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TV and Films, where and how do you watch yours?

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Posted by: terry

16th Jan 2014 12:16pm

TV has become a very interesting arena recently. If there is a great show on that I want to watch, I can either sit down at the allotted time and watch it (with all the ads), or record it and watch it at a later time, or download/play it online, or buy it on iTunes at a later date. Choices, choices.

What are your likes and dislikes of watching TV the way you do? Is streaming/downloading TV the way of the future or are you happy to still record or are you a traditionalist at heart and watch it when it's on?

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  • 20th Apr 2021 09:45pm

Firstly, I try to gauge the genre of the film. If it is a blockbuster movie or a fast-paced action/thriller/horror movie, I do not mind sharing the viewing experience with my friends and cousins. With my friends, I would try and go to theatre to watch it. With my cousins, I watch it on Netflixparty.
However if it's an indie movie or a slow burner, I would prefer to watch it cozily on my bed, under my blankie and by myself.

Whereas tv shows are concerned, I love watch comedies with others more than dramas. It's because I find laughter is infectious so it's more fun to watch comedies in groups

  • 10th Feb 2019 03:07pm

I have health issues so watch a LOT of tv. Watch very little at the time of broadcast. Ads are sent to test our sanity, I swear. I love the apps & catch up tv, it’s literall changed my life. I also pay for a couple of streaming services which I enjoy. I have a smart tv, also Apple TV & Ipad, love that I can cast from devices to Apple TV etc. We have much more freedom these days with what & how we watch.

  • 28th Jun 2017 12:07am

i am watching television in home. I like to see romantic movies.

  • 11th Apr 2017 07:00am

I tape onto hard drive on tv, then can watch when I have time. I can also flick through the commercials this way.

  • 21st Jul 2016 10:37pm

I still watch TV the old fashion way with my famliy and go to the movies spending family time together, its a enjoyment thats not around in a lot of house holds. Don't have use for a mobile phone let alone a smartphone, iTune, You Tube any other waste of a time technology as spending time with family is more important.

  • 16th May 2016 10:26pm

I only use Free-to-air TV for news & some sports. The rest of my entertainment comes from Netflix (Ad free) and my own collection of Blu-rays (I take full advantage og Sales at JB Hi-Fi.

  • 13th Sep 2015 11:47am

commercial TV drives me crazy with hundreds of ads screamed out at me, so my viewing is ABC, SBS & NITV.
I have Netflix which I watch through Apple TV, either on my TV set or iPad, I binge watch whole series, & catch up with movies I have missed.
I will never watch commercial TV again

  • 29th Aug 2015 09:34am

I own a 3D Smart TV but never watch anything but free to air TV and most of that is the stupid reality shows which must be cheap to produce there are so many of them.

I am never interested in enough to record a show as most of what I watch is the news, current affairs and documentaries.

  • 16th Aug 2015 12:20am

I have an apple TV and Netflix and don't watch much mainstream TV because of the many hours in a day I work. I mainly watch shows without adverts which I hate and netflix is perfect for this.

  • 1st Jul 2015 01:56pm

I must be one of the old fashioned, as I still like to get a dvd out, and then sit in comparitive warmth and silence and watch it, without any adds hopefully. The days of theatre and films, I think are numbered, so I noticed that if I go to a film, only 3 or 4 there, unless it is a film that one of the local radio stations or elsewhere are giving away the tickets, then I notice it is full house. It must be very disappointing to run a film for a few people, so no wonder the costs to go in are so high. I think the only time films are readily watched at theatres is school holidays, and nowdays it has to be a good film to get people there. There are so many other ways of doing this, without theatre, so no wonder poor showing there....

  • 26th Jun 2015 01:42pm

I find that there is rarely anything on TV that I want to watch. All the shows I want to watch are either on whilst I'm making dinner, or they're on in other countries months before they reach me. This pushes me to watching the shows online, either on Netflix or via other illegal streaming sites. I love being able to access what I want when I want to watch it, that's one of the main things about it all.

  • 3rd May 2015 04:03pm

I am old school, dont believe in paying for something that is free. So I want any show I would like to see on the faithful TV, only concession to all modern upgrades is the remote control, apart from this, I occassionally use catchup on weekend to watch a halfhour weekly program all in one go.

I still see the shows I want and dont waste money on stuff that, for me, is a waste of money, and I could afford to buy a house, car and major appliances for cash. So happy camper :)

  • 7th Mar 2015 02:36pm

I watch TV on a plain old TV set. No smart TV, no recording, no other devices. Frankly technology is moving a bit too fast for me, and I'm struggling to keep up. I did manage to record a show to a USB, which was an achievement for me!

  • 30th Oct 2014 08:36pm

I'm still quite traditional prefer watching a movie on the large Tv with muchies on a comfy couch :)

  • 17th Jun 2015 05:21pm
I'm still quite traditional prefer watching a movie on the large Tv with muchies on a comfy couch :)

We do the same thing. We have never used iview etc or used other devices to watch TV on.

  • 8th Sep 2014 12:34pm

I am not that interested in TV especially all those reality shows. I usually watch shows such as the ABC and SBS news, Q&A< QI,, Antique Road Show and Bargain Hunt. I never watch movies on commercial channels as they have approximately 7 minutes movie and then 5 minutes adds. Total waste.

But then reading all the other comments I am way behind as I still have a old tube TV. I will invest in a 50" smart LED TV when it blows up. Cannot see the ned to invest in a new gadget when the original is still working great. The set top box has a USB port to record if I wanted but never been that keen on any show to bother.

Personally I would rather read a book.

  • 27th Jun 2014 10:21am

I'm not into a lot of TV but still prefer to sit with the family and agree on what we watch....If I can get the remote off Tho there are some shows such as Once Upon a time and Big Bang Theory we store on external hard drive and watch over and over.

  • 21st Jun 2014 01:42pm

I have a MacBook and watch most if not all tv shows and movie online, it can be done on any device all you need is an internet connection. You have great websites like Megashare, couch tuner and solar movies they upload loads of tv shows an movies old and new

  • 21st Jun 2014 01:42pm

I have a MacBook and watch most if not all tv shows and movie online, it can be done on any device all you need is an internet connection. You have great websites like Megashare, couch tuner and solar movies they upload loads of tv shows an movies old and new

  • 20th Jun 2014 04:00pm

To be honest i find downloading and spending endless amount of money on movies just to watch on a tablet etc very pointless.
i prefer to sit in my room of the couch and lay down to enjoy the film! technology is getting a bit over the top for me and i'm 17 years of age..

