Pet Lovers

What pets does everyone have?

Pet Lovers

Posted by: dollymay

25th Jun 2015 11:50am

What is your favorite pet, what funny things do they do, be nice to remember some funny things our pets do to make us laugh,

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  • 10th May 2023 11:16am

my Jack Russell x with Fox Terrier he is so adorable...his name is Jax , but he does have a mind of his own in saying that he makes us laugh and we love him to the moon andback

  • 6th Oct 2022 10:08pm

I have 3 frenchies, and I love watching them run arpund in the yard and play together

  • 15th Jul 2022 12:45am

I have a sweet 16 year old Jack Russell who is pretty much my everything. Toby was bought as the family dog but from day one he claimed me and we’ve been inseparable every since.
He got really sick a few years back and unfortunately got a little grumpy but this winter he’s realised how good blankets and coats are and now has his own grandpa style coat that once is put on him he begins to walk with a whole lot of sass

  • 8th Jun 2022 05:37am

I have a pure bread blue staffy

  • 17th May 2022 08:01pm

I have a pet budgie named Poppie... Poppie is one in a million budgies who has behaviour issues or he just likes playing games. I occassionally forget to close the cage door and he will fly out and then he will fly down to my feet and wait for me to pick him up He has been in my house for 3 years now

  • 15th May 2022 02:35pm

My cat is a character. He's a black short-haired domestic, and is a chunky boy - loves his food. He's very sweet but very shy of people he doesn't know. He is a rescue cat - animal cruelty case. He is so tolerant of my kids - they can pick him up and hold him while they watch TV or their iPad and he will just sit with them and not attempt to get away. Lately at night when it gets colder he has taken to sliding under the covers with me in bed - such a funny boy!

  • 15th Apr 2022 10:57am

Cats! No matter what they look like they are all so cute! 19/10 would squeeze the skrunkles again.

  • 20th Mar 2022 06:36pm

I have a pet turtle! He gets soooo get excited around people - very sociable!

  • 8th Oct 2021 04:05pm

I have two Norwegian Elkhounds who attract attention wherever we go as they are so unusual, especially in Queensland. I am always amazed at their intelligence and even understanding the conversations my husband and I have. Recently I had a major fall and fractured my right shoulder and couldn't move from where I had landed (in the dirt in our yard). Poor Boris, my four year old male, was trying to give me mouth to mouth while Sheba, the six year old female was telling me excitedly to get up. I couldn't call out due to the pain and whispered, "Get Daddy!" Both immediately ran inside to alert my husband that I was in need. When the ambulance arrived, the paramedic said, "We'll get you a blanket to keep warm" Sheba raced inside and as they lifted me onto the stretcher she brought me her favourite toy Elk and placed it on the stretcher. Since I came home they have instinctively known to be very careful of my left arm and they ensure that one of them is always with me, just in case they have to get help again. Sheba even watches as I shower and struggle to get dressed.

  • 7th Oct 2021 09:24pm

We have an american staffy and he is the funniest dog I have ever come across. He likes his back scratched near his butt and he puts his head down on the ground and his bum in the air for you to scratch him and he tries to smooch you while he does it. Its the funniest thing I have ever seen a dog do.

  • 8th Apr 2021 07:59pm

I currently only have one furkid, my devoted Honey who joined my family in November 2013. Before September 6 2020 I had two, Honey and Elsa. Both are rescues and Honey is a maltese x toy poodle, Elsa was a maltese x ??? from the set of her front legs though I wouldn't have been at all surprised to find pug or similar in her lineage.
Honey is excellent at being a distraction for me when I'm suffering badly from the chronic pain that has been part of my life for over 40 years and for which I can no longer tolerate medication. She is also an excellent reminder about bed times etc, she will often appear from our bedroom if I'm longer at the computer than she deems necessary, reminding me that she's waiting. When we go out on ministry, she travels in a pet sling across my body as we ride on our mobility scooter. She loves meeting all of our friends, the more the merrier. I am truly blessed to have had the companionship of many devoted dogs who were once deemed to be 'rescues'. I will not further the puppy mill business by buying dogs from anywhere other than registered animal shelters!

  • 4th Apr 2021 10:27pm

Cats - our 2 cats always swapping their resting place with the other to get the warmest cosiest spot.

