Coal Seam Gas Mining


Posted by: Gypsycat

18th Jul 2015 09:20am

I live in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW (near Byron Bay, Lismore, Nimbin). I am very concerned about the effects of CSG mining, not only in my area, but everywhere it occurs. Some states/countries have banned it. I am strongly opposed to it. What do others think?

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  • 17th Apr 2018 12:02pm

I am totally against CSG mining which can destroy regions of Australia which are famous for their natural beauty not to mention also destroying the habitats off some of our native wildlife. It should be banned here too!

  • 14th Mar 2016 06:46am

I totally agree with you and i do not understand how all the experts can have such differing opinions

  • 7th Mar 2016 11:55am

I am against Coal Seam Gas Mining. We need to care for our land and conserve and keep pristine our water. Coal Seam Gas mining will undermine our water and make farming more difficult. Australia has the best and purest water and food production please we need to keep this standard.

  • 6th Mar 2016 09:13pm

I think that coal seam gas is great and has little if no impact on envirnment , my husband works in coal seam gas , and it is very careful not to damage the environment

  • 2nd Mar 2016 07:59am

Because our country is very dry I think it is important that we do not do anything to upset our underground drinking water so I am against CSG. Once a company has done damage to our water system they can not undo it and I do not trust them to do the right thing.

  • 1st Mar 2016 10:32pm

It is really destructive for the environment, it uses up tons of water that we cannot afford to waste in such a drought prone country. It upsets the balance of the earth and create's sink holes, as well as poisoning water ways etc. You only have to see what is happening in the USA who have been doing it for a longer and see what mess has been made from the unsustainable mining. We need sustainable renewable energy that is safe, healthy and cost effective. This is not it.

  • 1st Mar 2016 09:05pm

After seeing floating dead fish and bubbling water in the Condamine river which l believe is due to leaking gas from CSG mining, l have to say l also strongly oppose coal seem gas mining .I live in the southern downs area Warwick , l have seen the floating dead fish , up stream others have seen and filmed the bubbling water in the Condamine river .

  • 1st Mar 2016 04:49pm

Likewise I am strongly opposed to coal seam gas mining. Until it has been scientifically proven to be safe , not contaminating the water table it should be banned.

  • 1st Mar 2016 06:47pm
Likewise I am strongly opposed to coal seam gas mining. Until it has been scientifically proven to be safe , not contaminating the water table it should be banned.

spot on,ronaldo..absolutely right

  • 1st Mar 2016 04:17pm

Rock layers (including the sedimentary ones like sandstone that carry underground water) are brittle and rigid but can bend slowly under pressure for long periods of time thus giving anticlines and synclines. Anticlines can help trap oil and natural gas in those area where they are mined.
Now lets imagine a thought experiment - place 3 large bathroom tiles down and then on top of those 2 black tiles (representing the coal layers to be fracked). Now place another 10 layers of times on top of that and then a hardened sponge layer (the water bearing aquifer) . Now on top of that place another 5 layers of tiles. Now drill through all those layers (without causing micro cracks) and when you get to the black layers near the bottom try and make a space to insert a balloon and use hydraulic water pressure to expand that balloon to break JUST those two black layers and no others. If that can be done then fracking like that could be safe. I would claim it is impossible to expand and break any bottom layers without cracks occurring in all layers above . Gas can then pass along all these cracks and cause pollution.

  • 1st Mar 2016 03:21pm

let the bloody stuff stay in the ground , australian public gets no benefit from it and it destroys our productive farm land to benefit a few large companies shareholders

  • 1st Mar 2016 02:04pm

I agree NO COAL SEAM GAS in beautiful Northern Rivers region as this is our best farming area and don't need the underground water polluted.Same reason for all other places around our nation.

  • 1st Mar 2016 01:28pm

Totally agree with you Gypsycat, there are other more acceptable ways of providing energy than by mining and CSG.

  • 1st Mar 2016 01:19pm

I don't think it will ever stop, just like all the gas pipes throughout the countryside. Things are just going to keep growing and population keeps expanding

  • 1st Mar 2016 01:16pm

We have to obtain energy from somewhere and all have their problems the difficulity is deciding which is th most harmful.

Coal mining destroys miles of the country side and when the mines have extracting all the coal they are supposed to return the site to its original condition but any miners do not. Burning coal is a very pollutant fuel.

Nuclear energy is apparently clean. A single uranium fuel pellet the size of a fingertip contains as much energy as 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas, 1,780 pounds of coal or 149 gallons of oil. The problem is the waste material which reamains dangerous for thousands of years.

Then there is coal seam gas. The point of extraction is no problem unlike coal or uranium mining the problem is the fracking process which it is believed can lead to dangerous gasses being released into the underground water supply causing poisoning of the water and land for miles around.

Take your coal is definitely on the way out of the other two it is CSG is the way to go if it can be proven to be safe. That is the current Dilemma the miners say it is safe and those against say it is not.

I think the safest is solar wind and batteries as backup. Role on improvement in battery technology.

  • 1st Mar 2016 12:03pm

I live in country Queensland and we have had problems with CSG in the Kingaroy area. The company came onto the property un-invited and claimed that they would compensate the farmer well. Once they set up and started operation the cattle on the property started to become unwell. The water in the dams and bore became undrinkable for the stock. They were unable to sell their cattle due to the problems. Eventually the company were taken to court and made to shut down. But that hasn't stopped the CSG operations from trying to set up in other areas of the South Burnett region.
When will environment. especially agriculture and food processing become more important than companies wanting to make money from fuel production. There's got to be a better way.

  • 1st Mar 2016 10:58am

I think that it is disgusting the way the companies treat the farmers who's land they want to use. There are a lot of alternatives that can be used instead of coal seam gas. Food however is something that is needed but it appears that governments a re giving priority to the mining companies.

  • 1st Mar 2016 10:46am

Fully against. We need water protected, not poisoned.

There is an area between Camden & Campbelltown where CSG was sought - trees around it died.

Bubbles McTavish
  • 1st Mar 2016 10:40am

Gypsycat - what a great name! You are lucky where you live - as to your question I am totally opposed. I have read what it has done overseas, the damage to adults and children's health and I think we need to invest in sustainable energy such as solar and wind - if we are any chance of saving our planet.

  • 15th Jan 2016 10:42am

There 's no up side to CSG .. it's all bad for he environment. ... and finally the NSW Govt are waking up.
People power has forced their hands to cancel licenses with Metgasco ...and the drive must continue to prevent AGL, Origin et ai proceed with their fracking intentions.

  • 13th Aug 2015 02:20pm

its awful its killing the environment

Burnt Out Digger
  • 7th Aug 2015 07:11pm

I believe that a great deal of care needs to be exercised in this type of operation. my understanding is that fracking can cause problems with water aquifiers.

  • 17th Nov 2015 03:01pm
I believe that a great deal of care needs to be exercised in this type of operation. my understanding is that fracking can cause problems with water aquifiers.

I agree with you Burnt Out Digger, we have and always had a problem with water. I believe that regardless of the answers companies give about them taking precautions they cannot be trusted.

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