  • 6th Jun 2014 07:56am

It's not very often the family sits around the TV and watches their favorite movie.

I have made a conscious effort with my children and now grand daughter, to make time to lay or sit with them. Enjoy the time you have, because you never know what tomorrow brings.

  • 4th Jun 2014 07:10pm

Online, through a website called megaspore, they have movies, series and t.v shows.

  • 12th May 2014 09:07pm

I still keep it very old school ... Two couches surrounding a tv and watching with the family when I can !! There's no need to get so technical and complicated when it comes to tv haha

  • 9th May 2014 09:26pm

I watch everything on either my iPad or my laptop. I don't own a TV at all. Don't see the point of waiting for the things you can get on demand online :)

  • 1st May 2014 11:38pm


Sil sil
  • 29th Apr 2014 03:58pm

Hi, I think i'm one of those people that others would say are boring or bit delayed hehehe Technology does not attract me in any shape way or form. I use a computer & can do basic things like email, search web, use ebay, excel & windows. I have an iphone (thanks to hubby) & enjoy talking to ppl more than texting or messaging, but i am getting better. Same thing with movies, i love foreign films, & have made an annual treat to go with my best friend to the italian film festivals & sometimes french festivals. I like going to the cinema or watching a DVD on tv. The thought of carrying lots of gadgets & having charges all over my house freaks me out a little. I understand however that with 2 young kids, i a, going to have to keep up with the times a little better to keep up with them, i do have a facebook account & use whatsapp, but thats it. Im only 34 & enjoy using Skype, but movies i think are best appreciated on large screens.

  • 25th Apr 2014 01:50pm

when I need to learn a song for karaoke I go into You Tube and listen there. I also post all the karaoke singers from the club on You Tube.

  • 25th Apr 2014 12:07pm

I have made the conscious effort of downloading material lately because of the experiences I have had with communal viewing facilities like cinemas where interruptions are frequent by socially ignorant consumers ruining my viewing of excellent material. At home I can view the material in peace and comfort and can pause it if I am distracted by something. I also have access to subscription TV which is for the most part delightful given the content is first rate and selective as opposed to being in a cinema and forced to sit through material that has become disappointing and more costly. Also as an aspiring film writer, I find the film and television industry extremely elitist and I know many people with stories to tell that believe the ability to have work published by professionals is a very time consuming and costly affair. Meanwhile there are many in these industries that are selfish with their own content and lack artistic and creative integrity leaving those with emphatic imaginary insight to wither in their own captive imaginations and sharing their fascinating stories without reward, frustrated by working in job with no growth or stimulation potential.

  • 23rd Apr 2014 10:36pm

I use either my smart TV or my tablet, apart from the usual Foxtel, I also watch Netflix or us or UK based TV apps through internet TV.

What annoys me is the lack of things such as Netflix and Amazon over here in Australia. I have to use a program that changes my IP address in order to watch these.

Foxtel and HBO's monopoly agreement is hurting fans and could have a detrimental effect on the rise in using torrent based websites which will hurt the two channels in the long run.

I do however like the extensive sport coverage that this country has, it has to be one of the best in the world!

  • 14th Apr 2014 03:16pm

I do watch TV and Movies on the tablet. I use Youtube and TV on demand. But I have used illegal sites to stream Movies. I like using the tablet outside in the garden. The thing that annoys me most is that it constantly needs to buffer or the volumes too low for outdoors

Sil sil
  • 9th Apr 2014 03:58pm

I love sitting on my couch with all my nibbles & wine to watch tv or a movie once kids are all in bed. I like the large screen & being comfy... Great to go the cinema for action film though!

  • 6th Apr 2014 11:08am

I love the freedom that digital TV gives you to record and watch at your leisure, right time and place. I would like an option to pay what I pay for TV, and be allowed to choose the channels I want. To be able to mix and match to make that package instead of having many channels we don't use in the basic package and then having to pay extra for the ones we really want. I like know that if I can't wait to see a new movie and I go to the Cinema instead of waiting for it to come to Sky. Likewise, if I miss a movie on Sky I can till go to the local movie store and hire it. The only problem is with series - generally if you want to see them again you have to purchase the series, you may be lucky for reruns or catchup TV.

  • 4th Apr 2014 05:32am

Usually on my iphone, on youtube.

  • 27th Mar 2014 12:32pm

Hello Terry.
As for TV and Movies, and even Music is concerned, I do not pay a cent. Music is really easy, as I can use Youtube to view, and to download. TV and music however is a little different.

I use both Project Free TV and Megashare to stream my videos, however neither of these are compatible on anything other than a laptop or mac. Hope this helped!

  • 26th Mar 2014 05:14pm

I watch TV and films on my tablet i activate iTunes generally though sometimes i use you tube it depends. I generally watch when waiting or using public transport. I don't really have any problems except for the glare that can come of the tablet making it hard to watch the movie

  • 24th Mar 2014 05:34pm

These days I hardly watch TV programs. There are far too many Ads. I prefer to buy the popular TV series on DVD or Blu-ray and watch when it suits me. For blockbuster movies I visit the cinema but do not pay more than $10 per ticket. I take advantage of Optus & Telstra rewards for my tickets. I also subscribe to Quickflix for movies that I missed at the cinemas. For a $14.99 membership I am able to see a minimum of 6 movies per month on Blu-ray - this I consider good value.
I only watch free-to-air sports on TV> Will never get Foxtel because I consider it to be poor value.

  • 23rd Mar 2014 09:01pm

I download movies and tv shows from free download sites on the internet. and mainly watch them via my playstation or computer but occasionally on my smartphone and I download them usually on my smartphone. I currently don't travel much so I rarely use my smartphone to watch movies. It annoys me how my current service provided has made rate plan changes without notifying me.

  • 22nd Mar 2014 01:04pm

I download shows from itunes or buy dvd's. Would like to purchase apple tv soon. I watch the football at home at the broadcast time or on my phone.

  • 15th Mar 2014 09:34pm

I usually wait until a tv series or movie is out on dvd to watch it, unless it's something I get hooked on, like Game of Thrones or Supernatural etc.