  • 18th Mar 2021 05:07pm

We have 3 cats named Molly, Moshi and Tilly.
Molly is an elegant lady who doesn't like to be held too long and demands to be fed at 3.30 am every day.
Moshi is a tortie with an attitude that hates when the other cats get attention that she thinks only she should get.
Tilly is an adoption from the AWL and is the most loving funny cat. She loves playing fetch with plastic golf balls that have the holes in them and will randomly bring you a ball to let you know she wants to play. Thankfully she has stopped dropping them on my head in the middle of the night.

  • 16th Feb 2021 11:19am

I don't have any pets at the moment. I just lost my cockatiel 'Rebel' the weekend before last. It's very strange without her - I'm so used to talking to her and taking her outside to sit with me on the veranda. I also had a maltese terrier that I lost about 4 years ago now. She was 2 weeks shy of being 16 when I had to have her put down. She was the best thing that ever happened to me and I still miss her everyday. She played a huge part in my life and everyone that met her fell in love with her.

  • 11th Mar 2020 04:26pm

Currently I have been blessed with the companionship of two dogs, both rescues, Honey and Elsa. Honey is a maltese x toy poodle and Elsa (or Me Too as she doesn't like missisng out) is a maltese x ??? (from the set of her front legs I'd not be at all surprised to find sheffield terrier or similar in her lineage). As Jeze (my rescued schipperke companion before them) did, they are with me constantly travelling in their pet slings when we're on our mobility scooter. They are a favourite among the people to whom we minister each night, the homeless and the street folk and love meeting others. I know that if either of the girls don't take to someone then there's a very good reason, and I'm cautious when I'm around that person too. Usually their instincts prove to be correct

  • 5th Dec 2018 07:36pm

I have cats.

  • 10th Aug 2017 05:35am

I have 3 cats, 3 dogs, 4 horses and an Alexandrine parrot.
They are constantly making me laugh

  • 4th Aug 2017 03:16pm

We have a black and white Bull Terrier, Brandi. She is the first dog we have had that doesn't eat my washing, so unusual. She plays soccer with a baby food formula can, and then licks it, makes me wonder if there is a flavour built into the can. If she gets hold of a soccer ball, she's a terrific player, and uses her nose to run from one side of our house year to the other....

  • 3rd Aug 2017 09:06pm

All my pets are my fav with different personalities. I have four dogs and one cat. One big guy who weighs about 50 kilos', a female Sharpei, a cute maltese cross ( who actually thinks she's the boss of all the dogs ), and a faithful rescue dog who was dumped by her previous owners and a ragdoll/tonkinese who definitely rules the roost.They all make my life fun.

  • 20th Jun 2017 03:26pm

We have two English bull terriers. We bought the younger Brandi, but the elderly Molly was a rescue dog who was treated badly and we took her in. She has such a lovely life now, and sleeps most of the day.....

  • 29th May 2017 09:33pm

I've got a lorikeet that I've rescued and plan to reintroduce back to the wild soon. it's been a nightmare to look after because of the specific diet of nectar and fruits, and it tends to be rather mischievous. I still love it though and will be terribly sad after I have released it.

  • 2nd May 2017 03:13pm

I have a rainbow lorikeet. He is 3 years old and full of character. He showers and dances and plays with cat bells. He is noisy. He drinks out of my cup and sits on my shoulder.. when i try to eat or drjnk he is in my face trying to get a bit for himself.

  • 23rd Mar 2017 02:51pm

My male dog barks very loudly and looks around to see if anyone is watching when he goes to the toilet.
My female dog sits on top of the male dog and washes his ears and beard. Male dog has the look of how long do I have to put up with this. Female dog likes to drag male dog along the floor while playing tug of war with a toy in their mouths

  • 23rd Mar 2017 02:49pm

We have a Scottish Fold cat called Bridge.Originally we were told he was a female kitten.When we took him to be de-sexed,the Vet told us he was a male cat.
Somewhat shocked, we changed his name from Brigette to Bridge.He's like a puppy dog, he loves to sit on my study desk for a pat and a rub.sometimes we gently head butt each other.he also loves to play fetch with my daughters hair ties.He's my best mate.

  • 14th Mar 2017 04:20pm

We have 4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 cockatiel, and about 100 fish spread over 3 ponds. With 7 people in the house too it can get rather busy.. :-)

  • 11th Sep 2015 08:45pm

We have 9 budgies, 1 rabbit and 2 cats.
One cat called Bella, she runs up and down then hallway, for her exercise and her cat brother, Narlya he is funny and he always making a a racket wanting attention.

