The Great Barrier Reef


Posted by: s

11th Oct 2014 11:15am

The government has given the Great Barrier Reef marine park authority which maintains the reef, the government has taken $3 million dollars from their budget.!!!

This has caused many to be sacked from their positions with the Great Barrier Reef marine park authority and this has included scientists and climate scientists.

We need them to protect, maintain and research the Great Barrier Reef for now and for future generations!!!!

Do people agree?

Comments 7

  • 4th Jul 2018 02:45pm

Yes. I Agree

  • 17th Apr 2018 11:55am

Definitely!!! The Great Barrier Reef is one of our icons and also one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. The Reef was Heritage listed in October 1961 but that doesn't seem to amount to anything if the people who maintain the Reef are losing their jobs!

  • 23rd Mar 2017 11:23am

I agree that we need to maintain the present level of protection, maintenance and research

Fan Yang
  • 20th Jul 2016 10:06pm

agreed, these fund has to be used more closely to the project

  • 15th Jul 2016 11:06am

Crazy that so much permanent damage has been done already.

  • 24th Mar 2016 07:55pm

Totally agree. Naturals beauties are not replaceable.

  • 16th Oct 2014 12:38pm

I agree s ,totally and without apologies to any one. I am disgusted with the way all Australians are burying their heads into the sand about the many problems that
are affecting our world wide Icon of natural beauty, The Great Barrier Reef. Why, do we do it ? Is it because the boring name doesn`t match the beauty of this underwater beautiful paradise? What other silly reasons can there be for us to be so ignorant of the biggest draw card for tourism in Australia? OR do we believe the
misinformation we are receiving from State Govt and the "experts" working for them who rarely get their feet wet? C`mon Aussie C`mon.---- your reef can`t without help and help now !

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