Mobile phone providers - what do you think of yours?

What makes you choose a particular mobile phone provider, and what is most important to you? Is it price, reputation, customer service, brand, or something else?

In general, you can be split into three groups.

1. Price conscious. This group tends to shop around, carefully considering a variety of providers, and weighing up cost vs. coverage. Price conscious individuals are the most likely to switch providers, being are easily tempted by better deals elsewhere. Amaysim is popular with this group, being described as a simple cheap option.

2. Coverage is more important than price. Some of you are not prepared to sacrifice a reliable connection for the sake of a few dollars. For this group, Telstra is your provider of choice and Optus is also popular. Many of you have tried both Optus and Telstra, and settled with the one that works best for you reception-wise.

3. No choice. Those who live in rural areas either feel irate about the situation, or feel lucky to have any kind of coverage at all. Brad says “Those with mobile reception at home are indeed fortunate. Regardless of provider, we have no reception whatsoever....having to drive over 3kms before we can even get a two-bar signal.” You are open to switching to new providers, but more often than not, you can only get one provider in your area so have no choice but to stay with them.

For all of you, customer service is important as is a choice of plans. Prepaid budget option Amasyim is well reviewed. Still says “I have been a customer with Amaysim for more than one year. The reception is good. They really care about their customer.” Not doing so well is Vodafone, which many say has issues with reception/coverage.

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Posted by: myrmale
Posted: 16th May 2014

myrmale says: I was given my basic Nokia phone years ago by my daughter. I can receive text messages and make and receive phone calls. That's ALL I need my mobile phone to do so I won't be progressing to the latest super duper bells and whistles mobile phone - there's no need to :o) Reply


Posted by: bube
Posted: 8th May 2014

bube says: I have been with telstra for the last few years, the are may a bid more costly, but if I compare the quality of respetion and tropouts, agains my wifes phone, she is with optus i am happy to pay the addional money Reply


Posted by: Preeti
Posted: 3rd Jun 2014

Preeti says: No comments Reply


Posted by: dim
Posted: 14th Jun 2014

dim says: I have vodafone not only is it cheap call rates there prepaid plans are great


Posted by: jozena69
Posted: 12th Jun 2014

jozena69 says: I use lyca mobile only reason is they have cheap international calls and being that my partner is in ivory coast and I call a lot it helps with the cheap per minute rates :) Reply


Posted by: missionmum
Posted: 27th Jul 2015

missionmum says: None of the companies / providers ever offer any incentivise to loyal customers , it would be nice to get something as recognition for being with my provider for many years. Also I cant believe that my one also cant give me a package deal on my mobile, home internet and tv box , no they don't have a bundle deal on all 3 together Reply

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