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How social is social media?

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Posted by: Lucinda120

10th Nov 2015 02:26pm

How social do you think social media is? Does it make you feel connected with people, or just a viewer/bystander? How do you prefer to connect to people - is face to face still best, or are friendships and connections just as rewarding through a computer screen? Is there anything you get out of social media that you can't get face to face? We're interested to hear your thoughts.

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Bushy Bob
  • 31st May 2017 11:46am

I much prefer face-to-face contact. I feel like a voyeur reading news print from Facebook

  • 23rd May 2017 04:13pm

Not fussed with the un/anti social media sites.

If you are interested, there is nothing (other than a bit under $200/year) to stop you having your OWN social networking website where you can control who joins.
Get a few people together to share the cost.

Mojo Phoenix
  • 3rd May 2017 07:54pm

Social media helps me keep up-to-date with old friends, and I enjoy aspects such as sharing entertaining/interesting material with people. However I definitely feel that personally, initiating and sustaining a strong friendship requires time face to face regularly. Social media for me is just an auxiliary method of socialising, good for staying in touch with distant friends and sharing amusing and intriguing content spontaneously with those who you know would be interested; which I think is something that you don't get to do so often or as easily otherwise.

  • 9th Apr 2017 12:09pm

While social media provides great opportunities to retain contact with distant friends and colleague through the exchange of text and photos, in this and, more particularly, with people in close physical distance to you, it is a second best means of communicating news, gossip or emotions.

  • 7th Apr 2017 10:33am

Social has lost it's one time meaning. Mixing with real live people is social. Friends on so called social media are contacts. Not even as good as pen friends, many/most of whom eventually meet. There is no competition to have more "friends" than everyone else in real life. Friendship is sacred and should not be confused with this open sharing of irrelevancies. Raising issues of political or environmental significance can however be worthwhile on such digital forums.

sue petrie
  • 24th Mar 2017 09:09pm

i would rather talk face to face social media has it dangers but i do enjoy their games on facebook and it does let me see what my children and grandchildren have done

  • 24th Mar 2017 08:07am

I get more truth in Public Media and feed back from people discussing points of view
The main media choose topics that suits them and often nothing is reported on
Such as DAPL blockade and the continuing riots in Europe
People want the truth and we talk about it and most of these issues relate to us

  • 22nd Mar 2017 11:31am

As much as we enjoy face-to-face contact with our friends and family, social media is a modem that allows us to connect with those that we are unable to see on a daily basis. Social can be defined as "relating to its society or its organisation" as well as "needing companionship and being best suited to living in communities." No matter how much everyone shares their opinion on how much they abhor Facebook, they are denying the freedom of connectivity it offers. For those of us that do not watch or listen to news, websites and links available on Facebook can inform us on how the world is dealing with its issues which is increasing our understanding of foreign relations and social cohesion which is what the future of the world depends on. Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram allows us at the click of a button to speak to those who may be on the other side of the world. It's not a question of, "Is face-to-face contact better than online interaction?" but rather a question of "Without social media, how else can we easily talk to those of which we are unable to do so at that particular moment?" Even if you are for the idea of catching up in person, you cannot excuse the advancements in long distance communication over a modem that is simple to use and has a vast array of fun and engaging communication types. This technology is highly prominent and has been designed for us to be more connected. Rather than feeling biased toward the distraction social media causes, society should embrace and favour the more social and communicative side over the side that offers entertainment.

  • 2nd Feb 2017 03:41pm

I guess social media has it's place, but it's not a big place in my world. I am, as you say, 'just a viewer/bystander' ... A somewhat disinterested one. In my view, communication via a computer screen could never replace a face to face conversation with a friend. That's a bit like baiting a mouse trap with a picture of a piece of cheese!
The obvious advantage with an on-screen conversation over face to face, would be the ability to terminate it at will.

  • 2nd Feb 2017 02:29pm

So far as 'social' media is concerned, I am definitely a bystander! Why would anybody wish to reveal any personal details to someone they have never met, nor wish to meet, on a totally public, unforgiving and unapologetic excuse for a 'fun place'.

  • 24th Jan 2017 08:57am

face to face connection will always be unparalleled in my opinion because of the addition of micro expressions and mannerisms you are able to gain from viewing someone in person while they communicate. on the other hand social media allows you to connect with individuals with similar interests who are not known to you which is a huge positive.