  • 14th Mar 2014 11:07pm

Because I live in sunny Aus I watch mine illegally. Us Aussies are an entire season behind the rest of the world in most TV shows. They are starting to "fast-track" them form the US but because of this one reason I know that almost all my friends watch it illegally. Simply easier and more convenient.

  • 7th Mar 2014 08:14pm

Times are changing but for some people sitting with the family and watching a favourite tv programme or movie is still good family time. everyone huddled watching their own programmes makes us disconnected. Popcorn making is a family event putting on subtitles because someone always wants to comment on the show.

  • 5th Mar 2014 01:49pm

I can watch recorded content through my computer which i have connected to my Hd Plasma 50 inch TV. I also have a PVR which is really a smart TV without a screen and can access all TV chanels which have catch up.I think all stations do it catch up now. I very rarely ever watch TV live because of the Adverts and when they are broadcast. I am not sure if people know you can hook up a Lap Top to your TV but i am not sure if you have an HDMI socket to connect a Tablet or Ipad??

  • 4th Mar 2014 05:00pm

I watch all my TV and movies on my computer through illegal download sites. Its just way to convenient to do it any other way. The prices through itunes etc are rubbish. Going to the movies can be a hassle, however if its something worthy of a huge screen and great sound ie gravity then my partner will go. Though its not very regular. 4 times a year. With tv shows its just way to quick. By the time its out in Australia its already too old to even bother.

  • 3rd Mar 2014 02:59pm

I tape my shows through foxtel IQ and watch them later this is so good as I can tape 2 shows at once and watch whatever I want to watch at the same time. If I miss a show I can use catchup and tape the show later what a fantastic invention

  • 28th Feb 2014 06:44am

I download or stream all my TV content from the internet through my PC with my PC linked up to my TV at home. What annoys me about content providers is they are always behind by several months or play the shows i like to watch at 10pm. I never watch free to air TV due to this and prefer to either download and stream all my content so i can watch whenever i like.

  • 27th Feb 2014 09:58pm

I watch my movies and TV shows with foxtel usually. Loving "The Walking Dead!!"

  • 21st Feb 2014 01:40pm

I rely heavily on a website, "series cravings" in order to catch up on any TV series I have missed or cannot get access to on standard TV channels. I would usually access this site on my laptop, however it is accessible on tablets and smartphones. I tend to watch it in my room and occasionally in the lounge room. Its fantastic and convenient being able to access so many shows/movies instantly, however it may be making us too impatient and anti-social. sometimes the huge fall in internet speed for no apparent reason can be very frustrating.

  • 13th Feb 2014 08:13pm

I watch mine mostly on my computer or TV.

  • 13th Feb 2014 05:00am

I am using a smartphone and i use flashfox browser by firefox to access a webpage named viooz

  • 11th Feb 2014 03:08am

Well I am a bit old fashion I believe TV is for watch and a Computer is for computing, i.e. Internet, emails, PORN(of cause, lol) and doing survey's to earn some extra cash if you are suitable. But I do watch Youtube on my computer and stuff like that but Movies I rent from Quickflix one of the best internet sites I have found. But I watch Movies on the TV due to the comfort and surround sound and remote controlled everything TV, DVD, Video, Playstation, Stereo, me Dad's even got remote controlled fans. Everthing is push button. So yeah lay back on the couch and watch Riddick or Mortal Instruments pause when need to so that what I reckon.

  • 9th Feb 2014 09:57pm

i watch a lot of movies on my macbook and i watch them on megashare i dont know if its it completly legal but its a pretty good site the only thing is that its not hd and it shuts down alot and if you cant find a movie on megashare you go to viooz and i know this site is ilegal because it shows movies that are still in the pictures in america and havnt even been shown on t.v as a trailer yet in australa but sometimes if you cant find it on both only sometimes does it have it on youtube and lastly on your phone you can download itube where you can find songs movies and t.v shows on youtube and watch them without internet

  • 2nd Feb 2014 04:01pm

I prefer to watch a tv series all at once, i hate waiting for the next episode to come out a week later i lose interest. So i prefer to watch episodes on my mac. I love that you can watch 3 seasons in a week and catch up on films or episodes that you had missed a previous night.

  • 2nd Feb 2014 11:08am

Totally agree with 1234 & Jenny. We too have 2 pvrs on our main tv, so can access shows we want when we want. I have no desire to watch anything on a small screen, so for those times shows or beginnings or endings are missed for various reasons, I use free, legal sites to catch up BUT attach the laptop to the tv via an hdmi cable. Will have to remember the cable when staying in hotels ... never anything decent when you're waiting for someone!!!

  • 1st Feb 2014 12:06pm

My Iphone doesn't use flash which is required for movie watching so I usually watch TV or on my PC live streaming

  • 29th Jan 2014 08:18pm

i love having tv and video on demand but i find i use it more for youtube than anything else but i must say i really enjoy having a movie day/night at home and have registered with quikflix so for a fee i get dvds and blurays delivered to my home aswell as have a large amount of movies to stream whenever i wish and theres nothing like having my partner or friends over with some popcorn etc watching a movie or tv drama on the big screen plasma.i dont think my tablet or smartphone will ever replace that.

  • 28th Jan 2014 08:49am

we usually record favourte shows and watch them when kids are in bed. im addicted to shows like masterchef the block etc we have foxtel IQ so we just watch and delete!
what annoys me is that the channels 7 ...7 and 10 dont use all there stations to show live sports event and we have no chocice to watch a limited selection through Foxtel very pricey!

  • 27th Jan 2014 03:12pm

I am about to buy one of the new TV's (still have an old one with set top box). Had Foxtel IQ which my daughter had connected while at home but had to stop due to the expense. What a shock after Foxtel to now having to watch Free To Air. I intend to get a TV that records so I can watch shows when I want. Being summer I like being outside and now I miss shows like the news at 6.00 pm. I don't have a Tablet or Smartphone and never download from the internet.

  • 27th Jan 2014 10:08am

I watch my TV or films on a laptop or my smartphone, generally using Pay Access TV apps such as Foxtel to watch episodes whenever I want, I also watch them through Youtube. I generally tend to watch the programs still from the comfort of my own home, but I use them so when there is nothing I want to watch on my the programmed TV schedule, I can still watch something I would like to via my laptop or smartphone. I really like this as if all there is on scheduled TV is 'daytime television' to fill in the spaces I can still watch my favourite shows, however it annoys me that only certain shows/movies are available for these devices, and that it often takes a while to get a new episode of a TV show onto my device or onto the apps that I use.