  • 30th Aug 2015 04:48pm

I have a young rescue cat called Zen and a female called Loki. How does Loki get to the middle of the pond without getting her feet wet? First act like something is happening so Zen will rush over, push him in and stand on him..whalla centre of pond and dry paws

  • 21st Aug 2015 09:09pm

I've got two dogs, a cat, and two guinea pigs. My dogs are pretty great, and they pretty much throw a ball at me when I walk outside. My cat likes to sleep all day, as cats do. My guinea pigs lay down half the day, but as soon as I put a cherry tomato in their enclosure it's like a fight to the death for the food.

  • 18th Aug 2015 04:51pm

Don't have a pet as such but wish i had of got into bird feeding40 odd years ago. i get much more pleasure today looking into the eye of a wild redwing parrot on a tray i am holding then the budgies finchs or poor galah in cages i or family had as pets all those years ago.

  • 17th Aug 2015 10:16pm

I have 2 border collies who are only eight months old, they are brothers and are a handful but lots of fun also..

  • 8th Aug 2015 07:08pm

I have a kelpie, a ragdoll cat, chooks, ..geese, ducks, sheep and of course GOATS. Ooops forgot BeeBee, a female Galah.

Burnt Out Digger
  • 7th Aug 2015 07:24pm

Pets can make good companions and also help to teach children responsibility when they are charged with looking after them.

however, pet owners also need to be prepared to take responsibility for them in that they need to ensure that, for example, cats and dogs are kept in a proper area so that they do not affect wild life. They should also be taken to the vet regularly.

  • 19th Jul 2015 02:36pm

I now have two cats which are both from the RSPCA. Our first cat was purchased a little over two years ago and he is a beautiful big, Grey fluffy Maine Coon who is totally gorgeous and huge! He sticks like glue to my fiancé and pines when he is not home. We also recently purchased a little 8 week old female kitten so our boy had a play mate. She is a dark brown striped, fluffy and cheeky baby that likes nothing better than launching surprise attacks on our boy, LOL.

  • 19th Jul 2015 01:10pm

I have a 5 year old Rhodesian ridgeback x and she's so beautiful yet I can never get a good picture as she runs from a camera and phone she even runs away if u say "take your picture" my mum said she's part aboriginal as apparently they sometime think it takes part of their sole. I do admit to saying it to my fur baby sapphire to get her to go away or if she runs off coz she runs back to hide lol.

  • 19th Jul 2015 11:42am

My favourite and my families favourite pet is a bordacolie. We love him so much and he is very protective of our children when visitors are around. He was very easy to train and he does not bark or bite, we have even trained him to sit a bone on his nose and not eat it until we say to. He is a very lovely family member and I think everyone should have one.

  • 17th Jul 2015 12:00am

We have 2 Rottweiler dogs, a male Tyson nearly 6 months old and a desexed female Roxy of a much smaller breed. We lost Buster HUGE Rottweiler from Cancer on Friday 13th March 2015. We rescued Tyson on 21st April this year, Tyson is 1/4 German Shepherd and his Mother was a BIG Rottweiler who had 20 pups, poor girl. As we are in our 70's we tried to rescue a Senior dog but none in Victoria were available and we could not go to SA, WA, NSW or Qld to view a dog and then get it transported back.....we have had dogs since we married in 1963 and loved our dogs, cats, etc.....we hound that the Purebred Sheps lived from 8 weeks old to 12 years, we had Dobermans as well, they lived for 5 years either got bitten by Tiger snakes on our property that we had, 6 acres, wish we would not have downsized to a town, we lost 7 dogs to Tiger snake bites over an 18 1/4 year period and 3 Rotties to cancer 6 1/2 year old in 6 years..........cried buckets.....and still do when I think of them.....anyway each dog, no matter what breed had its own lovable personality and we loved them all.......over a period of 52 + years. We have always had 2 dogs at a time because after our kids were past 5 we both worked and having 2 dogs they played etc. while we were at work......Tyson is a handful for my hubby as I am disabled and have to use a walker 24/7.....both dogs play and fight, Roxy is teaching him some lessons and so is hubby, being part Shep hopefully he will live longer than 6 becomes so attached, they break my heart bit by bit when they die....Tyson has a very deep bark, he sounds more like an older dog.......we also have a cat Norwegian Forest cat, got her 3 1/2 years ago and she is approx. 4 years old, as no papers came and she is a hoot.....loves to drink out of a tap, in the basin or bath....jumps over Roxy and runs around in circles.....but is not too sure of Tyson yet.....keeps her distance.....could use Belle's wide tail for a feather duster......she has a two layered coat of fur and looks bigger than she is in Winter......we have had a Python as a pet, he was 8 ft 2 inches, roamed around the house, did not see my mother-in-law whom I loved for 3 months; 2 guinea pigs (mine), 2 Joeys in the house, a Starling bird, bought a Qld Bearded Dragon lizard for myself, mice, and had a lamb in the house, I followed it and it did its business in an old ice-cream container......nice and clean......they made my day.......our son and daughter thought I was But I have loved all mt pets in the early years of our marriage and still do and will love them forever.......I forgot we also had a Cockatoo that swore like a trooper....George............we gave him to friends who lost their Cocky.....