  • 25th Dec 2016 01:29pm

Face to face interaction is still more preferable. You cannot determine the others emotions on social media.

  • 13th Nov 2016 12:37pm

I feel connected to all my friends & family on fb as many are from my home town i think theres a vast amount of info some genuine & some not but i think finding out revelant info for yourself puts you in a more informed state of mind. I believe the media are using sensationalism which creates fear,division, anger & hate.

  • 1st Oct 2016 10:36am

Face To Face

  • 11th Dec 2015 02:43pm

yes face to face is still best. I love having a chat over coffee. And that is something I really miss. But I also love chatting online as my close family and friends are all over Australia. But when we catch up WOW. you just can not stop us.

  • 2nd Dec 2015 10:32am

I met my husband on social media, so I'm positively disposed to it! :)

Face to face is still a qualitatively better experience, in many ways, but online interaction allows for a more thoughtful interchange of ideas at times. As an introvert, it really suits me compared to gatherings with more than 1-2 people. I also have a lot of new clients come to me for consultation work, after "meeting" me in social media groups. So I'm definitely making connections, but it's nice to step back and be an observer too.

  • 24th Nov 2015 02:56pm

social media is very important nowdays. it does connect with people in easy way and in large number and we can say we can do and know anything through social media from one place

  • 20th Nov 2015 10:55pm

I don't use social media - don't feel that it really is social and then there are the security concerns. Facebook keeps moving the goal posts aka changing terms and conditions. You are the product!
It's much more social to interact with people in the real world. Go out to dinner, catch up over a coffee etc

  • 18th Nov 2015 02:36pm

I do not like it, I am not on any social media. All I have is a mobile, to ring and talk to someone, I hate to text. Email - just one on one. We can't seem to communicate or have a proper conversation anymore. Even the workplace is unsocial. Every lunch time you walk to the tea room everyone is on their phone (no doubt face book). When they are in the same room - how rude have a conversation with the person like really!!! I think social media has gone out of control.

  • 18th Nov 2015 02:15pm

I have replying to your email regarding liking Cafestudy on Facebook. I do not use Facebook or any other social media. My view is that why should I put my feelings etc on the web for all the world to see.
It is intrusive on our lives and I think a waste of time when people could be out and about helping others and talking to people. Get to know your neighbours and say hello to people at the shops. See your family
and friends regularly and have tea or coffee with them. Much nicer and relaxing. Why is it necessary to put photos on line and tell everyone of your every move. We are then open to the "trolls" , the faceless
people who cannot help themselves but say bad things.

We need to express ourselves face to face then see the reactions. Take the time to see someone. Perhaps a friend is in need of help and will not reach out but when meeting them they will open up and tell
a friend what is troubling them.

Why is it necessary to celebrities to tell everyone what they are doing and put such silly photos of themselves etc on line. They open themselves up to the world of stupid people and perhaps people with
mental problems.

Being on social media does not make sense to me.

  • 18th Nov 2015 12:49pm

I don't use social media anymore. I talk face to face or on the phone now.

  • 18th Nov 2015 06:26am

"Social" media is the most blatant contradiction of the word!! IT is a shield for the uncaring who wont make the time to give a REAL hug,kiss or show their face to express their feeling without the use of an emoticon.It also is a shield for COWARDS who will sling off, abuse and accuse hiding behind their keyboard!
People are not virtual...they are real...that is for as long as we have them in our lives... so why not make the most of the luxury of being human .

  • 18th Nov 2015 12:38am

After bowing to peer pressure I eventually joined the social media bandwagon. While I was able to reconnect with a handful of 'long lost friends', overall, I found it an utter waste of time. Yes, it has its benefits, like anything, but for me, the cons outweigh the pros & it didn't take me long to deactivate my account. I didn't like the fact that even though my privacy was set to high, that my partners ex & friends could 'stalk' me due to having mutual friends. So much for 'privacy'! Not to mention the cyber bullying that faceless cowards make others endure.
I prefer to call it 'antisocial media' & am happy to say that my life is great & enriched with the face-to-face social interactions i have with my family, friends & strangers I may meet in reality. But hey, that's just my experience and my opinion! Each to their own!

