard in my room - unusable.
The other is Simpson/Electrolux, my top load washing machine is in need of parts, the Problem is I have to stand there and hold the lid till the spin cycle is finished or the machine stops.
Where I live there is no service centre and everytime I contacted the company all I got was an Automated reply in my email ongoing for over 12 months, the reply did say that a representative would be in contact within 48 hours, I got no such call.
It wasnt till I contacted consumer Affairs and they contacted the company that I got a reply .
I received a Price and Parts List from a woman who didnt really have a clue what I was talking about and her attitude was uncaring also.
So when I am looking for a new washing machine I will not be buying a Simpson again as for the Lenovo Laptop, I wont be purchasing any Lenovo Product, especially after hearing from friends and famiily that other Lenovo Products have failed also and they themselves got the same uncaring , insensitive Pathetic response from what Lenovo call a service Dept.

No apology , nothing, just a woman who finally sent me a parts and price list

  • 15th Jul 2016 11:54am

I just changed where I have my medical presciptions filled. I had been loyal to Priceline (Spit Junction, Mosman) for years but the service and savings have diminished alarmingly since the new manager took over in the last couple of years. Apart from stocks more often being unavailable and the narky attitude of the manager, I just found I am saving $1 per prescription at a nearby local chemist. So I have been gouged a substantial amount over the past few years -and that's after numerous enquiries if I am eligible for the $1 saving per script! Just profiteering at the expense of loyal customers -I doubt I am the only customer being ripped of!

  • 22nd Jun 2016 12:56pm

A good customer service is not only about the service they providing but it all comes down to the attitude, tone of manner and how they resolve the problems when things going wrong. What i've been noticed is that the attitude of the representative toward the issue is generally the key to judge whether i should trust the person to solve my problems or not- not what they say. A good example in this case was with Telstra. My bills were terribly messed up since there was something wrong with their billing system, they charged me like 3 months in advance, then the late fees, the extra charges for calling overseas when my package included everything. It was a nightmare at that time when my bills was as high as $1,000.00 a month for just 2 people. Every single day i needed to call them, but every single time, different persons, and everything had to start from the beginning. I was almost likely to cancel everything and ready to go to court or something.
Then one day, this supervisor of Telstra called me, explained every single things to me, and how he had following up my case since the beginning, giving me his number, emails so that i could reach him whenever things going wrong again. Not only my bills were perfectly resolved but i also received compensation, free of 3 months for all my services with Telstra and other benefits as a loyal customer. What i want to mention is that his POSITIVE attitude toward my problems, when others seemed like they so scared to even look at my bills, look at my problems, he had nothing to afraid, just went ahead and resolved the issues, apologized for their mistakes, went extra miles and fixed the problems. This is why i am still with Telstra, because there are employees like him, so decent and up for any challenges.

  • 1st Jun 2016 03:34pm

Battery World-The battery in my door opener for my Mazda 3 was flat. I was recommended to Battery World and was more than happy with their service. I was served by a young guy who was courteous and friendly. He took the time to search the internet to find out how to fit the new battery. The Mazda 3 door opener is a bit tricky. He managed to fit the new battery but when he tested it, found that it didn't work. He then went out of his way to clean the contacts inside the opener. I was only charged for the cost of the battery and when I offered him something for his time he said that it was "all part of the service". Great customer service and great to have a young person care so much about their job and providing satisfaction to the customer

  • 31st May 2016 04:01pm

For year banks have been the bane of my life. It seemed that whenever I wanted anything I was interrupting their important business. Standing in cues, hanging on the phone, trying to calmly convince them they have made a mistake (a $7000 mistake) I was reaching the point of it was time to put the money under the mattress.
Then I stumbled across QTMB or QT Mutual Bank.
They don't have cues, if the person you want to see is busy you can go and sit on their couch. They don't have counters and screens, they have people at a desk or a bench and they get you to sit down and they talk with you. (Not at you!)
They are small and they know their members - they have members not shareholders and as they explain "all our members are VIPs."
So now I am a member at a bank who treat me like a person (a VIP) and who want me to go away feeling good (not just go away). They give me information, they provide me with advice (much of it free) and they do things like give me a follow up phone call to check if I have any questions.
Banking used to be a chore now it is an enjoyable activity where I spend time with people who are interested in me and who care about me.
How the world has changed!

