Do you like facebook 'likes'?

We asked you....have you ever ‘liked’ a company’s Facebook page? Why and what prompted you to do it?

Some of you refuse to ‘like’ anything, because of concern over privacy issues, and the feeling that the more pages you ‘like’ the more ‘rubbish’ will clutter up your Facebook feeds. However for those who do, there are two clear reasons you will ‘like’ a Facebook page, and Ziah sums it up well – “Freebies, or decent competitions....or a deep, abiding love of the product/company.”

Likes are either genuine....where the company has to mean something to you, or used as a means to collect free samples or enter competitions to win stuff. “I ‘like’ a facebook page or ad because I like it. Whether I like the product or I like the company, it’s a way of showing how loyal we are to the product or company” says bhayu. It is a way of showing affinity with a company or brand.

There are also many of you who use the ‘like’ button to enter competitions or get discounts – although you are weighing up the benefits against the increased number of items on your Facebook feed. There are mixed opinions as to whether it is worth putting up with the extra clutter it generates for a few freebies!

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Member comments


Posted by: annezane
Posted: 16th Oct 2013

annezane says: yes i do but i wish they had an unlike as well Reply


Posted by: Kessa1959
Posted: 21st Jan 2014

Kessa1959 says: I have mixed views on this. I won't just like a page because someone has asked me to or to enter a competition however I will to support a friend in business or if I really do like a product and want to receive updates. Reply


Posted by: jjdrer
Posted: 21st Jan 2014

jjdrer says: Some have or used to have an "unlike" link as well. I very rarely use facebook unless looking for information via google and not being sucessful. I occasionally have reason to search for a company or organisation via facebook. Reply


Posted by: Caroliz
Posted: 10th Jan 2014

Caroliz says: I enter competitions or sometimes like something if its a brand or company I am loyal to. Reply

penny farthing

Posted by: penny farthing
Posted: 28th Dec 2013

penny farthing says: I wholeheartedly agree annezane! I often feel like 'unliking' something but don't have the opportunity - why!! Reply


Posted by: pauly090
Posted: 29th Jan 2014

pauly090 says: *Dislike* Reply


Posted by: nikkas
Posted: 19th Feb 2014

nikkas says: I agree Reply


Posted by: doc46
Posted: 10th Mar 2014

doc46 says: My view is similar to this. I often 'like' a page to support others, but it is very rare that I make any posts or 'like' for the sake of it Reply


Posted by: Kryddle
Posted: 15th Feb 2014

Kryddle says: Yes Reply


Posted by: prit
Posted: 25th Mar 2014

prit says: its great way to express Reply


Posted by: paige55
Posted: 16th Feb 2014

paige55 says: i do sometimes but very rarely they have anything that im interested in Reply


Posted by: LaurenHeatherTory
Posted: 5th Mar 2014

LaurenHeatherTory says: yes, if I use the product that company is advertising then I would like the page or if I like that particular brand as opposed to others. It is a way of showing loyalty to the brand. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 29th Mar 2014

says: yes


Posted by: flower2014
Posted: 3rd Apr 2014

flower2014 says: yes because when there is some think funny of awesome of facebook i just click on like Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 3rd Apr 2014

says: They are interesting and keep you updated. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 16th May 2014

says: No, it's for loose your time. Reply


Posted by: Mardz
Posted: 25th May 2014

Mardz says: Yes because some people like myself not always liking to comment so it makes it easier to like someone's post to show that you care, you know, you agree etc. Reply


Posted by: Preeti
Posted: 3rd Jun 2014

Preeti says: Yeah if we like something we should give it like hit Reply


Posted by: AnneLMcArthur
Posted: 23rd Jun 2014

AnneLMcArthur says: Yes I have many times. Mostly because I like the content, or because I want to follow what's happening with that particular Facebook page itself. Reply


Posted by: Jenmog
Posted: 10th Apr 2015

Jenmog says: You can always 'unlike' a FB post. Maybe you mean 'dislike'. Reply


Posted by: annie66
Posted: 29th Mar 2015

annie66 says: agree Reply


Posted by: Jill
Posted: 3rd Apr 2016

Jill says: Yes.......but they need an "unlike" as well. Reply


Posted by: Sweetness
Posted: 1st Nov 2019

Sweetness says: I am a senior lady dont have many friends so i love to look and see what other people are doing out there its been very comefortable for me have made lots of friends i think face book is a good thing judith Reply

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