  • 25th Jan 2014 09:23pm

I own a smart tv, so usually ill watch them online.

  • 25th Jan 2014 06:25pm

I only ever watch tv on tv sometimes use the computer to catch up on a program, never use my phone.
Being able to access shows on mobile devices makes entertaining children convenient on long trips.

  • 25th Jan 2014 01:28pm

Phone screen is too small to be bothered even trying to watch movies on, I could do it on the tablet if I could be bothered transferring files.

Mrs has been away 6 months (yes, I had a 6 month holiday), the TV has been on about 4 hours in total for that time. There just isn't enough on to interest me enough to watch it.

  • 24th Jan 2014 09:24pm

i usually record tv and movies then i can skip the ads

  • 24th Jan 2014 09:00pm

I have foxtel for the movies, sport and docos (as well as True Blood, Game of thrones). I use channel BT for tv shows. I also purchase around 70% of the tv shows I watch via channel BT after they come out on dvd here. I never watch free to air tv anymore. I would watch more foxtel if foxtel supported more smart phones with their foxtel go. I am intending to get a tablet in the next few months. I would like to usefoxtel go on that.

  • 23rd Jan 2014 08:36pm

I watch all films and tv on just that - the television (unless we go to the cinema). I have a mobile phone, but not a smartphone. My son has an iPhone 4s and subscribes to iTunes. I don't have enough time to watch any more than we do, and its usually recorded on a DVR.

  • 23rd Jan 2014 11:18am

We only watch TV phones to small to see anything and if I miss a program it is on later anyway

  • 22nd Jan 2014 06:52pm

I record TV shows on my external hard drive, or on my smart TV and watch them later. I also download and watch catch up TV and movies on my tablet. I find this gives me plenty of options.

  • 22nd Jan 2014 01:29pm

I watch television shows on a television, and old movies as well, when good ones are broadcast. I like to watch new movies at the picture theatre when they are released if I have enough pocket-money available.
Pay-TV is just out of the question for our budget. I stopped recording television programmes to watch later when I realised that I had over 150 hours or recorded material and was just never going to have the time to 'catch up'.
I see no reason to watch either television shows or movies on a mobile device.

  • 22nd Jan 2014 01:06pm

I watch it when it's on, and sometimes record ({PVR) if the show's on really late, or to avoid the ads. Only watch free-to-air tv. I mark the tv programs I want to watch, and switch it off otherwise. If you want to have lots of free time to pursue other things, turn off the tiv!

  • 22nd Jan 2014 12:16pm

I buy a lot of TV on DVD's, having a whole series is great when you just want to keep watching and watching and no ads. Its great if they are older shows and all the seasons have been released but if they havent been released that is a drawback, same as if they are a new series showing on TV, they arent available until the season has been shown on tv and can take a while to have that season released on DVD. I also watch a lot of catch up tv & project free tv on my netbook, either in bed with earphones or plug it into my plasma and watch my shows - again no ads. There isnt too much I watch on actual tv these days - much easier to just watch online - a lot of the series I watch are online as they are broadcast in America and in Australia we have to wait to see the shows on TV which can be awhile.

  • 22nd Jan 2014 11:19am

For me personally I watch my tv shows online via my laptop to get the latest tv shows as Australia seems to be a fair bit behind in them. I use a website called cokeandpopcorn. Its free to use and I can access most of my tv shows through this.
As to movies well I sometimes illegally download them or use websites such as megashare or putlocker.
I think its great that I can access these things anywhere at any time. Sadly people are now relying on them way too much and dvds and boxsets are becoming a thing of the past. I love that I own DVDs and that I can watch them whenever I'm home but I do know the convience of just searching the internet can become a more addictive trait and just so much easier. I hate to think of children growing up in this era. No longer will they wait for the next episode to come on tv they will just access it online. No more having to pay money to go to the cinema or to rent out a movie cause everything is now at your fingertips.
I think more and more industries are even helping provide the easy access and are giving more and more people the opportunity to stay indoors. We need to get people out not just sitting at home constantly because we can see everything here now or whenever we are bored out that we just sit down and watch a tv show or movie, it saddens me that we have come to this era in society

  • 22nd Jan 2014 10:56am

We only watch TV on TV. We are fortunate to have foxtel, however even then there's not a lot to watch. We do tape some shows that we like to watch so we can see them at our leisure.

  • 22nd Jan 2014 09:55am

I often use catch up TV when I miss my favourite show or there are two things on a once that I want to watch and I sometimes download things to my iPad to watch when we go away.

  • 22nd Jan 2014 06:13am

Yes,on my smart phone,I would probley watch some Youtube hits and what I film on my phone,Movies are best watched on the bigger Tv,Unless I want to see a clip Quicky I will use my smart Phone,Etc,Youetube
Nothing annoys me so far

  • 22nd Jan 2014 06:05am

The Internet has enabled me to catch up on old movies and songs that I have not seen or heard before, plus catch up on hard to find old favourites,, and has changed some of my listening and viewing habits. However I operate a Laptop which is ideal for my purposes

  • 22nd Jan 2014 01:51am

I prefer watching my movies on my Tv, especially since recently I bought a smart TV and a home theatre system on which I can screen files that I download to my computer.

While my laptop, computer and tablet have the capability of screening movies/videos, I prefer the larger screen of my Tv. Generally I use Vuze Plus or You Tube, or ABC iView.

  • 22nd Jan 2014 01:38am

No smart things in our house,still have only a basic mobile phone and CRT TV with set top boxes which I use to record onto usb sticks so can watch when I am ready to sit down and relax. Also use it to record on another TV when there are clashes. Never use catch up tv because have limited download data for the internet. I think we all spend too much time watching boxes instead of getting into real life. Watching TV away from home is not something I need to do when I am out and about. I grew up with B&W tv one set in the house with shows like Mr.Ed the talking horse,Disney cartoons, etc now there is too much garbage,show about anything and everything it is information overload not entertainment,and don't get me started on the violence on tv why do we need that in our homes! Kids are exposed to too much too they don't even want to be kids these days,very sad they are exposed to too much of the adult world too soon.

  • 22nd Jan 2014 01:07am

I watch tv all day long. I do d/l a lot of movies from free sites. I have digital cable, inter net, home phone & a cell phone. I figure i`m paying over $300 dollars in cable every month to watch movies on demand, I should be able to watch anything i want for free.