  • 28th May 2016 11:48pm

I know Telstra get such a bad rap and sometimes it's justified. Things go wrong...but one thing they do is make up for it. They own the problem and try to fix it as soon as possible.
My new connection was with the NBN and on the day of connection they decided to ring me and say there was a fault in the line and I would have to wait another 3 weeks! Although not the fault of Telstra this time, they kept me in the loop by ringing or sending emails regarding the progress of my connection. I still had to wait but Telstra made it easier by letting me know they are monitoring the situation.
I could go on for a while about the great interactions I have had with Telstra over the last 30 years but all I can say is, "I'm a happy customer". :)

  • 26th May 2016 02:47pm

I have RACQ Pet Insurance for both of my dogs. My eldest dog has been sick a lot the past few years and so when I received the last renewal notice in December it had a clause in it for him saying his excess for 1 year would rise from $50 to $300. I believe it is fair and since then have lodged a few claims with the higher excess. My dog now has cancer and due to his age and other health conditions we aren't treating the cancer and he doesn't have long to live. I had some receipts for medication he is on but they only came to the $300 excess amount. I emailed RACQ and asked them if they could please for this last time I wanted to claim for him lower the excess back to the $50. They did it and processed the claim very quickly. I am so appreciative of the service they have provided me and am so touched. In return I will continue to be a loyal customer for many more years to come.

  • 25th May 2016 05:05pm

Recently had a car accident and had to take my car to the panel beaters (Smash Care) and as I only have the one car with no replacement car in my insurance policy, I was hoping they would have a courtesy car? During the discussion, they mentioned that they don't have any courtesy cars as it costs them too much but after explaining to him my problem getting around, he was willing to borrow his brother's spare car for me for the time my car would be in the workshop! Wow, that was such a relief and great customer experience! So glad they were able to assist me!

  • 25th May 2016 09:25am

Recently I needed My Electric Hot Water System to be replaced, the Plumber arrived right on time and as He arrived the new Hot Water System was being transported down My Driveway ready to be fitted....................
The whole operation took about one hour and They took the old one away with Them...........I was impressed in a World where Tradies are so unreliable !!!!

  • 23rd May 2016 11:48am

I received a call from Telstra to discuss my usage of Telstra products. My first thought was that I would be bamboozled with technology and offered something I did not want. The consultant said that the most important thing was that I should understand what I already had and make sure that was what I really wanted. He was very patient about asking me what I thought I had as compared to what I actually had . He repeated my needs as I understood them and suggested solutions that would actually meet my needs within my budget. He was prepared to speak to my daughter who is my POA and to explain to her what he had suggested and why. My daughter was very impressed and felt that his suggestions were very appropriate. At the end of the day, I received more of what I actually wanted for a lower monthly fee than I was already paying.

  • 22nd May 2016 05:08pm

Yes, I do think it would make me want to use them once again, and if I had a good experience I would certainly recommend them to family and friends.
I bought a Television from "The good guys, and had to pay for delivery, but when the salesman knew I was a pensioner, he said he would bring it himself on the way home and set it up for me.
How nice was that, I was so appreciative of this service. I do recommend the store at Essendon to everyone I know wants electrical goods.

  • 21st May 2016 03:45pm

Recently we had security doors installed by Kings Security on our front and back doors. The back door was installed on the same day, however it was discovered that the front door hadn't been measured correctly. The installer phoned the office and the man who measured the front door came out that Friday and re-measured the front door and the second security door was installed the following Monday. We found them to be a very efficient company and we are so happy with our products

  • 21st May 2016 02:51pm

I've just come back from two nights at Dubbo Ibis Budget and they are the most helpful, friendly staff I have come across in a long time. They can't do enough for you! Also stayed overnight at the zoo. A must for everyone who has not tried this adventure. Accomodation, staff, cooks are all out of this world!

. V
  • 21st May 2016 02:27pm

I get really great customer service from my mechanic in Huntingdale called Auto Union. Always helpful even just changing the light bulb. Sometimes they don't even charge me. Any problem I have I can just rock up and they will check it out for me.

  • 21st May 2016 10:59am

I have not had any particularly good customer service recently. I do recall getting exceptional customer service from a small Thai restaurant that I patronised where the waiter was welcoming, friendly, held out a chair from the table for me to sit on, gave me a napkin and was attentive to my needs.

  • 20th May 2016 10:53pm

Not my own story but fabulous customer service just the same. My 94 year old Aunt went to Woolworths at Kogarah & did her shopping, when she got to checkout the operator told her there was no home delivery on that day, she got quite flustered & distressed, the Manager noticed & asked what the problem was , when she told him he said he was finishing his shift in a few hours & would personally deliver her groceries, which he did when he finished. I sent a letter on her behalf to Woolworths praising the Manager. He showed great empathy & understanding towards an elderly customer.

