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Has mobile viewing and interaction changed the way you watch sports?

The latest news from Cafestudy

Posted by: Caféstudy

5th Mar 2015 09:34am

This month we asked you about how you watch sports, and if this has changed, and here is what you said.

Sports are fairly unique. Unlike most other forms of entertainment, sports need to be watched live, or if that is not possible, almost immediately after the event has taken place. As watching live is such a big priority, if any form of entertainment was suited to mobile viewing, it’s sports.

However despite the fact that ‘live sports’ and ‘watch whenever and wherever’ seem to be a perfect combination, we found your attitudes towards mobile viewing are still mixed. There is still a core group of you who can be described as ‘sports traditionalists;’ for you, live sport on TV still rules! You cannot contemplate the thought of watching any other way. Says peterv; ‘I must be old fashioned because I prefer to watch at home on a decent sized screen.’ This group associates sport with the occasion of watching a game, getting together with friends, enjoying the atmosphere and does not feel the need to keep up with the latest results 24/7. A second large group of you simply said ‘I don’t watch live sports.’ For you, increased accessibility to sports through online and mobile is more of an annoyance than a convenience. You are not interested and will simply go even further out of your way to avoid it.

It is those of you who are avid sports fans who are changing the way you view sports, and taking advantage of mobile viewing. You see increased exposure to sports and results on the go as a major plus. Squeekums says; ‘AFL season; my tablet attached to me, keeping track of scores, other games that are not on TV, and injury updates.’ According to paulettea ‘it’s wonderful I think that people can feel free to be out and about but not miss out on seeing their sport.’

It’s not just keeping up with the latest scores and news that is appealing to this group. Other benefits include interacting via social media with other viewers during a live game, which makes people feel more involved even if they are not there. And in addition, the increased variety of sports now available to watch was mentioned by several of you. For this group, mobile viewing enhances sport rather than spoils it.

The increased access to information on the go does come with one issue; spoilers! There is a general agreement that it is becoming increasingly difficult not to hear the results when you don’t want to, before having had a chance to watch the game. However all things considered, your feedback suggests that when it comes to sports, the benefits of mobile viewing and interaction for existing sports fans far outweigh the negatives. While it seems unlikely that mobile viewing will entice any new fans into the world of sport, it is certainly changing and benefitting viewing for those whom sports are already an integral part of their lives.

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Burnt Out Digger
  • 26th Apr 2015 06:49pm

I don't use them the screens are far too small be of any use.