Reality tv - is it a good thing?

It seems Cafestudy members are split when it comes to reality shows such as The Biggest Loser, Big Brother and the X Factor. You either love them or you hate them!

Says BigGazza - “There is no ‘reality’ in reality TV. It is all manufactured rubbish and I refuse to watch any of it.”

When it comes to reality TV, many of you express strong views against it. The feeling is that it is not about reality anymore, but about creating drama through forced situations, for example, deliberately putting together clashing personalities. So really, according to some of you, it amounts to nothing more than a case of bad acting. The most unpopular reality show in this respect is Big Brother.

Some of you even describe reality shows as the exploitation of vulnerable people, and the show which causes the most controversy among you is the Biggest Loser. You either think it is a good thing, motivating those who are watching it to take action and lose weight....or awful. LiviaVenus describes it as “body shaming,” disliking the way it perpetuates the view that a person’s worth is tied up in their appearance. Jellybean51 says “who wants to watch a fit buff man telling a large woman to push the pain and see her dissolve into tears and throw up....I think this is awful.”

You highlight a difference between reality shows where contestants are on TV merely for the sake of being on TV, and reality shows where contestants actually do something. Suzukisue says “I prefer reality shows that are interesting and informative, where I could maybe learn something, e.g. Great Australian Bake Off or Masterchef etc”

You have more time for these shows, in which contestants actually need to have a talent, as well as those which can be informative – e.g. cooking and renovation shows. And not everyone hates reality TV – for many it is a guilty pleasure! According to one or two of you, it’s uncool to enjoy watching them......but you do anyway!

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Posted by: annezane
Posted: 16th Oct 2013

annezane says: no because these people are put in out of the ordinary situation of life and they are protrayed as gooses so not, real actors i say no 5 minutes fame that leads to leading roles in news tv etc Reply


Posted by: squeekums
Posted: 4th Nov 2013

squeekums says: Its both good and bad
For some who enter it can affect them in a bad way after more than they think
But as for mindnumbing entertainment its awesome Reply


Posted by: Heide
Posted: 22nd Jan 2014

Heide says: I agree, reality shows are a total waste of time, I'd bet the so called garden renos would look horrible after 12 months, I would not like to buy a house that has been renovated in just a few weeks, and if I want recipes I google them, as for the talent shows they are mainly hosted by has beens or wannabees. Reply


Posted by: super88
Posted: 21st Jan 2014

super88 says: There ain't much reality in reality TV. A bunch of hand picked people in an unreal situation has nothing to do with reality.
From big brother to cooking shows to finding a potential wife or husband.It may have entertainment value for some, but these shows just make me cringe. Participants are often sleep deprived and at a low physical and mental ebb, then placed in a position bound to force an emotional response.
The superior attitude of the hosts, pregnant pauses, and build up to a constructed climax reeks of manipulation of people's emotions.
For me, the only reality in these shows is that they are unbearable. Reply


Posted by: mazzab
Posted: 21st Jan 2014

mazzab says: I totally agree with you Jen, on all points.. I am so over the cooking shows as they are never for "Mr and "Mrs Average'.. I mean, what everyday family goes to the extreme of making gourmet dishes every meal??? NONE. Those who can afford it, would have their own cooks anyway.. I did watch some of MKR last year, just to see how far the Tassie father and son got but had no interest in the recipes etc.. Big Brother is totally disgusting (as is the "hostess').. Renovation shows are ridiculous.. Even most if not all, of the music / dancing shows are fixed or at least the way the voting is done is totally unfair. Reply


Posted by: Heide
Posted: 22nd Jan 2014

Heide says: Totally agree with all your statements. Wish they'd reinvent shows like IMT or All the Rivers Run or similar, stories about the outback, there's enough novels to choose from, would be better than these stupid overrated reality shows. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 8th Dec 2013

says: There is only one reality show that interests me really.... Im a Celebrity, Its really good to see the "has been" celebs trying to get their faces back on Television Reply


Posted by: jenisweet
Posted: 23rd Dec 2013

jenisweet says: There are too many reality shows these days and I dislike them immensely. All the young people want to be on a reality show to get their one piece of fame. I also think there are far too many cooking shows on TV. You can get a detailed top recipe in a flash on the internet with pictures as well. I must admit that I do like X Factor as you get to see some real talent there. Reply


Posted by: Kessa1959
Posted: 21st Jan 2014

Kessa1959 says: I have mixed feelings. Can't be bothered with Big Brother and the show where they renovate houses or any where the contestants seem to be false or play up to the cameras but I have watched dancing with the stars and the voice occasionally.