  • 21st Jan 2014 11:40pm

I would love to own a tablet to watch TV & films but at this stage cannot afford it. I find the screen too small to watch these on my martphone

  • 21st Jan 2014 11:13pm

I watch most movies and tv programs on the tv but every now and then I will watch a movie on the iPod 4

  • 21st Jan 2014 09:52pm

I only watch TV on a TV. I do use a TIVO just about every day and have it set to record my favourite shows.

  • 21st Jan 2014 09:33pm

I watch TV on a TV, sometimes I use catch up if I miss a program. I think it is a great idea being able to access TV or films anywhere. What annoys me the most about technology or services provided by conten providers is adds.i

  • 21st Jan 2014 08:05pm

I often watch catch up TV on my computer, unfortunately not all shows on free-to-air are available. I use iview, SBS on demand and the Channel 7 and Channel 9 applications. I could not be bothered watching these shows on my phone and I don't have a tablet. I only have time to watch TV when I am at home so use my actual TV or computer. Foxtel is great for recording programs to watch at a convenient time. If I am out and about I am usually at work or shopping so don't have time to waste.

  • 21st Jan 2014 07:22pm

We have Foxtel and Smart TV to watch all TV programmes. Not much watched on tablets and smart phones, other than sports..

  • 21st Jan 2014 07:09pm

I use Quickflix for movies and very rarely watch tv. I used to use a PVR but find with kids, study and other things I don't have the time so if I really like a series I buy it and keep it. I watch or "tape" Revenge.

  • 21st Jan 2014 07:05pm

I watch my favorite programs in real time but also tape ABC and SBS on Foxtel at present when out and about. I only pay $10 for this since I cannot afford to access all Foxtel.
I also use Catchup or iView on the iPad, that is useful you can wander around the house and work at the same time!

  • 21st Jan 2014 07:01pm

Even though I have a reasonable data allowance on my phone, I find the screen too small for catch ups and I don't own a ipad

  • 21st Jan 2014 06:50pm


  • 21st Jan 2014 06:32pm

No I only watch on the Television, it has a much bigger screen and more enjoyable.

  • 21st Jan 2014 06:29pm

Still old-fashioned, watch when aired or record for later...NOT on VHS tho..:)

  • 21st Jan 2014 06:18pm

I don't own a tablet or a smartphone so I watch all my TV on my TV. If I miss an episode of something I really want to see, I'll go to the legal website on my laptop and use catch up TV.

  • 21st Jan 2014 06:12pm

I too have a smart tv but tend to watch catch up tv (land channels on my lap top. I have a foxtel IQ so record programmes onto that to watch later. Finally I have a blu-ray recorder with hard disc to catch any other programmes.
Recently i got a tablet so tried out foxtel go but the picture is very poor

  • 21st Jan 2014 06:07pm

I only watch stuff on my big screen tv. Either blurays or content bought from itunes.
I can't stand fta or pay tv because all the ads.
They only problem with purchasing from itunes is that you need fast internet otherwise it will take too long to download.

  • 21st Jan 2014 05:27pm

I still watch in the conventional way except that I have Cable TV and many programmes are repeated...:)

  • 21st Jan 2014 05:20pm

My smartphone screen is too small to enjoy a movie or show. My tablet is sometimes ok, but I do watch on my laptop quite a bit. Usually I am at home when watching anyway. I don't like having to wait after as how has been on tv for it to be available.

  • 21st Jan 2014 05:19pm

Im still old fashioned and watch it on the TV. I like new technology . I usually tape programs that i dont want to miss and watch it later.

  • 21st Jan 2014 05:10pm

I watch TV on TV. Do not own a Smartphone or a Tablet. I agree some of the programmes are lousey. I have my favourites and tend to stick with them until they go off. Have used Plus 7 once or twice to watch Revenge as we had a blackout during the show. There are far too many adds during the programmes.

  • 21st Jan 2014 05:06pm

do not do this

  • 21st Jan 2014 05:00pm

We use many options including "catchup" sites such as iview, built in recorder on the TV (if we remember to pre-program it!), DVDs etc.
Sometimes we use an "illegal" site to be able to watch a show before it airs in Australia. Often I end up buying the DVD anyway.
Australian TV channels need to wake up to the potential revenue lost by long delays on shows. Example "Major Crimes" must be months behind the US.
Being older means that I've been programmed to look at what is currently being broadcast as the default, then look at other possibilities.

  • 21st Jan 2014 04:59pm

this is as very interesting point. I do not have a smart phone or tv that I can actually go back and look at programmes, so for me, if I miss it, that is it. I am not as yet in the position of being able to buy a smartphone or tablets to use. I think todays up to date is wonderful for todays world, leaves me far behind I know, but one day will catch up... I hope.

  • 21st Jan 2014 04:58pm

Unfortunately, I usually download episodes of shows that I like which don't arrive here for weeks/months (used to 6-12 months). I will then watch on the laptop or my phone.

I'd be more likely to take advantage of streaming sites (hulu, iBBC) if they streamed easily to Australia.

  • 21st Jan 2014 04:49pm

I occassionally watch catch up tv on my lap top.
I watch free to air TV as pay TV is way over my budget. Even a T-Box is out of my price range.

  • 21st Jan 2014 02:08pm

Although I don't us a smart phone or tablet my partner does, he finds it cuts out the adds and he can get an ideal if it likes it, so as to decide to watch it on the big screen or TV.

This helps as it cuts out the disappointment of watching the movie on TV or cinema especially when you have to pay.

  • 21st Jan 2014 01:49pm

I never watch TV or films on my laptop as it is very, very expensive. I did it once to watch a 1 hour programme & used up my entire monthly 1 gigabyte allowance in one go. Never again! I watch very little TV, only ABC & ocassionally SBS. 99.99% of the commercial stations peddle the most brainless, boring rubbish, & the advertisements kill what little grey matter I migt have left. I cannot understand how anyone with normal IQ could possibly watch commercial TV. After discovering what a rip-off downloads are, I bought an HD recorder, so now I can program what I want to watch into the machine & see it when I have time. If there is a movie I would like to see, I go to the cinema on cheap Tuesdays. If the movie is worth seeing again, or an entire TV series I missed, or am recommended to watch, I will buy the DVD or boxed set..

