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Which best unleaded car or diesel

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Posted by: yenly

16th Mar 2014 07:21pm

hi I'm confuse between diesel and unleaded car which ones the best for using everyday and cheaper

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  • 3rd Dec 2016 02:31pm

I am also confused but between leaded and unleaded,are the petrl people trying to con us,or is one of the petrols better for our cars

  • 13th May 2016 04:03pm

i would recommend diesel all the way i could not go back to driving unleaded

  • 14th Sep 2015 07:21pm

IT does not matter what you select but what ever you select fit a FITCH to it for it will save you fuel

  • 7th Apr 2015 12:27pm

Diesel cars cost a few thousand dollars more than their petrol equivalents. The result is that it usually takes many years for the average user to recoup the savings offered by the greater mileage per litre of a diesel equivalent vehicle.
Diesel also costs more to purchase so this too, & this offsets the savings of diesel.
The average car buyer swops a vehicle after 3-5 years, thus if doing 50,000 + km a year, diesel makes sense, otherwise it has little or no actual benefit for the average user over doing 15,000km a year.

  • 19th Jun 2014 02:23pm

I prefer diesel it may be more expensive but overall cheaper to run and better if you carry heavy loads, however not many small vehicles have diesel. I use E10 in my car not too fussed on it but find I get reasonable fuel economy

  • 18th Jun 2014 08:13pm

If thinking about the greenhouse problem, diesel is more pollutant by far. The best is to use LPG at this stage, until they promote biodiesel or ethanol more.

  • 12th May 2014 01:51am

diese would b much cheaper but gas is even better again

  • 8th Jul 2014 04:46pm

I have an old falcon on LPG. When travelling on holidays the cost to fill a tank sure looks better than petrol or diesel. If only Canberra servos didn't rip us off.

  • 26th Apr 2014 10:47am

If you drive 45000km per year a diesel will work out cheaper to travel in and they are reliable . Diesel vehicles are for travelling long distances to achieve best efficiency.
If you drive around 25000 km then petrol fuelled vehicles are more cost efficient,considering initial costs of purchase.
If buying used petrol cars, It can be risky if the odometer is heading to 200,000km,but a diesel with 350,000km would be normally OK,providing all servicing has been done at the required times which applies to all vehicles you are buying 2nd hand

  • 25th Apr 2014 03:06pm

I agree with Mermaid's comments completely, however I much prefer petrol cars for the drive experience. Diesel cars can be heavy to drive and older cars have problems in colder climates in winter.

  • 24th Apr 2014 09:28am

A diesel is cheaper to run and cost effective on maintenance. A diesel model is faster on the pickup (speed) than petrol and is cleaner fuel. The only consideration is purchase price which is always higher than a petrol car the offset is the motor will run smoother last way beyond a petrol cars in years.

Go for a demo model on either a petrol or diesel model it will save mega dollars :)

  • 16th May 2014 05:18pm
A diesel is cheaper to run and cost effective on maintenance. A diesel model is faster on the pickup (speed) than petrol and is cleaner fuel. The only consideration is purchase price which is...

regards your comment that diesel is cleaner fuel than petrol, i read a report in the advertiser i while back, where in 2009 a US study by Qinghua Sun 0assistant professor of environmental health scioences, at Ohio State University demonstrated a possible link between diesel exhaust fumes and cancer,
he says "'the message from our study is that exposure to diesel exhaust for just a short time period of two months could give even normal tissue the potential to develop a tumour,'' i have driven in, not owned, many diesel vehicles and all though i don't have issues with either diesel or petrol, for me i would rather listen to respected professors and scientists than any fuel company or car company trying to sell it's fuel or cars any day it's all about informed choices as with everything

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