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holden no longer

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Posted by: shanlee

13th Feb 2014 12:32am

It is a said day then we as an Australian country will see the holden go down in history as something we will talk about in the past

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  • 23rd Mar 2014 02:07pm

it was only a matter of time, so we all have got to get use to it.

  • 23rd Mar 2014 02:06pm

it was only a matter of time, so we all have got to get use to it.

  • 19th Mar 2014 03:05pm

/cry going to miss the old commies haha

  • 17th Mar 2014 07:21pm

I think holden wasn't changing with the times. There were on the cutting edge of popular cars in their day, but have tried to push the same nostalgic marketing for years. People don't want what they used (i.e. more power, lavish trimmings etc.).
As for the costs of manufacturing, this is a very difficult thing to overcome. I don't have the answer but government subsidy is not it. Such a disposable, short-term income cannot be relied upon.

  • 16th Mar 2014 02:17pm

The demise of local Holden manufacturing is just another effect of the "We want everything now" attitude of people now. So collectively people push for more money thinking they are the only ones doing it in the false belief they are geting ahead of the flock. All that has done over the past decades is make the local product more expensive so people spend their money on the cheaper imported product. Then complain they lose their jobs and expect goivernments to bail them out but it was their own greed in the first place together with not supperting the industries that give them their inflated remunerative jobs. It is a simple case of not being able to have your cake and eat it as well but on a larger scale. Just as an exercise, go to a car plant and look at the employees cars in the car park. Less than 20% on last count supported their own industry evidenced by their choice of vehicle. How can the local employer pay staff if their product is not being bought at a viable quantity.One day people will understand you cannot eat breath or drink money.

  • 22nd Feb 2014 02:39am

Protecting a local automotive industry has cost too much in recent decades; you don't need to be an expert to know about the high labour costs, workers unions and small domestic market. Every locally manufactured car bar the Holden Cruze (a rebadged Chevrolet) is a large car. With consumers in an already minuscule market turning towards smaller and eco-friendly cars it's pretty obvious why Holden and every other manufacturer doesn't have a business case.

  • 21st Feb 2014 04:34pm

holden will still exist as such, just that they will be designed and manufactured by different people, and those designers will turn holden into something completely different to what it is now, so even if they keep the name, holden will eventually change completely

and they are keeping a design studio on australia, although its a bit of a joke, all they do is make sure the cars meet australian design requirements, so they practically do nothing

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