  • 11th Jul 2015 12:33pm

I have two cats - adopted from my local vet after they were dumped in a shopping bag at my local vets. I had just had to put down my beloved 17 year old Elsa and, a couple of months early, also had to put down 15 year old Tabatha. I was introduced to these tiny and helpless creatures and could not separate them. Now, five years on, the black and tan tabby female follows me everywhere and perches on my shoulder when I work on the computer and watch TV. The gray and white male tabby is the most placid cat ever. In the morning he wakes me up by patting me in the face. If its cold and I want to snooze for a few minutes longer I try to ignore him - at which point he tries to lick my eyes open. Very sweet though a cats tongue on ones cornea is a unique sensation.

  • 9th Jul 2015 03:52pm

A small grey female cat who runs the household. A living example of the adage that dogs have masters & cats have slaves.

  • 8th Jul 2015 04:30pm

an idiot barking growling papillon big ears no brains. thinks he is a Rottweiler .but absolutely loves his mum. never seen an animal that needs to be on a persons lap. bloody jealously defends his mum

  • 8th Jul 2015 03:29pm

Soxy is my Pomeranian X Maltese Shitzu and she is my favourite pet. She has just turned one and loves to chase the ball and is very proud of herself when she jumps up and catches it. She also talks to you if you have the nerve to ignore her.

  • 7th Jul 2015 05:05pm

Two beautiful boys - a 14 year old, very lively Jack Russell x Maltese called McScruff or Scruffy for short. We also share our home with the most incredibly affectionate almost 2 year old russet point Himalayan cat called Gomez, who is never far from my side.

  • 7th Jul 2015 01:45pm

I have 4 cats. TiggerBugger an 8 year old ginger moggy, Lollipop, a 2 year old tortoiseshell moggy, Salem, a 2 year old black moggy, and Eloise, a 2 year old Selkirk Rex. I love them all equally, and they're all very different. Tigger has a Barney doll that he ... uh, "loves". Lollipop is shy, and quiet, Salem is the biggest dork, and Eloise is a cross between a diva and a tomboy.

  • 7th Jul 2015 08:06am

I was only talking to a friend about a similar subject last week!

I grew up on a small rural property where the dogs were the family pets and cats were the outside animals, kept mostly to control vermin.

I married into a "cat family" and was fascinated with the characters of the 2 cats in the in-laws household! Later, when my wife was ill and pretty much housebound, my mother-in-law acquired a very small kitten to keep my wife company while I was at work.

We are now quite firmly a cat family … although I would love to try keeping ferrets! :)

  • 6th Jul 2015 04:21pm

I have three female cats - all seniors now. Ziah is 16 and she is a black and white Mackerel Snowshoe Domestic Shorthair (fancy description of a black and white tabby cat with short hair, white paws and a few tan spots in her stripes). Kes is also 16, and she is Domestic Longhair Torbie - a tortoiseshell tabby. She has hyperthyroid and chronic renal failure, and every day we get with her is a blessing. Ezri is the baby at 15, and she too is a Domestic Longhair Torbie. All three were rescues (the two elder ones from Cat Haven WA, the younger from the newspaper - when I got to the house to see the litter, the kindergartener child was dragging my Ezri around by the neck and she was stressed and terrified to the max. She had clearly been mistreated as every time I moved a hand, she cowered, and she hated men, including my hubby. It took a while and lots of love and patience, but she's no longer afraid of everything anymore :)

I am sure I won't have anymore once these three are gone - I can't handle the stress and heartbreak of having a chronically sick kitty who could die on any given day - and I can't go through it all again.