  • 20th May 2016 07:43pm

I moved house so went into the local branch of Bank of Queensland to introduce myself. From that day onward, they remembered my name every time I walked into the branch, helped me with everything and anything, treated me like a longlost relative! The exterior 'wall' was all glass so even if I didn't enter the bank, those friendly staff members waved whenever they saw me walk past. Amazing, outstanding customer service. And I would add that every branch of Bank of Queensland I have ever entered has offered me excellent customer service.

  • 20th May 2016 06:44pm

I would like to put forward Hoselink for Customer relations and service. I have been purchasing there items for some time now and cannot express how impressed I am with there Customer service. I could recommend a few different companies but Hoselink have gone above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy. I have always given feedback and suggestions on there products which has been appreciated and taken into consideration. I had recently started having problems with one of there products and found them to be faulty and failing in there operation. When I contacted them the acknowledged the problem and discussed with me the solution and even asked what I thought of it. When the item had been improved, remade and ready for sale I was contacted and in the conversion they checked my account to see how many of the particular item I had purchased and replaced every one, regardless of whether every one had faulted or not, they even included some extra for good will as they discovered that some of them I had purchased where for gifts and wanted me to pass on the the new item. For me this was outstanding customer service and I would strongly recommend and still use there products. This includes any other items I have had concerns with or even when they have improved or updated and item I have received the highest possible service with only considering me as a customer. Not only do I recommend them as a company but recommend there customer service as a company to deal with and purchase from. I continue to use them and have no hesitation in using them in the future and recommending them highly.
Regards Glenn

  • 20th May 2016 03:39pm

After a bad customer service experience at Ribs n Rumps, it was turned around simply by a small gesture. My partner and I were dining for my birthday and I had a birthday voucher to use, aswell as a gift card. I asked the waitress whether these could be used for our meal and she went and checked with the manager, She was very prompt and let us know that we could. My partner ordered the dishes we wanted as I was struggling with the least stages of a cold, the annoying cough. After she finished taking our order, she kindly offered to get me a mug of hot water, honey and lemon juice. I was so taken back by this - that this would be offered. A small gesture that made my day in a big way.

  • 20th May 2016 02:17pm

Because of a medical condition I cannot have any dairy of a morning, as I do my shopping of a morning I was missing my coffee fix. The owner of the Gloria Jean franchise at Tweed Heads went out of her way to get in a dairy free milk ( which was very hard as some brands made me ill ) but she persevered until she found one that suited, as well as a dairy free slice, I cannot speak highly enough of this business & the lady concerned, she certainly has my vote, I wish there was more like her around.

  • 20th May 2016 01:24pm

My fabulous customer service experience was in my local Woolworths recently. I shop in there quite often but the customer service is hit and miss. I went through the self service and was distracted a bit chatting to a friend. Anyway, I got half way to the car and realised I had left a whole back of shopping by the till. I went straight back with my trolley and what I had and the beautiful Wendy didn't even worry to check, she could see how upset I was as there was about $40 of shopping in the bag....she just told me to go and get what I had left in the bag...and I just hope whoever took it needed it and so it was a kind of win win story...but boy they took it quickly!!! This small incident, a trifling amount to Woolies but an annoyingly large amount to lose to me,made me feel far more positive towards Woolies and Wendy always gets a special greeting

  • 20th May 2016 01:20pm

There's a lovely young lady in the Coles supermarket deli where I shop that is so polite and always smiling regardless of how many rude people harass her. I always chat to her when she's not busy and she's unfailingly interested in seeing you when you come to the counter. It really does make a difference to your mood when someone smiles at you and asks you what kind of day you've had and actually sounds incredibly sincere. It makes you more likely to shop there again. It does make you think that the company is working to make sure its staff understand the importance of customer engagement. A refreshing change from many of the people working in customer service roles who always seem to look like you are being a bit of a nuisance for actually asking them to serve you.

  • 20th May 2016 12:16pm

Mine was actually at a Clinpath. I had to have some blood taken and had to bring my baby with me. He is teething at the moment so is very cranky and crying and carrying on. This is obviously quite distressing normally, but worse when you have to relax and sit still. A spare Clinpath lady came over and started playing with my baby and calming him down so I didn't have to worry about him too much while I was having my blood taken. This gesture really helped me out that day and I have told many people about it. It definitely made me view them positively.