  • 17th Nov 2015 10:22pm

I am not a member of any social media sites. I much prefer to communicate with people face to face or over the phone. I occasionally use email or text messages

  • 17th Nov 2015 09:17pm

I feel there's a benefit for social media regarding being connected to those whom share similar hobbies, thoughts, ideas, etc. Also, it's convenient to connect whilst lazing around in pj's! However when dealing with true friendships, nothing can compare to connecting face to face - to gauge what the person is really feeling, to give a hug, etc. Like most things, I think it comes down to having a balance ... if it's causing any negativity, then it's time to ease back or stop.

  • 17th Nov 2015 08:13pm

I have been in the thick of the computer industry since the 70's, and my short response to this issue is not unlike a lot of other replies ... 'ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA'
I find it difficult to align with people who are 'bullied' - just turn the thing off!
And don't get me started on open invitations to all the "friends" to parties. What a fiasco, even no-one turns up, or hundreds do; either way how do parents (the usual ones who pay) cater for unknown numbers - totally stupid.
I could really rant on & on, but I'm already sick of typing :-)

  • 17th Nov 2015 07:22pm

It is amazing for connecting with people when traveling and those who don't live in close proximity to oneself. Real interaction is still mos optimal though! i wouldnt be inviting someone to my wedding that i only kept in contact by facebook! a call or catchup cant be replaced! Facebook is avenue for contact not a substitute..

  • 17th Nov 2015 06:11pm

Social media is great for those who want to promote a cause or product. It can help keep up to date with what is happening in things that you are interested in. It definitely should not be a substitute for real life interaction with people. If people use social media to connect with like minded people in their area and then meet up it can be really rewarding, of course you would have to be careful too. I personally don't do social media as I prefer meeting people face to face and I was put off by someone who I considered a friend asking me to connect through facebook but did not phone me or arrange to meet up. It seems too many people now don't bother just calling on the phone or popping over for a chat, or meeting for a coffee etc. No one seems to phone you anymore like they used to. I also think it is a lot of pressure for teenagers to have to keep up with everything everyone is doing and comparing too much.

  • 17th Nov 2015 05:50pm

from what i hear and see social media can be quite dangerous, then a situation can be good ..... M :-)

  • 17th Nov 2015 05:02pm

Well i like both face toi face when u want personal contact with ur friends or family and other times when u just wanna chill on ur own social media is a good way to just keep in touch with people.
Best of both worlds!

  • 17th Nov 2015 05:01pm

I also think it's dangerous, social media platforms can be used for all the wrong reasons. It's basically a fantastic marketing tool for those at the top end of town.

  • 17th Nov 2015 03:27pm

A facebook friend is not always a real friend in the traditional and dictionary meaning, but a real friend may sometimes be a facebook friend. I don't have facebook friends, but I use facebook to keep in touch with real friends, especially those interstate or distant from me.

  • 17th Nov 2015 02:35pm

Face to face friendships are definitely best, mainly because you can read body language which is impossible on say Facebook unless there is video chat. I have known a few people who have got into serious complications with Facebook and have been stalked. I don't think you could ever equate real face to face friendships with typing messages on a computer.

  • 17th Nov 2015 02:25pm

I used to have a Facebook account but closed it some time ago due to what I call constant harassment by them by way of emails asking me if I know this ir that person, advising me what/who is trending at the moment and far and away the most annoying feature is how some people virtually spend all their time on Facebook posting just about their every activity! I did find it useful to track down a few long lost friends but for me the negatives far outweigh the positives and as we all know there is a dangerous side to social media like Facebook because nasty keyboard warriors think nothing of posting vile comments in reply to people's posts and I suppose there is the potential for identity theft based on how much personal information you post on your Facebook page.

As an older person, I know what it was like as a youngster and into my 30s before computers and chat programs came about as we had face to face contact and rang each other on the telephone. I find I am mostly doing that nowadays and I sometimes arrange things with friends via email but it ends up being face to face in most situations.

  • 17th Nov 2015 11:36am

I prefer face to face, I refuse to use facebook or other similar types of social media, to much rubbish and adds on them.
I used facebook when it first started, it was good but about 10 years ago it became unusable for me so since e-mail or phone is my only way of contact with those I wish to converse with.