  • 6th Jul 2015 04:16pm

2 female dogs - Sammy 7 & Lucy 4
maltese/shih Tzu
they are beautiful, playful and love tummy rubs, snuggles & kisses

  • 6th Jul 2015 12:43pm

i have 3 jackrussell terriers mum'dad' and son

  • 6th Jul 2015 11:27am

I have a 16 year 8 month old Cat called Krissy. That is in human years
I was going to post her photo but I can't :(

  • 6th Jul 2015 10:56am

Hi, I am owned by a beautiful Tibetan Spaniel, who is the light of my life, he walks me for miles, the coffee shop and the local pub both allowed him to enter as he is cool calm and collected and loves meeting new people. I absolutely trust his judgement after 4 years. and to think that I rescue him when 6 months old covered in fleas, totally nervous. DNA testing has proved he is a full blooded tibbie, his pups go for $1000 and there is a waiting list for the next litter.

  • 5th Jul 2015 12:26pm

IMG_8607.JPG My favorite pet is my jovial, 13 year old mate Murphy. He is a Spinone Italiano i.e. an Italian Hunting dog. He understands 3 languages apart from Dog and loves people, other animals including cows, sheep, horses and his own kind he always wears a grin, a smile and loves food, walks and drives in the car.

  • 6th Jul 2015 12:37pm
Hi rocketdog, I once had a gorgeous black cocker spaniel called Murphy who was a real character who would eat anything, including oranges, raw broccoli and cauliflower which he would steal from the...

Hi catlady, Just this morning we had a casual stroll with a 1 year old Black Cocker Spaniel called Maizy who had lots more energy than Our Murph. Yes she seemed to have some independants about her as her owners had to commit to a chase to put her lead on. LOL.

  • 6th Jul 2015 12:24pm
IMG_8607.JPG My favorite pet is my jovial, 13 year old mate Murphy. He is a Spinone Italiano i.e. an Italian Hunting dog. He understands 3 languages apart from Dog and loves people, other animals...

Hi rocketdog, I once had a gorgeous black cocker spaniel called Murphy who was a real character who would eat anything, including oranges, raw broccoli and cauliflower which he would steal from the garden. He also loved to talk, but wasn't to good at listening unless it suited him.He's been gone for 20 years now, but I still miss him.

  • 5th Jul 2015 12:41pm
IMG_8607.JPG My favorite pet is my jovial, 13 year old mate Murphy. He is a Spinone Italiano i.e. an Italian Hunting dog. He understands 3 languages apart from Dog and loves people, other animals...

  • 5th Jul 2015 11:18am

We have 2 female cats: a tabby named Whizzy and a Chinchilla named Pooks.

  • 5th Jul 2015 05:04am

A fruend of mine had a dog that loved hair ties and if he seen it in your hair he would jump and grab it even iv ig was tied in your hair.

  • 4th Jul 2015 08:11pm

I have two border collie puppies, I love them so much..

  • 4th Jul 2015 06:43pm

I have eight purebred Bengal cats, two males, 1 is a brown spotted with marbling, the other is a seal linx snow, 2 of my girls are brown spotted and 1 seal sepia snow, plus 3 kittens 1 boy 2 girls. I love to show my cats, I also breed them, they are such adorable cats, watching them play is a ball, so funny, my large brown male is harness trained and I take him for walks, when I take my dog for a walk, my dog is a black cocker spaniel , who doesn't like the black cat that comes to visit

  • 6th Jul 2015 04:12pm
I have eight purebred Bengal cats, two males, 1 is a brown spotted with marbling, the other is a seal linx snow, 2 of my girls are brown spotted and 1 seal sepia snow, plus 3 kittens 1 boy 2 girls....

Bengals are so beautiful :) You are so lucky to have them...

  • 4th Jul 2015 10:59am

I have a parrot , it will speak with me. That makes me fun.

  • 3rd Jul 2015 10:06pm

I have two lovely four legged companions, Honey is a maltese x toy poodle approximately two years old, and Elsa joined our family in April this year. Elsa is a maltese x something (her front legs make me think it's a pug or similar). They are both lovely companions

  • 3rd Jul 2015 07:48pm

my fav pet is dog and i like his cute little thing that he do,and he looks like a teddy bear.

  • 3rd Jul 2015 06:12pm

My family have a English staffy its not very funny but he's not a guard dog he licks everyone that comes over :/. We also have a fish take

  • 3rd Jul 2015 04:32pm

I have a red american (i think) staffy called REX. We have four fish too, quite large now.

  • 3rd Jul 2015 05:46pm
I have a red american (i think) staffy called REX. We have four fish too, quite large now.