  • 20th May 2016 02:01am

My daughter got married last year and for their wedding present, my husband and I paid for their direct flights to New Zealand and back. I was getting awfully confused by the prices and types of fares on a couple of the travel websites, so I ended up ringing Flight Centre and actually speaking to one of the most helpful person. She took the time and explained some of the flights with me, and was so lovely and patient. She sent the electronic tickets to my daughter's email and sent a confirmation one to mine. I can honestly say that she knew her job entirely, her customer service was outstanding, and her patience was greatly appreciated. She took the stress away and left you with a sense of relief that those bookings were made properly and conveniently. Service was outstanding.

  • 20th May 2016 12:15am

Hi, My experience was actually today 19/5 at 10.30am. I have been doing my mums shopping as she has had some virus for almost 4 weeks now and she is just not up to shopping as she has no energy. I went into the Miller Store at Northpark, Prospect in Adelaide and saw a lovely lady that I have got to know just by going into the store.
Anyway, I brought a top and she was asking about how mum was and I showed her the list I had, and I put it down on the counter, so when I came to go into so the shopping I couldn't find the list, so I panicked which I do have a tendency to do, so I thought about where I had been and I went back to Miller and sure enough, there was the shopping list on the counter where I had left it. I was so stressed out as a result and I think everything just had built up as I am an only child, I do everything for my mum, and I wasn't feeling the best anyway, so when I saw the list I just burst into tears, Julie he lady in Millers, came from behind the counter and gave me a hug which is just what I needed, and was patting me o the back saying its ok you found the list now, she was in no hurry to serve anyone she hugged me and looked at me and said you know you have to look after yourself too, don't let people upset you. There were people in the store, but she did what she didn't have to do and it made me feel so much better, I have tears in my eyes even writing this, I guess people will think, gawd its only a list, but its a combination of things as I have had to be spoken to not so nice by my mum, but I know she's not well, but it still affects me, I have no other family here. I just thought Julie what a wonderful person she is very kind, empathetic, and it is really a coincidence I saw this as I am taking her a box of chocolates tomorrow just to say Thankyou for what she did. She really is one in a million, and today you do not get service like that, she always has a smile on her face when ever you go in to the store. I hope Miller appreciate what a great person they have working for them. I have emailed them in the past saying as much. I hope you understand just how much better she made me feel, as I have not had a hug from my mum in ages, that's just the way she is.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to tell what happened to me today, everything has just got on top of me and lucky for me Julie was there.
Many thanks,

  • 19th May 2016 11:41pm

Excellence in customer service in Australia is so rare that it is a real shock when it happens and it is burned into our memories forever.

Recently I had cause to go to a new shopping centre not far from my college. As I sat back in my car and started the engine, I saw an elderly, frail woman on the arm of a young man who couldn't have been more than 19 - and he had his other hand full of shopping bags. I then noticed he had a butchers apron on, and a badge from the smallgoods store next to the supermarket where she had been shopping. She had come to him second, trailing an armful of bags, and he was escorting her from the store like an absolute gentleman. I expected them to walk towards a taxi or waiting vehicle, but instead I watched him escort her across the carport, across the road, down to the corner, across the cross-road and into her house. I was absolutely astounded at the respect this young man showed this woman. If I hadn't been in a hurry to get to class, I would have gone into the butcher's store and commended this young man to his boss. I intend to next week, when I am back in class during their opening hours...

This is the kind of service ALL customer service staff should be offering their customers. Much of the service industry desperately needs training in customer service!

  • 19th May 2016 10:17pm

After recently purchasing a coffee machine and 20 boxes of coffee pods over the internet, I realised that on arrival of my 3 large boxes that one of the boxes of pods had not been included. I emailed the company - Nespresso, and they promptly apologized and re couriered out my missing item. When the box of accessories arrived a day later and one of my items was missing again , I emailed them once more and again received a prompt an courteous response advising the item would be shipped the next day and true to their word a few days later another courier arrived with my missing item .I don't mind when companies get it wrong , when they fix the problem promptly and apologetically they can have my business for years to come now, and I will recommend them to others too.

  • 19th May 2016 09:36pm

This morning my husband and I went to McDonalds for breakfast as we do every alternate Thursday when we go shopping. The customer service and friendliness of the staff has always been very good, but this morning the girl who served us even brought the tray of ordered food to our table, instead of me having to wait near the counter to pick it up. What is more, she even took the tray and rubbish away when we had finished. I would never normally expect this kind of service from a fast food outlet like McDonalds, but it was very nice and it makes it easier for us considering that my husband is disabled. Not only will we definitely continue to use this outlet, but we will definitely be recommending them to our friends.