I often wonder with the biggest loser is what happens after they finish the show and the cameras are off them ... do they keep the weight off or go back to their previous routine? Reply


Posted by: elysediamond
Posted: 27th Jan 2014

elysediamond says: I do tend to watch reality television quite often, however I do much prefer reality television where it is a competition such as Masterchef, as things such as Geordie Shore, etc. seem a lot more staged and less realistic, making it harder to enjoy. This said, I think some shows such as Biggest Loser portray that this work your body to the limit, limit yourself to only salads, is the way to lose weight to it's audiences, however I think this is negative as it is not healthy to push yourself that far day after day, and instead they should be encouraging audiences to make subtle changes and better decisions in order to keep maintain a healthy lifestyle, instead of encouraging them to just keep losing weight. Reply


Posted by: jaylbee
Posted: 6th Mar 2014

jaylbee says: I agree Woodsy all reality TV is about is money and trying to make the viewing as controversial as possible so that people who don't have a life of their own continue to watch this drivel avidly . About the only thing that I can say to people who watch these shows is GET A LIFE . jaybee Reply


Posted by: rochelle1043
Posted: 4th Mar 2014

rochelle1043 says: Reality TV can only be seen as a "good thing" if viewed as entertainment or informative. Roles are played out that don't really exist in reality so to a younger audience it may me dangerous and even to an older audience it may just be a bad influence. Reply


Posted by: prit
Posted: 25th Mar 2014

prit says: I think its very good for retired and some show is good for young people too its very refreshing. Reply


Posted by: prit
Posted: 25th Mar 2014

prit says: I think its very good for retired and some show is good for young people too its very refreshing. Reply


Posted by: woodsy
Posted: 25th Feb 2014

woodsy says: I agree with many who say reality TV is rubbish - particularly the "Real Housewives" series.... Reply


Posted by: jamescasey
Posted: 2nd Mar 2014

jamescasey says: Reality is the only future one day there will only be reality style movies and shows people are sick of seeing fake shows ..
Then once we have nothing hut reality shows what will we mimic
Reality? Reply


Posted by: caitiejayne
Posted: 10th Mar 2014

caitiejayne says: I believe that its a really good thing, but also its a bad thing, in most cases its good because they help people but at the same time they put that much stress on couples that most of them end up breaking up also they do things in an unhealthy manner that impacts on the health of the contestants in some shows, like with the biggest loser, they get people to lose weight very quickly and then once they stop doing the show they end up back how they were or worse because they aren't getting pushed or doing the work outs constantly, and rushing to lose weight that quickly is extremely bad on the body Reply


Posted by: Garrysingh
Posted: 13th Apr 2014

Garrysingh says: I like Reply


Posted by: singledad54
Posted: 3rd Apr 2014

singledad54 says: BigGazza, I am with you, it is just manipulated rubbish and nothing more. We see all the worst sides of people in these shows, and that is not only from the "contestants", but the "so called judges", some are very arrogant and biased in the way they comment about some and are very much the reverse to their "favourites". If this is the best TV stations can come up with, well TV is heading for oblivion in this country. Whatever happened to making good shows they used to, like Sea Patrol, Miss Fisher's Mysteries, Water Rats, and the likes, they were entertaining and enjoyable, unlike the reality garbage. Reply


Posted by: Daveo1
Posted: 31st May 2014

Daveo1 says: There is to much uncool stuff there should be more hot rod and drag racing shows Reply


Posted by: Preeti
Posted: 3rd Jun 2014

Preeti says: I just enjoy them a lot as some of personnel things about celebrities came out Reply


Posted by: Jared
Posted: 29th May 2014

Jared says: No- I'm finding it frustrating that people with zero talent are making easy money for Doug little to nothing. It makes the rest of hard working actors out there seem like they are wasting there time. Reply


Posted by: Hartmut
Posted: 15th Oct 2014

Hartmut says: Hyped-up Reality shows are so boring it hurts! Endless Cooking shows are so boring it hurts! Same, same Crime shows are so boring it hurts. Reply


Posted by: Gw040578
Posted: 25th Apr 2015

Gw040578 says: I don't like reality TV,don't watch it, Reply


Posted by: JBollom
Posted: 21st Oct 2015

JBollom says: I agree with this article 100%. Reality TV isn't real is just manufactured rubbish where people are forced to follow a script, which portrays them in ways where that person my not be like in real life. Netflix has been a saving grace to me. Since the arrival of Netflix in Australia I barely watch free to air or even Foxtel because all I ever see is just reality TV. Reality TV was never good but not it's gone from being sometimes watchable to just mindless crap. Shows like the bachelor or even this new show called married at first sight are putting a negative view in the minds of the people. It tells us that we can only find true love by some pointless reality TV show. I say get rid of if and bring back shows with real, stories, real acting and meaning. Reply

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