  • 17th Nov 2015 11:11am

when Facebook started I liked it as I have family overseas and could see photos of my grandchildren. As time pasted I have become very uncomfortable with social media and no longer use it nor does my family. It has become very anti social and in some cases dangerous. I much prefer face to face contact and interacting personally and using Skpe. Social Media has become unwieldly.

  • 16th Nov 2015 10:01pm

I think that Social Media has some good points, however people who have 20,000 friends are living in a fantasy world, these are people they will never meet and will disappear into the ether and become a waste of time ex friend. Also just think how Facebook makes its billions of dollars profit every year, 1 they do not pay tax, 2 they glean everything you talk about and send targeted advertising to you, same as do Yahoo, when you search something amazingly ads pop up on your web browser. A real friend chats to you sends you letters and real correspondence and phones you for a chat or meets you for a coffee.

  • 16th Nov 2015 07:26pm

I think it is totally anti social and quite sad.I cancelled my face book account some time ago and would never reopen. How can connecting with nameless faceless people on line be rewarding? Face to face is naturally the best and there is nothing that social media provides that you cant get face to face other than perhaps posting a 20 year old photo of yourself and pretending this is who the person is "connecting" to

  • 16th Nov 2015 05:14pm

As an introvert with social phobias, I much prefer online contact. Once I get comfortable with a person or people, I am ok with face-to-face contact, but others (like some family members) I prefer to keep at a distance. and given that 95% of my closest friends live in the US (I have met them in real life/face-to-face), it's pretty hard to talk to them EXCEPT online...

I use social media to keep in tough with people I literally cannot see any other way (like international friends), and to socialise with people I wouldn't ordinarily have a chance to be social with - like celebrities, actors, brands I love and believe in etc. I feel quite connected at times, but also very disconnected when my views and opinions are so very different from many other people. I do find that many interactions are very superficial, and most people baulk at making a deeper connection with online "friends". While that's a fair call - it's often hard to tell if they are who/what they say they are - it's also very isolating. Trust is hard to come by, and hard to give out, given all the horror stories we all hear.

  • 16th Nov 2015 04:37pm

I think that Social media can be dangerous. I prefer to talk to someone either on the phone or best face to face

  • 20th Nov 2015 04:43pm
I think that Social media can be dangerous. I prefer to talk to someone either on the phone or best face to face

I agree lindy, most of my friends have a face book account, but I still refuse to join. I consider it dangerous also.

  • 17th Nov 2015 09:52pm
I think that Social media can be dangerous. I prefer to talk to someone either on the phone or best face to face

I agree with Lindy I prefer to speak to people either face to face or over the phone. You never know who people really are or who you're dealing with on facebook.

  • 16th Nov 2015 05:01pm
I think that Social media can be dangerous. I prefer to talk to someone either on the phone or best face to face

I do not and will not have a Facebook page for all the reasons we already know about (identity theft, trolling by nasty people in cyberworld etc) plus I would find it mind numbingly boring to be plagued by FB messages about what someone I know has had for lunch today or that they have gone to bed to read a book as I know happens with some of my friends - absolutely no way!

I prefer mobile phone calls and SMS messages and good old face to face contact (whatever happened to that in this day and age?!).

  • 16th Nov 2015 04:13pm

I still prefer face to face interaction. It is much more satisfying to talk to a person when you can see their expressions

  • 21st Mar 2016 11:54am
I still prefer face to face interaction. It is much more satisfying to talk to a person when you can see their expressions

I agree with p101. Social media is far more isolating and i am aware that many may not take my 20c worth in the way it was meant to be. Unless its very interactive which rarely happens we are just flies on a wall.

  • 20th Nov 2015 09:16pm
I still prefer face to face interaction. It is much more satisfying to talk to a person when you can see their expressions

I am not even on facebook, I really can't stand social media. I like face to face contact as well, how can people be friends when they have never uttered a word from their mouth to you or you have never actually met the real person. I know just about everyone uses social media but I think it has made us bad mannered, dangerous society and open to being bullied, harassed, sexually stalked and an open market for some very inhuman beings out there.

  • 16th Nov 2015 04:32pm
I still prefer face to face interaction. It is much more satisfying to talk to a person when you can see their expressions

Right on p101. Couldn't agree more!

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