  • 21st Jan 2014 01:14pm

We normally just watch TV on the TV set. We bought a Sony connection to access the internet via wi fi though our flat screen TV. Occasionally we look up abc iview and watch catch up shows or movies. Or look up i tunes or You tube for old music videos. You can then save them to watch over and over if you like. We don't have an I pad and never use my husbands I phone to watch TV

  • 21st Jan 2014 12:07pm

I couldn't be bothered trying to watch on a tiny screen. I much prefer to be settled back with a glass or two watching a decent sized screen. My PVR is probably my best friend too!

  • 21st Jan 2014 11:41am

I rely on catch up TV, especially ABC iView, which is available as unmetered content with my ISP (iinet). Unfortunately this doesn't work yet with tablets (iPad2) I understand, so it means having to sit in front of the tellie. Invariably, you know where that leads……… ;-)

  • 21st Jan 2014 11:22am

I have a home business building custom PC's and repairing computers, writing internet sites for small businesses & private individuals and am working on or with PC's laptops for several hours a day and although I use reasonably large monitors for in house work for my leisure time viewing it's a different matter.
I like what I like and I like to watch a broad spectrum of movies and docco's and because I am an oldie I prefer the luxury of a a large screen TV . Against advice the wife and I do have one in the master bedroom but the biggie is in the lounge room where we generally watch a prerecorded movie during our lunch together or watch dreary old Dr Phil, the doctors or something of that nature. Myself I just love watching anything and everything scientific or technical as is my interest.
To cut it short, when it comes to leisure time, it's large screen TV's and comfort, only when I have to will I surf the net with my tablet or smart phone but rather fall back onto one of my PC's with the largest screen. It does not make common sense to me to ruin ones eyes watching entertainment on teeny little screens on phones and tablet sized devices when the alternatives are so much more enjoyable.
Call me an old stick in the mud I don't care, I opt for comfort and to give my eyes a break from squinting at tiny screens.

Father William
  • 21st Jan 2014 11:00am

I have a smart phone but haven't used it for TV. If I miss an episode I do watch it on a Tablet or laptop.

  • 21st Jan 2014 10:32am

TV's are for viewing tv programs and movies
phone are for talking to people

  • 21st Jan 2014 10:30am

I must be getting old! I like to watch things on the TV or at the cinema! Somewhere nice and quiet. If I miss something I don't worry about it. I don't have enough time for catch ups on TV. I'd like to know with all this on demand TV, where are people getting all the extra time from to watch ever more shows and TV? Also technology isn't one of my strongpoints. TV is easy and relaxing. If there is nothing on TV I like, I'll read a book happily instead.

  • 21st Jan 2014 10:16am

Only watch tv at the time the program i want to watch is shown

  • 21st Jan 2014 07:33am

Only thing I'm interested in watching TV on is a TV!

In saying that, there is not much on lately that I want to watch, and Foxtel constantly shows repeats!

  • 21st Jan 2014 07:30am

Being an old fashioned type of person, I prefer to watch TV on the TV, but must admit I record programs on commercial channels (because of the ads) to watch later. I very occasionally watch iView to catch up on something I have missed.

  • 21st Jan 2014 12:08am

We watch TV only on the TV. I have not come to grips with the PVR as yet.
I find, because of all the ads we watch a lot more DVD's nowadays.
The ads are so annoying.

  • 20th Jan 2014 10:00pm

I record everything on PVR & watch later to skip the ads. I also watch a lot of catch up on ABC & SBS which I view on my TV through my Ipad while sitting in my lounge. I also watch movies on youtube & hire them through Itunes (which I also watch on TV through my ipad. Free to air Commercial Television is getting worse, nothing but reality shows (which I detest) or 2nd rate American series. I record some of the late night re run movies as I find the programs more to my liking then

  • 20th Jan 2014 09:59pm

I record everything on PVR & watch later to skip the ads. I also watch a lot of catch up on ABC & SBS which I view on my TV through my Ipad while sitting in my lounge. I also watch movies on youtube & hire them through Itunes (which I also watch on TV through my ipad. Free to air Commercial Television is getting worse, nothing but reality shows (which I detest) or 2nd rate American series. I record some of the late night re run movies as I find the programs more to my liking then

  • 20th Jan 2014 09:51pm

I watch Home and Away on Catch up Tv when I have missed it at the normal time and channel. It does annoy me when I can't always watch it on Catch up.

  • 20th Jan 2014 09:36pm

I also have a smart TV and only watch my films and/or TV in what we call the man-cave where I am lucky to have air conditioning and a fire place

  • 20th Jan 2014 09:14pm

I have 3 PVR's so there ir rare need to watch catch up, I have on 1 occasion in the last year only.

  • 20th Jan 2014 08:41pm

Only ever on my TV. I work on my other devices. I can only fully relax and enjoy myself once the computer and tablet are switched off. Comfy time on the couch with the TV will always be my preferred viewing spot

  • 20th Jan 2014 08:09pm

On TV set only. I do not watch TV shows or movies on tablet or smart phone.

  • 20th Jan 2014 07:22pm

I only watch the TV

  • 20th Jan 2014 07:16pm

I have recently discovered the joys of watching programs on youtube, whilst at work, on my phone.
Considering how many android devices there are in the current market though, it is frustrating that some of the apps (foxtel for example) are still only available for apple products.

  • 20th Jan 2014 07:05pm

I have a smart phone but have no idea how to watch catch-up TV or a movie! Sad isn't it! I actually use the Foxtel IQ box to record any program/movie that I may want to watch later and so far that has worked but my interest in using my laptop and iphone have been tweeked with the knowledge that both appliances can do these movie things. So this year I'm making a concerted effort to learn more about all the latest technology before I fall too far behind. PS I remember when we used to record the programs on video cassettes. Those were the days. Gosh times sure are moving along.

  • 20th Jan 2014 06:49pm

I use my TV to watch TV programs. Don't really see the point in buying a large flat screen, then watching on a 10in tablet or 3in phone.
I also use my phone for making calls & sms (hmmm).
Access internet on computers (desktop, laptops & tablet). Can't be bothered with 'anti'social networking - what a waste of space & time.
Oh, and 'catch-up' TV; come on, is there really anything that important / unmissable on TV? If I don't see a show at the scheduled time, well too bad, it'll probably be repeated some time.