  • 19th May 2016 09:32pm

I went to a cafe in NZ whilst holidaying. I had taken my mum and my nan out for lunch for mothers day. The music was really loud and hard for my nan to hear us in conversation, and it was hard to seat her in her walker as it was congested.
The waiter moved us to a function room and it was quieter and easy to place her walker out of the way; They also turned the music down abit. The food was great; the service was wonderful and all the staff were so friendly. For a young rocking cafe; my nan who is 89 thorougly enjoyed herself.
Will return again.

  • 19th May 2016 09:22pm

Usually when you mention the word Centrelink to anyone they roll their eyes and tell you the horrendous things that have happened to them. My last visit to Centrelink (which is a fortnightly experience) was almost a social visit. I walked in, said good morning to the security guard who smiled back and gestured me to a chair. He went to the Administrative Officer and asked her to come over and help me with my form and she came over with a smile and helped me out. I am not (very) old but am a bit wobbly on my feet nowadays and embarrassingly had a bit of bruising on my arms and legs. They were helpful, proactive and a pleasure to deal with.

  • 19th May 2016 08:50pm

My 86 year old Mum has been with Bupa, on top cover but somehow she dropped her extras cover whist renewing her policy, then required dental work only to discover she was no longer covered. She was confused and upset therefore I contacted Bupa for her, explaining her situation. The customer service lady was sympathetic, organised her cover seamlessly ... and waived my Mum's dental work! They even followed up with a letter to put her mind at ease.

  • 19th May 2016 08:18pm

I recently ordered a manchester item online from OO, It was a great price compared to items I had seen in various stores. Unfortunately when it arrived I found it was not suitable for my son to use. They provided a returns slip so I just packaged it up in the original post bag and returned it at no cost to me. I was absolutely amazed that they then refunded me the complete purchase price including postage.That is great customer service and I would feel very confident to order from them again in the future.

  • 19th May 2016 07:41pm

I went to the movies to watch hungry games the very last one. Whilst watching my and the misuss could here music thumping in the background which was very annoying. So i made a complaint to hoyts and they sent me 2 free mocie tickets. They said sorry to me and said music came from the pub next door. Thats alright hey, i was wrapped!

  • 19th May 2016 07:22pm

Bunnings Echuca Victoria. I wanted some garden supplies as a frend was going todo a little raised garden for me. I have degenerative disc disease and asked for help in getting what I need. Not only did 2 people help me with different things they told me I didn't need as much paotting mix as I thought, showed me items that were the same thing but different prices so I could choose the cheaper one. They saved me money and a lot of unneeded extra pain. With the money saved I was able to buy more veggie plants. Then they packed it all in my car. They were the nicest people. Makes you want to go there again.
(Lucky you having a holiday. I've not been able to afford one for 15 years :( )

  • 19th May 2016 06:32pm

I had trouble with the ATM in the CBA in Caloundra. The lady there helped me from inserting my card and talking me through what I needed to do and have never done before. She spent in total probably about 20 minutes helping me, so, Kudos to the Commonwealth Bank in Caloundra.

  • 19th May 2016 06:09pm

On a flight from Perth to Adelaide with Virgin Australia I became ill about half way. The flight attendants took care of me and arranged a wheelchair for me on arrival. I was met by another member of Virgin and she took me in the wheelchair to the taxi stand and provided me with a voucher for the fare to the hospital. I spent the next week in the hospital. I highly recommend Virgin Australia as their customer service is second to none. I will definitely fly with them again. They genuinely care for their customers.

  • 19th May 2016 03:44pm

My last good customer experience was my visit to my local doctor for winter flu shots. I didn't have to wait too long to get seen, was then told he would give me the flu shots free of charge which was a lovely gesture, then took me to the nurse and I got the flu shots straight after seeing the doctor. It was a breeze & almost fun to get done.

  • 19th May 2016 03:04pm

I had some unexplicable mobile data usage on my phone. Adjusting all the phone settings did not work and customer service could not help either. So I accepted the extra costs. It was then a very pleasant surprise when some time later the mobile provider contacted me saying they were reimbursing me because they had overcharged me. In other words, they admitted it was their fault! I was very impressed by that, and yes, this definitely increased my loyalty and I keep recommending this company to family and friends. So I think it pays to treat customers well.