I have 2 desexed Bengal cats

  • 3rd Jul 2015 04:22pm

My favourite pet is my cockatoo, he has got such a personality, i also have 4 dogs, 1 maltese/shih tzu, 1 pure shih tzu, and 2 labradors, and a cat, my cocky is the boss of them all, they all make me laugh so much,i don't know how life would be with out them, from dolly may

jules 1
  • 3rd Jul 2015 03:44pm

I have 2 cats, mother & son. The mother cat adopted me as she was left behind when our neighbour's left the premises. Then we found out once we decided to keep her that was pregnant, she had 4 kittens, we kept 1, then found homes for the other 3. I'm sure the Mother appreciates me taking her in, as on an evening she will jump up on the arm of my chair, then puts her 2 paws on my arm, then she drops her body on my arm, and snuggles in to my arm, then she looks up at me, and stares into my eyes like she is saying 'thank-you' She truly is a lovely cat. Bonzo, her son is a bit of a rebel, and he likes to think he owns me, the garden, all the food, he strot's around the place, and the funny thing he is a small cat, the Mother is much bigger than him. So when they start to have their little play together, the Mother shows him who is 'Boss'

  • 3rd Jul 2015 02:12pm

I have an 8 yr old Maltese/cross dog who thinks he is the boss & generally is.

  • 3rd Jul 2015 11:56am

I have a male Indian ring neck parrot called Shrek...he's green . Rings his bell when he sees me preparing food, so he can taste whatever I'm eating!! He's a character...lots of personality!

  • 4th Jul 2015 06:34pm
I have a male Indian ring neck parrot called Shrek...he's green . Rings his bell when he sees me preparing food, so he can taste whatever I'm eating!! He's a character...lots of personality!

Dicko I have 2 budgies who eat off my plate at dinner time. Jo Jo loves mashed potato, carrots, broccoli, sweetcorn and peas. Oscar is now starting to copy Jo Jo and eat off my plate. I can't eat anything without Jo Jo wanting some, even Weetbix. She loves fruit especially strawberries and bananas.

  • 3rd Jul 2015 10:30am

I have two gorgeous rag doll cats who have us well trained to respond to their needs to their satisfaction. They are called Smokey Joe and Indy. We also have three dogs; Ellie and Suzie, both rescued Maltese/Zhitshu crosses who loving, loyal little sweethearts. Then there is Annie, a Llhasa Apsh/Zhitshu, who is an absolute clown and quite naughty. She steals, chews and eats the most amazing stuff,but never seems to suffer too much, but our pockets have on occasion. Together, they bring us a lot of fun, love and joy. Can't imagine life without them.

  • 3rd Jul 2015 12:34pm
I have two gorgeous rag doll cats who have us well trained to respond to their needs to their satisfaction. They are called Smokey Joe and Indy. We also have three dogs; Ellie and Suzie, both...

I have a male Maine Coon cat called Sampson who thinks he is a dog so i take him for walks on a lead [he takes me} and really rules the house.He actually answers me back when i talk to him.

  • 2nd Jul 2015 05:08pm

2 young terriers, a parson russell and a border terrier

  • 1st Jul 2015 05:06pm

A female ginger Cat.

  • 4th Jul 2015 06:30pm
my daughter has a duck called sasha she loves a pat and eating whatever you have in your hand,catches flies & insects all day plus she lays eggs she is an awesome pet

your duck sasha sounds gorgeous. well on a sadder note, jo jo got off her eggs and left them. so we have no babies. have changed from the big box back to the small box. I also went to the pet store to get something to put in the box to stop the eggs rolling around whilst we are travelling. I got some sterilized feathers and jo jo promptly started throwing the feathers out of the box. it was so funny. the only trouble is that I have feathers throughout our caravan.

  • 4th Jul 2015 06:15pm
I have 2 beautiful budgies, Joey or Jo Jo and Oscar. Jo Jo is sitting on eggs for the 2nd time and hopefully this time they are fertilized.

my daughter has a duck called sasha she loves a pat and eating whatever you have in your hand,catches flies & insects all day plus she lays eggs she is an awesome pet

  • 1st Jul 2015 07:15pm
A female ginger Cat.

I have 2 beautiful budgies, Joey or Jo Jo and Oscar. Jo Jo is sitting on eggs for the 2nd time and hopefully this time they are fertilized.

  • 1st Jul 2015 03:17pm

My pet is a little lady living in Busselton, 76 years old and very sexy !

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