  • 20th Jan 2014 06:42pm

My phone is not very clever at all. so movies ain't going to happen there.
I have a tablet and sometimes use it while watchin TV - but not for anything related to TV programmes.
The only DVD player in the house is in my desktop computer. I last used it over 12 months ago.
I do not have any pay TV.

I guess all that makes me a technophobe,
TV is pretty rubbish these days(or maybe I've tired of it). It is on in this house in the evening, but if I miss something I'd like to watch it'll be repeated some time soon,

I get a bit of news off the internet. I have favourite sites but will use any site if I think I might get a different perspective, but generally the TV and newspaper sites all provide the same content with a different voice and sometimes the exact same words.

I tend to find something that interests me then get led somewhere else and end up watching hours of rubbish.
Maybe that's a good New years resolution. "Don't waste so much time on the internet."

  • 20th Jan 2014 06:08pm

I watch TV on the TV!! Never used my. Smart phone, and only once have viewed a past episode on the IPad.

  • 20th Jan 2014 05:57pm

No, Smartphone and phones are just to small. Movies were meant to be on a BIG screen, shared by others, its often the audience reaction together, that makes or breaks a movie, and even a TV series. Watching on a small device is really socially a no no

  • 20th Jan 2014 05:42pm

I watch most of programs on a TV but I do use iView and similar systems so that I can watch them when I have time to sit and be entertained. I get REALLY annoyed by friends who are always watching their phones rather than talking to me.

  • 20th Jan 2014 05:41pm

Still tend to watch the "old fashioned" way if I can, as this is our relaxing time at the end of each evening.
I do however catch up with TV shows I have missed by streaming on the computer, using Plus7 or similar.
We do have a smart TV and use Quikflix to borrow DVD's. We seem to have trouble streaming direct to the TV and it takes forever to download, so we opt to receive DVD's in the mail.

  • 20th Jan 2014 05:36pm

We always watch films on the TV. It's the biggest screen in the house and it means we can sit on the couch together to watch.

  • 20th Jan 2014 05:27pm

I haven't changed with the times. I don't own a tablet but do have a feature mobile phone. I don't use catch up TV, iTunes, You Tube or illegal sites. You shouldn't be watching programs where ever you like and have to pay for it.

  • 20th Jan 2014 05:27pm

NO..we only watch TV on a TV...where is technology going...its a bit scary!!

  • 3rd Jul 2014 04:26pm
NO..we only watch TV on a TV...where is technology going...its a bit scary!!

We do to, we only watch tv on a tv.
Some shows are repeated the next day during the day for example Q & A.
And also Masterchef.
And on the weekends you can catch up on many shows you have missed during the week.

  • 11th Apr 2014 10:24pm
NO..we only watch TV on a TV...where is technology going...its a bit scary!!

I watch on computer and other electronic devices like anyone else, why is it scary?

  • 21st Jan 2014 08:35pm
NO..we only watch TV on a TV...where is technology going...its a bit scary!!

I remember the VHS.......used to be great but these days I use the DVR recorder to tape any tv shows that I may miss if going out. I like it because I can watch at my own time and still skip all the ads. (although some ads are enertaining and interesting).
I don't have a phone to watch anything and quite honestly, I probably wouldn't. Screen would be too small.....I like watching all my shows on the big TV.
What I do like now is if I happen to miss a show, I can do a catch up online.
We have Foxtel but lately, there is just nothing much to watch. There is the odd movie on showcase but otherwise quite boring unless you are into sport and all the reality shows.
I do get aggravated with all the new technology sometimes though. It's like everybody just have to have a smartphone to get on in this day.
I am quite happy just using my phone for an SMS or ringing someone quickly. I still prefer a Home Phone to make contact.

  • 20th Jan 2014 05:20pm

Any TV programs, especially soapies that I have missed and definitely needs to be watched I watch on youtube....dont think anyone of us can do without youtube or daily motion.

  • 20th Jan 2014 05:13pm

Work at home so only watch on TV. Watching on a phone or tablet ruins the experience for me. On the go, it would be mobile.

  • 20th Jan 2014 04:26pm

I am an old fashioned guy, prefering to see a movie in a cinema or at least on the big screen TV set.
Nothing annoys me with what is provided, I select what i wish to view, should it be not to my liking I switch off.
Select another from the program provided with the synopsis of the film.

wee stu
  • 18th Jan 2014 04:38pm

funnily enough since the opportunity to time-shift and watch whenever you want has increased I have simply discovered there is very little TV content I actually want to watch. I am watching far less of "the box" now thanI have eer done!!

  • 20th Jan 2014 02:23pm
funnily enough since the opportunity to time-shift and watch whenever you want has increased I have simply discovered there is very little TV content I actually want to watch. I am watching far...

As i live on a pension and at the end of the pay week there is not much left for any thing good and there is no good shows on TV and the one's i like i record them on USB and then watch them in the mornings as i do not like any of the Australian shows as they do not have that thing as USA bring it all and on a whole Australian TV stinks thanks for letting me have a say

  • 18th Jan 2014 04:15am

I record everything I have a vague interest in on TBox, generally wiping after viewing but have kept somethings, mainly cooking shows and movies. I will on occasion watch an episode that got missed for some reason on the channel's catch up website eg iview. I don't want to pay for any programmes I can't keep eg Foxtel but would rather buy the series box set or dvd movie. Even then I usually wait until on special! I don't do downloads legal or otherwise. When viewing via iview etc, I will use the android tablet or my laptop if unable to view on mobile devices. Never been so desperate that I couldn't wait until I was home to watch a programme though! I have watched old shows viavYou Tube on the android in the past but it eats into my data allowance too much. Watching on the android is handy when I want to watch tv in bed. We pay way too much for the internet here esp as society is so reliant on it. It isn't even that reliable for the price we pay.

  • 18th Jan 2014 01:17am

We watch movies via Blu-Ray or DVD, or occasionally via Foxtel Box Office or On Demand, and ONLY on the tv. I can't stand trying to watch movies or any other video content on the small screen of my laptop, let alone the much smaller iPad or miniature iPhone! We do not, and will not, download movies- we much prefer to have the physical disc to watch and re-watch anytime we choose. We love browsing the DVD/Blu-Ray library on Date Night :)

As for tv, there are precious few programmes we actually like, and we tend to queue them on the IQ2 for watching when we want a quiet evening in. We don't, and won't watch them on mobile devices, as the screens are simply too small, and we have no need to watch tv (or movies) when we are away from the house. I just wish we could legally get the best US tv shows via download/on demand without ads and within a couple of hours of their original broadcast times - instead of full of ads days, weeks and even months later. In this information age, it seems stupid and counter-productive to limit the audience this way.