  • 19th May 2016 03:01pm

Recently l did an on line order at Chemist ware house , as there was a free 10 pack box of dish washing tablets with each box you bought , l seemed to of only got one with my 3 box's l ordered on my docket so l rang them , and was told this does not apply to mail orders , so l emailed them and was sent an email from a very nice person that knew their job in there very well they told me they are dispatching 2 free box's of 10 tablets separately to me that never went on my docket on my order with 2 of the box's of dish washing tablets , Chemist ware house certainly gave me excellent service in the end after l emailed them and would of got a different section in store to the one l rang , it made more sense to me , you buy 3 box's of the washing tablets you get 3 10 pack box's free .Thumbs up to Chemist ware house for great service .

  • 15th Jul 2016 11:56am
Recently l did an on line order at Chemist ware house , as there was a free 10 pack box of dish washing tablets with each box you bought , l seemed to of only got one with my 3 box's l ordered on...

Also avoid Priceline -I'very been gouged a extra $1 every script -changed chemist today. Mosman Priceline is so greedy -doubt I am the only one!

  • 19th May 2016 02:46pm

I had a great experience on a Virgin flight from Sydney to Harvey Bay. My father was fighting the battle with cancer and wanted to visit a friend up that way, I agreed to travel with him as he needed a wheel chair close by. The staff both ends and on the flight were awesome from start to finish a staff member on our return to Sydney let us take the wheel chair all the way to the Train station which I was so surprised even City Rail helped and organized the wheel chairs return.
As my father has passed now it is one of the most kind felt feelings I still have .

  • 19th May 2016 02:24pm

I own an a American car as my weekend toy. I ordered a replacement interior from a company called OPGI, based in California. When it arrived, I noticed it was damaged. I took some pics, and forwarded them to OPGI, who responded the next day, saying a replacement mirror was on its way. 6 days later it arrived intact
OPGI didn't want the damaged one back, so I ended up selling it on ebay, so my new mirror ended up costing me about 10 bucks. I stick with OPGI for most of my Buick parts. They may not be quite as cheap as some other vendors, but they get my order right first time, and the one time there was an issue they responded.
No hesitation in recommending them.

  • 19th May 2016 01:37pm

My partner and I had booked a hall with the local council Thebarton/West Torrens Council last November for our 25th Anniversary party / Surprise Wedding. 1 week before they called my partner to advise that they had double booked. A lady who worked for the council bent over backwards for us, trying to find us another venue. They ended up allowing us to hold the function at the library auditorium which they never hire out for private parties, they refunded all our money and the lady in question came to the venue at 4pmon the day and set up all the tables, provided us with white tablecloths, green table decorations, flower arrangements and a bottle of champagne. all in all it was a great night and I cannot say enough good about this council. The lady in question was amazing and also organised another fridge for us to use which came from another section of the council chambers.

  • 19th May 2016 01:26pm

I have to say I had some good customer service at Coles when I was using the self Checkout. I had never used one before and the lady showed me how to scan the items, swipe my fly buys card and even pay with a gift voucher that I had. I had never used one and I thought it would be to hard, but it was easy, I just needed to be shown. I will use again if I am in a rush as I would rather use a check out with a staff member as I kind of think I am saving a job and also get some good conversation.

  • 21st May 2016 03:47pm
I have to say I had some good customer service at Coles when I was using the self Checkout. I had never used one before and the lady showed me how to scan the items, swipe my fly buys card and even...

Me too, I feel the same. I mainly use the self-checkouts for convenience, but will try to use a staff member as I feel we are saving their jobs. The staff down my local Coles have always been friendly and helpful

  • 19th May 2016 01:18pm

NRMA customer service as so nice and everytime I talk to them I can understand them and they are so helpful. they always treat me like I am special and give me discounts and when I have an accident they calm me down and make me feel that everything is under control. they are a bit more expensive than other insurances but I love the service and the people

  • 9th Mar 2017 08:44pm
NRMA customer service as so nice and everytime I talk to them I can understand them and they are so helpful. they always treat me like I am special and give me discounts and when I have an accident...

I have been with NRMA for years definitely the best , also the only insurance company l know that pays out what you are insured for with contents insurance , most do not pay the amount you have paid for,for coverage NRMA do .

  • 19th May 2016 12:38pm

Was in Bunnings with a Gift Card I thought was out of date. The young girl on the register, took time to explain theirs didn't expire, and gave me 2 giftcards and cash with the remainder I hadn't spent. Two other staff members had already helped me with what I had bought in store.

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