  • 25th Jan 2014 09:09pm
We watch movies via Blu-Ray or DVD, or occasionally via Foxtel Box Office or On Demand, and ONLY on the tv. I can't stand trying to watch movies or any other video content on the small screen of my...

I, like you prefer to watch movies or childrens series on DVD. I do try to watch the news and weather every night.
I find the articles in the newspapers are too sensationalised and interviews not correctly reported. My Late Uncle found that when he returned from a sporting even in UK. We he read the article after it was printed some of the topics had even been spoken about. He didn't have the funds to challenge the newspaper concerned, but he did contact them and make his feelings known. Sometimes I wonder if some of the reports on TV are correct too - I know some Motorsport ones haven't been correct.

  • 17th Jan 2014 06:48pm

Dont want to watch TV on anything but a TV but have taken to recording virtually everything and watching when I want , partly for convenience but mainly beacause the amount of ads has reached ridiculous levels and I just cant be bothered watching live anymore

  • 30th Aug 2015 02:13am
I don't do the rubbish unreality either. TV is just TV. I'm not paying for more channels I won't watch.

I agree with PGS, i tried foxtel. it was all advert, so why should i pay for adverts !! its like with movie houses, they discriinate againt people with disabilites . in wa the disability court is very strong and levy out hughe fines.

  • 9th Aug 2015 02:40pm
I don't do the rubbish unreality either. TV is just TV. I'm not paying for more channels I won't watch.

Rubbish on tv is just that rubbish only purpose of our tv is to be monitored for watching movies series etc without ads or interuptions unless I need breack :-)

  • 16th May 2014 07:28pm
I am with you 1234 - I refuse to watch the reality stuff that is being fed to us constantly - and the number of adverts is just over the top - we IQ what we want to see and download from legal...

I don't do the rubbish unreality either. TV is just TV. I'm not paying for more channels I won't watch.

  • 11th Feb 2014 03:16am
Dont want to watch TV on anything but a TV but have taken to recording virtually everything and watching when I want , partly for convenience but mainly beacause the amount of ads has reached...

Well 1234 that what we have the options for record and watch when ever or start collecting the series. A friend of mine went to Bali and brought Sons of Anarchy Season 1 +2 + 3 +4 for the measly some of a whole $8 for the lot, and a lot of other Movies for $0.75 each its unreal some are crap your watching like The Lone Ranger and you hear coughing and then see a shadow walking across the screen, but that was about 8 months before it came out on DVD, not the best quality but for less than a price of a cigerette you get a Movie months before everyone and thats go straight into your DVD Collection to watch at a later stage. COOL aye.

  • 23rd Jan 2014 11:07pm
Dont want to watch TV on anything but a TV but have taken to recording virtually everything and watching when I want , partly for convenience but mainly beacause the amount of ads has reached...

I also dont want to watch tv on an ipad or computer either, could think of nothing worse as we throw out all our old small screen tvs

  • 21st Jan 2014 05:03pm
Dont want to watch TV on anything but a TV but have taken to recording virtually everything and watching when I want , partly for convenience but mainly beacause the amount of ads has reached...

I am with you 1234 - I refuse to watch the reality stuff that is being fed to us constantly - and the number of adverts is just over the top - we IQ what we want to see and download from legal sites. I guess I am too old to watch anything but a TV, as I like to be comfortable and view when I am ready

  • 20th Jan 2014 06:55pm
Dont want to watch TV on anything but a TV but have taken to recording virtually everything and watching when I want , partly for convenience but mainly beacause the amount of ads has reached...

I totally agree - my PVR is my best friend, in fact I have 2 of them hooked up to the same TV! One of these devices is 'smart', so I can watch the catch-up services via apps.....much better than through a PC or mobile device.

  • 17th Jan 2014 05:55pm

I have a smart tv so usually catch up using the apps on the tv rather than tablet or smartphone. I also have Apple TV so can sometimes catch up on other content that way. However, Foxtel Go can't be accessed that way. I can't see the point in just watching it on my tablet. I want to watch it on a bigger screen in another room or when I'm traveling. It's ironic that free to air content can be accessed this way but paid content cannot.

  • 27th Apr 2014 09:29pm
Dont want to watch TV on anything but a TV but have taken to recording virtually everything and watching when I want , partly for convenience but mainly beacause the amount of ads has reached...

WOW that's so cool but i bet they probably invented that just after everyone brought a smart TV. but are you able to buy the cordless keyboard by its self.

  • 11th Feb 2014 02:59am
I have a smart tv so usually catch up using the apps on the tv rather than tablet or smartphone. I also have Apple TV so can sometimes catch up on other content that way. However, Foxtel Go can't...

I just got a normal HD TV but am looking this USB stick made by a Company "Agora" I think anyway it converts normal TV to Smart. The USB is around $90 from Kogan and also they have a nifty cordless keyboard($40) with everything you need even a touchpad or joystick. So its cheaper to buy this USB($90 with Keyboard $130) than spend $4,500-$7,000 for a Smart TV I think this is a SMART DEAL. Buy a Normal TV for $299 for a 40'/80cm and then a USB Deal for $130, so you spend $429 and you got a SMART HDTV. Cool aye.

  • 21st Jan 2014 10:50am
We have a Smart TV too, but I was lucky duck and won it. We cant afford Foxtel so we use CatchUp TV iview & all the other free TV Australian websites. Dont use any illegal sites (dont know how to...

Hi,I can't afford Foxtel either and find the ipad a bit too small for watching films or TV,I purchase quite a lot of DVDs from Amazon UK.and don't have to wait too long for them to arrive,I'm a fan of Downton
Abbey,and purchased their latest series,which is very good,and NO adds.

  • 20th Jan 2014 05:36pm
I have a smart tv so usually catch up using the apps on the tv rather than tablet or smartphone. I also have Apple TV so can sometimes catch up on other content that way. However, Foxtel Go can't...

We have a Smart TV too, but I was lucky duck and won it. We cant afford Foxtel so we use CatchUp TV iview & all the other free TV Australian websites. Dont use any illegal sites (dont know how to be quite frank). I have an iPad but find that the viewing surface is too small for comfort.

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